Bathing mom and pepping tenant’s son (episode 7)

Bathing mom and pepping tenant’s son episode 7

Hi readers please find the continuation of episode 6 followed Bathing Mom pepping tenant’s son (episode 6).

After seeing me more excitement on hearing their affair story.

Now he re-continued the 1 more beer which was on table and started to reveal.

He called me Anna and started to confess in half hangover.

Now pussy (mom full name Pushpalatha) wearing mangalyam was tied by me you know.

I was shocked on hearing and asked when this happened da,

We both gone dating for 2days 2 months before to madurai. There in small temple we married. Now I am here husband and your new father anna.

Now I remember 2 months before my mom told she is going for a relative marriage alone.

In surprise (Adapavi) tell me the full incident.

Your self and uncle never recognise Pusy, The new relationship born between us made her so excitement.

She used to tell that she was not recognized just like a maid (velakari) in home but I daily started to worship her beauty.

So that’s now you are calling her in nick name pusy ah?

He noded

Dai don’t call her like that da, I hear like pussy.

My intention calling her is for that only na! in wicked smile he said.

I saw him like cornered and drank 1 more beer on table.

He started to laugh and made me to convince by asking anyhow our boys final destiny is towards that only na?

Understanding the reality I noded.

You normally used to call her like that?


But she is loyal to you

What loyal ? She comes for depression relaxing, I act like console her and taste her daily.

Do you know in recent days she complaints me that her blouse & inners are all very tight because of my daily foreplay but still she never cut the sex session.

Opening his pant zip showing his half hidden penis in pant and told, This rod more than thousand splashed the cum in your mom pussy and mouth.
This tongue how long traveled in your mom’s body.

Pusy a hot bitch!!!

I saw his Cock in envy and kept hand on my penis thought how a small age Cock got such a beautiful mature pussy. Me still depending my hands.

I enquired in vain, wheather my mom interested in blow jobs? I acted as if
she is traditional woman Will not do like that.

He got tensed and showed some videos in his mobile where he sits on our family bed and mom kneeling down (both in nude) and Licking his Cock with spillage of cumings on her mouth like porn actress.

Another video a huge wide spread legs with naked butts shaking on towards roof and a tiny Butt male jiggling inside that beautiful station.Moaning with deep breathing sound effect 3 minutes jiggling continues and stops. Tiny Butt moves away lots of cumms spread over the black hair covered pussy.

He explained that these videos are taken without mom’s knowledge.
Kindly maintain the secret.

By seeing this I once again rushed to bathroom for masturbate.

Now venki made exited and started to reveal the further flashback of their affairs will reveal on next part.

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