Mom deals with her forbidden desire for her son

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Mom deals with her forbidden desire for her son

My name is Samantha Hart but my friends call me Sam. I’m a single mother with two kids. My daughter Jessi, is just finishing up her second year of college while my son Nick just graduated from high school. I was 18 and just out of high school when I got pregnant with Jessi. I got married and had my two children.

Since my divorce I mostly busied myself with work. I started selling real estate and with success I eventually became the General Manager for the Naples office of a national real estate company.

Away from work I enjoyed the peacefulness of activities by myself such as reading, cooking, and exercising. I also enjoy the camaraderie I shared with my close girlfriends, as well as the time I get to spend with my kids.

This morning I was in one of those moods that make me doubt all the sacrifices I’ve made. Let’s face it after so many years without a significant partner to share the ups and downs you get lonely.

I stared at myself standing in front of my full-length mirror. I’m 38 years old with wavy auburn hair and hazel eyes. I’m 5’4″ weigh 115 bs. I exercise regularly and have a well toned 34-24-36 physique. I do not have large breasts but they are rounded, firm and look larger on my small frame than their size B cup.

There were no shortage of men asking me out throughout the years but I declined their offers more often than not. I thought I was at a good place in my life, a successful business person, a great family, close friends, and a beautiful home with a pool and spa. The success I enjoyed at work allowed me the benefit of flexible hours. I also had my wand and some additional toys that helped me unwind when needed but I needed more. Something was missing.

When I get in these moods I crave the intimacy of a man’s touch, his strength, his affection, and most importantly someone that I can confide in. I finished dressing and raced off to work as I had a jam packed day so that I could take the weekend off.

My daughter was returning from school tomorrow but only for a short stay as she had secured an internship for the summer at Coca Cola in Atlanta. My son Nick was not quite as motivated as his sister. He was going to take a year off from school so that he could figure out what career he wanted to pursue.

As much as I tried to dissuade him from his decision he would not budge. Most of my friends told me I should make him get a job and a separate apartment. I didn’t have the heart or strength to do either but truth be told I looked forward to having him around. I was not looking forward to be an empty nester just yet.

I was so excited knowing that Jessi would be home tomorrow even if it’s only for a couple of days. When I got home from work I changed into a pair of shorts and a loose top so that I could clean the house prior to Jessi’s arrival.

I went into what used to be her room to make sure everything was in good shape for her arrival. As I walked past Nick’s room I noticed that it was a mess, the bed wasn’t made and clothes were strewn across the room. I shook my head but went ahead and cleaned up his mess. I know I was spoiling him but he still is my little boy. As I was finishing up I notice a black underwear sticking out underneath from the corner of his bed. I grabbed it and suddenly realized that these were panties.

I thought “Oh my god is he having sex with girls in his room while I’m at work?” My body trembled when upon closer inspection I noticed that these were my panties. I plopped myself on his bed as I tried to figure out why he had my underwear in his room.

I slowly lifted them to my nose and could tell that these were dirty then my heart raced as I felt the crustiness of what appeared to be his dry cum. Was he masturbating into my panties? Inexplicably my tongue flicked at his dry cum instantly sending shivers down my spine. I can’t believe I did that yet my body tingled with the naughtiness of the moment. I gathered my wits, placed my panties back where I found them and scampered out of his room.

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