Expect the Unexpected-9

Please read the previous part here ( Expect the Unexpected-8 ). Now let’s continue…

Nina almost shrieked when he did this, he said “now remove your panties quickly”. She knew he wasn’t asking so removed and put everything on the shelf.

Bunty kneeled holding the new panties for her. She finally let go of her inhibitions and placing her hands on his shoulder for balance, she stepped into them.

Bunty pulled them up in place also running his fingers between the thin lace and her most sensitive spots. When his fingers brushed past her clit Nina couldn’t help letting out a soft moan.

He turned her around examining the fitting while touching her privates arousing her even more. She gasped “Bunty please stop doing this”, he saw her arousal and decided to deal with it right away.

He pulled her panties down to her feet and made her sit on the stool kept there. While Nina kept telling him in a feeble voice to stop, he opened her legs and put his mouth to her engorged clit.

This drove her crazy with sexual excitement. She grabbed her old panty lying close by and put it between her teeth clenching them hard to avoid moaning causing more embarrassment in public.

Bunty continued eating her and soon she climaxed with a powerful orgasm closing her thighs around his face locking him in-between her thighs.

Her body relaxed as soon as her orgasm passed and she released her grip on him. Bunty opened her legs again and drank her nectar cleaning her with his mouth.

He took wet wipes from his pocket and cleaned her. He made her stand and put back the new panties. He said “Nina you are looking ravishingly sexy in these new inners.

Nina blushed burying her face in his chest, she said “thank you darling”. He raised her face and asked “did you really like it”? She said “if my husband feels this is nice then I feel it too”.

Bunty removed the shopping tags from her inners and put them in his pocket, he said now wear your saree quickly we have more shopping to do”.

He watched while she draped her saree around herself. The new pushup bra was making her already big bosom look even more pronounced and sexy.

Her blouse was not looking right to do enough justice but Bunty did not care because that was also going to come off very soon. They walked back to the counter where he gave the cloth tags to the assistant for billing.

He asked “can you show us some modern dresses which would fit my wife nicely”? The assistant couldn’t hide her smile looking at Nina because both had been inside the trial room for unusually long and the reason was a no brainer.

She took them to the next section showing various dresses. She said looking at Bunty “I am guessing you want only party and honeymoon wear right Sir”?

He said “yes, absolutely. I want between light to moderately aggressive and maximum knee length only. She displayed a large variety of frocks and dresses while Nina was visualizing in her mind how she would look in them.

Bunty took one bright red printed frock and headed to the trial room with her in tow. Now Nina quickly removed her clothes without hesitation standing in her underwear only.

Bunty helped her wear the frock and turn towards the mirror. This was a wide neck frock revealing a lot of her chest making Nina instantly uncomfortable.

She said “Bunty I am feeling very shy to wear this because it is showing too much skin”. Looking over her shoulder he said “Nina this frock suits you so much also making you look outrageously hot and sexy. Welcome to your new life and stop complaining, Rupa wears a lot more aggressive clothes by the way”.

Nina said “but Bunty…” he cut her off saying “now you will only wear such clothes, and I am not asking”. He took her saree from the shelf and folded it neatly along with the other stuff.

Nina was amazed looking at Bunty fold a six-meter saree perfectly without it touching the ground. He even folded her blouse and petticoat like the way you would get them back from the dry cleaners.

Bunty removed the cloth tags and unlocked the door. Nina was flushed with embarrassment refusing to step out. He said “Nina you are looking really pretty, why are you so shy? Try to behave normal and you will enjoy it”.

Still reluctant, he held her hand pulling her to the counter. All people nearby stared at her in awe of her beauty and oozing sexiness. This made Nina even more uncomfortable.

She tugged his hand and said “see the way everyone is staring at me. I cannot handle this. I am getting really uncomfortable”. Bunty hugged her saying “Nina everyone is not staring at you, they are in awe looking at the most beautiful woman in this store right now. So feel proud and walk with confidence”.

He put his arm around her waist and walked to the counter. While Bunty put down her old clothes on the counter, the assistant exclaimed “madam you are looking really pretty in this dress”.

This was exactly the aphrodisiac Nina needed to boost her self-confidence now. She finally smiled thanking the assistant. She said “I am feeling very shy because this is my first time wearing this dress”.

The assistant came closer to her and whispered “I know madam, I already figured that when you walked in wearing a saree and sir selected this dress for you. Don’t worry, you are looking really pretty”.

Now Nina felt better listening to her appreciation and her self-confidence seemed to instantly touch new heights. Bunty started selecting many more dresses for her also momentarily looking at her.

Then they moved on to the jeans section where he bought her a few low waist jeans with a wide selection of blouse tops, all with plunging necklines.

Nina was brimming with happiness realizing her dream finally but did not show it on her face. She nudged Bunty asking “you are expecting me to wear jeans now at this age”?

Bunty looked at her and said “yes why not my darling, after all age is just a number. Do you want me to get you independent opinion about how old you look right now”?

Nina literally jumped and caught his hand saying “no no Bunty please don’t do it, I will die of embarrassment”. He said “in that case you will quietly wear everything I select for you, ok”?

She nodded her head in affirmative, he said “sorry I did not hear your answer”. She whispered “I will wear it”, he again repeated himself “I did not hear it, say again louder”.

She understood and after putting her shyness aside she said “I will wear whatever you select for me”. Bunty gave her a naughty smile, then he took one jeans and top and looked at her.

Nina understood he was hinting at the trial room, she turned and started walking with new found confidence, all the stares she was getting on the way there only made her feel more better about herself.

Once inside the trial room Bunty helped her out of her frock and put on the jeans and top. When Nina turned to look in the mirror, she felt shy because even her old saree blouse was not so revealing as this new top.

Bunty was right behind her running his hands feeling her body while admiring how beautiful his new wife was looking. Nina whispered “Bunty these are more deep neck that even that frock”.

Bunty reached out from below her armpits and undid two more buttons now exposing everything except her bra, he said “this is how you wear it darling, does this look better now”?

Nina understood that he was not going to reconsider his choice and she had to simply accept everything and fall in line. She said “Ok Bunty, I will do as you say but give me time to get used to wearing these”.

Bunty kissed her neck, then her ears and turning her face sideways her lips, he said “I am fine but don’t take too long”. She changed back into her frock and they went back to the counter.

He selected a few jeans, capris, leggings finally some hot pants. Nina’s face grew red with embarrassment looking at the hot pants because they were as short as underwear as per her.

Bunty was quick to notice her discomfort, he said “don’t worry Nina, these are for you to wear at home”. After some more trials, they went to the night wear section with the assistant.

Again Bunty was quick to make his choices very clear. The longest one was ending above her knees and the shortest one was as good as wearing nothing.

He chose some gowns to quickly wear over them if there were any unexpected visitors. Nina was squirming in unchartered waters looking at everything he had selected because she knew sooner or later she will have to wear them anyway.

To be Continued….

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