Bitch aunty part -1

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Bitch aunty

Hello there.
This is my first time of story writing
-Contain grammatical mistakes
My name is marx living with aunt ( mom’s sister )
Her name is Rianna
Age 43

Figure – busty milf with thick thigh and demonic ass
her husband is very busy in his work

When I was in college 2nd year
I’m living with them because my college in their city
My age 21 ( size six inch ) average athletic body

This story is little bit long and take time
Actual story ” how I made rianna my pure slave
And control her .

I never talk too much to her . Just average conversation. Days passed and six months are gone
I always attracted towards her big boobs
One day I accidentally look her cleavage
Non too much just bit more than usual . And I started fantasing about her . Thinking all possible way to fuck her ass . Spank her

Now I started staring at her boobs. Definitely she realised. After realising she started to show me her cleavage. And never miss any chance to capture her boobs in my eyes. She always suck my dick in my dream . Our simple conversation converted to flirting language
But I never approached her . Because it’s too risky.
One day during cleaning my room her ass touch my feet. I was sitting on chair working on laptop

It was her mistake. But heart beat higher . Her ass still touching my feet . I’m nervous but i don’t remove my leg . Deep down i like her ass touched my Body . Now make eye contact to her more than usual.

Next part :- what we talk , how I approach and how she reacted

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