While mom and I loved fucking around, what turned us on the most was exposing her public. Random perverts ogling her, trying to feel her up was a major turn on. Even better was dirty uncouth men or young boys less than half her age lusting after mom’s mature body.

And mom had maintained that body really well. Her ass was perfectly toned, begging to be patted up. A pair of firm tits. And the best part, her silky, thick, long mane. While I have always had a bit of a hairfetish, nothing excited me more than mom’s hair. And mom was always putting on a show, fidgeting with her hair, randomly letting it down and putting it up with her back arched, pronouncing all her assets.

And a vacation was a perfect opportunity to enjoy exhibiting mom’s body.

I had mom dress up in a far from travel appropriate clothing. She had on a sexy, figure clinging black saree with a blouse with a deep back and even deeper cleavage. Half her back and her midriff was continuously exposed. Her hair was up in a sexy bun put up with a hair clutcher. She looked classy and elegant and slutty, all at the same time.

Her dressed like that, we went to the public bus station. The moment we walked in, men had started checking her out. Young, old, single, married, it didn’t matter, mom was the centre of attraction of everyone. While the others still pretended to be accidentally checking her out, there was one group that was being absolutely shameless. And this was a group of college boys, continuously staring at mom and passing comments and even clicking picture after picture.

I was kinda staying a bit away from her, giving off the impression of a hot single lady travelling alone. Already getting turned on, I wanted to tease them a bit. And also tease mom a bit. I calmly walked upto her from behind, and reaching up let her hair down. As mom turned around, hair whipping, I tossed her hair clutcher into a garbage bin and walked away. There was a fan right overhead and she had to toss her hair multiple times to stop whipping in her face. It was practically like mom putting on a sexy dance for the crowd.

There was a small store in the corner selling random stuff and I saw mom walking towards it. I thought she would just buy a hair clutcher or tie but boy was I wrong. I had teased her, and now she decided to tease me. One by one she tried the different hair clutchers and ties and by tried, I mean she put her hair up and let it down many many times. My dick was getting so hard that I could barely stand! By the time she finally bought a few, there was literally a small crowd gathered around the store.

The bus was pulling in and I quickly bribed the conductor to keep the last seat vacant so that I could have the whole lot of the guys sitting next to mom. And I deliberately waited so that bus was full with even few people standing along the aisle. As mom started going in, I could sense the guys standing in the middle getting excited.

And sure enough, as mom passed through the aisle, she had to sqeeze past a bunch of people and immediately hands came out, feeling her ass up, groping her tits, running their hands along her bare back and midriff. The college guys were right behind mom, and I kept pushing them ahead, letting them a chance to feel up her shapely ass. Along the entire length of the bus, mom was thoroughly groped and finally, in a disheveled state she reached the last seat and sat dead in the center of it, welcoming the teenagers to sit around her. I sat in the corner, able to see the whole view.

As mom sat down, the other people standing up also huddled in the back, doing anything to stay close by her and oggliher the entire time.

Along the way to the highway, the bus shook and lurched and the two guys sitting next to her grabbed every chance to grab her thighs and waist. The guys standing up were obviously jealous and making no attempt to hide it. The college guys sitting next to her also kept making excuses to keep changing seats so that one after another, all of them could sit next to her and feel her up.

When we connected to the freeway, the bus was going smooth and there was no opportunity for them to feel mom up but the slut that she was, mom knew how to create opportunities. Now that the bus was steady, mom closed her eyes and pretended to be falling sound asleep.

Tentative hands reached around to cup her tits and grab her ass. As they got bolder they roamed all over her body, cupping, grabbing and stroking away. The guys standing up also, reached in between feeling her up. Throughout all this groping, mom just pretended to be sound asleep. This continued for several hours as the bus stopped at places, the people leaving smirked suggestively at the guys getting in and the hands groping mom kept changing. Over time dozens must have felt her up.

After a while, there was an announcement that the bus would be stopping soon for early dinner and the was also the last stop for non seated passengers. Mom pretended to stir upon hear the announcement and the hands on her quickly retreated.

Getting up, mom stretched herself, appearing all kinds of sexy doing so and stood in the midst of the guys standing up. The bus took an exit for a side road and it had also become pretty dark inside. It was also the last chance for the guys who had been admiring her all day to feel her up.

At the very first bump, a guy crashed onto mom from behind, gyrating against her ass. Someone else grabbed her tits to steady himself. It lasted for only a short while but this was the most intense groping that mom had to go through today. Unfortunately, soon we reached and the guys had to leave.

Everyone got off and went to the washroom or a restaurant. But I nudged mom towards a shop in the far corner that was selling cigarettes. The college guys were of course following her. Her hair had become messy in the travel and as she paused to redo her hair, an old man sitting on a bench by the shop whistled.

Hearing that mom stopped in the midst of putting her hair up and holding her hair up with one hand, went inside the shop and bought a cigarette. Winking at the college boys she tucked the cigarette in her hair like pin and hips swaying walked towards the old mom. He was staring in awe at the godess of a woman walking towards him.

Reaching him, mom sat in his lap sideways, straddling him. Taking a lighter from his pocket, she lit it and flicked her eyes towards the cigarette tucked in her hair. As he reached for it, she swatted his hand away and bent her neck. He put the cigarette in between his lips and pulled it out, mom’s hair tumbled down on his face and shoulders. Mom tossed her hair to the side and lit his cigarette. As he took a drag, mom pushed the cigarette away and latched her mouth on his, inhaling the cigarette smoke while giving him a deep kiss. Pulling away from him, she got up, taking a drag from the cigarette and walked away, leaving him gaping in shock and the rest, eyes wide with awe.

After we returned to the bus, soon the dimmed red lights came on and everyone fell asleep. Suddenly I pulled mom from her seat and pushing her down, whipped out my dick. She immediately unzipped me and started blowing me off. As she continued to blow me, I pulled her blouse down, baring her tits. Pulling her off of my dick, I reached up and pulled her panties down. She climbed on me, guiding my dick inside her.

As continued to ride me, I grabbed her hair and bent her down onto the crotch of the guy next to me. With her free hand, mom took his cock out and began jerking him off. Once he was hard, she took his cock in her mouth for a blowjob. With her other hand she beckoned the others over and they surrounded her. Hands reached out to fondle her tits. Tits that were finally bared for skin on skin contact. She also reached into someone’s pants, to stroke his cock.

As the first guy spurted in her mouth, I pulled her up and getting up on the seat, got her in a doggy style position. As I penetrated her from behind, a guy climbed on the seat and offered mom his dick to suck. Soon another couple climbed up and fought for mom’s mouth. Grabbing her hair and pulling her mouth onto their dick. All the while, I kept drilling her pussy.

Irritated by their tugging, mom pushed them away and told them to sit down. Climbing off, she got on her knees and began sucking the first guy off. Mom let him fondle her tits though. Going to the second one, she piled her hair up and told him to hold her hair back. With her free hands, she gave a handjob to the guys next to him. Guy to guy the grip on mom’s hair was passed on as she gave combinations of blowjobs and titjobs and handjobs until all of them had blown their loads.

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