Expect the Unexpected-10

Please read the previous part here ( Expect the Unexpected-9 ). Now let’s continue…

He chose some gowns to quickly wear over them if there were any unexpected visitors. Nina was squirming in unchartered waters looking at everything he had selected because she knew sooner or later she will have to wear them.

Bunty took one nighty and looked at her. Nina understood and walked towards the trial room. Once inside she got out of her frock with his help and put on this nighty.

Again Bunty stood behind her looking over her shoulders. He hugged her from behind with his hands around her waist, he whispered “Nina you are looking so ravishingly hot that if we were at home then you know what I would have done to you”.

Now Nina too felt his hard member in her butt and she herself was equally horny, she said “Bunty I am also very aroused right now, I wish there was some place where we could make out”.

This time Nina did not feel an ounce of shyness or hesitation while asking Bunty for sex. He said “Nina change back quickly, I know exactly where we can go right now”.

They quickly finished the billing and dumped all the shopping bags in the boot. Bunty drove to a multi-level parking lot nearby where he had been many times when he and Rupa got horny.

This place had a few totally dark parking spots only reserved for such naughty stuff. The parking assistant capitalized on this opportunity and made a quick buck by offering these spots at a premium.

Luckily there were not many “horny” couples today, so only two out of the total nine slots were occupied. Bunty took the last slot totally isolated and hidden from any possible peeping toms.

They got out from the car, Nina was still in her new red frock. Bunty opened the rear passenger door and asked Nina to kneel on the back seat.

Thanks to her own highly aroused state, she did so super quickly. Then he got behind her and pulled her panties to her knees after raising her frock to her waist.

Then he licked and tongue fucked her pussy for a short while to get her juices flowing before standing up and unzipping his jeans. His cock had been painfully hard all this while with his precum all over it.

He positioned it at Nina’s love nest and slowly pushed it inside holding her hips firmly. Bunty started pounding Nina hard while she was deliriously moaning with the sexual pleasures ripping thru her body.

While he was pumping her his gaze fell on her irresistible looking tight rear hole. Though he always fancied anal but Rupa never let him do it. So he decided that today after they got back home, he was going to deflower and invade her butt at any cost.

Nina on the other hand could not control her moans due to the pleasure onslaught Bunty’s big cock was giving her. She couldn’t help cup her own boobs over her frock and squeeze them herself to heighten her own pleasures.

This time too, she enjoyed a few more orgasms before Bunty finally pulled out and erupted in her mouth. Then both quickly cleaned themselves and corrected their clothes.

After they sat back in the car, Nina excitedly said “I never imagined I would ever have sex in a public place and enjoy it so much too”. Bunty naughtily smiled looking at her, he asked “so would you like to do it again”?

Now having overcome all her shyness, she reached out pulling Bunty’s face to hers and kissed his lips showing her consent. Bunty was also very happy seeing this quick transformation of his otherwise super shy and conservative mom.

Then he asked “If you are also hungry can we get something to eat”? Nina said “Bunty I am starving especially because of so much pounding you have given me today”.

He smiled and gave her a quick kiss on her lips before driving off to a good restaurant. They had a sumptuous meal, after the lunch Bunty asked “so where do you want to go next Nina”?

She shrugged her shoulders and said “what do I know. You are the one in the driving seat full of crazy ideas”. He said “fine Nina, let’s go and watch a movie, I think you will surely like it”.

He drove into one of the multiplexes and bought balcony tickets for seats at the very far end. This was a romantic Hollywood movie with quite a lot of love making scenes.

Bunty and Nina settled in time in their seats for the movie to begin. Bunty had chosen seats in the last row towards a corner. On the way to their seats, Nina saw a lot of men and women stealing glances at her.

Now she felt very proud of herself that she was surely looking good enough to catch everyone’s attention. Bunty folded the arm rest between their seats so they could both cuddle up and sit more closer.

Nina looked around and saw that even though it was a weekend barely one fourth of the seats were occupied. The few which were occupied were all couples sitting in pairs scattered across the theater.

Soon the lights went out and the movie began, Bunty put his arm around Nina’s back pulling her close to him, this time Nina too snuggled up to him.

She did not know that this movie had a lot of love making scenes. Just as the first scene began Bunty turned her face to his and kissed her lips. Nina got so embarrassed being kissed in public.

She gently pushed him back and said “what are you doing Bunty? Can’t you control yourself? We are in a theater for heaven’s sake”. Bunty calmly replied “look around Nina, what do you see”.

Nina quickly looked around and felt even more embarrassed staring at other couples engaged in similar activities. Now she did not have a face or an answer to give Bunty to justify her earlier reaction.

Nina turned to look at Bunty now with embarrassment across her face, he held her face and smooched her lovingly making her forget everything that had just happened.

Nina now kissed him back with the same passion that he was showering on her. After the kiss she relaxed back in her seat and herself pulled his arm back around her and cuddled to him as if they were in total privacy.

Now she was above and past any care or shame or embarrassment by cuddling up to Bunty in public because in the last few days he was now her loving husband.

Bunty too liked the way she changed her behavior now and kissed her again on her forehead acknowledging the same. Now the love making on the screen had progressed to intercourse (softcore of course).

Nina felt Bunty’s hand on her thigh slowly moving up under her frock. This made her squirm in her seat and she had to readjust herself to open her legs a little more to help Bunty.

Sensing Nina opening her legs Bunty’s hands slipped up further till they rested on her pussy over her panties. Nina let out a soft moan when he did this because just his touch had triggered her arousal making her begin to get wet.

As the love making scenes on the screen got more intense, so did Nina’s arousal. She grabbed Bunty’s face and smooched him with burning passion totally forgetting that they were in a theater, a public place.

Nina’s passion and arousal had taken over her body now, she held Bunty’s palm which was massaging her pussy from over her panties and slipped it inside her panties.

She was already at the peak of her arousal wanting to feel Bunty skin to skin now totally careless about where they both were. Bunty too realized her condition and knelt between her legs and began tugging on the sides of her panty.

Nina raised her butt to make it easier for him to pull them off completely. Bunty put her panties in his pocket and sat back in his seat putting his palm back on her pussy.

Nina jerked and squirmed at his actions still trying to behave herself so that no one notices them. But when she looked around most couples were busy doing foreplay and one of them having full blown sex kneeling between the row of seats.

While she was bewildered with what she saw, she surrendered to her own desires for desperately wanting Bunty to take her also the same way. Between fingering her pussy Bunty had unzipped his jeans taking out his erect monster.

He took her palm and placed it on his dick and Nina instinctively closed her fingers around his hard shaft. Not caring a cent about what was playing on the big screen both of them were busy stroking each other with their hands for a while.

In a few minutes Nina’s orgasm dawned on her and Bunty was quick to sense it in time, he locked her lips with his till it flushed thru her so she does not end up screaming in the movie theater in front of everyone.

To be Continued….

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