Son comes home for the holidays to his sexy Indian mother

Son comes home for the holidays to his sexy Indian mother

As I stood outside my home in the beating rain at 11 pm, waiting for my mother to open the door, the only thing I could think of was what my mother would be wearing.

Because the last time I had come home from college, mom opened the door in just a towel that barely covered her 36D sized breasts and her thick hips. I feasted my eyes on her milky white thighs for the first time that day, and the rest of my vacation days were spent trying to get a glimpse of her in that position, but in vain.

After what seemed like an eternity, I could hear the latches opening on the other side of the door. Mom opened the door in a hurry, and it was evident that I had woken her up from a deep sleep.

“Sorry mom, I had to wake you up from your sleep” I apologised, sheepishly and walked inside the home, placing my damp bag by the side of the door.

“Oh, shush.” Mom said, shutting the door behind me. “I’m just glad you arrived safely, at this time” She said, picking up a towel to dry my hair. She turned on the lights in our little 1BHK, and I was immediately awestruck. Mom’s nighty zip had come astray, and her left boob was spilling out of her clothes. My throat went dry and I couldn’t get a damn word out of my mouth.

“Sit” she said, oblivious to her state, and bent down to wipe my wet hair. She tried to keep up a conversation with me, but my mind was completely focussed on her jiggling boob, which I could clearly see from underneath the towel. That milky white singular breast with a dark brown nipple surrounded by an areola the size of a two rupee coin. Her nipple was erect like a stub of pencil eraser, probably because of the chilly weather.

“Ravi… RAVI!” Mom calling out my name finally brought me back to my senses. She pulled the towel off my face and noticed me staring at her chest. She looked down and finally noticed her carelessness. She gave a shy smile and put her breast inside here nighty and zipped up correctly.

“Why didn’t you tell me it was out?” she said, softly and looking away from me in shyness.

“Mom… that… ummm…” I fumbled for words.

“It’s okay. I can understand, especially for a boy your age.” She said, rubbing my hair with her slender finger, checking for dampness.

“Stop looking at me like that! I’ve already put it away.” Mom said, shyly, throwing the towel on her chest. I involuntarily kept looking at her chest, the jiggle of her breasts beneath the cheap fabric of her worn out nighty.

My cheeks felt hot in shame as I looked away.

“Go get changed,” Mom said. I didn’t need to be told twice. I stood up and mom immediately noticed the large bulge in my pants. Her eyes opened wide as she stared at my hard on.

“Mom!” I whined, cupping my hands over my dick and ran into the bathroom to change into something dry.

Once I changed, I crept into bed with mom, under the same blanket. She had asked me if I wanted to have some dinner, but I answered negatively. After the hectic train ride, which was delayed by 2 hours and the 1.5 hour bus journey on bad roads had completely drained me.

I just spooned mom, pressing my semi hard cock on her ass and went to sleep in an instant breathing in the comforting aroma of my mother.

The next morning, I woke up to the sounds of water falling and a melodious humming from the attached bathroom. The thought of mom taking a bath itself was arousing. I imagined her lathering all over her thick, milky, milfy body with soap. I imagined water falling down from the mug over her body, sliding on her armpits, busty tits, thick thighs and giggly tummy. Just thinking of mom that way gave me a huge boner.

I slid my hand down my pants, into my underwear and gripped my throbbing cock. I began jerking off, thinking of my naked mother on the other side of the wall. As I was furiously jerking off I heard the latch open. So I quickly pulled my hand out of my pants and pretended to be asleep.

I heard mom come out of the bathroom and close the door behind her. She was wet from head to toe, and I could see the droplets of water clinging to her skin. My dick began to grow in size again.

She put her hand on her towel, as if to remove it. But then she stopped and glanced at me. I immediately closed my eyes hurriedly.

“Ravi!” Mom called my name. But I didn’t budge.

I soon felt her climb into bed slowly. She bent her head close to me and slowly whispered my name. I continued to pretend to sleep.

“You naughty!” she said and began tickling me. I soon woke up laughing loudly.

“No mom, stop stop!” I begged, while twisting from side to side, trying to evade mom’s tickling. She was laughing too.

Mom had mounted me with her legs on either side of my torso, and had pinned me on the bed quite hard. I had little chance of escaping her.

I tried to grab hold of mom’s hands, but she was too fast for me. Then I put my hands on her waist and began tickling her.

“Hey, that’s not fair!” Mom said, laughing. But she continued to tickle me. Mom began sliding up and down my body, trying to evade my tickles, but was unsuccessful.

I couldn’t take it any longer, and I pulled mom on to me. Mom slid down suddenly and sat on my hard cock. She let out a low moan. I realised that mom probably wasn’t wearing any panties and her naked pussy lips had touched my bulging cock. I could feel her spongy boobs press on my chest.

I held on to mom tightly and began to lick her neck and earlobes. Mom was laughing initially, but soon she was moaning and started breathing heavily. I was totally aroused at the situation. Involuntarily, I bucked my hips on hers and suddenly she came to her senses.

Mom let go of me and got up quickly. As she stood up on the bed, her towel had come undone during our play fight and it slid down her body. For the first time I saw my own mother bare naked in front of me. At such closeness, I could see her completely naked breasts and hairy pussy.

Mom immediately realised what had happened and grabbed the cloth at her feet. Along with her towel, she also grabbed my bedsheet. When she lifted the bedsheet, she saw my boner making a tent in my pants. Mom wrapped the bedsheet on her body and rushed into the bathroom.

I waited till my cock returned to its normal size and went to the well to wash up. It had been a long time since I took a bath at the well. I’ve always loved to take bath in the cool waters of the well, even during winters. It looked like it wasn’t used much, especially since we had a tapped water connection to our house.

Ours was one of the older houses in the village and we had a nice plot behind the house where mom grew some vegetables and had a well for water supply. My dad had gone to Dubai for work some ten years ago and he hadn’t come home or contacted us for the past 4 years. Someone we knew told us that he had a new family in Dubai so he didn’t come back. He had saved some money for my higher education in the bank, and mom worked as a teacher in the village school, so our life continued somehow. In the beginning, mom would cry a lot and everytime I came home during semester holidays, I would console her. But she had gotten better over time and we had almost completely forgotten about dad.

When I used to console her, she would always wonder why she didn’t have a husband like me. I guess, it was during those troubled time that my feelings for her grew. I saw her more as a woman who had her own needs. I once even caught her fingering her pussy, and quietly jerked off seeing her that way without her knowledge last year when I had come home.

As I was drawing water from the well, mom came out, now wearing a light pink colour saree and drying her hair with the same towel I had pulled from her body just a few minutes ago.

“What are you doing there?” mom asked

“Taking a bath” I told her, removing my shirt and pants. I was just in my boxers. I noticed mom eyeing my body.

“Come take a bath inside, I’ll heat up the water for you” mom said, walking towards me.

“No it’s fine mom. I like it here.” I said, drawing the water from the well. I saw her trying to walk through the damp ground that had turned wet and muddy due to last night’s rain. As careful as she was, she stepped on a patch of algae, and slipped. I immediately caught her, but I too lost my footing and we both fell on the wet ground and our bodies became muddy.

“Are you okay mom?” I asked, deliberately touching all over her body. “Are you hurt anywhere?” I asked.

“No, I’m fine. I’m fine.” Mom said, and began getting up. But she slipped again and fell. Her pallu came undone, giving me a clear view of her milky cleavage, now covered in chocolatey mud. I stood up carefully, and helped mom stand up.

We both started laughing hard. “Che, this was a nice saree, look what happened.” She said, shaking her pallu. I glanced at her cleavage and her globules thievingly. Mom noticed me and gave me a shy smile.

“What are you looking at? You have already seen everything.” She said and winked at me.

“Yeah mom, I’ve only seen it, I haven’t done anything yet.” I said and winked back at her. She blushed and lifted her hand to slap my shoulder gently. I quickly turned away and mom again lost her balance. Luckily, I held her hand and gripped her waist this time, steadying her.

We both walked out of the mess together.

“See, this is why you have to listen to your mother. Go inside, I’ll get you hot water to bathe” mom said.

I went into the bathroom and sat on the stool, waiting for mom to bring the hot water. I noticed mom’s used bra and panties in the corner. I picked up her panties and inhaled her musky aroma. My dick began to grow inside my pants. It had been over two weeks since I shagged. I was completely restless. So I slipped my boxers down and began stroking my cock kissing and smelling mom’s panties.

I was sitting on the stool, with my legs spread out, facing the door, jerking to my heart’s content. When suddenly, mom opened the door and entered. I saw mom and in a panic shot a thick ropes of my cum right at her. Most of my cum fell on her dirty saree, but a few drops found their way to mom’s face,

I immediately covered my limping cock with mom’s panties and looked down at the floor in embarrassment.

Mom just kept the water in the bathroom and locked the door behind her. She took her panties from my hand and cleaned the drops of cum at the head of my cock.

“Don’t be ashamed. It’s common for boys your age.” Mom said, even before I could apologise. She removed my boxers completely, and gave me a bath. As she held and washed my dick, it began to grow in size, and she just looked and let out a chuckle.

After she was done washing me, she began removing her saree. My cock began to grow in size, just thinking of the possibilities.

“Don’t get any ideas mister.” she said, sternly at first then began to laugh. “I need to clean myself too, you know.”

I smiled sheepishly and wrapped a towel around my waist.

“Go get my green saree and blouse from the cupboard. And also get me my bra and panties.” she ordered me.

I got them from the cupboard and lay them on the bed. Most of my clothes in the bag were wet from yesterday’s rain. So I just wore an old tshirt and my father’s old lungi, without wearing any underwear.

Mom came out after a while, wrapped in just a towel. She wasn’t surprised to see me and chuckled. “What are you doing here? Go, let me get changed.” She said, fixing her towel.

“Mom, It’s not like I haven’t seen what’s in there.” I said, pointing at her towel.

“You naughty fellow. Shamelessly boasting that you’ve seen your mother naked huh.” She said, winking at me.

Mom picked up her panties, turned around and wore them right in front of me. I could clearly see her ass crack when she was pulling up the panties up her meaty thighs.

Then she picked up the bra and put her hands through the straps. She then dropped the towel, giving me a full view of her bare back. She pulled the damp hair to her front, turned back and looked at me at the edge of her eyes. “Come, help me put this on.” she said softly.

I walked up to her and fumbled with the bra hooks. By the time I correctly put her bra straps I had a nice hard dick poking at mom’s ass. Mom brushed her ass against my body when she picked up the rest of her clothes and draped them on her body.

When she was done, she turned a full circle and asked me how she looked.

“You look very beautiful mom.” I said. “Like an angel from heaven.” I said. I held her hand and pulled her on to me. My dick was pressing on her thighs, and she knew it. She just smiled shyly.

Mom had made my favourite food last night, and we had the same leftovers for breakfast that day.

The rest of the day we were busy with our chores. I had to fix the back room a bit and also look at the vegetation in the patch of the land behind the house. I also cleaned the dirty ground near the well.

Mom had taken the day off, and she was busy cooking most of the day.

It was well past lunch time when I was done with work and put the tools back in the tool shed. As I was leaving, I remembered that this tools shed was where I would stash old porn magazines that had kept my hands and dick warm during many lonely nights and afternoons.

I pulled out the old stool, stood on it and retrieved those old magazines from an old tin can that was kept in the very back of the top shelf. As I flipped through the pages, I was hit with a wave of nostalgia. I heard the door of the tool shed open abruptly and I quickly hid the books behind my back.

Mom had come to remind me that the lunch was ready.

“Ya, i’ll come mom. You leave now.” I said, uncomfortably.

Mom felt something amiss. “What are you hiding behind your back?” Mom asked.

“Nothing mom, just some old tools.” I lied and walked back.

“Oh, is it? Show me” Mom said, walking towards me.

I kept walking back till I was pinned against the wall. Mom lunged towards me and put her hand behind my back. She grabbed the books in my hand and pulled it out.

“Hmm, are these the old tools?” She said, smiling at me naughtily. “Looks more like lubrication for your tool” she said and winked at me, pointing at the tent in my lungi. I simply placed my hand in front of it, embarrassed.

Mom flipped through the book for a bit. “I’ve been in here so many times, but I didn’t find this at all. You must have hid it well.” she said, not taking her eyes off the book.

“It was in that tin box, on top of that shelf.” I pointed promptly.

“Very clever.” she said and smiled. “I wish I had found them… when I was lonely and alone all those nights.” She whispered. But I heard her. I went close to mom, and put my hand on her shoulder.

“I’m here mom. You don’t have to be lonely and alone now.” I said reassuringly.

I held her for sometime like that. Mom was looking at a passage about a rauncy sex scene in the naughty book. She closed the book, gave it to me and went out.

“Come, lunch is ready.” She said.

I washed up and went to have lunch. Mom had spread out a feast for me. But I noticed something had changed in mom. Her pallu was astray and everytime she bent down, I got a good view of her deep cleavage. She was aware of this and said nothing, so I shamelessly glanced at her offering.

“Did you like it?” Mom asked, covering herself up after I was done with my meal.

“Yeah mom it was amazing.” I said, getting up. “And the food was good too.” I said, and winked at her. She just blushed.

I was super tired from all the work and went to take a nap.

When I woke up, I could hear the sounds of two women animatedly talking to each other. I went out of the room, still feeling groggy from the sleep, only to find my mom and her friend sitting on the sofa, chatting.

“Oh he’s up!” Mom’s friend Savita said, excitedly. She came up to me and corrected my hair. “You’ve become such a fine young man!” she said. “Are you done with studies now? Did you get a job yet? How long are you staying here?” She threw a barrage of questions at me.

“Umm… Savita, he just woke up, let him wash up first.” mom answered her.

“Yes yes, you’re right.” Savita aunty said. “We can discuss all that tonight when you both come to my home for dinner.”

“What?” I said, jolting awake.

“Oh, I completely forgot. You both come to my home for dinner today.” Savita aunty said.

I was in no mood to go to have dinner at her place, in fact I was looking forward to spending time with mom for the rest of the time here. I looked at mom. She shook her head, like she didn’t want to go either.

“Umm, aunty, mom and I are going for a movie tonight. Sorry we won’t be able to make it. I said.

“What?” She said unbelievably.

“Yeah, I was just about to go to my friend’s house to get his bike. I’ve already booked the tickets.” I said apologetically.

She just sighed, and got back to gossiping with mom.

I freshened up, and went to my friend’s place to get his bike. By the time I returned it was already dark. Savita aunty was still at home, as if ready to call out our bluff.

But then I went inside, got ready and asked mom to do the same. While mom was inside, I engaged Savita aunty for a while.

Finally mom came out wearing a printed cotton saree and matching bangles. Although very simple, she looked absolutely ravishing. We locked the door and left. Savita aunty went home. We went to a hotel in the next town, had a nice meal, went about the town doing some window shopping and went to the second show of a flop movie that was playing in a nearby theater.

Being a weekday, the hall was mostly empty. Only the first class was relatively full with drunkards and mostly men. The balcony was sparsely populated with some couples, spread out across the hall.

When the lights went out and the movie began, I slowly put my hand on mom’s shoulder. She didn’t seem to mind. I got a bit bolder and began lowering my hand from her shoulder to her boobs. I was no longer concentrating on the movie. Suddenly we heard a moan from the row in front of us. I quickly pulled back my hand. We peered forward to find the source of the noise and saw a woman giving a blwojob to her partner. Mom looked at me shyly and turned away. I looked around the hall and saw the couples in various stages of undress. Some were smooching. Some men were fingering their women and some were getting a handjob or a blowjob. In all, no one was watching the movie. They were busy enjoying each other.

I got bold and put my hand on mom’s shoulder again. She looked at me intently. I slid the hand down and began fondling her boobs over her saree. Mom’s nipple was erect. She bit her lower lip passionately as I squeezed her globule.

As I was busy squeezing her fun bag, I didn’t notice her hand creep up my thigh until she was unzipping it.

“Mom, what are you doing?” I whispered.

Mom took out my throbbing cock into the open air. She just winked at me and began sucking it like a pro. She was fondling my balls and licking my shaft like she was hungry for it. I had never had a blowjob before and this was something very new. In some time, I couldn’t hold on any further and I thrust my cock deep inside her throat and lodged my cum inside her.

When I was done, I slowly withdrew from her mouth. Mom coughed a bit, and wiped her lips. “Idiot! Couldn’t you tell you were done?” she whispered.

“If I did, then I couldn’t have fed you mu cum mom” I said and smooched her lips.

The lights came on for the interval and I saw mom completely stunned. We corrected our clothes and waited for the movie to begin.

When the interval ended, there were even less people than before in the hall. I had put my hand on mom’s boobs again and was busy fondling it. Mom made it easier for me by unhooking her blouse, giving me access to her bare breast.

I looked around and saw a couple fucking like animals. The man was seated with his pants dropped to his ankles. The woman had her saree up to her waist and was sitting on him, and fucking him cowgirl style.

My dick began to grow again. I put mom’s hand on my crotch. She was surprised at how hard it had gotten.

“Mom…” I said, putting my hand on her crotch and pressing her. I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy. She let out a low moan. I tried lifting her saree, but she wouldn’t allow it. I rubbed her pussy over her saree for a while, and she just put her head on the headrest. I tried pulling up her saree again, and she didn’t resist.

I rubbed my fingers on her wet panty, and she bit her lower lips in ecstasy. So I pulled the panties aside and stuck my finger inside her dripping wet pussy.

Mom immediately held my hand and shook her head. “Not here” she whispered.

We fixed our clothes and left the theater.

It was lightly drizzling, and we had to travel for some 20 kms to reach home. It seemed to take forever for us to reach home. I tried riding hurriedly, and at one point we almost fell while riding over a pothole.

“Hey, easy there tiger. You still have some time to be aggressive.” Mom said and bit my earlobe. She kept her hand on my hard on and started rubbing in reassurance.

By the time we reached home the rain had stopped, but we were a bit wet.

As soon as we went inside, I pushed mom on the wall, pulled off her pallu and began smooching her cleavage even before she shut the door. Mom pushed me away. But I went back to her chest. Mom pushed me back again and this time, she rolled away on the wall. She laughed and wagged her finger as if saying no.

She locked the door, turned off the lights and went into the bedroom. I followed her. She threw a towel at me and said, “Go dry up. I’ll go change into something more comfortable.” she said.

I immediately began stripping and mom watched me till I pulled down my boxers and my hard cock sprang up like a spring loaded rod. She let out an audible gasp.

Mom dropped her pallu, pulled off her saree, threw it at me and went inside the bathroom.

I wiped myself and began putting the saree to dry on the sofa.

“Hey mister.” Mom said, standing at the entrance of the bedroom. She was just wrapped in a towel. She gave me a naughty smile, turned around and began walking into the bedroom. Halfway through, She removed her towel and let it drop to the floor.

I rushed into the bedroom and pounced on my now naked mom. I began smooching and licking every inch of her naked body.

“Oh mom…” I moaned.

Mom undid my towel and freed my cock. She was gently stroking it as we smooched like passionate lovers. The holy mom son relationship had long been broken. What was left was two horny, thirsty people looking to satisfy their carnal needs.

I turned mom over and began smooching her bare back. I went down from her neck till I reached the base of her back. I slowly bit her bum. Mom moaned in response.

I parted her ass cheeks and slid two fingers into her wet love hole. I began finger fucking her pussy from behind, as I lay on her and kissed and licked her cheeks and earlobes.

I pulled out my fingers and put it in front of her lips. Mom lapped up her juices like a real slut. She turned on her back, and spread her legs as if inviting me.

I easily slid my thick cock into her plump motherly pussy.

“Aaahh slowly my son…” Mom moaned. I slowly thrust my entire member deep into her tight pussy.

I lay on my own mother, with my cock inside my birth palace, smooching her. After a while I began pumping into her mercilessly.

“Aaaahh mommm i ilove your tight pussyyy…” I moaned into her mouth.

“Yeah baby… fuck me… fuck your own mother…” She replied, charging me up further to fuck her.

I started sucking her boobs one by one as I pumped into her. Since I had already cummed, I had more stamina and could go on for a while.

I thrust deep inside mom’s pussy and made her cum twice. She couldn’t take it anymore. So she made me lie down and began sucking me again. This time, I could see her bare back and her jiggling boobs in the moonlight from outside.

“Aaahhh mom… I’m ready to shoot my cum. I want to fill your pussy mom.” I said and pulled her up. I smooched her passionately and begna fondling her boobs.

Mom positioned herself on me, and slid my cock into her pussy and started riding me.

I grabbed her and began kissing her. I rolled over her, and began fuckng her in missionary, going deeper and deeper with each thrust. Soon I couldn’t take it anymore and shot my spunk deep into her womb.

We were both tired and sweaty.

“Now you’re the man of the house and this bedroom.” Mom said and smooched me.

“Yeah mom, you’re mine now. Mine to fuck any time I want.” I said lewdly, grabbing her boobs.

“Yes baby, make me yours. Satisfy the thirst I’ve had for so many years.” Mom said and smooched me.

We fell asleep, naked in each other’s arms, knowing that from the next day our taboo relationship will take a new turn.


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