Sex with Indian Aunty in Australia

Coming to the story my darling Aunty name is soumya lives in Melbourne and her figure is 38-30-34. I have to much feelings to women and I think always about sex and I want to enjoy a lot by doing different sex styles. I use to install all kinds of dating apps on my phone to chat with women and to find someone for me.

So many apps I have installed and been a month chatting and everyone looks fake.Finally in one dating app i have found a women that too with Indian name and with some celebrate picture on profile. I messaged her after couple hours I got reply from her saying hi and then slowly we just texted there normally everyday and days passing we got to know each other. Before just exchanged few things like what she does here in Melbourne and what made to use this dating app and whether she got married or had children. These kind of regular chat was happened between us.

Slowly after a week it developed sharing personal things and haven’t forced her to get her mobile no.. before that. She explained why she was using the dating app because she got married 2yrs back and her husband was into IT and he never use to satisfy her in sex. Her husband only done sex after the marriage only for couple months regularly and after that he does only once in a month or 2 months and that too for 5mins. She never got satisfied with him.

We got more closer and exchanged our contact no… and chatted about sex and also we use talk on phone too. On phone we talk about sex and masturbate each other had fun for a week and later we decided to meet one day. And we planned as her husband was going to India for a visit of their parents. After he went to India, we met on fine day for a coffee and discussed where to go and enjoy a week of time having lots fun. She also have lots of feelings to have sex. We decided to go on road from Melbourne to Sydney.

Next day itself we booked everything in sydney. And I went to pick her in my own vehicle and travelling to Sydney and we both were happy and can’t even control myself and even with her. We hugged each other in the car and we kissed each other that’s the first kiss with her. After 3hrs of drive I stopped in a rest area and we both of us again started kissing then slowly I moved my hand on to her boobs and squeezing it on her t-shirt after quite some time my hand slowly went inside the t-shirt and touched her boobs, she was enjoying it and then after she took my cock outside and masturbated with her hand and my sperm came out and cleaned with some tissues and thought let’s move on soon to reach the hotel.

Soumya and me were travelling and discussing lot of things and finally reached the the hotel grand Hyatt in Sydney and we got checked in and went to the bedroom by midnight and immediately we started hugging each other in the room and we both slowly got undressed. I took her t-shirt and jeans now she was on bra and panty wow she looks so stunning. She started removing my jeans and shirt and I’m on underwear and then she took out my cock and stroking it. I removed her bra and panty nice shaved pussy and her nipples were lovely looking at me. I took her nipples into my mouth and sucked it and squeezing the other booby.

Slowly we went to shower and turned on hot water and both were standing under the shower and kissing each other. I’m holding her two boobs in my hands and inserted my cock into her Pussy from behind and giving strokes and she was moaning with pleasure and after some time she took my cock into her mouth and sucked it. She loves my dick it was around 6inch and she gave a nice blowjob when about to come I took it out and cummed on her boobs.

After that we have a nice sleep on bed without wearing anything on our body for the whole night. Later in the morning me woke up at 9am and my cock was rising to fuck soumya’s pussy.

This time, I was started kissing her lips and biting it and slowly moved on to neck and ears pleasuring her with my tongue. Now she is into full mood and pulling me to her body to closely with two hands, then slowly I came little down and licked her boobs and sucked her nipples. Then moved to navel and sucking it.

Finally came near the clean shaved pussy and ticking her with my tongue and she was moaning with pleasure after quite some time I have inserted my one finger into pussy and rubbing it and moving in and out. Then entered two fingers and she released her juice.

Then I asked her to suck my cock and she said okay and took my cock near her face and she sucked it like a pro. She tickled my edge of the cock with her tongue and also took deep into her throat and when I’m about to cum, I told her to stop giving a blowjob and then moved on to her pussy and inserted my cock slowly into her Pussy and fucked.

we been there in a same hotel for 4 days and we had sex almost 4-5 times a day.
While returning back to Melbourne also we had sex.

Any desi women in Australia can reach me for safer sex and your privacy and my privacy is the main priority. Reach me on my google chat or email : [email protected]

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