How I fucked my uncle’s wife

Let me introduce my aunt is in last 30’s fair and good looking (Apt boobs and ass) and we’ll educated too. I’m in my late 20’s bit skinny, 9 inch big cock with sex cravings.

One fine day I got a call from my uncle saying that he’s traveling on a business trip for a week. He requested to accompany aunt and his 2 kids during his absence.
I got this as my opportunity and said okay to my uncle.

Over a past 2 years I really wanna fuck my aunt badly. My uncle has 3BHK apartment, 1 master bedroom, 1 room for kids and other one is for visitors. I used to go there on weekends to stay oftenly sleep over there. My aunt’s wardrobe (her clothes) are on the visitors room. Few months back I saw her Tshirt, bra, bottom and panty on the bed of the visitor room. On that night I sniffed on her panties and cummed. It was so refreshing. Sorry for the long introduction though.

Let me go back to the main scene. So uncle left on his business trip. On that night aunt was in her pyjama I could see her nipples and she ask for a favour to fix a small issue on her laptop. I was with pyjama pant my cock is already erected by looking at her boobs and nipples. Kids were sleeping at time, aunt noticed my erected dick. With out any hesitation I went near touched her boobs while handing over her laptop. She was happy with the touch of mine, it encouraged me to go forward. I was slow holding both her boobs on top her Tshirt, she stared to moan slowly and lip locked me. We were licking each other’s tongue and saliva. Kissing passionately.

Without any delay I took off her Tshirt and her boobs fall off started sucking on her nipples and boobs, I took a some spit from her mouth applied on her nipples she was like hmmm yeah bit that nipples. I was whispering yes aunt you’re such a horny women and she told me don’t call her aunt insted call her by name or baby or honey. Then I was like yes baby you wanna see my big cock. She nodded her head by touching my dick over my pant.

She pulled my pant off and she was shocked to see my big cock. She was telling your uncle’s dick is half the size of yours. Immediately she spit on my dick and stroked it gently. I was moaning Oh…. come on baby suck my dick I said. She was really good at blowjob, licking on dick head and then sucking deep on my dick. She even took balls on her mouth, literally I was feeling heavenly. I almost cum. My dick was soaked with her saliva, it went for almost 20 minutes my dick is fully erected and wanna fuck my aunt pussy deeper. She told me from now onwards she wants to call me as big black daddy.

Next my turn she told I’m already wet daddy please come lick your baby’s pussy. I removed her pant so her pinky pussy, right away I kept my tongue on her clit lick it so gently, she was moaning hmmm yes daddy lick it like that, your uncle never do this to me. I feel so good young black daddy. It encourages me I could see that cum is dripping out her pussy, I was licking that inserting my tongue inside her pussy. I know she is in the moon, nobody lickwd her pussy like I do. As I was doing this for a while. She begged me come and fuck you wifes pussy harder with black dick.

I put her on the missionary position, took my dick and tease her on the clit which made her annoyed that I was not inserting it. I was keep playing and teasing like this for sometime. Then I slow pumped into her pussy it was a bit tightly since uncle dick was too small. Since it was wet and slippery it gave good lubricant to go deeper.
Me: Do you love your daddy’s big black dick in your pussy honey.
Aunt: yes right there daddy, make me your wife. I can’t believe you have such a big dick. Yesss keeping pounding me daddy.
I was switching between sucking on her nipple and smmoching while fucking her. She is enjoying my dick.

From there I carried her by standing and fucked her (took on my hip and she was hugging me tighly) yes daddy your fuck in different positions daddy. Your bloody fucks in the same position for 15 years. Then I put back on the bed for doggy position. It was a nice view I was slapping her ass while fucking her hard. We both enjoyed to the core. Don’t cum daddy, I wanted you to fuck me more. She was shouting. She was like yes daddy make cum your horny wife and eventually I could feel wet inside pussy she cummed. I was so happy.

We went back to missionary and then I told baby I wanna cum.
Aunt:Yes daddy where do you wanna cum?
Me: I wanna cum inside your mouth honey. Yeah I can’t hold back anymore.
Aunt: She pulled out my dick and opened her mouth, cum for your wife, yeah I cummed huge load in her mouth, she drank every drop my cum.

We were so hungry, ate together and laughed and both went back to sleep nude.

Next part how I fucked her on her ass for the first time to be followed.

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