Cheating aunt smita (part 1)

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Hi friends, Myself Mayur & this is my first story which is fictional and is filled with crazy sex stuff. I am 5 feet 6 inches tall, and a handsome guy (my aunt has told me this!) with a perfect athletic body and to compliment that, I have a 6 inches dick.

So, let me begin by introducing to you all the milf of my story. She is my aunt, Smitha. She is 36 years old and I’ve had a huge crush on her and I’ve been jerking off to her since I turned 18. Sometimes I also used her bra and panties to cum.

Being a mother of a child she still looks hot af. She still got those sexy boobs and a round ass with some sexy curves. She is married to my uncle who works as a manager in the sales department and has to stay away from home and comes only once in 6 months.
That’s all about my aunt.

Now coming back to me, I’ve completed my masters and I am working in an MNC (it’s work from home). I live with my parents, my aunt and her son. My dad runs a business and my mom is a teacher at school, so it’s me and my aunt and her son alone at home. My aunt and I were very close before it all started.

So, the incidents in this story are fictional and written for fictional purposes so do enjoy the story.
So, guys, hold your dicks, & horny women, put your hands in your pussies. Let’s go!

So, let’s start the story:

As you all have read the introduction so let’s get to the story. It all started when i turned 18, as i was not new to porn & all the stuff i used to jerk off before also by watching porn & reading sex stories, sometimes i used to think of real life women while jerking off. Things started to turn as i started reading incest stories. I’ve been always a milf lover and imagining with incest it was so good.

I continued this till I turned 18 & before that I never had any intentions with my aunt. A few months had passed. I was still following the same routine until one day I was coming back from college when I saw my uncle getting out of a hotel with a woman.

They got into his car & uncle started driving the car, I followed it for some time. It stopped near a residential area and the women got out of the car as well as uncle, as they both came close I took out my mobile and started recording. As they came close they hugged each other and kissed for some time. I saw my uncle pressing her boobs and ass, hugging her tightly. Eventually they broke the kiss and the women went on foot. Uncle got in the car and drove off. I was confused so I got back home and asked my aunt when uncle was coming home.

She replied that she had a call with him this morning and he might not be able to come this week. I know in my gut that something was wrong about my uncle so I didn’t tell her that I saw him with someone. I thought he might surprise us, so I waited till night. But he didn’t come now. I was getting more and more sure.

So the next day at the same time I went outside the hotel to see if he is really doing it on a regular basis or just a one time thing. I waited for half an hour when I saw him coming out of the hotel but this time he was with another woman who looked like a proper slut. Her saree was below the navel. They got into the car and drove off this time to another area and again the same thigh they did as he did the previous day. Again I recorded all this and drove off after they left. This continued for a week but uncle didn’t come home so i thought of telling my aunt about him.

So the next day when aunt was alone at home and I had the perfect timing to tell her. At first I told her to sit and try not to get angry as it might be shocking to her. I slowly told her that my uncle might be having an affair and he is currently in the same city. She at first got angry at me and started scolding me what rubbish i am talking and do I have any idea what i am talking. I told her that I understand her anger but she needs to see the proof, so I showed her the videos I recorded last week. Her face was getting red with anger. She was so angry that she even forgot that her son was sleeping in the next room. After some time she calmed down and was crying, I consoled her and told her to think about her son. She kept her head on my shoulders and wept.

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