Married brother desides to visit his sister over the weekend

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It is Thursday night and Becky, my wife, was away on one of her business trips and wouldn’t be home until Monday late so I called my sister Stephanie and asked if she wanted some company over the weekend. Stephanie was thrilled I called and was excited I was coming for a visit which was working out well since Marc was away also and due back about the same time as Becky. I had been planning to visit for some time because it had been forever since I had visited Stephanie and the two-hour drive was nothing. I asked that she not prepare a meal for my arrival and that I would be taking her out to dinner.

I’ll describe Stephanie; she’s perhaps one of the most beautiful women I know. She has beautiful brown eyes, brown hair, a body to kill for and the sexiest legs around. Her breasts are almost perfect and for a woman who just turned forty five still turns heads when she is out and, although I am five years older she has continued to capture my attention since we were kids.

During our growing up years and until I was drafted into the Army we both experimented with kissing and fondling but never any sexual intercourse.

When I arrived Stephanie met me at the door with her normal kiss on the lips, however, it seemed her kiss lingered longer than normal and I thought I heard a faint sigh escaping as she kissed me and being my playful self I pulled her close, placed both of my hands on her beautiful ass cheeks and gave them a slight push into me and as I did so I know Stephanie felt my bulge that was quickly growing. Pulling back Stephanie slightly slapped my hand and said, “Calm down bubby!”

After some delightful conversation and catching up with what has been happening with my life and hers I excused myself and went upstairs for a quick shower and to change for our dinner date and Stephanie said she would do the same and she had made some reservations for a nice place which had opened recently.

When Stephanie came down I was sitting playing with her dog and as I looking up I saw this beautiful creature descending the stairs. Stephanie was dressed in a knock out skirt and blouse. I also noticed she was braless as I noticed her boobs bounced more noticeably as she was coming down the stairs. I let out a low whistle and said, “Wow Stephanie, you look fantastic!” Stephanie responded with “Thank you kind sir; you aren’t bad yourself.”

As I got myself back under control, I asked if she was ready and walked her to the car. As I opened her door her skirt rose well above her knees as she slid into the car, which provided me a fantastic, a glimpse of her long legs and thighs. My eye moved from her long tanned leg to her eyes and was embarrassed when she said with her playful smile “Thank you sir”.

I was glad the door kept my hard on from showing and needless to say I walked around the back of the car trying to get myself under control before I got in the car. I was beginning to worry what was going through Stephanie’s mind. Surely, I was reading more into this than I should and had to get my role as brother and protector back into check.

The wine and dinner was wonderful. The only uneasiness was that Stephanie made sure I could not keep my eyes off her lovely face and tits. Every time my eyes would wander from her tits or her beautiful face, she would do something to make sure she had my full and undivided attention. Her best and most used trick was to allow one of her feet to playfully trace my leg and as the evening progressed her nipples became more noticeable. She had chosen a blouse that proved her still firm tits did not need a bra to keep them pointed straight at me. I was in a constant state of arousal. My dick just would not go down from looking at this beautiful goddess. My mind kept flashing pictures of what I thought she would again look like without her clothes on. Somehow, I made it through dinner without making a complete fool of myself, but I knew she could see the lust in my eyes.

As we drove back to her home, she put her hand on my thigh, way too close to my crotch and gave me a kiss and said, “Thank you, Big Brother for a wonderful evening. You made me feel very special tonight.”

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