The New Girl-19

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, Please read the previous part here ( The New Girl-18 ). Now let’s continue

Luckily I had kept two spare sets of clothes in Hardeep’s room, so after the bath I changed into them and he escorted me home. I was feeling much better now.

Once home everything was still the same, mom was in the kitchen and dad on the sofa watching TV. I quickly smooched dad before meeting mom in the kitchen.

Today I saw her in a different light, I realised after all she was a woman and had quite a sex drive still in her. Maybe she was bored of dad for reasons best known to her so she was enjoying with others.

Anyway that is none of my business, I updated her about what the tailor said about not being able to alter my existing clothes. She told me to meet him tomorrow afternoon and tell him to go ahead and stitch new ones.

I remembered that tomorrow I will be going out with dad, so I said “mom I am going out with dad tomorrow, can you please tell Aslam”? Mom’s face lit up the moment I said this.

She smiled saying “ok, I will somehow find the time and go meet him”. Little did she know that I already knew of her 4hr sex marathon with Aslam every Sunday and 1hour every weekday.

I came to the dining table and found packed food knowing dad would have brought it. We all had dinner and retired to bed with me in dad’s arms and mom sleeping in the living room.

Like every night we our first intense bout of sex. While resting in his arms, I said “dad there is a lot I want to talk to you about”. He asked “what is my dear”?

I said “it is about mom and I think it is very important you should know about it”. He said “what is it about her that I do not already know”. I asked “do you know about Natthu uncle”?

He said “yes I know him, he is the supermarket owner from where we regularly buy groceries”. I said “not that dad, do you know about what has been going on between him and mom”?

Dad quite surprised asked “what”, I said “mom has been sleeping with him since a while now and he pays her for it too”. Dad even more shocked “are you serious? You know what you are saying right? Do you have proof”?

I said “he told me about mom himself when I went to buy groceries”. Dad asked “you went shopping for groceries and he simply told you such a big thing”?

I said “no dad, actually he took me to his private office room and hinted me for sex, I was very feeling very horny too so I gave in. After we finished he told me everything. She charges him 50k every time to sleep with him”.

Dad was shocked, he was about to jump out of bed to go confront mom, I stopped him and said “dad are you mad, just leave it and let her do what she wants. Are we also not doing the same thing here”?

He calmed down, he asked “did Natthu pay you also”? I said “I refused but he insisted on paying so I took his help to open a savings account and deposit it there”.

Dad asked “how much did he pay you”? I said “let’s leave it dad, he liked me much more than mom so he paid me more than what he pays her”. Dad asked “is there anything else I should know”?

I said “yes dad, mom also has one more sex buddy with whom she enjoys daily”, he asked “this is getting interesting, who is it”? I said “Aslam, her tailor. She meets him every day after lunch for an hour where they enjoy twice”.

Dad said “and how did you come to know about this? Did you fuck him also”? I said “yes dad, I got very aroused when he was taking my measurements so one thing led to another”.

Dad said “Preeti you seem to get horny everywhere you go”. I said “no dad, it is not like that and you know it. These were just coincidences. I also know mom never allowed you to do a second time and no anal sex also, right”?

Dad said “yes, how do you know”? I said “you forgot I used to sleep right here on the floor when you both were having sex”. He said “yes, naughty girl. You were secretly watching your parents have sex”.

I said “yes dad I used to watch out of curiosity, now I know what you were actually doing”. Dad laughed, I said “coming back to mom, she enjoys anal sex also with Aslam every day. Every Sunday she meets him for 4hrs in the evening”.

Dad said “tomorrow is Sunday”, I said yes “she will be enjoying full 4hrs with him. And not only that she gives him a blowjob also”. Dad grumbled “so everything she refuses to do with me she does it there”.

I said “dad I only told you so that you are aware, please don’t do anything to her. She is happy with her life and so are we. Let’s just leave it that way”. I held his cock and started stroking it getting him ready for the next round.

Dad said “yes, maybe I will leave it the way it is till she comes to me and talks about it”. I said “what makes you think she will ever tell you such things”. He said “I know her, one day she will talk. Forget all this, let’s get back to our incomplete sex”.

He was now hard as a rod, we enjoyed two more sessions tonight. Guess listening to mom’s sex adventures with other men had got him even more aroused.

We woke up in the morning and went around our usual chores. Mom still behaved the same. I tried talking sense to her but she remained adamant so I gave up.

I got ready with dad and we left in a taxi. On the way I asked “why are we going in a taxi dad”? He said “we will have so many shopping bags so it will be difficult to manage on a two wheeler.

We reached the city in 2hrs. Dad took me to a big mall, he bought me very colourful frocks, skirts, tops & night wear. I made sure I chose below knee length because anything shorter would have raised unwanted questions from mom.

He also bought me fancy lingerie mostly lacy panties and push up bras. I told him about the sports bras that the doctor had suggested and he bought me those as well.

Dad used this chance to make me try out every single item we bought in the trial room. This made him horny as well and I had to give him two blowjobs in the trial room to cool him down.

He bought me two pairs of slightly taller ladies footwear to wear on special occasions. Everything we had purchased today was dad’s selection. He even took me to a big restaurant for lunch.

We continued our shopping spree till early evening. Dad was right we both had our hands full with shopping bags. He called a taxi and we got inside. I saw the time it was 5pm.

I remembered mom would be meeting Aslam at 5pm today. We reached home by 7, on the way dad stopped and ordered a new wardrobe of my choosing.

The store promised to deliver it home tomorrow evening. We reached home and as expected mom was not there. We enjoyed an intense bout of sex in various positions and places in the house.

Then I got a crazy idea, I told dad “I am going out to meet my friends and will be back by 9pm”. He smiled and said “missing your daily friends already”. I said “yes, I have a few who I definitely have to meet” and left.

I went straight to Aslam’s shop, it was open with the usual curtain drawn. I peeped inside the curtain, no one was there. I knew Aslam would do all his extra-curricular activities in the last room where we enjoyed yesterday.

Mustering courage, I stepped inside and peeped carefully inside the 2nd curtain which leads to a work area at the end of which is the room. I saw the last room lights were on and I could hear moans and screams.

I saw the time, it was 7.30. Mom would leave here by 9pm only, so I went inside. As I got closer to the room I could clearly hear mom screaming in sexual ecstasy.

I reached the entrance of the room and looked inside from the corner of the curtain which was serving as a door. Mom was on all fours and Aslam was pounding her butt from behind.

To be continued….

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