Chatroom meet to Sugardaddy

Hi I m Keerthanaah 19 year old girl. This is my first story hope you guys like it.

It all started when i got addicted to old men porn so i used to visit sex chatrooms to speak with old men interested in teenage girls like me.

I met a guy Ian who seemed very calm n cool. We started sexting with each other casually flirting exchanged pics and i thot he never gonna visit me so i casually gave out my postal address to him.

We were sexting everyday while i finished my college assignments and we used to chat like love birds.

One day all of a sudden i received a call from a unknowm number and i answered it and i heard him…. My Ian was in town n wanted to meet me.

I was so nervous that i couldnt figure out that whethers its a dream or reality as he flew down to me just to meet me.

I was so excited as my parents were not in town as i took a shower and start to get ready for the date….

I selected my pink chiffon saree with silver border to go with silver bikini blouse for the date as Ian is so fond of me in saree. I had got my navel pierced for him as i wore a dangling belly piercing jewellery along with waist chain and big hoop earring to go with the outfit.

I took a taxi and went to the hotel as i had butterflies in my stomach as i was meeting Ian fir the first time.

Wait for the next part soon…..

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