Lavanya Sister Seduced Me

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Sister Seduced Me

Hi All. I am KKD. Read Lustful Neighbour Sister before starting this.

One day I am sitting under tree in our lawn. I heard like some one is calling me. I thought it was my mom and turned back and asked mom. She it is not me and pointed me to the opposite neighbour house. It was Lavanya. She is our opposite neighbour. I used to call her sister. She got married at 18 and since 12 years they are staying in that house. Now she is 30 with two kids. She is very friendly to me. From my childhood onwards I used to spent a lot of time in their home whenever I felt bored. She is little bit short around 5 feet. Her structure is 34-28-36. Even though she is short she is perfectly fleshed in correct places. I never thought that I will have sex with her.

Lavanya called me to help her that she is cleaning and arranging all the households. Mom said me to go and help still there is a lot of time to go to my institution. I went to their house.

Me: Hi sister. How are you?
Lavanya: Hmmm.. good. Once upon a time you used to come my home without telling to anyone and spend time. Now till your mom says you are not coming to my home.
Me: Not like that sister. I became bit busy.
Lavanya: Yeah, Yeah you grown big. You will be busy.
Me: How big I grown I am always a small kid in front of you.
Lavanya: Haa.. help me to arrange all these.

I helped her to move the furniture aside and some furniture we kept outside. After that I sat on the sofa she brought broom stick and started to clean the house. When she is cleaning she is bending in front of me by showing her cleavage to me. Her saree became thin due to multiple folds so that she can’t cover boobs immediately. So she left as it is and doing the cleaning. My dick got erected but I am not showing any expressions and simply watching her. She is not watching me and doing cleaning. After sometime she turned back and ass is attracting me to fuck her. She cleaned all the dust on the floor and brought some water in bucket and mop. She kept her saree in her waist into petticoat and started cleaning the floor by pouring bucket full of water in one corner and water started to come from one end to another end. When she poured water in one corner with full force some water splashed back on her body she became wet. Her waist is looking very nice when she is mopping the floor. When she nearby to me she saw some spots on the tails which formed due to long keeping furniture in the same place. She brought a wet cloth and started to clean the spots by sitting in front of me. I can clearly see her boobs and she is moving her body hard to clean the spots. Her boobs are bouncing like someone is fucking her in a position of missionary with full force. Her boobs are moving to and fro due to the force she applied. She turned back to clean the spots behind her. When she is cleaning them she is moving her entire body to and fro. She moving like in a position of cowgirl. She is moving her body very perfectly like fucking by someone. I got fully erected by her positions and poses she kept in front of me. I am unable to control my self and pretended like going back to home.

Me: Sister I am going to home. Call me back when you need help from me.
Lavanya: Why? Are you not feeling comfortable here?
Me: No nothing like that. Just want to go.
She thought I want to use bathroom and said to me like
Lavanya: If you want to use bathroom go and use. It’s not a problem for me.
Me: No,no,no nothing like that.
Lavanya: Then why you are going now itself even cleaning was not done and we need to arrange back the furniture.
Me: Yeah, I will come back when you call me.
Lavanya: Each time if you are coming and going outside and inside it will all create full of sand and mud on the floor. Then it will be wasted of what I had cleaned for all this time. Stay here and go after all the cleaning done.
In an aggressive tone and closed the door.
Lavanya: After becoming big you are not at all listening to the people. What is that much busy work you had to go and do now.
Me: Ok sister. I will stay here till your cleaning done. Don’t scold me.
Lavanya: That is my boy. See how good my brother is listening to me. I want you to be like this my brother.
Me: Ok my sister I will listen to you.

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