Maid from Heaven – Part 20

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Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 19 ). Now let’s continue

He said “ok madam, as you say. But please try harder”. I said “I will, now you leave quickly without making any noise”. He left and I came down to the kitchen. Rest you know.

I said “wow Uma, you can surely take big risks and go to any lengths to get what you want”. Uma laughed and said “yes, are you not in my bed right now when you should be in your room”.

I realised there was no stopping her now, especially when it came to sex. Well listening to her day’s events had made me really hard again. So I said “now can we get back to our unfinished business”.

She kissed my lips and quickly resumed giving me a blowjob. Then we had one more round of intense sex before going to sleep. In the morning Uma woke me up at my usual time.

She said “I have checked below and mummy and papa are still fast asleep. So we have minimum two hours if you want to enjoy”. I smiled and pulled her on the bed onto me and we resumed our lovemaking.

We did once in the bed followed by second round under the shower. Then Uma pushed me out to go downstairs while she got ready and joined. I sat with the newspaper when she served me my morning coffee.

She sat in my lap and asked “so are you missing Mary”? I said “when you are there to take care of me why will I miss her”. She teasingly said “I thought you were also enjoying the variety”.

I said “yes I was, but I soon realised that you are far better than her. So as long as I have you, I don’t need anyone else”. She smooched me again and said “I can feel that you are getting hard again, do you want to do it once more”?

I said “it is nearing 9am now, dad and mom will wake up any moment. So it is very risky to do now”. She naughtily smiled and said “mummy told me last night that they might sleep longer because of tiredness, so we can take that risk”.

She got up and pulled me to the kitchen. She said “lets do it here because if their door opens then we will have time to escape”. I made her lean against the wall facing me and removed her salwar and panty.

I raised her leg holding it and she held my manhood guiding it inside her love hole. This was the first time we were doing in this position and it was a little difficult at first but after we got a hang of it, it became very enjoyable.

She raised her kameez to her neck along with her bra and I went mad playing with her boobs. I was able to go longer because this was my third time today. Uma orgasmed twice before I got close to my own release.

She took me in her mouth and swallowed everything. Then she sent me to clean up in my bathroom. When I came back to the hall, Uma had reheated my coffee and was keeping it on the table.

Just then dad came out from his room followed by mom. They sat on the sofa, we both greeted them. Uma asked “I hope you both rested well”? Dad said “yes absolutely” while mom said “I am having back pain” staring at dad.

Uma cheerfully said “let me first get your morning tea after which I will massage your back mummy”. She turned and disappeared in the kitchen while dad’s eyes remained transfixed on her.

Uma served them tea and asked “so what would you like to have for breakfast”? Mom said “make anything, even dosa will do for me”. Dad said “yes I will have that too but with a little extra something”.

Uma said “I can prepare chicken curry to go with it if you want papa”. Dad excitedly said “yes I would love to try that Uma”. Mom also added “yes I would love to have it too Uma”.

We all chatted for sometime, then Uma announced breakfast is ready. We all sat at the dining table where she served us dosas and chicken curry. Both mom and dad went crazy appreciating Uma’s culinary skills.

After we finished Uma cleared the table and had her own breakfast. We were back seated in the hall. Mom said “I feel bad when she waits on us and then eats afterwards”.

I said “well she is shy and scared of you both. With me I managed to convince her to eat alongside me at the table”. Just then Uma came, she asked “mummy can I give you the back massage now”?

Mom nodded yes. Uma said “you please lie down on the bed while I warm up the oil and bring”. Mom went to the bedroom and Uma soon followed with a small bowl of hot oil.

Dad was glued to the Tv watching the news and giving me instructions on business related matters. The following is based on what Uma told me later. Uma made mom remove her nighty and lie on the bed chest down.

Mom was still wearing her inners, Uma unhooked mom’s bra removing it from her shoulders and sliding her panty a little down but still on her buttocks to avoid getting stained by the oil.

Uma poured the oil on her back and started massaging her. She asked “mummy how is the massage? Is the pressure enough or do you want me to increase it”? Mom said “no its fine Uma, you are really good at this”.

Uma asked “mummy was the mattress uncomfortable that you woke up with back pain”? Mom said “no Uma, the mattress is very good. It is something else”. Uma said “you can tell me the problem mummy. I will see if I can do something about it”.

Mom said “no Uma leave it, you cannot do anything about it”. Uma said “mummy please if you are comfortable with me then say it, I am worried because you have a big function to attend and you will not enjoy it in this condition”.

Mom said “the reason for my back pain is your Papa”. Uma innocently asked “why mummy, did you both have a fight last night”? Mom said “no dear, why would we fight. Actually even at this age your papa cannot sleep peacefully”.

Uma did not realise that mom was referring to sex, she innocently asked “but what did he do to you that you ended up with a back pain”? Mom unable to contain anymore blurted out “my stupid dear we had sex and last night your papa was very energetic like when we were just married and gave me a very hard time. That caused my back pain”.

Uma realised her own stupidity and blushed with embarrassment unable to talk any further. Mom asked “what happened? Why are you quiet now”? Uma meekly said “sorry mummy, it did not occur to me that you were talking about that husband wife thing. I am sorry”.

Mom said “its ok, I am sure you might have experienced it also”? Uma said “yes mummy, but my husband was an animal so I experienced it but did not enjoy it”. Mom in a soothing tone said “I am sorry to hear, don’t worry. I am sure you are over it now”?

Uma said “yes mummy, one good Samaritan helped me escape from that nightmare and now I am here”. Mom asked “I hope you plan to get married and settle down again in future”?

Uma said “no mummy, I don’t want to again have another nightmare. I am fine the way my life is right now so let’s just leave it at that”. The massage helped and mom was feeling fine again.

Mom said “your massage did wonders. I will sleep for sometime now. Thank You”. Uma came out of the room and went straight to the kitchen. I was perplexed seeing the expression on her face.

I so much wanted to go and talk to her sensing something wrong must have happened between her and mom but I could not go because dad had already given me a big list of things to complete today.

It was time for me to head out, so I went to Uma in the kitchen and said “I will be back by 6 in the evening only. So I will eat outside. You take good care of dad and mom meanwhile”.

She nodded yes, I asked “is everything ok? Why are you looking so down”? She said “no nothing Krishna, you carry on. I will take care of everything”. I gave her a quick smooch and left.

When I got back in the evening around 7pm, dad was looking cheerful watching TV, he was in his normal house clothes. Mom was resting in their bedroom and Uma was not to be seen.

I went to my room and locked myself in my bathroom. Then I called Uma on her cell, she answered in a groggy tired tone. I asked “where are you Uma and what happened”?

To be continued….

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