My cousin’s maid

My cousin’s maid

Back story first:

So, I moved to the USA when I was five years old. My Brazilian culture was still very much a part of my house life. we behaved like a usual brazilin family does. it took a while for me to learn English and start fitting in, even though I still didn’t. one of the things that always stood out was the way I dressed. I’ll admit it now, my mom dressed me through most of my life. one of the things that my parent’s thought was normal to wear was old school underwear; tighty whities as it was called in my day. my grandpas wore them, my dad, my uncles, my cousins, and everyone else we knew. it was just normal and nothing was thought of it. well needless to say the first time my classmates found out I wore them the teasing started, and it never really stopped. I got so embarrassed and from that day forward I never got changed in front of my class mates for gym or anything else. as time went by, and I hit puberty, I realized that my dick would show through my underwear and sometimes shorts when I got hard. another reason for me to be embarrassed. when I got up in the morning, I would have to stay in bed so my mom or our guests wouldn’t see it. when I went to school sometimes, I would stay in the corner till my morning wood went away. I would always run to the bathroom throughout the day so no one saw my dick or I never got hard enough to see it. this also became the reason why I stopped going to the beach or pool. I was a nerd, I was constantly teased and embarrassed, and I had no one I trusted. my family in Brazil would only see me a few times a year, and I never bonded with anyone to really trust them in school, or when I was on vacation in Brazil. Then one year I found out my cousin got a new maid. in Brazil its perfectly normal for a middle-class family to have a maid.


I remember the first time I met her I thought she was so cool. I finally found a woman that understood me weirdness. she would take care of my cousin’s food, clothes, and other stuff also. after she was done, she would talk to me, or I would talk to her while she was doing stuff for my cousin. my cousin was a spoiled brat and I thought it was messed up that the maid had to do all this stuff for her. we spent most of the summer talking back and forth. I remember going back to the USA and school and wanting to go back to Brazil to talk to her. now that I think about it, she was my cousin’s maid for 2-3 years. during that time, I had kissed a girl but not much more than that. I was very prude and didn’t know how to approach girls, and let’s just say they never approached me. well finally one year I found out the maid was moving on to another family as my cousin was getting older and needed to start doing her stuff, that didn’t work because she’s still a brat today. so, I was over my cousin’s house and my cousin was at some special class or lesson or something. I was going to leave to my grandparent’s house later that day and this would be the last time I would see the maid. I took a nap before my car ride and she said she had some chores to do. when I got up, I had a massive boner and I ran to the bathroom. when I was getting out, I heard the maid ask me if I was awake and if I could help her get something.


I went to the kitchen and she was trying to reach something. she asked me to grab it for her. I stood on something and grabbed it. as I was grabbing it, she grabbed my butt. I was in shock. I had no idea what was happening and didn’t expect this from her. she said that she had always wanted to do that and since it was her last time seeing me, she couldn’t resist. I gave her the item and then she put it down and I stepped down. not knowing what to do or say I just stood there blushing. I looked up and asked her if she wanted to do it again. she grabbed my butt and pulled me to kiss me. I couldn’t believe I was kissing an older woman that I found very attractive. we kept on kissing. a sensual slow passionate kiss. I just put my hands on her waist not knowing what to do as I had never really had a kiss like this before. after some kissing, she took off my pants. again, I was blushing and was in shock. she looked at me and said I always knew you had a big dick. she started sucking my dick. I remember moaning. when her mouth wrapped around my dick, I didn’t know what else to do. as more and more of my dick went inside her mouth my moans were louder.

she started moving my dick in and out of her mouth with her tongue all over it. it wasn’t long till I cummed. even after I cummed she kept on going. this was the first time someone had sucked my dick. she couldn’t get all of my dick in her mouth she wouldn’t stop trying. my dick was at a point that it couldn’t get harder and I think she knew this. she let the cum fall to the floor and then she pulled me over to the kitchen table. she took her pants off and get on the table. she started rubbing my dick on her clit. she started moaning as soon as it touched her clit. she rubbed it all over her clit faster and faster and faster and faster. I stood there not knowing what to do. this is something I saw in porn but I didn’t know how to react. as she rubbed my dick on her clit, she would rub it up and down her lips. I put my hands on the table and started kissing her. as I leaned forward, she pulled me inside of her and started grinding on my dick trying to put all of it in her. she then threw head back and gave a deep moan as all of it went in. almost at the same time that happened I cummed again. she looked at me and said thank you. this is exactly how I wanted to spend my last day working here. And that was the last time I ever saw her.

All I got was dry humping, handjobs, and blue balls
“I guess that is all she wanted”

I enjoyed writing the last post and am going to continue writing about my sex life. This is Part 2.

Back story: again, this is all true.

After coming back from Brazil, I felt different. I wouldn’t say I was confident but I felt a little more confident than before. On a scale from 1 to 10, 2 isn’t good but it’s better than 1. One of the first things I did though was start wearing boxers. It didn’t matter because the girls in my school still paid no attention to me and I still didn’t have the courage to ask most of them out. The ones I did ask either went out with me out of pity and took advantage of my kindness or would say no in a very disgusting way. I found a girlfriend but it was in the most unexpected place; a conservative Christian martial arts academy.

I am a big martial arts fan. I don’t know if I would say I am a fanatic but I would say I can appreciate it as an art, a sport, a tradition, and even an important part of history. I never expected to land in a conservative Christian martial arts school but it was the least violent one and apparently my parents thought it wasn’t too expensive. I had worked my way up through the ranks and got to black belt. I was an assistant instructor and would help the head instructor with new students or take care of the younger ones while he focused on the older ones.

By the way, it sucks teaching a young kid martial art. They forget it the second you turn around and they think its just for play. One day in walks this blonde girl. Let’s call her AL. The instructor says hi AL, it’s been a while. Turns out she use to be a student and wanted to come back to it after a couple years away. She doesn’t have the proper clothing on but she wanted to come and see if she missed it enough to come back. They talked for a while. Afterwards he told me that she is an old student and she has a great kick. A couple of days later she came back with the proper uniform for a free class. After some warm up drills, we do a little bag kicking. I was holding the bags for everyone kicking. She steps up and smiles. She lands a really strong kick; I was impressed. At the end of every class, we do a little sparing, since that is when you are exhausted and you never have ideal conditions when trouble does happen. The instructor paired me up with her and told me to test her. I knew she had a strong kick so I was prepared for that. As we are sparing, I see an opportunity to go in for a punch, and then out of nowhere a kick flies up and stops right in front of my face. Wow, she really can kick. After class I went up and told her good job and asked if she was going to start coming more often. She smiled and said yes. A couple of months go by and we keep sparing and pushing each other but also talking about life. Eventually I ask her out on a date.

Scene 1: AL
I take AL out on our first date. She didn’t have a car so I went to pick her up at her house. Her mom had brought her to the martial arts school, so I already knew her. Her mom actually really liked me. We went to a movie. I’ll never forget this part; we hadn’t decided what movie to watch and by the time we got there most movies had already started. The only options left were a children’s movie or a horror movie. We ended up watching a horror movie. I remember it because even years later, we stayed friends, she would bring it up how she had never expected the martial arts instructor to take her to a horror move on the first date. We watched the movie. There was actually no kissing during the movie but she did hold on to me for most of the movie. After the movie I took her home and she told me that her mom doesn’t let her close the door but if we stayed outside, we would have more privacy. This is months after Brazil, so I was excited. We laid in the grass and kissed. I call her kiss the fish face. She didn’t open her mouth much. After kissing she asked if I wanted to dry hump her. I said sure since I had no idea what it was and I thought it would be exciting. It was the most boring thing ever. I would lay down and rub on her but what was actually happening is that I would either rub my leg or the zipper part of my jeans just so she can feel something. Looking back on it I think it was a way for her to get off, or get close to it, without having sex. This was all she wanted. She didn’t want to touch my dick, she didn’t want me to touch her under her clothes, the only thing she wanted to do was dry hump. Well at the time I was just happy someone was interested in me. I kept doing this with her. Sometimes she would go to martial arts and I would take her home and do this in her bed with her. After a while I couldn’t take it anymore but I didn’t know what to say. On our third date she told me she wanted to go to an ice rink she use to frequent when she was younger and she still knew people there. I took her there and we spent almost all night there. I met a lot of people that day and they were all younger than me. A lot of the guys wanted advice or to ask me questions, and I thought the girls wanted the same. The following week, AL couldn’t go out so I went to the ice rink by myself and that’s when everything changed.

Scene 2: SN
The first time I went to the ice rink without AL one of the girls came up to me and asked me where she was and I said she wasn’t coming today but I still wanted to come out. She said she was glad I did. This is SN. Now I have never ice skated before. I didn’t know how to put on the skates, how to use the skates, or really anything regarding the skates. I wanted to try it but didn’t know where to start. SN had friends who worked at the rink and she got me a pair of skate rentals for free. She helped me put them on and helped me on the ice. She didn’t hold my hand while skating but she stood close by to make sure I didn’t fall. She also helped me take them off afterwards and she took them back behind the counter so that way I wouldn’t get charged. SN is special, she appears in my life a couple of times. That first day SN was the only one I hung out with but I did get to know everyone a little bit more. That night I got home and I knew what I had to do; but my dad always told me that a gentleman doesn’t leave a woman. I didn’t know how to tell AL that I didn’t want to date her anymore. The next week I see AL again and I could tell that we weren’t getting along the way we use to. It took a little bit of time but she eventually told me that we shouldn’t date anymore. Even though I wanted this it kind of hurt. I decided that I didn’t want to date anyone for now if I was going to feel this. The same week I went back to the ice rink and saw SN again. I told her I was single and I wanted to kiss her. That night we made out, and she was a good kisser. I could tell she was nervous and didn’t want to do more than that. The following week I went to the ice rink and before I went inside, she stopped me and asked if we could go somewhere private. She got in my car and we drove around. I saw a bank parking lot and thought that would be a good idea, FYI it was not but at first it was. We stayed in the front seat and started making out. It was awkward at first with the middle console. We started getting more comfortable and then I see police lights. Apparently, you can’t stay parked in a bank parking lot after hours as it can be very suspicious. I was very afraid. I apologized to the officer and we drove off. We have talked about again and again even years later. This time we decided to go to a Wal-Mart parking lot. We got in the back seat since there were people around. After making out some more, she started unzipping my pants. As she grabbed my dick she asked if I wanted to cum; I said “yes please”. As she played with my dick more and more it got bigger and harder. She looked at me said “this is what I want”. She started moaning as she jerked me off faster and faster; I started moaning as well. I said “here it comes” and she said “yes please”. I cummed all over my car. She smiled and grabbed some napkins. She wiped her hands off and I just put everything else inside. As she was cleaning up, she said “All the girls are going to be jealous and want a turn now”.

“Yes please”.

This is part 3 of my sex life. Everything here is true. For backstory, please read

Scene 1: I kept seeing SN. It wasn’t a relationship but we were kind of exclusive with each other. SN had this desire to always true and buy me stuff. She would work during the week just so we could go out on the weekend. She paid off her main bills, helped her parents, and the rest we spent. She got enjoyment out of seeing me smile and showing me off. She loved buying herself underwear and showing me. I didn’t mention this before but SN had a very good lower body. She always wanted to give me an orgasm. “Yes please” became our phrase. When we texted and we asked if we wanted to see pictures of each other, or just about any question we would always reply with “yes please”. I was not expecting this at all. The first date we went on, we went to a diner that she worked at part time. We sat at a booth with some of her friends. As soon as we sat down, she put her hand on my thigh. As the night progressed, she starts rubbing my dick through my pants. This is the first time that I had to keep a calm face while being turned on. I could see her smiling as other people were talking because she was feeling how hard I was getting. She then stopped, leaned over to her friend and whispered something. She then turned to me, leaned over, and said “do you want to cum?”, I of course replied “yes please”. We went to an employee only area. Apparently, it was an area that employees used to either hide out or do stuff since it was outside and gated. She pushed me against the wall and started kissing me. As we were making out, she took my dick out through my zipper and start giving me a handjob. As we kissed, I would grab her butt and she would start stroking faster. After a couple of minutes of kissing and rubbing I would cum all over the floor and her hand. As we went inside, she went into the bathroom and I just went back to the table and sat down with a smile. The part that amazes me till today is that no one cared or batted an eye. They just continued talking and I joined in the conversation as if it was a normal thing. The next week I was told to meet her at a bowling rink. I hate bowling! Its nothing against the sport, I just don’t enjoy it. I obliged and met up with her at the bowling rink.

Her family was there and I could tell they were sizing me up. I was introduced as a friend, so I behaved like one. I kept my distance and didn’t touch her, however we still looked at each other. The longer the night went on the more the tension built up. I could tell she wanted to do stuff that she wasn’t allowed to. The entire night, if one of us wasn’t bowling we were giving side looks and always caught each other staring. The bowling got boring and SN told her mom that we were going to go get ice cream and would be back.

The second we got to a spot that her family couldn’t see us outside we started making out. The tension and the passion was so intense we just couldn’t wait. I wanted to touch her so much that I took a risk and start putting my hand in her pants. She moaned. As I slid my hand in her pants I could feel her wet pussy through her underwear. Her pants were so tight on her ass that I could barely move my hands around. I put a finger on her clit but I couldn’t move much more than that. As soon as I touched it she clenched her fists. She looked at me and said I can’t take much more. We got in the car and continued. I told her I wanted to touch her more since she always touches me; she said “yes please”.

She unbuttoned her tight jeans and opened it just a little. I started playing with her clit, and it was amazing. I could see her eyes moving around. When she finally regained her senses, she pointed to my zipper. I unzipped and she grabbed my dick. As she played with my dick, I would play with her clit. The connection was amazing. As she moaned so would I. I don’t know who cummed first but it felt like it was at the same time. We actually went to get ice cream, which for some reason tasted amazing after the orgasm, and then went back to bowling. They were wrapping up when we got there and we pretended we were disappointed but we were both very relieved.

The third date was at a movie theatre. After a couple of weeks, we finally went to the movies.

Back in my day movies was usually step one but not this time. Apparently, I didn’t make a good impression because her mom wanted to drop her off at the movies and pick her up at the movies soon after it was over. When she told me this I figured that we wouldn’t get a lot of alone time. As soon as I saw her walking up to the movies I walked up behind her and gave her a hug and slap on the ass. I whispered in her ear, we aren’t going to watch a movie. She texted her mom that she was going to get candy to eat at the movie theatre and then we would watch the movie. Her mom said she would pick her up in less than two hours, so we didn’t have a lot of time. We went to whatever the local store was and got some cheap ass candies.

We looked around to see what we could do for fun. We saw there was a department, or clothes store, in the plaza. We went inside and started walking around. I remember her grabbing a pair of red underwear and saying she wanted to buy it for me. I blushed. I told her I wanted to try it on first. There was a changing room in the department store that anyone could walk into. I went into the room by myself. I put it on and asked her if she wanted to see, she replied with “yes please”. She came inside and started kissing me. She didn’t even look at the underwear. She started kissing me and rubbing me. I couldn’t help it and started kissing her and I started rubbing her boobs this time. She took her shirt off and pulled her boobs out of her bra. I would rub her boobs as she played with my dick more. We kept doing this for a little bit and as I got close to cumming she kneeled down and had me cum all over her face and boobs. My jaw dropped. It was the sexiest thing I had seen. She took a shirt that was in the changing room and wiped her face and boobs off. We went to the counter bought the red underwear and left. We spent the rest of the night eating the candy and walking around the plaza. Later that week, AL called me and asked me if I could take her home one day after martial arts class. We still saw each other every class but I stopped taking her home. I treated her like every other student. I tried to improve her weakness and enhance her strengths.

Well, I took her home and as she was getting out, she said my mom isn’t home why don’t you come inside for a little. I agreed since I had nothing else to do.

We went to her room and she pushed me on the bed and started kissing me. Her kisses still sucked but I could tell she really wanted to kiss me; I kissed her back. She asked me if I wanted to dry hump. I said sure, but this time I wanted to do it a little differently. I got into a position where she could feel my dick and I pressed down on her. I pushed until she felt my dick on her clit. I then started rubbing it on her. I know she felt a difference because this is the first time, I saw her actually moan instead of just making noises. I could tell she was enjoying this. After doing this for a little bit she looked at me and said go out with me again. I looked at her and said no. I could tell she wanted to talk but it was getting harder for her to keep talking. I kept rubbing a little more and she asked again. I once again said no, and then just stopped. I got up, grabbed my stuff and left. I had to teach an advanced martial arts class later that night.

After I got out, I had a bunch of text messages and some missed calls from SN and other numbers I don’t know. I have never gotten full confirmation but I imagine that AL told SN what happened and that we were back together. It was a mess and SN said that she didn’t want to go out with me anymore. However, her friends weren’t against going out with me.

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