Maid from Heaven – Part 18

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 17 ). Now let’s continue

So after one more bout of wild sex with Uma in the shower, I left to the airport. I had only one thought running in my mind. How was Uma going to juggle me, Rizwan and Aslam during this time?

She had told me to call her before leaving the airport and also when I am 10minutes away. My mind was running in all directions as to what she might be up to.

Anyway I reached the airport, my parents were thrilled to see me. I messaged her that I was now leaving the airport and would need 1.5hrs as per google maps.

Then after a long drive I reached home, Uma was at the door to welcome my parents and she touched both their feet (showing respect to elders in Indian culture).

Then she made them comfortable on the sofa and served them water followed by tea and snacks as they already had lunch on the flight. She was wearing a yellow salwar kameez.

She became an instant hit with my parents, especially my mom who is a very difficult person to please. In front of them she did not even make eye contact with me.

I sat with them generally chit chatting about business. I showed them around the house and they were very impressed. In between I found an excuse to go meet Uma in the kitchen.

I hugged her from behind cupping her boobs and grinding my crotch against her butt. I asked “so what have you been up to while I was gone”? Uma said “please stand away Krishna before your parents catch us like this”.

I said “they are drinking their tea, so we have five minutes at least, now tell me”. She naughtily asked “what do you think”? I slipped my hand inside her salwar and discovered she was not wearing panties.

Also she was a little wet guess maybe because of my touching. I asked “Aslam or Rizwan”? She winked and said “only Aslam, didn’t have enough time for Rizwan”.

I asked “why no time? I was gone for nearly 4hrs”? She said “well today Aslam was super charged and did not leave me till we had three rounds”. I said “I am impressed that you had three rounds and still you are looking fresh like a daisy”.

She blushed and said “your time is up Krishna, go back before they suspect something”. I said “I am hard and want you now”. She said “you will get your chance very soon”.

I went back and sat with my parents continuing to discuss their plans for the wedding that they had come here to attend. I was thrilled to hear that one of the functions was in a nearby village and they would be gone for two days to attend it.

Uma had prepared their bedroom and lined up towels for them to take a bath and get fresh. After the snacks my parents retired to their room to get fresh and also take some rest.

Uma signalled me to come to the kitchen, I quickly rushed there after my parent’s door closed. I unzipped my pants and she gave me a quick blowjob. Then I bent her over the kitchen counter lowering her salwar to her knees.

I struck my hard cock in her pussy which felt a little loose than normal, guess Aslam’s massive manhood had serviced her well. After a few minutes I pushed my cock in her butt and got the similar feeling of looseness.

Now for sure Aslam had ravaged both her holes nicely today. After fucking for some more time I pulled out and Uma got on her knees taking my cock in her mouth.

I finally came and she drank everything and cleaned me up. Then we corrected our clothes, I said “darling I am really getting jealous of Aslam”. She asked “why dear”?

I said “he has fucked you so well in both your holes that you felt loose and I did not get the usual enjoyment I get”. She frowned making a sad face staring at the floor.

She buried her face in my chest while I had my hands around her, she softly said “I am very sorry Krishna, I did not know this can also happen”. I said “don’t be sorry, it is not your fault, I was the one who encouraged you in the first place”.

She softly said “from this very moment I will stop meeting both Rizwan and Aslam. I don’t want to sacrifice your needs for seeking my own pleasures”. I raised her face to mine.

I said “Promise me you will not do that ever. I will find a solution for this”. I gave her a smooch when we heard my parent’s door opening. Uma got back to work while I rushed out to the hall.

My mother had come out with her and dad’s used clothes looking for the washing machine. Uma heard her and ran and took them from mom, she said “don’t worry mummy, I will take care of these for you”.

Mom was surprised to hear the word “mummy” from Uma’s mouth. Uma quickly added “I hope you do not mind if I call you Mummy? I am asking because I am an orphan and did not have the chance to experience my parents”.

Mom almost broke into tears and hugged Uma tightly. She said “Uma my child, you please call me Mummy only, I really like the sound of it”. Now dad also came to the hall, mom looked at him, she asked “do you have a problem if Uma calls you papa”?

He said “no, why should I have a problem, in fact I would love it”. Mom turned to Uma and said “now you have your answers” and kissed her forehead. Now a super thrilled and bubbly Uma went back to her chores while my parents settled on the sofa.

I was very happy too that things were going well between my parents and Uma otherwise my life would be turned upside down. Both my parents got busy watching TV while I went to my room to do my work.

Sometime later I heard mom call Uma, she said “can you please make some tea for us”? Uma asked “what would you like to have along with the tea mummy”? Mom looked at dad, he said “some biscuits would be fine”.

Uma asked “would pakodas (Indian snack) be better”? Both of them nodded yes very enthusiastically. Soon she served them and asked “what would you like to have for dinner, I know Krishna sir prefers non-veg”?

Mom said “we will also have the same, thank you”. Uma went back to her work or so I thought. I wondered with all this activity happening how will Uma find time for me and Rizwan.

Soon Uma knocked on my door and came inside, I was impressed to see her instant transformation after my parent’s arrival. She came to me and whispered “I have told them that I am going to my room to take a bath and freshen up”.

I said “so”? She said “you please keep them engrossed till I am back”. I asked “how long will you take”? She whispered “one-hour max, but I will try to make it sooner”.

I quizzically asked “why do you need one hour”? She whispered even more softly “please understand Krishna, Rizwan is waiting for me”. I raised my eyebrows and said “oh, okay now I understand why you need to ‘freshen up’” grinning at her.

She gave me a quick smooch, she said “please Krishna”. I naughtily said “can I also join”? She said “don’t worry, I have something planned for you too”. She left, I saw the time it was 7.30pm only and my parents generally eat dinner by 10pm.

I was sure Uma had already done all preparations before heading out for her steamy encounter with Rizwan. She came back around 8.45pm and went straight to the kitchen.

I went to the hall and checked with my parents about dinner, they said they would like to eat early and get some rest because they had a long day to top it off. I went to the kitchen on the pretext of informing Uma.

She was wearing a simple nighty now which was neither transparent or revealing without anything inside. I hugged her from behind and whispered in her ear “they want to eat early and go to bed”, she nodded ok.

I asked “you said you would be back in an hour, what happened”? Now she was not resisting me at all even though I was dry humping her in slow motion while fondling her body.

She said “I wanted to but he took very long to finish the second time”. We had a long sensual kiss now, I asked “so did you enjoy it”? Uma blushed and said “why do you ask when you already know the answer”?

To be continued….

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