My cousin’s maid

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My cousin’s maid

Back story first:

So, I moved to the USA when I was five years old. My Brazilian culture was still very much a part of my house life. we behaved like a usual brazilin family does. it took a while for me to learn English and start fitting in, even though I still didn’t. one of the things that always stood out was the way I dressed. I’ll admit it now, my mom dressed me through most of my life. one of the things that my parent’s thought was normal to wear was old school underwear; tighty whities as it was called in my day. my grandpas wore them, my dad, my uncles, my cousins, and everyone else we knew. it was just normal and nothing was thought of it. well needless to say the first time my classmates found out I wore them the teasing started, and it never really stopped. I got so embarrassed and from that day forward I never got changed in front of my class mates for gym or anything else. as time went by, and I hit puberty, I realized that my dick would show through my underwear and sometimes shorts when I got hard. another reason for me to be embarrassed. when I got up in the morning, I would have to stay in bed so my mom or our guests wouldn’t see it. when I went to school sometimes, I would stay in the corner till my morning wood went away. I would always run to the bathroom throughout the day so no one saw my dick or I never got hard enough to see it. this also became the reason why I stopped going to the beach or pool. I was a nerd, I was constantly teased and embarrassed, and I had no one I trusted. my family in Brazil would only see me a few times a year, and I never bonded with anyone to really trust them in school, or when I was on vacation in Brazil. Then one year I found out my cousin got a new maid. in Brazil its perfectly normal for a middle-class family to have a maid.


I remember the first time I met her I thought she was so cool. I finally found a woman that understood me weirdness. she would take care of my cousin’s food, clothes, and other stuff also. after she was done, she would talk to me, or I would talk to her while she was doing stuff for my cousin. my cousin was a spoiled brat and I thought it was messed up that the maid had to do all this stuff for her. we spent most of the summer talking back and forth. I remember going back to the USA and school and wanting to go back to Brazil to talk to her. now that I think about it, she was my cousin’s maid for 2-3 years. during that time, I had kissed a girl but not much more than that. I was very prude and didn’t know how to approach girls, and let’s just say they never approached me. well finally one year I found out the maid was moving on to another family as my cousin was getting older and needed to start doing her stuff, that didn’t work because she’s still a brat today. so, I was over my cousin’s house and my cousin was at some special class or lesson or something. I was going to leave to my grandparent’s house later that day and this would be the last time I would see the maid. I took a nap before my car ride and she said she had some chores to do. when I got up, I had a massive boner and I ran to the bathroom. when I was getting out, I heard the maid ask me if I was awake and if I could help her get something.


I went to the kitchen and she was trying to reach something. she asked me to grab it for her. I stood on something and grabbed it. as I was grabbing it, she grabbed my butt. I was in shock. I had no idea what was happening and didn’t expect this from her. she said that she had always wanted to do that and since it was her last time seeing me, she couldn’t resist. I gave her the item and then she put it down and I stepped down. not knowing what to do or say I just stood there blushing. I looked up and asked her if she wanted to do it again. she grabbed my butt and pulled me to kiss me. I couldn’t believe I was kissing an older woman that I found very attractive. we kept on kissing. a sensual slow passionate kiss. I just put my hands on her waist not knowing what to do as I had never really had a kiss like this before. after some kissing, she took off my pants. again, I was blushing and was in shock. she looked at me and said I always knew you had a big dick. she started sucking my dick. I remember moaning. when her mouth wrapped around my dick, I didn’t know what else to do. as more and more of my dick went inside her mouth my moans were louder.

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