Living Again After Growing Old-14

Please read the previous part here ( Living Again After Growing Old-13 ). Now let’s continue

Putta placed his hands behind my head pushing his big manhood deep down my throat depositing his full load straight to my stomach. I too enjoyed this and was past all my premonitions about anal sex followed by a blowjob now.

Then we finished our sexual showering and retired to our bed of roses. We rested till 2pm after which Putta selected a bright pink frock with matching inners.

I looked at the panty carefully only now, it was a thong type which covered very little, I wore it and only managed to cover my love lips and the rest disappeared between my big buttocks.

Even my thick forest was peeping out from all sides. I looked at Putta in disbelief, I said “I cannot wear this darling, it is not covering anything”. He said “Munni this is the latest trend and is looking very sexy on you”.

Still in no mood to give in to him, I held my pubic hair and said “see this. I am feeling totally naked despite wearing these panties”. He said “no one is going to look under your frock Munni and the hair, I will take care after we get back from lunch”.

I gave up now, then I felt very shy to wear a frock now even though I had tried one out in the trial room but that was in total privacy. Now I was going to walk around in public wearing this.

Putta saw me and said “Get over it Munni, you will look very nice and pretty in this”. I said “I have never worn such clothes in public and that too my legs will show. I have never even revealed even the slightest of my legs to anyone”.

He said “It is not your full legs, only below the knees. Now wear this quickly because I am very hungry”. Mustering lots of courage, I wore it. Then Putta took out a makeup travel kit along with an assortment of expensive perfumes and gave them to me.

This was also a first because a little cream and lipstick is all that I ever used till date. I got ready while he too got dressed. Putta gave me a long smooch while quickly feeling my body to relax my mind but it didn’t help much.

My biggest fears and embarrassment was when we stepped out of the door wearing such clothes in public. Putta had his arm around my waist as we walked to the elevator and then to the dining area.

Everyone especially the men were staring at me making me even more uncomfortable. I whispered to Putta “darling why is everyone staring at me like this? This is making me feel very uncomfortable”.

He said “Munni relax they are in awe seeing the most beautiful woman, so feel proud and carry yourself with confidence”. Just then the receptionist who we met in the morning passed us.

She said “madam you are really looking very pretty. I hope you are comfortable with our arrangements of you room”? I thanked her for the compliment, Putta added “yes we are very impressed especially with the roses. That was a nice touch”.

I felt kind of embarrassed talking about our honeymoon preparation with her, so I tried to hide my embarrassment looking somewhere else. But for sure the compliment she gave me was a confidence booster making me feel better.

She thanked Putta and we were given a special table. The welcome drink was champagne, I said “Putta I don’t drink you know that”. He said “Munni there are many things you did not do before. And remember you will not say no to anything on our honeymoon”.

He was right, in the last two weeks my life has completely changed including the crazy amount of sex, to wearing dresses now similar to what my daughter wears.

We said cheers and took a sip, I liked the taste and emptied my glass even before Putt got to half of his. He said “take it slow Mrs. Dayal, you don’t want to get high”.

I blushed because he called me Mrs. Dayal for the first time, my official name as his wife. I really liked the sound of it. Soon my glass was topped up, I asked “so does Radhika know that you drink”?

Putta said “yes my parents know, I join them every Saturday night and we drink together”. I asked in a surprised tone “does Radhika also drink”? He said “yes, she prefers wine or champagne only”.

I asked “what about you”? Putta said “I prefer beer or rum mostly”. I said “ok, I am ready to try both with you hubby darling”, he said “Mrs. Dayal, I already have that planned for our evening together”.

I was really enjoying listening to my new name from his mouth. Lunch was served followed by desert. We finished and headed back to our room. As soon as we got inside and locked the door, I pushed Putta against the door and unzipped his jeans.

I got on my knees and began giving him a blowjob. I don’t know why but I was horny and aroused like hell right now. After some time, he made me lean against the full length dresser mirror.

He pulled my scanty panties aside and entered me from behind. While pumping me Putta hugged me and asked “what happened to you Munni? I have never seen this wild horny side of you”?

I said “are you not liking this new side of me”? He said “yes I absolutely love it”. I said “then focus on enjoying the food Putta darling instead of how it was prepared”.

He pulled up my frock to my neck and undid my bra. I too helped him removing it completely. Putta kept switching between both my holes driving me mad with many orgasms.

His frequent switching between my holes gave him a chance to prolong his own climax and I too was enjoying the extra time. Yes, I was tired but not so much to give up or pass out.

After an extended love making session we both climaxed together fully satisfied and breathless like never before. I collected and swallowed his juices and then sucked him clean.

Then we retired to the bed falling asleep instantly. I was woken up around 5pm by the sound of my mobile ringing, it was my daughter. She wanted to know how to get the washing machine to work to do the laundry.

I gave her the instructions and hung up. In the entire call there was no mention about how I was or how my day was etc… I wondered to myself if this is all I mean to them?

Someone who is around to only do the chores and cook and ensure they are well taken care off. Someone who has a name and lives with them taking ‘CARE’ of them. That’s it! Nothing else…

I was beginning to hate my ‘Loving’ family because I devoted my entire life for them and this is what I get at the end. I wanted to see if my son or Ex would call me at all now.

Anyway by now Putta also woke up, he looked at me and asked “Munni is everything okay back home”? I said “yes darling, nothing to worry about. Forget all this, can we get back to enjoying once again”?

We hugged and kissed and got busy in another extended love making session. I was really enjoying his big dick pumping hard alternating in both my holes.

I was experiencing unlimited pleasures totally forgetting my past life back home. Then we went to the bathroom where Putta taught me how to shave my pussy but still did it himself.

I saw myself in the mirror and honestly my pussy was looking totally transformed. Now I tried the thong panties and it felt really good on me covering only my lips between my legs.

Then we showered together but without sex this time. It was past 7pm now, Putta gave me a maroon skirt which was a little shorter than the previous frock I had worn.

This time I wore it without any hesitation, feeling good about myself. He gave me a dark blue top which was also revealing my chest a lot more than the frock but I wore that without second thoughts.

I was feeling proud of my body instead of being shy like earlier. Putta was kind of shocked seeing my transformation but at the same time he was also very happy.

He said “I always dreamed that maybe one day you will lose your inhibitions and live life like this. What I did not know was that it will happen on the first day of our honeymoon itself”.

I said “see hubby darling, I thought about everything. I figured you have given me more happiness and satisfaction that no one including my Ex did. So why should I waste my life behind people who don’t care about me. Let me instead enjoy the life you are giving me”.

Putta asked “Munni does this mean you are going to move in earlier than the original plan with me”? I said “I am not sure but anything can happen. It also depends on if or not your parents will accept me”.

Putta triumphantly said “this is all I wanted to hear from you Munni, now leave the rest to me. I promise I will not disappoint you”. Putta’s phone rang, it was Radhika. They spoke for some time then his dad also spoke to him.

After the call we left the room coming to the reception. The same lady was there, she left her desk and came to us, she said “madam you are looking even more prettier than before. How many more surprises are you hiding”?

I liked her compliment, I said “well it is all thanks to my darling husband. He is the sole reason behind all this”. She complimented Putta next, she said “well sir, not many women give credit to their husbands so openly. You are really a lucky man to have her as your wife”.

Putta smiled and said “Thank You. I already knew that, that is why we are together in the first place”. We moved on and went for a stroll in the sprawling hotel gardens and other areas.

The breeze was cool, Putta had his arm around my waist and I had mine around his. I was getting a lot of attention from men mainly with lustful eyes and that made me feel all the more better.

I knew now that even at 41 I was definitely desirable to many men. To show to everyone that I only belonged to Putta, I stopped him and gave him a kiss on his lips in full public view.

To be continued….

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