Lavanya Sister Seduced Me

Sister Seduced Me

Hi All. I am KKD. Read Lustful Neighbour Sister before starting this.

One day I am sitting under tree in our lawn. I heard like some one is calling me. I thought it was my mom and turned back and asked mom. She it is not me and pointed me to the opposite neighbour house. It was Lavanya. She is our opposite neighbour. I used to call her sister. She got married at 18 and since 12 years they are staying in that house. Now she is 30 with two kids. She is very friendly to me. From my childhood onwards I used to spent a lot of time in their home whenever I felt bored. She is little bit short around 5 feet. Her structure is 34-28-36. Even though she is short she is perfectly fleshed in correct places. I never thought that I will have sex with her.

Lavanya called me to help her that she is cleaning and arranging all the households. Mom said me to go and help still there is a lot of time to go to my institution. I went to their house.

Me: Hi sister. How are you?
Lavanya: Hmmm.. good. Once upon a time you used to come my home without telling to anyone and spend time. Now till your mom says you are not coming to my home.
Me: Not like that sister. I became bit busy.
Lavanya: Yeah, Yeah you grown big. You will be busy.
Me: How big I grown I am always a small kid in front of you.
Lavanya: Haa.. help me to arrange all these.

I helped her to move the furniture aside and some furniture we kept outside. After that I sat on the sofa she brought broom stick and started to clean the house. When she is cleaning she is bending in front of me by showing her cleavage to me. Her saree became thin due to multiple folds so that she can’t cover boobs immediately. So she left as it is and doing the cleaning. My dick got erected but I am not showing any expressions and simply watching her. She is not watching me and doing cleaning. After sometime she turned back and ass is attracting me to fuck her. She cleaned all the dust on the floor and brought some water in bucket and mop. She kept her saree in her waist into petticoat and started cleaning the floor by pouring bucket full of water in one corner and water started to come from one end to another end. When she poured water in one corner with full force some water splashed back on her body she became wet. Her waist is looking very nice when she is mopping the floor. When she nearby to me she saw some spots on the tails which formed due to long keeping furniture in the same place. She brought a wet cloth and started to clean the spots by sitting in front of me. I can clearly see her boobs and she is moving her body hard to clean the spots. Her boobs are bouncing like someone is fucking her in a position of missionary with full force. Her boobs are moving to and fro due to the force she applied. She turned back to clean the spots behind her. When she is cleaning them she is moving her entire body to and fro. She moving like in a position of cowgirl. She is moving her body very perfectly like fucking by someone. I got fully erected by her positions and poses she kept in front of me. I am unable to control my self and pretended like going back to home.

Me: Sister I am going to home. Call me back when you need help from me.
Lavanya: Why? Are you not feeling comfortable here?
Me: No nothing like that. Just want to go.
She thought I want to use bathroom and said to me like
Lavanya: If you want to use bathroom go and use. It’s not a problem for me.
Me: No,no,no nothing like that.
Lavanya: Then why you are going now itself even cleaning was not done and we need to arrange back the furniture.
Me: Yeah, I will come back when you call me.
Lavanya: Each time if you are coming and going outside and inside it will all create full of sand and mud on the floor. Then it will be wasted of what I had cleaned for all this time. Stay here and go after all the cleaning done.
In an aggressive tone and closed the door.
Lavanya: After becoming big you are not at all listening to the people. What is that much busy work you had to go and do now.
Me: Ok sister. I will stay here till your cleaning done. Don’t scold me.
Lavanya: That is my boy. See how good my brother is listening to me. I want you to be like this my brother.
Me: Ok my sister I will listen to you.

She started to clean with cloth instead of mop. She is moving her entire body while she is cleaning and she is making me horny. I can’t control myself and I want to touch her body and went nearby to her.

Me: Sister did you want me to help and took the mop in to my hand from bucket.
Full of water came from mop and splitted on Lavanya. She got fully drenched with water on her. She got anger. She tried to stand up and beat me. Within the time she got slipped due to soap water came from mop and she fell down. She is screaming with pain and scolding me by keeping her hand on her waist and on her back.
Lavanya: You edoit. Don’t you have sense. You took the mop from bucket with water and I got fully drenched and I fell down due to that and my waist and back are paining now.
Me: Sorry sister out of excitement to help you I didn’t think. I will help you.
I tried to pull her up and make to stand. She is feeling pain and not able to stand.
Lavanya: I can’t stand. I will lay on the floor like this. You just massage me on my back where I points you. It will help me to relieve from my pain.
Me: Ok sister.

She is fully wet with water from top to bottom due water on the floor and the water I poured on her. Her clothes are completely wet. She pointed me towards her waist and asked me to massage there. I sat on my knees and started massaging her. I am unable to massage on both sides of waist due to the position I am sitting.

Lavanya: Do it properly. I am unable to feel any pressure to reduce the pain.
Me: The position which I am sitting is not helping me to get grip to do the massage properly.
She rotated her head back and looked at me. She turned her face front again and asked
Lavanya: Sit on my ass. So that you can get good grip to massage me perfectly to releave from the pain.
Me: Are you sure sister?
Lavanya: Do it as it is what I said to do without asking any questions.
In angry tone

I sat on her ass. It is so spongy. My dick got completely erected due to that. I kept my both hands on her waist and rubbing very hard to and fro. When I am moving my dick is also moving to and fro. Definitely she can feel it on her ass over her saree. She is making sounds ufffff……ummmm,uffff……..ummmm.

Lavanya: You are doing it so good now.
Me: Did you get your pain releave?
Lavanya: There I got relieved. But it is paining little bit down.

She asked me move little bit down and adjusted her saree more down. Now I can see her ass cheeks with gap between them.

Lavanya: Massage me there.
Me: Are you sure?
Lavanya: I already told to you. Do whatever I say without questioning me. If you want you can drag saree more down for good grip.

I tried to massage in the same position without dragging her saree down. I didn’t get good grip. I can only able to squeeze her ass in that position.

Me: Sister I am not able to massage them properly in this position. I will drag your saree more down.
Lavanya: I already told if you want you can drag it down. What are you asking again.
In angry tone and she herself dragged the saree with full force.
Lavanya: Do it now properly. You can get perfect grip.
I got shocked and fully erected with her act. I can see her pussy.
Me: I will do it properly and perfect now.
In fully of happy and excited tone.

I am sitting on her thighs by moving her both legs closer. I am squeezing and moving her bare ass to and fro and massage her ass. My dick is poking out from my shorts. She is feeling it on her bare ass. She making sounds Aah..ummmm, Aah..ummmm.

Me: Are you feeling good now?
Lavanya: Yeah, I am feeling much better now. Do it like that. What is that something is poking my ass apart from your hands.
Me: Nothing is poking your ass apart from hands.
Lavanya: Don’t lie. I can feel it on my ass. You became a big boy. Can I see that.
Me: No you are like a sister to me. I don’t want to show it you.
Lavanya: You can see my pussy right. Then why can’t you show your dick to me.
Me: Ok I show after we stood up.

I continued to do my massage on her ass. Now she started to moan with pleasure. I slowly moved my hands towards her pussy. She asked me to stop and stand up. I got disappointed for not touching her pussy.

Lavanya: You are moving your hands to my pussy. Don’t you remember we are like brother and sister.
Me: I didn’t moved them wantedly. They got just slipped towards your pussy due to soap water on your ass and in my hands.
Lavanya: Ok, Show me your dick.
I shown her my dick.
Lavanya: Ahhhh….. You are having very large and thick dick. Can I touch it?
Me: No you should not. You are like my sister. If you touch it I will get feeling on you to fuck. Even you didn’t allowed me to touch your pussy.
She immediately dragged her saree and petticoat down and hold my hand and made me touch her pussy.
Lavanya: Touch my pussy how long you want. Not only touching do whatever you want. Do you want to fuck me? Fuck me how long you want. Please allow me to touch your dick.
Me: No I won’t allow you to touch.
Lavanya: You won’t allow me touch. Ok let us see how long you won’t allow me to touch your dick.

She immediately removed her dress and became nude in front of me. She is moving completely naked in front of me and cleaning the home. She is shaking her entire body and making me more horny. I am sitting in sofa with my completely erected dick and slowly mastrubating by seeing her. I am taking video of her in my mobile. She don’t know that I am taking video of her. She waited for sometime and asked to move aside as she wants to clean under sofa. I went and standing aside in front of a wall. She cleaned under sofa and she poured bucket full of dirty soap water on me and I got fully drenched. She is mocking at me like a small child. I got anger and kept my dick inside shorts without showing to her. I went back to sofa with same drenched clothes. She brought a one feet height stool and placed in front of cupboards and she climbed on it and trying to take something. She asked me for help. I went nearby to her and stood beside her and asked what I need to help. Now we both are in same height. She immediately hold my dick over my shorts and dragged me towards her and hugged me very tight and said

Lavanya: This is the thing I need your help. I touched your dick.
Me: Yeah you touched it over my shorts

I tried to step back from her by pushing her back. Before I act she jumped on to me and wrapped her legs around me like a small kid and kept her hand inside my shorts and touched my bare dick.

Lavanya: You motherfucker. Did I need to beg you to fuck me.
I got shocked with she said now.
Me: Why are you calling me like that.
Lavanya: Don’t act like you don’t know anything. I know everything about you. You fucked your mother in front of your dad. You fucked pallavi by jumping from your terrace to their home. You fucked Anuradha and her daughter Sweety. You are not fucking even I am asking you to fuck me.
Me: How do you know all these.
Lavanya: Everything is visible from my home. The day you fucked your mother in front of your dad your house main door is opened. When you are fucking Pallavi I used see you daily jumping from your house to their house. On the day you fucking Anuradha and her daughter Sweety I came to their house just for some household grocery and noticed you fucking them and came back. So to don’t give any chance to anyone to notice us I closed my house door. I noticed that you are peeping at me when I cleaning the home.
Me: You lusty sister. You knows everything.
Lavanya: Yes motherfucker. Fuck your lusty sister.
Me: Definitely I will fuck you. I wanted to fuck you when you are bouncing in front of me to clean the spots on the tails. In a thought of you won’t accept I started to go to home. But you forced me to stay here. I understood you want me to fuck you when you dragged your saree till your pussy visible to me. Just to tease I didn’t allowed you to touch my dick. Now I will fuck you till I tear your pussy.
Lavanya: Please tear your sister pussy with your horny dick. Fuck me hard you motherfucker.

We started to kiss each other and kissed for 20 mins and we both are taking deep breath. Again started to kiss. This time I held her to the wall. I kissed her 10 mins. I took her nearby to sofa to fuck. She asked me fuck her on the floor. She laid on the floor and calling me to fuck her with full of lust. I removed my clothes and went near to her. She immediately dragged my dick and started to give blowjob. She is doing the blowjob very good.

Me: Your husband is so lucky.
Lavanya: Why?
Me: You are doing blowjob very well. He will get it daily right.
Lavanya: Yeah, but he didn’t fucked me from last one week.
Me: Why?
Lavanya: One day evening I forgeted to bring my kids from school. They stayed there more than one hour after leaving the school. My small kid cried a lot and got fever next day. My husband scolded and beat me for not taking proper care of them. I got hurted. We are not speaking properly from one week. I want him to say sorry to me.
Me: That is your mistake right. Then you need to say him sorry.
Lavanya: Tomorrow I intended to say sorry to him and get fuck with him. Unexpectedly I got a chance to get fuck by you today.
Me: What are you doing on that day without going to bring your kids from school.
Lavanya: Mastrubating in thought of you.
Me: So nice lusty sister. Do you like me as you forget about your kids.
Lavanya: Yes.
Me: Why?
Lavanya: My husband fucks me 3 to 4 times in a week. But now a days it is not sufficient for me. From the day I saw you fucking your mother I want you to fuck me. But you are fucking all the neighbours except me. I got soo depressed due to that. I started mastrubating in thought of you.
Me: Sorry my horny sister I didn’t notice you are starving for me.
Lavanya: Yeah I understood. So I decided to fuck you today. Can you notice me now.
Me: I lusts you sister. I want to fuck you hard.

I am recording everything what she said in my mobile.

We moved into 69 position. I am eating her pussy with fully of hunger. She is moaning a lot. I inserted my tongue deep inside her pussy. She is completely out of control and moaning continuously. She released a huge amount of orgasm. Again I started to lick her pussy. She is moaning Aah, Aah, Aah……….. Do it like that Aah, Aah. She realeased another orgasm. I rolled her completely in her pussy liquids and licked her boobs and all over her body. She enjoyed it alot. I inserted my fingers in her pussy. She moaned. I started fingering her pussy. She is moaning and rolling her body around. I am licking and smooching her boobs. After sometime I took my dick and kept at her pussy and teasing her without fucking. She waited for sometime and shouted at me to fuck her. I inserted my dick inside. Even my dick didn’t went completely inside it reached her g spot. She is feeling relaxed with that stroke. I started to give strokes. She is relaxing a lot and enjoying the fuck. She is moaning and saying you are fucking very good Fuck, Fuck ,Fuck me like that. Her pussy is little bit tight and I am enjoying her pussy. I fucked her sometime in missionary position and moved into cowgirl position. She is jumping up and down while fucking in that position. Her boobs are bouncing up and down. By seeing her bouncy boobs I hold them into my hands and start squeezing them hard. She is moaning Ahh….. I fucked her 30 mins and released sperm in her pussy.

We went into bathroom to clean ourselves. We went into bathroom completely naked. We both stood under shower. We took bucket full of water and thrown water on each other and enjoyed in the shower. I licked each other body. She went into doggy style. I fucked her again for 20 mins and released cum in her pussy. We came back into the room and she weared another dress and dried my clothes under fan. I wrapped a towel around and helped her to adjust all the furniture. When I am helping to move the furniture outside to inside I weared my clothes to not know by my mother that I fucked Lavanya. Even though they are little bit wet I weared them. We arranged all the furniture and when I am coming out of their house she hold me tight and given a liplock to me and said to come to her and fuck her whenever I want when her husband and kids are not at home. I said I will fuck her only if she take good care of her husband and her kids and left from their house.

After going to my house my mom saw me and asked
Mom: Did you fuck her?
Me: Yes mom. How did you find?
Mom: Your dress itself saying that you fucked her. It is completely wet and you stayed more than 3 hrs in their house. Is this won’t sufficient to find that you fucked her. Every neighbour is using you like a sex toy to fulfill their sex desires.
Me: Not all the time mom. Fucking everyone for a reason.
Mom: Oh, You fucked Pallavi to control her arrogant behaviour. You fucked Anuradha and her daughter Sweety to stop the disputes creating by them to all the neighbours. Then why did you fucked Lavanya now?
Me: She knows everything about my sexual relationships with you, Pallavi Aunty and Anuradha Aunty and her daughter Sweety.
Mom: She knows about me. How did she know?
Me: She saw us when we fucked in the hall without closing the door and caught by dad.
Mom: What if she tell about us to someone.
Me: Now she is in full of lust on me. She won’t tell to anyone. Even if she wants to tell I am having her naked videos in my mobile. We can manage her with them without telling to anyone.
Mom: You are using your mobile very much perfect. But if you are fucking every neighbour around then when you will fulfill you mom horny.
Me: Mom, you are always my first priority. I will fuck you whenever you want. You can use me anytime to fullfill your sexual desires.
Mom hold me tight and given a liplock to me and said
Mom: Thank you my son. Go, bath and get ready for the institution.

I went to bath and get ready for institution and went to the institution.

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