Deep lust towards my mom’s sister Seema

This story is about how I developed sexual feelings towards my mom’s sister and banged her like a bitch.

Hlo readers…This is Jack..I have been an incest lover since my 11th grade…

This story is about how I banged my mom’s sister Seema…I love fucking widows and milfs so much…If anyone interested,mail me for further details…

I’m Jack working in a College as a Physics professor.I’m average sized young man having cock which would be liked by any women.This story happened in my college first year when I became 19.

The heroine of the story is Seema. She’s 29 years old beautiful young chick. She’s unmarried and working in a company. She has good sized melons which would be liked to sucked by any men. She has perfect ass which I want to slap all the day. She is average height and she resembles Alia Bhatt in her face.

I didn’t have any lust towards her in my childhood. But after reading some incest stories,I got attracted by my Seema ‘s body. Infact,I wanted every inch of her body to be sucked and fucked by me. I used to masturbate by sniffing her panties and bra. I always touches her melons when she was in deep sleep. I always admired her body. ufff!!Still she’s in my mind with her hot body…

I was in my vacation after my first sem examinations. She had also arrived for the vacation to my home. I was super excited to get a chance to enjoy my Seema ‘s body.
I went to cinemas and enjoyed my vacation with my friends,rounding around and having fun.She always treated me as a brother. We share everything about our life,she discusses about her lovers (she used to smell her hair,lick her hip and leg while she was asleep.

One day,I felt out from the stairs and got a severe injury in my left hand. After consulting the doctor, they said that it was a fracture. I was moved to take rest. My mom cared me very well. My chithi Seema used to take me to the bath. Finally I got the chance to fuck her at bathroom. When she was taking me to bath,I used to wear underwear. She used to laugh at my shyness.

But I badly needed to fuck her at that time. I was waiting for one day to fuck her. And that day arrives. My whole family went to the relative’s house. Me and Seema are alone at my home. My evil lust thoughts raised to it’s peak. As usual she asked me to come for bath. This time I wore a white underwear where my cock is clearly visible for her. When she started to bath me, my cock raised by seeing her cleavage. She was wearing tshirt and blue track pants
at that time. She saw my loaded cock and reacted like nothing. Then I acted like accidentally touching her ass with my hand. She didn’t reacted to that hell also. At once,I slapped her ass . She was like-“What the fuck Jack?”.

Jack: Seema akka. I always wanted you badly. I want you

Seema: What happened to you? Are you mad?

Jack: yes. But I’m mad with you.

Seema: ok. But I will tell this to your mom.

I pleaded her not to tell anything to my mom. Then suddenly she smiled and said ” I know you are longing for me a long time”.I was like-“how did you know?”.Then she smiled and put her hand on my cock.

Oh my god! I didn’t realised that immense mood before. She grabbed my cock and started to stoke. I louded her name and started to kiss her vigorously. Our lips played beautiful moves. We exchanged our Saliva by spitting to each other’s mouth. Then I removed her tshirt which already squeezed her tits. Now I got the view of her blue strap bra which showed her amazing cleavage.

I slowly licked her neck and moved towards my favourite part,her breasts. I removed her bra and now I got her melons. I sucked it like a baby and bit her nipples. She moaned and breathed heavily at that time. My mouth played beautiful moves across her soft melons.I sucked it for 15 mins which costed my thirst towards her breasts. Then I licked her hairy armpits.she smiled while I was licking her armpits. It was sweaty and tasty for me. Then I licked her navel and removed her pants.

Now she was in her orange lingerie. She said “Jack,we need a shower now”. She opened the showers and I went to her pussy. It smelt like paradise and inserted my one finger and started to licking it like a monster. She moaned by saying my name heavily. I can’t leave her pussy until she cummed. Then she
raised me and we made a deep kiss. Now she went down and started giving blowjob. I was on cloud nine at that time. She inserted my cock fully to her mouth. She spitted saliva and sucked it heavily. She heavily sucked my cock’s tip. I can’t control myself for her horny blowjob. I climaxed and she fully got my cum in her mouth.

I was aroused by her melons soon and started to licking it again. After I licked her butt. It was shitty but I loved her butt and tasted it heavily. Then I got my cock raised again and I locked in the corner of bathroom. I inserted my penis for the first time for my Seema. It was tight and asked-“Akka,are you virgin?”. She said-” yes, Jack.But now I’m yours”. I am excited and started to giving strokes. I started slowly then I started to ride her. I pulled her hair and fucked her like a slave. She shouted in pain but I can’t tolerate her. Then we changed position. I sat in a chair at bathroom and she’s above me. She rided my cock like a bitch. My cock lifted her whole body. After few minutes, I was about to cum.

I informed her and then she grabbed my cock and placed that between her boobs. I exploded a huge cum at her soft breasts. .

I hope you enjoyed my sex encounter with my mom’s sister.I will meet you with my further experience in the next part …

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