Living Again After Growing Old-16

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Please read the previous part here ( Living Again After Growing Old-15 ). Now let’s continue

With shame plastered across his face, he said “I am sorry Sarita, it is all my fault”. I added “say that you are sorry that you were about to slap me”. He said “yes I am sorry for that too”.

I shouted “I did not hear it, say the exact words”. He barely whispered an apology, again I shouted “say it loud”. He said “I am sorry that I was going to slap you”.

I looked at everyone, I said “except for how to operate the washing machine did anyone feel it necessary to call me. This clearly tells me I how insignificant I am to all of you. Thank You”.

There was complete silence in the room because today was the first time I had spoken up. I continued “I am sure the kitchen and house will be a mess, make sure it is clean the way I left it before I wake up in the morning. I am tired and going to bed now”.

Everyone left, I changed into my normal nighty and put all my stuff in my wardrobe. Then I went to sleep, I checked my cell. There was a message from Putta “missing you loads Munni” followed by kisses.

I replied “missing you too hubby darling” with lots of kisses. He said “cannot wait to meet you again for ‘tuitions’ tomorrow”. I replied “do you really think you will be able to study when you come here”?

He said “yes Munni Darling, I will study you from head to toe repeatedly”. I said “remember our deal, you have to study seriously to have me”. He replied “deal, now good night and sweet dreams” followed by lots of kisses.

I too replied the same and tried sleeping. It was past 11pm now but no signs of my Ex, anyway I was past worrying or caring so dropped off to sleep. I woke up next morning my usual time, Ex was sleeping on his side of the bed.

I finished my yoga, bath and then prayers. I was again wearing jeans with a pink top with matching inners. I was wearing everything my darling Putta had gifted me.

I went to the kitchen and saw everything was actually cleaned up, I looked around the house and everyone had done a remarkable job. Guess the anger dose I gave them last night worked wonders.

I settled on the sofa with my morning coffee. Soon everyone was up, they still looked shocked seeing me in these clothes but kept did not say anything. I said “thank you for cleaning up nicely last night”.

Finally, my children smiled, that was all I needed. I wanted things to be normal again. Both of them kissed me on my cheeks and went to get ready. Ex also got up and came to the kitchen.

He hugged me from behind while I was preparing breakfast and lunch boxes. This was the first time ever he did this. He said “I am sorry for last night. I am really sorry”.

I looked at him and said “the things you did and said last night cannot be forgiven with a ‘sorry’. I will never forgive you ever for it, so stop trying”. He quietly left and I got back to my work.

I served them breakfast and waited for them to finish. My daughter said “mom you are looking very pretty, please don’t go back to wearing sarees again”. My son said “yes mom you are looking very nice. Why are you not having breakfast with us mom”?

I said “I am getting your lunch boxes ready in time, so don’t worry, I will have it later”. I liked the change and especially the compliments for the first time ever.

It sure felt really good. Rest of the day was routine but I still managed to watch the videos and finger myself to a few orgasms. Then the first batch of tuitions started.

All the kids were surprised to see me in jeans for the first time and they all complimented me. Then it was time for Putta, I quickly changed into a skirt for him before he arrived.

Today also as soon as he came in and locked the door we both went crazy like wild horny lovers. Despite my own rules we still had two thrilling rounds of love making.

Then we got to studies followed by one more round before he left. He had surely lifted my sprits leaving me in a very happy mood. I continued wearing the skirt only when my children arrived.

My son whistled looking at me, he said “mom you are looking really hot, please don’t step out dressed like this or you will cause many road accidents”. My daughter also added “I don’t think dad will recognise you today”.

I thanked them and got back to my kitchen duties. My Ex called saying he would be bringing dinner, I told him I was half way thru already and he was late.

I could see he was trying to make up for last night but I was now more firm than ever in my resolve. I was determined to leave him and there were no second thoughts about that.

When he reached home he seemed to be in shock when I answered the door. He definitely wanted to say something but remained speechless. Meanwhile I had already gone back to the kitchen.

I could hear some murmurs and chuckles between him and the children during their daily together time. I couldn’t hear what it was and I was not interested in finding out either.

His actions from last night especially his attempt to slap me was the last nail in the coffin of our relationship. At night he nudged me for sex, I said “after last night’s actions, you have permanently lost that privilege now. Consider yourself lucky that you are still sleeping in this bed instead of the couch”.

He was not happy to hear but I did not care and rolled off to sleep. BTW this house we are all staying in belongs to me because it was gifted to me by my parents.

The next few weeks passed the same way. I wore every single dress including frocks and skirts that my young lover had gifted me. Both my children took it positively complimenting me but my ex remained quiet.

The next Sunday came, I got dressed in a dark red frock this time. Today I did not wear jeans to go to Putta’s house as I had been doing before. I was at his place by 2pm.

When I knocked on his door, Putta answered it. He was dazed looking at me. I gently patted his cheek to wake him. When he came to his senses, he shouted “mom Sarita is here, come quickly”.

I was shocked because he called me Sarita instead of ‘Sarita aunty’ and that too in front of his mom. I asked in a soft voice still coming to terms with everything going on “Pramod are you not going to let me inside”?

He said beaming with joy “no Munni please wait”, I heard Radhika shouting from inside asking her husband to come quickly. Both parents joined soon, now I realised everyone was dressed in celebration attire.

Radhika was holding a thali (normally a brass tray used for special occasions during worshipping) with a lit up lamp in the middle, she placed a tumbler full of rice at the door.

Putta stepped out and stood by my side while she proceeded to waving the thali all over us. I recollected this is what we do when we welcome a newly wed bride home.

Now I wondered why were they doing this to me. I stood frozen at the unexpected surprise I was receiving. After Radhika was done with the thali rituals, she said “Sarita now tip the rice tumbler with your right foot and come inside the house”.

I was reeling under unlimited confusion about what was going on, Putta put his arm around my waist and said “let’s go inside Munni darling”. His words sent a 10000 volts jolt thru my head, he called me ‘Munni darling’ in front of his parents.

This could not be happening for real, not by a million miles or so I thought. While I was nearly blacked out mentally by the surprises unfolding, Pramod nudged me saying “c’mon darling what are you thinking of before entering your matrimonial home”.

Like under hypnosis I raised my right foot gently tapping the tumbler making it fall inward of the house. Putta kept nudging me and I kept walking further inside.

I was made to sit on the sofa with Pramod by my side. Radhika sat next to me while Adarsh sat on the opposite couch. I was very nervous like shit about all that was happening.

Radhika said “welcome to our family Sarita or should I say Munni”? Everyone laughed except me, I didn’t know what to say so sat perplexed. Pramod interjected “mom you will call her Sarita only, Munni is strictly between us only”.

Radhika placed her hand on my back turning me to face her, she said “we know everything Sarita, Pramod told us how much you both are madly in love and we are fine with it”.

Adarsh said “Sarita in fact we are very happy about it, we all like you and are very happy to have you as a part of our family. We are also very happy that Pramod made the right choice in choosing his life partner”.

Radhika added “we know about your present challenges so this relationship will remain strictly a secret so no one will know. You both will continue just the way you have been all this time, nothing will change till you give the go ahead”.

She nudged me and asked “Sarita aren’t you feeling good now? Don’t you have anything to say”? I barely whispered “I don’t know if this is a dream or this is actually happening”.

Now Pramod turned me towards him and kissed my lips, he said “now do you still think you are dreaming Sarita”? I was shaken up by his kiss and realised everything was true.

I hugged Radhika and burst into tears, tears of joy. I never imagined my Sunday with Pramod was going to change my life like this. Radhika comforted me and took me inside the kitchen.

She said “cheer up Sarita, I know you did not expect to be taken by such a big surprise. But everything is fine, you turned my shy boy into a man. We were worried seeing his behaviour thinking he was going to turn out to be gay but you turned the tables”.

I said I am sorry, it just happened, one mistake led to another and I fell for him”. She said “there is nothing to feel sorry about, I and Adarsh are happy that it happened. Do you know Pramod told me about your honeymoon too”.

I blushed looking away, she hugged me and said “don’t worry, it is our secret, Adarsh does not know about it. I want you to continue on your original plans to go again next month”.

I smiled looking at her, I said “never did I imagine our relationship will change like this one day, how do you feel about it Radhika”? She said “between us you have been my best friend, from now on you will be my sister, nothing changes between us”.

I said “thank you Radhika, it means a lot to me”. She said “I know you have a difficult situation back home to manage but don’t worry, we will help you to sort it out”.

I said “thank you Radhika, a lot has happened in my house too. I will tell you about it later”. She said “Oh I forgot to tell you, you are looking gorgeous in this frock. Did Pramod get you this”?

To be continued….

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