I’m no longer a virgin part2

Avinash carried me to my room and throw me on my bed. He take off his clothes; now we both are naked. His well physique body is more nice when he is in naked, I watched him as my jaw is about to drop. He said, ” Are you enjoying watching me? ” . I’m shy and try to hide with blanket but he grabbed me kissed me . It was wonderful, I used to like Avinash before my mother married his father. He is handsome man now 23 this year, he has a good job and his height is 5’11 , many girls has a crush on him , he used to have sex with in his room. I know that and I want too but I don’t want him to think like I am an easy girl.

I don’t want to kiss him back but he didn’t stop and touch my boobs, I told him to stop but I didn’t move , so he know that I want too. He moved his lips to my breast and touched the other side with his hand the feeling was awesome.He said, ” Reha before you become my sister I already like you, everytime I used sex with girl I always dreamed of you, but I know that you are a virgin and not thinking about sex so I don’t want to bother you. Now you are not a virgin now and I know that you like my touch right,? ” And I said ” Yes ” He said, ” Good girl, from today onwards I will fucked you everyday, ” . He grabbed my thigh and pull me towards him he inserted his 12 inch big cock inside my pussy after he put about 8 inch I feel pain but I want all his dick to be inside. Now he fucked me in missionary style, he fucked me harder and harder, I fell like I was in heaven. I asked him to fucked me as fast as he can after 20 mins he is cumming. My mother call us for breakfast, I take a bath and went down. .
After eating breakfast I went to my best friend, Nina house, it was about 5 mins away from my house. She was not at home, her father asked me to wait for her and give me juice . I drank the juice , after a few mins my head was dizzy . In my dream my step father was fucking me forcefully, kiss me and touch my boobs when I wake up Nina’s father was fucking me, I was so shocked at once, He smiled at me and said, ” You have such a nice body , ” I pushed him but he was so heavy, I said, “I’m your daughter friend how can you do, please let me go, ” But he said, “Babe, you know your aunty passed away, so you need to take care of my physical needs ” He said this With fucking me harder. He stop and put me in doggy style and fucked me faster than before with slapping my butt sometimes he touched both of my boobs, he fuckdd me just the way as he wanted , now I am feeling great again, today I got fucked many times but now I like to be fucked again I don’t khow how this happen. I moaned and asked him for more and told him to fucked me just the way as he wanted he was happy hearing this, after a few mins he was cumming and , I cumm two times.

He told me that Nina went to the hospital to take after there relatives and she was going to go home the day after tomorrow .
I said, ” Uncle why did you fucked me? ” He said, ” I always wanted to fucked you and today is the best time to fuck you so this is our first sex but not last, ” I said, ” But after I refused, you continue to fucked me even harder you’re just a man who can fucked every women, ” He grabbed my breast harder, I stop touching his dick and tried to stop him but in vain he said with a high voice , ” I fucked you because you are a girl, you have a grown nice body and that makes me lust and j fucked you. I am a man and I can fucked every girl I want you are a girl so you should take care of every man who fucks you, is that clear,? ” I was afraid but my pussy was dripping, at that time he put down women he said that men can do everything they want to a women but my pussy.. I need a man to fuck me.

He climed on me and fucked me missionary style, he said, ” Bitch j will do whatever I want to your body, ” He fucked me for several hours, slap me in my breast, butt and face, there was red all over my body. He fucked me just the way as he wanted but I don’t want him to stop.

I went home at 7:00pm ,avinash was in my room when we kissed, he pull down my pants and fucked me.

Today I get fucked by 5 men having massive cock, I enjoyed getting fucked just the way as they wanted.

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