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Without wasting any time, let’s jump into the cheating wife sex story. I hope your fingers are ready under the blanket

One day I got a mail from a Bangalore woman in her mid 30’s. Let’s call her Riya

Riya: Hi varun, I’m Riya. My friend told me about you. I want to hire you this Sunday. Are you free? Me Hi Riya. I would love to. But I’ll be leaving for my village for the coming festival.

Riya: Oh, okay, varun.

Later I was busy with my work. After 2 hours I received one more mail from her.

Riya: Hi varun, I’m desperate for sex. My husband isn’t satisfying my needs for a long time now. Don’t worry about the payment. I’ll pay you a good amount. Just come and satisfy my sexual pleasures. I’ll book tickets for your arrival and departure.

Me: Miss, why don’t we postpone this to the next Sunday? I’ll be free then,

Riya: My husband will be out of the station this Sunday. It’s been a very long time we had sex. I’m

tired of reading stories and satisfying myself. My friend told me how good you are, and I want to feel yours in me badly.


Her last sentence gave me an instant boner. I couldn’t say no to her. We exchanged numbers. She paid for my flight tickets from Hyderabad to Bangalore.

We finally met at the airport. She came to pick me up. Frankly, (sorry Riya, if you are reading this), I

didn’t expect her to be that beautiful. She came in her t-shirt and jeans with her goggles on.

Even though she wore a mask, I just felt like licking her face. Her perfume was a fire. These rich ladies and their taste for perfumes are high. We just hugged. I complimented her perfume and hair. And, of course, about her physique. She’s 5’6″ in height and can see her poking nipples for her t-shirt.

God! Her ass…It’s been a long time seeing such ass. Stats read 34-30-38. We moved to her car,

and I was looking at her poked nipples. She was blushing and teasing me more by rubbing my

thighs and biting her lips. I couldn’t control myself, and I placed my hand on her thigh. I started

rubbing her thigh.

I could only feel her thigh a little because of her jeans. So I moved my hand slowly on her belly inside her t-shirt. I pressed her soft and little chubby tummy. I fingered her belly button. She was getting high with my activities. Then I gave her my finger, and she was sucking it with lust in her eyes. We couldn’t do much as we were on the road. We reached her location in 40 minutes. Her apartment was a high-maintenance one. In the lift, we kissed hard, and I pressed her boobs. They were damn soft. We then reached her flat.

After closing the door, I just hugged her tight from behind and poked my cock to her ass. She was playing with my hair and was pulling me towards her. I was pressing her belly while kissing her ears, neck and shoulders. She slightly moaned and pushed me.

She asked me to wait. She went into her bedroom. After 15 minutes, she opened the door wearing a transparent red saree with no blouse on her boobs. She was posing at the door, inviting me to eat her. I can see her nipples poking and her belly sides curve. She looks damn gorgeous on that red saree.

She’s milky white in complexion. I ran towards her and held her with my hands around her waist. She was desperately kissing me. She bit my lips twice. She’s not even caring about me. She removed my jacket and t-shirt. She was hugging me tight while sucking my lips.

She took my nipples in her mouth. She was sucking them hard. I was pressing her belly curves

and removed her pallu. Her milky melons were swinging and were glowing in front of me. I was

pressing her boobs. They were so soft and so round. Her light brown nipples were so nice that I

sucked them for 5minutes. I asked her whether she wanted any massage, to which she readily accepted. I asked her for olive oil, and she gave it to me. I asked her to lie down on the bed. Her face is facing towards the bed. I can see her bare back and her huge ass cover with the saree.

I raised her saree above her thighs and applied oil on her milky legs. She’s responding well to

my touches by moans. I was rubbing her back thighs. She was spreading her legs eventually. I

can see her red panty inside. I just wanted to bury my face in between my ass.

But I just completed massaging her thighs and moved up. I kissed her shoulders, her back and her hips. Then, I applied oil to her back and gave her a massage. I’m only in my underwear. She started rubbing my dick over my undies, She was pressing my cock hard, I can feel her hunger for my cock.

I then removed her saree and kissed her ass cheeks. I bit her ass cheeks. I have lots of teeth

marks all over her ass. Then I again applied oil on her big ass and pressed them. She was playing

with my cock all this time. Now she turned, and I could see her clean shaved pussy with her

strong thighs.

I applied oil on her boobs and belly. I was rubbing all over her belly and boobs. Then I sat on my knees above her head, I bent forward and touched her wet pussy for the first time. She shivered and took my cock out of my undies. She was welcoming me with her legs wide open. Her pussy is so clean and wet. I rubbed it all with my hands, and she suddenly took my cock in her mouth. I can still feel the warmth of her mouth. She was pressing my balls while sucking my cock. She was pulling my ass towards her. Now I slowly inserted my finger in her pussy.

Then I increased my pace and inserted two fingers. She’s making huge sounds while taking my cock deep in her throat. I kissed in her pussy, and we were in 69 position. I licked her wet pussy. 1 pulled her clit with my lips. I slowly made her feel my teeth on her clit. I then inserted my tongue deep into her pussy.

“Babe, it is fucking hot.” She was dipping all the juices, and I licked them all. She asked me to cum in her mouth, to which I obeyed. She tasted and drank all my cum like a choco bar. She then cleaned my dick’s pink tip with her tongue. Meanwhile, my dick isn’t down yet.

She went to clean her mouth. I went behind her, slapped, and kissed her ass. I hugged her from

behind and signed my name with my dick on her ass. Then we came to bed. We sat on the bed

facing each other. We again started kissing, and now my hands are on her sexy ass.

Her hands are on my dick and my balls. Then I made her lie on the bed, rubbing my cock in her pussy, and tempting her hard. She said, “Give it to me, baby, fuck me.” All these sounds drove me crazy. I pushed my half dick in, and she was moaning loud. She started abusing me in Hindi. I slowly pushed my whole dick in. Her pussy is so hot, and I can feel it. She was looking into my eyes and blushing all the way while I was stroking. She was sucking my lips now. She took my tongue deep in her mouth and sucked it. We exchanged saliva.

She hugged me tight and granted me full entrance by spreading her legs. Then we moved into the doggy position. I fucked her from behind, holding her hair. Her ass was swinging and making huge sounds. She’s moaning like hell. My balls were hitting her down whenever I went deep.

Then I sat on the bed and asked her to sit on me, facing me. I fucked her while my hands were on her ass and my mouth sucking her nipples. She held me tight and hugged me crazy. Soon, I cummed outside her pussy. Then I fell apart in bed.

She kissed me all over me and was blushing with a glowing face. Slowly my cock’s riding and ready for another action. She started giving me a blowjob while her ass was facing me. I’m enjoying the view for now. Then we moved to the dining area, and I made her sit on the table.

I stood on my knees and gave her a nice pussy licking session. Then I stood and came in between her legs. I pushed my cock deep while her legs were on my shoulders. We tried 3 different angles at the dining table. This round lasted for 30 minutes. She was tired by now and was hugging my thighs. I lifted her and moved to the bathroom. I made her stand below the shower. I washed her pussy, and she wanted my dick. We kissed under the shower like horny dogs. I kissed and licked all over her body, with water is running on her. I should tell you this. Shower sex is the best.

Then I rode her pussy as hard as I could, and her legs were shivering. After 20 minutes fucking, I said I was about to cum. She ordered me to cum inside her. Then she licked my dick under the shower, and I again cum.

Then we both bathed. We applied soap to each other, and we hugged, felt each other’s bodies and completed our bath. Then we both were in a single towel. We lay in bed, and I slept. After 30 minutes, I slowly gained energy and consciousness.

I was alone on the bed with a towel on me. I stood up and heard her sounds of cooking in the kitchen. I went, and that vision still makes me wet. She wore a transparent nighty on her and was cooking. Her nighty was slipped in between her ass cheeks.

I went near her squeezed her ass. I lifted her nighty and invited her in my towel. Aah, my dick’s

feeling hot in between her ass. Then I was pressing her boobs. We turned on again, and I threw

away the towel aside. I raised her one leg and started fucking her deep while cooking. Then I made a wish that I wanted to fuck her ass. She agreed, and I tried entering her ass. I cannot even make an entrance. Her ass is so small. She never had it in her ass.

Then I applied some oil around my dick and slowly made my way. It took me five minutes to penetrate an inch. She was crying in pain, and the stove was off. I bend her down and slowly make to and fro strokes with my cock in her ass. She had tears in her eyes and was enjoying it.

Her cries slowly turned into moans, and she was enjoying my dick. Now, I’m fully inside her ass. I

fucked her ass for 15 minutes and cum inside. We cleaned, and I helped her in cooking.

At around 3 pm, we had lunch. Then we watched a movie on her bedroom TV. Soon we were ready for some action. I fucked her straight away for 40 minutes. We had 3 more little sessions of 15-20minutes each.

Now is the time for me to leave. She held me tight and hugged me. I can see the missing feeling

in her eyes. She paid me a good amount of money. She also dropped me at the airport. While

our way to the airport, we were like a couple, holding our hands. She was sad as if I was her

on our

husband leaving her.

So this is my recent experience, guys. Please do give your valuable feedback at [email protected]. Also, any unsatisfied women in or around Hyderabad, mail me and let’s have some fun. Once again, this is varun here, signing off.

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