First cuckold experience in jaipur rajasthan

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Hello there !
I am akash and I want to talk about my recent encounter with a lovely couples in pink City . This is my first story so comments and likes will be appreciated.

Lets start

The story takes place in 2019 just before COVID

I was studing in my final year of college when I started using some adult sites for meeting new people.

It was one of those nights when I got a request from a guy (let’s call him raman ) and they told me they are form jaipur rajasthan and they were looking for a good looking guy for some funn encounter . I told the guy that I am not gay but he told me he isn’t gay also . Then he told me that he wants me to meet him and his wife Priyanka for a coffee and if all went well he wants me to fuck Priyanka .

I am not completely alien with such scenerios as I have seen some in movies and web series and honestly sometimes imagine me instead of the lucky guy who gets to bang such wife’s and gf with nsa .
So I told him yes for the meeting.

We both planned to meet at dominos next morning at 12. We both exchanged numbers and next morning i reached their. I was wearing a black shirt with blue denims . When i reached they were allready their . We greeted and sat down . Raman and Priyanka both looked between 30-35 ages . We ordered some pizzas and then started talking about what we do and all.

After introducing each other we finally started talking about the main event.
Raman told me that they are looking for someone with good attitude and trust worthiness to fullfill their fantasy .

Raman : you look young and smart to me what about you Priyanka ?
Priyanka: yaa he is looking really smart with that black shirt .
Me : thanks
Raman: toh batao banale plan ? Tumhe kaise Lage hum ?? Aur specially Priyanka ?
Me: aree mast log Lage aap dono . Aur priyanka toh gazab . That white dress looks really great on your dusky skin .

I was actually getting a boner while looking at her .
Raman : aree Bhai abhi se khada kr diya Priyanka tum ne akash ka dekho .
Me:(covering my boner with hand) are kya kare abb Priyanka lag he itni gazab rhi hai .
Raman:Toh bolo chale kya phir ?? Flat par humare ?
Me: chalo .

We all went to their place it’s a appartment building in vaishali nagar.
We all went inside and sat on sofa. After they asked me for some chai /coffee .
Me : aree nahi nahi abb toh bass doodh lenge Priyanka ka .
Priyanka : oh ho accha ji .
Me : ji
Raman : toh chalo ho jao chalu .

I sat close to Priyanka and with one hand on back oh her head stared kissing her . And with another started pressing her left breast.
She was fully into it.

While Raman dropped his pants and sat on sofa and started amusing himself with one hand .
I was so deep into kissing I didn’t notice it .

I was trying to grab her nipples from the dress but the bra she was wearing is so thick that it’s not easy so I lower the straps of her dress , and started removing her bra then her milky and dusky breasts pops out and I started sucking and biting her nipples which gets her moaning wildly . After some time . She make me stand up and started removing my pants and my dick just sprung out of my pants smacking into her eye .

Raman started laughing and then I remember he is still their .
She started licking my balls first and then the cock .

My mind is going out of control. After some time I remove her hands from my cock and grab her head and then fucking her face with full spead .her face turned red she tries to grab my cock again but i told her to just use her mouth .
So she did and after sometime we stopped . It looked like she went for a jog . She was breathing heavily .

Raman had allready cummed 2 times just watching us.

After that we went to their bedroom and started with the main course . I asked her or clean her mount and come back to bed .

She did and we started kissing again and after that I removed her dress completely and removed my shirt as well we goes deep into her pussy making her go wild . She cummed almost instantly . After that my dick is full grown and I again started kising her neck and then her breasts and then her her lips and then I asked for condom and Raman opened a cabinet and pass me one .

But just when I was about to wear it Priyanka told Raman to put condom on my dick.
I was surprised but Raman told her sure darling.

He put condom on my cock with his own hand and then take his usual position at the side on the bed’s corner while I started fucking her wife .

After fucking her dry . When I was close to cum Priyanka asked her to put it in her mouth so she removed condom at the end and i spread all the jeejed on her face and on her belly .After finishing Raman come beside Priyanka and started cleaning her clean with his mouth .

So this is my first cuck encounter . Hope you like it and if wants to know or connect with me .
Telegram :@B1363094

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