Mom gives son a private show to remember

This is a beautiful story of a love between a mother and son blossoming and culminating in a deep mystical spiritual union. ALL sexual situations depicted in this story occur between two or more legally consenting adults, 18 years of age and older.

Stella had a deep dark secret she had been keeping from her son Phillip for a long, long time, that is until Phillip found out shortly after he turned 16. It was a secret that Stella had been hoping to keep from Phillip until after he became an adult, but as most secrets go sometimes, it was eventually discovered, and the truth came out.

Stella was hoping that she would be the one to tell Phillip, but fate had other plans. The secret was revealed in a way meant to embarrass Phillip and told by a group of his fellow high school students, those who thought they were better than him and wanted to see him suffer, however much to their chagrin and dislike, Phillip had figured out the secret on his own.

As far as Stella was concerned, Phillip only knew that she was business owner, an owner/manager of a nightclub. Stella told Phillip that it was an investment and she enjoyed running it. She left out the part that she was a stripper, seeing that Phillip was young, and she had planned to tell him when he became an adult.

Stella, however underestimated Phillip’s curiosity and tenacity to figure things out. He loved a mystery and enjoyed solving it even more and upon doing a little digging, Phillip found out that the club was not just a night club but a strip joint.

He also had figured out what the room over the garage was being used for. Ever since Phillip was 11, his mother had kept that area private but by the time he was 16, he knew.

Phillip kept the info to himself figuring that when Stella was ready, she would tell him. This knowledge didn’t lessen his opinion of her at all. In fact he secretly thought it was pretty awesome having a hot sexy mom who was or at least used to be a stripper.

The day the fellows who were planning to spill the beans about Phillip’s mom occurred on a day at school when Phillip was with a girl who he was interested in named Cindy. They started talking in the halls about hearing about a certain woman who was a stripper much to the delight of their little circle of minions.

Then they revealed it was Phillip’s mom and even went so far as to make up stories about how she fucked guys on stage, doing their best to goad him. When that didn’t work, they kept at it until one of the Assistant Principals came by and broke up the little get together.

The Principal asked Phillip was he okay and to which Phillip simply smiled and replied, “No problem Coach, I got this.” The taunting kept on getting meaner and meaner and it was all Phillip could do to keep from hauling off and decking the whole lot of them which would have been easy for him to do.

The boys who were doing this to Phillip saw him as an easy target. Even though Phillip stood 6’4″ tall with and slender but quite muscular build with well-toned and well-defined muscles on his upper and lower body and on would the outside seemed like a person you would think twice about messing with, Phillip was quiet, soft-spoken, reserved, and a little awkward around people, especially girls.

He got the derogatory nickname “Pooh Bear,” mainly meant to be an insult because of his soft spoken tone and quiet demeanor. Also, Phillip was the “new kid” in a fairly snobby and very cliquish high school where most of the students were spoiled rich kids who in their parents eyes could do no wrong.

However, Phillip had his own secret that not too many people knew seeing it was his first semester there. Phillip was skilled at the Martial Arts, mainly Muay Thai and Thai Chi and was a seventh-degree black belt and had won numerous awards in sparring competitions. If he wanted to, he could easily kick ass and take name, but that wasn’t his style.

He fully embraced the discipline which consisted of the body, mind and heart all being in sync and harmony. He also acted with self-respect and respect for others. He never fought out of anger because that clouded judgment and could cause him to lose concentration, leaving him open to counter attacks.

Phillip never went looking for a fight, but when he did fight, it was done with focus, and control. He also meditated to keep himself centered and to clear his mind so as not to lose focus or self-control.

Even with all this, the students who wanted to see him suffer, taunted him even more, calling him a “wussy” and even went so far as to suggest he pay his own mother to have sex with him because it was the only way he was going to get laid.

Phillip, however was not without friends. The wrestling team members liked him because he wasn’t an asshole and befriended him because they saw in him a sense of control and finesse that could be useful in wrestling. They encouraged him to join the team and were surprised at his moves and the ability he had to gauge and out think and out maneuver his opponents.

Over the next 21 months, Phillip endured the taunting, but it wasn’t that bad, seeing that a lot of the students saw his tormentors as dumb asses. Finally just before his 18 birthday it all came to a head, but Phillip kept his self-control when one of his tormentors finally crossed the line.

It was in the locker room after PE and there were three guys, the lead tormentor named Brad or the “Bradster” as he liked to refer to himself as, and two of his new “flunkies.” Phillip turned and looked in Brad’s direction but calmly kept doing what he was doing and ignored him. Phillip knew Brad was looking for a fight, but he wasn’t going to stoop to Brad’s level or let the boys get the best of him.

Finally, Brad had had enough of being ignored by Phillip and figured he was going to show Phillip just how much of a man he was and physically fight him. As Brad swung at Phillip, Phillip moved with incredible speed and grabbed Brad’s arm, twisting it back in on itself and pinned Brad against the lockers in a move which forced Brad to drop to one knee and cry out in pain.

Brad was sweating profusely, and his eyes teared up as a searing throbbing pain shot though has arm. When the two flunkies saw what happened, they wasted no time sticking around and decided to cut and run leaving the leave Brad to fend for himself. Phillip turned to them and calmly said in a classic Clint Eastwood “Dirty Harry” steely tone, “Wise move gentlemen!”

Phillip then turned his attention back to the Brad and in the same tone reminiscent of “Dirty Harry” calmly said, “Do not make the mistake of confusing my self-control or lack of response to your taunting as a sign of weakness on my part. You would do well in the future to remember this and adjust your behavior accordingly, lest some unknown and unfortunate peril befall you.”

Phillip’s tone was calm, measured and without malice, but it carried a sense of steel to it that made Brad know Phillip meant business. There was also an air about Phillip and a look in his eyes that made the “Bradster” know he had gone way too far and he better think long and hard before messing with Phillip again.

Phillip then released his hold on Brad and Brad scurried away as fast as he could. The PE coach passed Brad as he walked in and noticed he was hobbling slightly and holding his arm close to his body and that his pants were soaked around the crotch area.

“Is everything okay Phillip,” the coach asked with a hint of concern. “I just saw Brad high tail it out of here like a whipped pup with its tail between its legs. Is there something I should know about?”

The coach knew Brad was not the one to run away from a fight and figured he had met just his match.

Phillip just calmly smiled and replied, “Let’s just say that Brad and I have come to an understanding,” Phillip said in a matter of fact tone. “However, you may want to call a custodian and have them bring a mop to clean up this mess,” Phillip added as he nodded head in the direction of a large puddle of liquid on the floor from where Brad had pissed himself.

“You didn’t punch or deck him did you,” the coach asked then added “although no one would fault you if you did.”

“Extreme bodily injury was not required,” Phillip calmly replied. “Let’s just say I showed him the error of his ways.”

The coach then jokingly replied, “Remind me never to piss you off,” to which Phillip smiled and that was the end of it.

After that, no one dared to mess with Phillip, and the tormenting stopped. Brad even went so far as to apologize to Phillip, although he did it with a nervous tremble in his voice. Phillip extended his hand in friendship and replied, “What’s done is done. Think nothing more of it.”

Much to Phillip’s surprise, Brad actually became a decent human being after that, and even though they weren’t friends by any sense of the word, they mutually respected each-other and Brad knew he had gotten off easy and did not want to make the mistake to pissing Phillip off again.

Word soon got around school as it always does through the student grapevine of what happened although Brad did do his best to save face and didn’t tell everything including the fact, he had pissed his pants pretty badly in his encounter with Phillip.

After that, the other students in school did not give Phillip any further trouble since Brad didn’t want the truth to be known of what really happened. However, they both did get a week of lunch detention for the scuffle.

Finally, the day of Phillip’s 18th birthday arrived. It fell on the Saturday preceding the Monday of Spring Break week. Phillip was at home that Friday night before hanging out with a couple of his wrestling buddies drinking beer, smoking cigars, and playing cards.

Stella came through the door about twenty minutes before midnight and as she saw the beers and smelled the heavy order of cigar smoke in the air she said “Sounds like you boys have been living it up. Don’t mind me, ya’ll just hang out as long as you want, and I leave you be.”

“That’s alright Ms. Sanders,” Joe said. “We gotta be getting back anyway. Coach has scheduled a meeting and practice tomorrow before our Wrestling camp next week and we better get some rest.”

“Well hon,” Stella said, “I’m no cop, but I figure you are in no condition to drive,” and then she put her hand up as Joe was about to open his mouth to say something, “and before you say I’m fine, I am going to tell you there is no way in hell I am going to let you drive home tonight.”

“But I gotta get my truck home so I can’t take a cab,” Joe replied in a whiney “Ah come on” tone trying his best to counter Stella’s argument. “So how in the heck am I supposed to get home now?”

“Simple, I am going to pay to have your truck towed home.” Stella replied as she dialed a number on her cell phone. “It’s the same service we use on New Years to get drunks home.”

Stella conversed with the person on the other end, gave him her credit card number for the tow charge then hung up the phone. “They said they would be here in about 10-15 minutes. “Phillip why don’t you wait here with your pals while I go shower and get ready for bed.”

“Sure mom,” Phillip said “I’ll see you in the morning then?”

Stella just smiled and said, “We’ll see,” then went upstairs to her room and where she showered and got ready for her surprise for Phillip.

The tow truck got there in about 10 minutes and within another five minutes Joe’s truck was loaded and ready to go.

“I’ll see ya when I get back,” Joe said as he and Fred got in the tow truck. “Happy birthday dude and hope you have a great one.”

“Thanks guys, it was a blast,” Phillip replied as he watched the tow truck drive off and walked back inside and locked the door.

By now, it was about 3 minutes before midnight and Stella was just descending the stairs into the living room where Phillip was. She was wearing her shoulder length golden blonde down and was dressed in her full length white robe she always wore.

She went into over to where her bag was and opened it. She pulled out a chilled bottle of Champagne and a bottle of whiskey.

“I thought we would celebrate your ascendance into manhood with a little bubbly and a few drinks if that’s okay with you,” Stella said. She also had a few noise makers people use for New Year’s.

Stella waited until it was about 10 seconds to midnight and began the traditional countdown: “10, 9, 8,…3,2,1 Happy Birthday baby.”

With that, Stella blew her noise maker then took the bottle of Champagne, popped the cork and fizz went everywhere. She then took two glasses and poured one for herself and one for Phillip.

“Happy Birthday sweetie,” Stella said, “Drink up and let’s celebrate.”

Stella quaffed the glass of bubbly in one fell swoop then repeated the action as she poured another and quaffed it.

“Come on, drink up sweetie, it’s your birthday,” Stella said with smile. “Live a little. After all, you know what they say,” then Stella put one had beside her mouth raised her head and in a voice like she was calling out to someone far away, yelled “YOLO!!!”

“Ah fuck it!! What the hell,” Phillip thought to himself.”Mom is right, you only live once” and with that, Phillip quaffed his drink down and then raised his glass and hollered “YOLO” as loud as he could.

They both took turns hollering “YOLO” one after the other for about a minute or so in different pitched voices, some high and some low and then they both giggled.

Stella quaffed another glass of bubbly and then said with a slight slur “Oh yea hon, I almost forgot. I have a very special surprise for you.” Stella then stepped back about a step and loosened her robe in front and allowed it to fall to the floor, revealing her sexy, slender and curvaceous 5’11” 145 pound 38D-26-36 naked body.

Phillip stood there just looking at his mom awe struck both in surprise that she had just done what she did as well as marveling at her beauty and her sumptuous body.

Picture in your mind the old classic coyote-road runner cartoon when the roadrunner suddenly speeds off and the coyote is left standing there and his jaw drops to the ground. That is basically the look Phillip had on his face.

“Better close your mouth hon before you catch a fly,” Stella said with a giggle and then Phillip realized he was gawking at his own mom, but who wouldn’t.

At nearly 40, Stella was a knockout. Mother Nature and Father Time both had blessed Stella with the body and looks of a woman in her 20’s. Apart from her measurements as stated above, Stella had long luscious well toned dancer’s legs and was very physically fit with very little body fat.

Picture in your mind the well known Porn Goddess Adele Stephens and her body. Then picture the looks of the well known country singer Taylor swift. Combine the two, and you would have Stella.

Before Phillip could utter a sound, Stella quickly grabbed his hand, pulled him close, then embraced him tightly against her warm naked body and planted a long deep wet tongue probing tonsil swabbing kiss on his lips.

Stella pressed her soft, silky, naked body into Phillip’s and tightened the grip she had on him as she passionately kissed him, rubbing her warm body against his. Phillip was unsure of what to do but the same voice that told him to live it up and not to fight what was happening, but to give into the desires that were welling up in him.

The kiss lasted a good minute or so as Stella’s and Phillip’s bodies moved together. Phillip responded my deepening the kiss and pulling Stella close to him.

Stella’s hands found Phillip’s t-shirt and she slid him out of it, then she placed her hands on his sweat pants and with Phillip’s help, pulled them as well as his underwear off so that Phillip was naked as well.

Stella broke the kiss momentarily and with a lustful seductive pant whispered “Since it’s your birthday, I figured you should be in your birthday suit. It’s only fitting wouldn’t you agree?”

“By all means yes,” Phillip replied. “It would be a travesty if I wasn’t properly dressed.”

“Mmmmmmm my kind of man,” Stella lustfully purred and embraced Phillip as they locked lips a second time in a deep passionate kiss.

As their bodies pressed together and rubbed against each other, Phillip felt his cock bulging as his raging hard-on got bigger and bigger. Stella must have felt it to because she began grinding her nicely trimmed pussy against Phillip’s crotch.

“It seems like someone is enjoying this,” Stella lustfully purred as she briefly came up for air and took Phillip’s cock in her hands rubbing it and laid another kiss on Phillip.

After another 20 seconds or so, Stella finally ended the kisses and stood just a few inches back from Phillip with her arms around him.

“So what did you think of my first little surprise for you,” Stella said with a seductive purr. “Hope you enjoyed it, because now as the man of the house, there will be that and oh so much more carnal delights awaiting you, that is if you are interested.”

With that, Stella broke the embrace and turned towards the couch, sitting down and laying back on it positioning her body so that she was in her most seductive pose, her legs spread, one leg bent up at the knee and the other on the floor.

Stella’s succulent 38D-26-36 body beckoned to Phillip, her nicely trimmed glistening sweet and oh so perfectly pink pussy shimmered in the light and Phillip could see Stella’s sweet pussy juices trickle out of her clit as she softly massaged it with her fingers.

Phillip was horny just looking at her, his hard cock still throbbing from the massive woody he had, wanting his own mother even more, wanting to be the one she stripped for, putting on a hot sexy show and then being the one who was on the receiving end of one of her intimate lap dances he had heard so much about from the rumor mill at school.

Stella was his mom, but he didn’t care. He still wanted her incest or not he was going to take her up on her offer.

“Oh god mom how could I not accept,” Phillip said with a lustful pant. “I want to be the one who you give yourself to body and soul. I want to be the one who,” and before he thought about what he was saying or could catch himself completed the statement by saying “the one who you dance for, put on a show for and be on the receiving end of one of your intimate and personal lap dances culminating in us making hot sweet passionate monkey love.”

“Hmmmmmm well it seems like one of my surprises has already been discovered,” Stella said in a matter of fact voice as she heard that Phillip knew her secret about being a stripper.

She lit a cigarette, opened the whiskey and poured herself and Phillip a double shot. She then patted the seat next to her and softly and lovingly said “Oh well, it is what it is.” That statement was not meant to be accusatory or anything, it was just simply stating fact.

“Wanna a ciggy hon” Stella softly said with a smile.

“Sure,” Phillip replied taking one and allowing Stella to light it.

“Now all I have are girly cigs such as Misty 120’s and Virginia Slims 120’s both menthol,” Stella replied. “I know after those manly cigars, it might be a bit rough for you to smoke one of these girly cigs unless you’re man enough to handle it. You think you can do that,” Stella added with playful tone and naughty wink.

“Oh I think I can rise to the occasion,” Phillip jokingly replied to which Stella responded with a lustful pant “Mmmmmmm baby, you already have,” licking her lips with a seductive grin and placing her hand on Phillip’s still fully erect cock.

Stella offered Phillip a choice and he randomly picked the Misty Menthol 120’s and placed it in his mouth. Stella lit it with the lighter as he took a puff discovering much to his surprise and delight that he actually liked the brand.

Phillip then began to recount to Stella how he had discovered her secret as he drank his shot of whiskey.

“I guess when I found out completely that you were a stripper about two years ago. I briefly thought about it a couple of times before over the years when you said you worked at a night club, but dismissed it and never really paid it too much mind after that.”

“To fully answer how about how I found for sure that you were a stripper, it started when I was 16 through a combination of hateful rumors at school and a little digging on my part.”

“Some jackasses at school began spreading rumors that you were stripper. At first, I didn’t believe them and ignored them, but the rumors named the strip club which is the one you work at, so I sneaked a look at your pay stub one time to confirm that was where it was.”

“Then they described the stripper they were talking about in great detail and it fit you to a T. Also they mentioned the name “Destiny” which I knew your friends had called you, and so I began digging, putting two and two together and got to the truth.”

“I even did something you told me not to about a year ago, I finally got up the nerve to check out the room over the garage that you had always had off limits and was quite impressed. I even found some of the DVD’s that must have been of your practice, but I just couldn’t work up the nerve to watch them. I hope you’re not too mad.”

“How could I be mad at you hon,” Stella said with a soft smile and leaned in and gave Phillip another long kiss on the lips. Phillip returned it and the kiss lasted a good 30 seconds then it was broken.

“I was wrong to hide the truth from you and should have told you a long time ago but always justified since you weren’t grown it wouldn’t be right,” Stella said with a soft sigh. “I am so sorry you had to find out the hard way.”

“It’s okay Mom,” Phillip said with a smile giving her a warm hug then pulling her close as he leaned back on the arm of the sofa and has his arms around Stella’s naked body his hands clasped just below her breast. “Everything worked out,” he added as he began to softly and lovingly stroke Stella’s hair. “And besides it’s my birthday and I couldn’t have received anything better than the love and affection of an incredibly beautiful, vivacious and oh so sexy woman.”

“I am glad you feel the way you do,” Stella softly purred and turned her head back to kiss Phillip softly. “You know I had planned to treat you to a sexy hands-on intimate and oh so very naughty up-close and personal VIP dance up in my studio tomorrow for your birthday. What would you say to that?”

“Mmmmmmm I can’t wait,” Phillip said with a pant. “I am really looking forward to that.”

“Well I tell you what” Stella said with a seductive purr. “If you want, I could give it to you right know, or I could let you have a small preview of up- coming attractions as a small taste. Your call.”

“Hmmmmmm,” Phillip said as he pondered the offer. “I think I will go with the preview tonight and wait for the feature presentation tomorrow.”

“Sound’s good sweetie,” Stella said. “I promise you won’t be disappointed.” With that, she stood up and led Phillip over to the overstuffed love seat and turned the music app on her phone on synced it up with a portable Bluetooth speaker and played some sexy trance music.

Before Stella started to dance, she quaffed down the whiskey that was in her glass and then poured another one and did the same. She then reached into the end table drawer and opened small cigar box with the words “Swisher Sweets”™ labeled on the top.

The box was full of that brand of Cigarillos without the white tips on them. Stella took one in her hand placed it between her lips and lit it. She took a long slow puff savoring the flavor and aroma as she held it in a long as she could then slowly releasing the smoke from her mouth with a big ole “shit-eating” grin on her face.

From the odor it gave off, Phillip was certain it wasn’t just a cigar but more than likely a large joint. Stella took another couple of long tokes, holding the smoke then slowly releasing it and then handed it to Phillip who did the same then passed it back to Stella.

After Stella took two more large tokes, she handed the joint to Phillip as she danced in front of Phillip, strutting her hot naked body around first facing away from him then turning around and facing him.

Stella and Phillip would share the large joint between them as she danced for Phillip. Stella then took the whiskey bottle and chugged at least another double shot more of whiskey straight from the bottle then wiped her mouth using the back of her hand with a wicked grin and without any reservation of modesty, let out a loud belch, then giggled.

Stella came close to Phillip, rubbing her soft sumptuous breasts in his face and allowing him to kiss her nipples. Phillip sucked on Stella’s soft breasts, nursing on her like an infant.

Stella cooed with delight and with a lustful moan said, “Oh god yes, let mommy nurse her baby boy.”

Stella then stood up turned facing away from Phillip and put her elbows and forearms down on the coffee table in front of the sofa. Stella then backed up and stuck her butt up in the air as she twerked her round ass in Phillip’s face. She then moved back so that her pussy was against Phillip’s mouth and grinded it against his lips and waiting tongue.

Phillip dug his tongue into Stella’s dripping wet cunt and lapped up her juices as they trickled over his mouth. Phillip had been holding the two-third’s smoked joint that was still lit in his left hand, took another long toke, and placed the joint in the ash tray. He then grabbed his mother’s ass and buried his face in her cunt running his tongue and his finger in and out of her slit as Stella’s ass continued to wriggle.

It didn’t take long to make Stella cum against his face and as he did, Stella had Phillip lean forward and kiss her so she could savor her own nectar from Phillip’s lips as Phillip held her naked form against his.

Stella picked up the joint and took a couple more tokes then sat in Phillip’s lap as she faced away from him. Phillip held Stella in his lap a she finished the joint and cupped her breasts with his hands. Stella rubbed her pussy against Phillip’s bulging cock, making Phillip fight to keep from coming. It was rough but he managed to control it.

After Stella finished and snuffed out the joint in the ash tray, she decided she was going to move in for the kill and fuck Phillip right then and there. She was stoned, drunk, desperate and horny, a lethal and deadly combination.

Stella stood up turned around and sat in Phillip’s lap facing him as she leaned her naked body against his and Phillip held her tight to him. Stella planted a long wet deep tongue probing tonsil swabbing kiss on Phillip as she pressed her body against his and grinded her pussy against Phillip’s bulging cock.

Stella dry humped Phillip for a minute or so as they kissed then she lifted her body took Phillip’s cock into her hand and lowered her warm wet waiting pussy onto Phillip’s hard tool.

Stella’s pussy was so wet as it squished against Phillip’s cock and Stella’s pussy felt so inexplicably wonderful, beyond what his wildest imaginations had conceived or what mere words could express. In short, the reality of what Phillip was experiencing now far exceeded by light years all the wicked and carnal fantasies he had played out in his mind since first having the hots for his mom.

Phillip remembered thinking to himself “Dang, if this is the preview, I can’t wait for the feature presentation.”

Stella slowly began riding Phillip at a regular methodical rhythm.

Stella pressed her soft warm body tightly against Phillip’s and put her arms around his neck. Phillip slid his arms around Stella’s waist and held her tight so that their bodies slid against each other’s as they fucked.

Stella’s orgasms slowly built up in her body as her passions rose. Her pussy began to trickle its juice over Phillip’s pulsating cock. Stella then rode faster and faster until she was fucking Phillip hot and heavy.

Phillip felt his cock begin filling with cum and tried as he could to stem the flow and hold back from cumming he couldn’t, and all he could do was grunt as he popped his top, spewing his hot manhood deep into his mom’s pussy.

Phillip who was normally a cautious and rational person and never really did anything rash or careless, was too drunk and stoned to realize he wasn’t using protection, so the thought never crossed his mind.

“Oh God yes-s-s-s-s-s-s-s baby” Stella cried out in delight as Phillip filled her with his cum. “Take me to bed hon and fuck me all night long,” Stella softly crooned with a lustful purr as she whispered in Phillip’s ear.

With that, Phillip sat up with Stella’s body still clinging to his and Stella wrapped her legs around Phillip’s waist to keep herself there. Stella leaned over and grabbed the whiskey bottle from the table and chugged the last good swig from the bottle.

With a loud “Oy”, Stella chunked the empty whiskey bottle at the wall as hard as she could. However, due to to her inebriation, Stella’s strength was diminished and her aim was off, so it landed against the baseboard with a loud “thunk” and rolled across the floor.

Phillip just watched it roll as he walked them upstairs to Stella’s bedroom. Once there, Phillip laid Stella back on the bed and laid on top of her. His cock was still buried deep inside Stella’s pussy as they embraced and passionately kissed.

Their bodies moved so that they were sideways facing each other, still embraced with their limbs intertwined and Phillip’s cock was still deep inside Stella’s tight wet cunt. Their bodies slowly grinded together as they held each-other and their bodies melted together.

After a few minutes of that, Stella rolled Phillip over so that he was on his back and raised herself up so that she could begin riding him cowgirl style. Stella tossed her blonde mane back with her hand and looked down at Phillip. A look of lust and desire was in her eyes. It was the same look a triumphant predator had when conquering its prey and holding it in submission.

Stella began to fuck Phillip with long deep fucking motions enjoying the feeling of having Phillip’s cock move in and out of her wet pussy. The look on Stella’s face was one of total inexplicable and complete bliss and rapture, like she was a junkie flying high on her favorite fix.

Stella slowly built up speed got a good moderately paced rhythm going and just as soon as she was set in that pace, something unexpected would end her bliss, at least for the night. Stella suddenly stopped, and without word or warning just fell over limp on top of Phillip.

“Mom, mom,” Phillip said with a bit of an anxious tone and for a brief moment was worried something bad happened to her. For a brief interval of a few seconds, panic began to set in on Phillip, until he remembered his martial arts training.

Phillip calmed his nerves, schooled his breathing, and relaxed allowing his training to kick in. He placed his hand between Stella’s breasts, and he could feel her steady heartbeat and hear her slow regular breathing as she laid on top of him. He also checked for the carotid pulse and felt a strong regular beat and surmised Stella must have just passed out drunk.

Phillip gently rolled Stella back over so that she was on her back and pulled back the covers, laid her in bed so she would be comfortable and then gently pulled the covers over her. At first, Phillip thought about going back to his own room and just letting Stella sleep it off alone, but then figured it would be better if he were there when she woke up.

Phillip then slid himself under the covers and placed his body behind Stella’s who was now laying on her side and Phillip worked himself, so his body was next to Stella’s and he had her cuddled firmly against his body with his arms around her to hold her.

As Phillip lay next to Stella, he watched her sleep, realizing that he was now the man of the house and it was his duty to protect her and to love her and he was going to be diligent in both. Phillip eventually drifted off to sleep about a quarter past three, a little over four hours before sunrise.

The next morning, Phillip was to be awaken by a host of myriad and various pleasurable sensations. At first, he thought he was dreaming because he could have sworn his cock was being sucked. It felt like someone was slobbering all over his cock and a tongue was licking around the head of it and a soft hand was pumping it.

Following that sensation, was the one where his cock was thrusted slowly and deeply into something very warm very wet and soft. It felt like it enveloped his cock, and it was made for it.

It was slippery-soft and felt like it had 1000’s of sweet silky little fingers gripping the sides of his cock and softly and gently massaging it until he thought he had shot his load. Maybe it was a wet dream.

Next, he felt a soft body lay on top of him. This body was very warm, very soft and it seemed that a pair of legs were rubbing against his and something was pressing down on his chest, something that felt very similar to soft gentle women’s breasts.

Lastly, he felt kisses on his lips and then on the sides of his neck, soon to be replaced by nibbling on his flesh. Then just before he opened his eyes, he felt someone stroke his hair and whisper something to him, though it sounded like far away.

“Wakey, wakey, sleepy head, it’s time for the birthday boy to get up,” the female voice said with a sweet tone.

Phillip opened his eyes to see Stella lying on top of him, her soft warm naked body pressed on top of his. Stella was smiling down at him her crystal ice blue eyes sparkling.

This is also when Phillip’s other senses became fully aware and he realized he hadn’t been dreaming and that his cock had definitely shot its load deep inside Stella was still buried deep inside her wet pussy and she was slowly moving and pumping it to keep it hard.

“Well good morning sweetie, how is the birthday boy this morning,” Stella said with a seductive purr planting a long deep wet passionate tongue probing kiss on Phillip. Phillip returned and deepened the kiss which lasted for a good 30 seconds as or lover’s bodies moved together as one.

Once the kiss broke, Stella said with a sly grin “I take it by the outcome I see this morning, it’s safe to say that something interesting happened last night to make us wind up together naked in my bed. Am I right?”

“You would be correct in your hunch,” Phillip replied smiling. “How much do you remember?”

“Mmmmmmm lets see now,” Stella purred, “I remember us discussing last night about me being a stripper and how you had found out and you told me not to worry. I also told you that I had planned to give you a private showing today as your birthday present and then asked if you wanted a small sample to which I think you said you did. Am I right so far?”

“Yep you are on the right track” Phillip responded.

“Well here is where it gets a bit fuzzy,” Stella continued. “I remember starting, but before I did, I think I downed quite a bit of whiskey and we both smoked a big ass joint, right?”

Phillip nodded his head in the affirmative.

“Well after that, it’s just flashes,” Stella confessed sheepishly. “One flash was of me sitting in your lap facing you. I think I was fucking you and you came in me.”

“Then there was a flash of you carrying me upstairs and I vaguely recall trying chunk the empty whiskey bottle at the wall.”

“Yes you tried” Phillip smiled “but you didn’t do a good job. It thonked against the baseboard and then rolled across the floor.”

“Finally, I think just before I blacked out, I was on top of you again and then, nothing until this morning,” Stella concluded.

“That’s pretty much an accurate account of what happened,” Phillip replied. “You were on top of me cowgirl style and just had settled into a good rhythm, when all at once, you fell forward and passed out. So I laid you in bed and decided I would sleep with you so I would be here when you woke up”

“Hmmmmmm, too bad I passed out it, sounds like it would have been lots of fun last night.” Stella said with a seductive purr. “Oh well, we got all day today, which brings me to what I wanted to tell you.”

“I had originally planned to take you out for breakfast then take you shopping to let you pick out your birthday presents and then when we got home I was going to give you your ‘surprise.'”

“However, I do have another option for you now.,” Stella added “Do you want to get up get dressed and go to breakfast or would you rather, let’s just say work up an appetite, if you know what I mean?”

“Hmmmmmm let’s see now,” Phillip said with a playful tone. “I don’t think I am hungry at the moment,” then added with wicked grin “well for something that you would buy at the restaurant, that is,” Phillip added as an after-thought. “However, I do think it might be a good idea that we work up an appetite. I would hate for you to take me out and me not be hungry.”

“Oh I agree whole-heartedly hon,” Stella said with a seductive purr. “I think we should spend time and make sure we work up a good appetite so the food doesn’t go to waste,” and with that Stella planted another long wet deep kiss on Phillip.

Stella and Phillip spent the next hour or so making hot sweet monkey love. Stella and Phillip first spent time exploring each other’s bodies culminating in Phillip eating Stella’s pussy out until she came in his mouth.

After that, Stella turned Phillip over and rode him cowgirl style until she came flooding his cock followed by Phillip seconds later spunking his load massive deep inside Stella.

Phillip then fucked Stella doggy style and then their love session was concluded when they fucked missionary style and Phillip once again spunked his load inside of his mom.

By now, our lovers were drenched in a layer of sweat and cum and were famished. They showered together and took turns washing each other’s bodies then kissed in the shower and afterwards dried off and got dressed.

Stella wore a three-quarter sleeve white ribbed pullover sweater that had just enough breasts showing but it wasn’t over-revealing. The sweater came down just to the belly button and the ribbed material showed all of Stella’s curves.

Stella also wore a short denim skirt that came down so it was halfway down her thigh. She then had a pair of brown cowgirl boots which came halfway up the calf and her hair was done up in pig tails.

Phillip was wearing a light blue pull over long sleeve t-shirt a pair of olive colored denim cargo pants, socks and sneakers.

Stella and Phillip got into Stella’s fully restored vintage 1965 candy-apple red Mustang convertible. It had all the original equipment. The original 289 V-8 engine which had been restored to its original glory with certified parts, the original seating and seat covers, steering wheel, the four-on-the-floor shift, and vintage radio which still worked.

The license plate on the back read “2-Hot-4U” and on the one on the front which she had put on yesterday as a surprise for Phillip, had two hearts intersecting together each with their first names written in script in the heart, and under both hearts was written “4-Ev-Uh.”

It was a warm day for late March at 12:30 P.M. When they were leaving, the temperature was in the upper 60’s, 69 to be exact, to which Stella commented with a soft giggle “My favorite number.”

Stella plugged her phone into a speaker and cranked up the music as they drove down the road with the top down like two wild and carefree. teenagers

Stella drove to a local Italian restaurant named “Salvatore’s Restaurante Italiano,” which wasn’t really special, but instead pretty much just a local mom and pop hole in the wall joint.

On the outside, the building looked like it had seen wear, but was still in good shape. Inside, the decor was simple, wasn’t really that bright inside and looked like it hadn’t seen a remodel since the early 70’s.

Even though it didn’t look like much or was fancy, it had some of the best Italian food, pasta, and pizza in the area. It was so popular, that in the evenings, if your weren’t seated by 4:30, you were looking at least a one hour wait minimum.

Stella and Phillip walked in hand in hand and got a horseshoe shaped booth and sat close together.

The waitress came and took their order. They ordered a pitcher of cola and a pitcher of beer and a large meat lover’s special pizza with hand-tossed crust(somewhere between thin and crispy and deep dish). Soon as the waitress left, Stella leaned into Phillip and gave him another long passionate kiss.

Stella then reached into her purse and pulled out a manila envelope measuring 6×9 inches with a clasp on it. It looked thick and weighed about a pound and a half. She slid it on the table towards Phillip and said Happy Birthday sweetie.”

“Thanks mom,” Phillip said took the envelope. Stella then said “Enough of this mom stuff, you call me Stella, at least when we are alone like this. After all, you are an adult now. You are now the man of the house and we are lovers, so I figured we should be on equal footing.”

“Okay ma,” then Phillip had to catch himself and then continued “I mean Stella.”

Phillip opened the envelope an inside was a brand new checkbook style wallet dark brown in color with his initials on the bottom right corner and was handcrafted from the finest soft leather.

“Wow this is nice, thanks,” Phillip said giving Stella a hug.

Open it and see what’s inside, hon,” Stella smiled to which Phillip did.

The first thing he saw was some money and he pulled it out. There were 18 newly crisp 100 dollar bills folded and clipped together in a golden money clip.

“Dang, this looks like a ton of money,” Phillip said surprised.

“There are 18 brand new crisp 100 dollar bills, one for each year of your life.”

“This is a lot of money I can’t take this,” Phillip said touched but felt like the gift was too much.

“Nonsense sweetie” Stella replied poo-pooing his remark. “I want you to have it, after all a young adult needs some spending money. Look what else is in there. Look at the pull out part near where the ID holder is”

Surely as Stella said, there was pull out part where the ID went and Phillip opened it up and saw what looked like a state issued driver’s license

“I already got a license, so what do I need this one for,” Phillip said kind of confused.

“Look at it again more closely and you will see why hon,” Stella just said with a smile.

Phillip inspected it closer and saw the license although appeared similar it was different. The main thing that was different was the age it had him being Instead of saying he was 18 it said he was 21.

“How,” was all Phillip could say.

“I have a client who works at the DMV. Stella said smiling. “He got it done for me as a favor,” then added with a chuckle “and no I didn’t sleep with him if that’s’ what you’re thinking.”

“That never entered my mind,” Phillip replied “I do like it though and I expect you got this for me so I could come see you at the club and you be covering your ass if the cops showed up. Right?

“As rain and as usual,” Stella replied. “You never cease to amaze me.”

By that time, their pizza had arrived, a whopping 18 inch pie which they ate well over half of. They got a box for the rest and left the restaurant.

Stella took Phillip to the Apple® store where she let him pick out a new phone, tablet as well as both a laptop and Desktop computer with all the accessories. Each was the top of the line and state of the art with all the bells and whistles that any young person who loved gadgets could want.

Stella got her a new phone and tablet and laptop as well along with a new digital video camera and video recording and editing accessories. When Phillip inquired about the camera and video recording items Stella just playfully replied “You’ll see.”

They placed their items in the trunk and left the store and headed somewhere Phillip hadn’t been to before and he was at a loss as far as where he was. She finally pulled into an area which had a place called “Naughty and Spice Emporium.” It was a sex shop that catered to discriminating consenting adults It didn’t look like much but, Phillip figured it was a sight to see.

It sat alone in the parking lot and was about a couple of hundred yards from the nearest business and did not have an overly large traffic pattern, but apparently it was enough to keep it well in business.

Stella pulled around the back and parked and said here we are. “Wanna come in,” Stella said with a naughty wink as she opened the her door.

Stella and Phillip walked back around the front of the building to the front door. Phillip carried himself as confidently as he could beside Stella. He was just happy he wasn’t in a part of town his school mates frequented, although he figured some of the parents probably would secretly come here if they knew they wouldn’t be caught.

I gotta pick up a couple of packages but feel free to look around and if you see anything you might think we both might enjoy let me know.”

As Phillip looked around, Stella went to the counter. She rang the bell on the counter and a hot looking raven haired beauty stepped out wearing a hot revealing country girl outfit that showed off every curve of her 5’7,” 125 pound 34D-24-24 body

Phillip saw Stella embrace the girl and give her a deep passionate kiss on the lips. After the kiss, the girl and Stella talked for a few seconds then the girl went into the back and came back with three large wrapped boxes each of which looked like it could easily have an outfit inside. There were also smaller boxes wrapped as well.

“Phillip come here hon. Can you gimme a hand,” Stella said with a smile. “Can you help Dixie here take this stuff to the car?”

Phillip walked up and he and Dixie locked eyes for a few seconds and Phillip could tell she liked him and he definitely was turned on by her.

She was dressed like a farm girl, and a very naughty farm girl at that. She had on a red and black check plaid top which was tied in a knot right under her breasts and was opened enough so anyone with a working set of eyes got a good look at her breasts.

The denim shorts she was wearing made Daisy Duke shorts look like nun’s Habit. They were skin tight like they were painted on and Phillip for the life of him couldn’t see how she got into them.

He noticed that they weren’t buttoned and the zipper was all the way down but they were held up by a golden chain around her belt. He also thought he caught a glimpse of her sweet nicely trimmed pussy but didn’t want to stare too long and be rude

“Phillip this is Dixie, Dixie, this is my handsome son Phillip.” Stella said making the introductions. “Dixie is a dancer at the club and quite the little showgirl. You could say she is a natural.”

“Bring him by the club some time Stells.” Dixie said smiling “I would love to show him some of the skills you taught me.”

“Mmmmmmm now that would be interesting,” Stella replied “I would love to see that show, better yet maybe we could give him a double feature, you and me together.”

“Oooooooooh, that is even better,” Dixie purred. “Just name the date and time.”

“I’ll let you know,” Stella replied. “Well we’ve gotta run. I promised Phillip a special birthday surprise,” Stella said with a naughty wink.

With that, Phillip and Dixie carried the packages through the store room out the back door to Stella’s car. Stella unlocked trunk first then the car door. She then started the motor and let the top down. Just before they left Stella and Dixie said their goodbyes again and embraced with a passionate kiss.

Just before Stella drove off, she gave Dixie one last kiss. Dixie smiled and said “Well ya’ll have fun now you hear,” in her sweet little southern twang, then added in an afterthought “and save some for me will ya”

“Don’t worry hon, as you can plainly see there is lots of him to go around,” Stella said with a seductive purr, “so I think you should have more than plenty when you are ready”.

“Well guys I hate to but, I gotta get back inside before Jerry has a cow,” Dixie said with a soft smile. “Love you Stells and you too Phillip,” and with that walked back into the store.

Phillip and Stella drove back to the house laughing cutting up and Stella opened up more about her life as a stripper and how it came to be.

She laid out the whole story for him. Stella confessed that after Phillip’s father left when Phillip was 10, she had to find a way to make some quick cash and turned to that.

About 6 months after Stella began dancing, she met Robert, a highly successful and extremely wealthy Oil Executive and Billionaire with his own Oil Company and who was 18 years her senior. He took a liking to Stella immediately and they fell in love and got married, and shortly after that Robert, moved Stella and Phillip into his house.

Robert knew Stella liked to strip, but he wanted her to be successful too, so he purchased the club and made Stella the owner/manager. Stella managed the club and made it successful and it provided a great income for her.

The club catered to mostly higher end clientele, professionals such as businessmen, executives, doctors and lawyers, however common blue collar workers felt at home as well.

Stella wanted her club to be a place free of low lifes and scum, so great care was taken to keep riff-raff, hustlers, outlaw bikers and pimps/hookers out. She hired the best security available, including ex-military and off duty cops who were willing to not turn her into vice over private lap dances that got intimate. Hell, some of the cops were the best customers so there was a quid-pro-quo that developed.

Stella also continued to dance and made quite a name for herself there as well pulling in at least $500/night and even more on the Friday and Saturday nights.

As for as Stella’s life with Robert, it was a long distance marriage. Since Robert was a hands-on leader, he chose to spend his time a majority of his time in the field, mainly over seas in Dubai and/or Saudi Arabia where he also kept a a residence.

As a result, Stella was pretty much free to be on her own, but she loved Robert and remained faithful to him as long as they were married and they enjoyed and relished the marriage bed when he was in town.

Also, since Robert was maybe home for about six weeks a year, Phillip really never knew him as a step father, but more of someone his mother knew and was dating on and off.

From the first day Stella started dating Robert, Phillip watched him like a hawk to see what kind of guy was dating his mom. Even at that age, Phillip was somewhat protective of his mom and wanted to make sure she wasn’t dating some creep who might treat her badly or try to take advantage of her.

Phillip soon learned that Robert a stand up guy who was very good to his mother, treated her with respect, kindness, and dignity, Robert was also very good to and genuinely cared about Phillip, taking him to ball games or movies when he was in town and that was all that mattered to Phillip.

Sadly and without warning, Robert’s life was suddenly and tragically cut short after only six years after he and Stella met and were married. It happened when Robert’s plane encountered an RPG fired by rogue middle eastern militia faction in the area they were in overseas and was forced to the ground where it crashed and destroyed on impact.

Since Robert had no family or living heirs, he had made arrangements to take care of Stella in the event of something like this occurring. He left them his palatial 5,400 square foot two story home in nice upscale neighborhood, which was where Phillip and Stella now were living.

Even though the neighborhood was a recent development, it didn’t have the major down sides of new developments such as houses being built practically on top of one another with little space between them and no yard. The houses were spaced out so you weren’t crowding others and the yards were big enough for kids to play football in comfortably.

The other primary advantage which Stella LOVED and ADORED was that there was no nosey HOA(Home Owner’s Association) constantly looking over people’s shoulders trying to boss people around.

The neighbors didn’t think it was necessary, and besides they felt they had enough of big government looking over people’s shoulders with their clusterfuck policies and silly mandates, so they didn’t need some petty, little, self appointed dictator(s) trying to tell them how to manage their property.

Robert also left Stella 51 percent interest in his Oil corporation and provided his annual salary to be given to her for life with adjustments for cost of living increases.

Robert did however, appoint someone he trusted and had groomed for the job to take over as head of the company day to day overseas operations(Chief Operating Officer) but Stella took over Roberts office in the corporate Headquarters in Houston where he worked when in town.

Stella was still ultimately in charge and had the final say in what went on in the business and with her being the majority 60 percent stock holder, the board could not use its leverage to manipulate her.

To help Stella, Robert chose people who he knew and trusted who would not take advantage of Stella, of her naivete or lack of knowledge in the corporate world or who would try to use manipulate her to their advantage and appointed them as her advisors and assistants.

As sincere and well meaning Robert was, all the safeguards he had put in place to protect Stella from the “Serpents and Jackals” of the corporate world weren’t really necessary.

Sure Stella hay have been naive when it came to Big Oil or the politics of big business and the corporate boardroom, but she knew how business in general worked because she successfully ran the strip club by herself.

Also, there were some people at the Corporation who tried to take advantage of Stella in the beginning, but Stella had a street smarts about her and a way of detecting bullshit that people underestimated and she immediately saw through those individuals and groups and turned their tricks back on them.

Stella definitely had a way of managing people and a certain demeanor about her and the way she carried herself, that let it be known in no uncertain terms, she was clearly in charge.

She took lessons from Philip’s way of thinking in his martial arts training and had chosen to learn and embrace the same skills of disciplined control through cold steel and not heated anger. As a result, the people who had tried to take advantage of Stella for their own gain, thought long and hard about trying to cross her again and chose to embrace her leadership.

So in short, Stella ended up being a Big Oil executive on Monday through Friday during the day and an independent entrepreneur and entertainer on Friday and Saturday nights, a life which she was good at balancing and thoroughly enjoyed and thrived, becoming even more successful.

Robert finally set aside a 25 million dollar trust for Phillip for college and/or personal living expenses accessible at 18. This trust would pay Phillip an annual stipend of 250,000 per year(after taxes) on a monthly basis until his death, then it would pass to any heir or heirs he had.

Anyhow, back to the main part of the story. Finally after 45 minutes of driving, Stella and Phillip arrived home. Stella backed her Mustang up into the garage and lowered the garage door. Phillip was getting a bit nervous and excited at the same time because he knew what was coming up, Stella’s birthday surprise to him.

Stella and Phillip carried the packages from the sex shop as well as the Apple store into the house. Most of the stuff they sat on the counter but Stella took the two small packages and Phillip got the three wardrobe boxes and followed Stella upstairs to the “forbidden” room.

“Well here we are sweetheart,” Stella said with a smile. “Are you ready for this?”

“About as ready as I am going to be,” Phillip replied with a nervous laugh.

“Then let’s do it,” Stella replied and with that she opened the door.

The room was set up just like a strip club and just like Phillip remembered it. In the back of the room from where Stella and Phillip looked in was a T-shaped stage about knee high(approximately 18 inches) from the floor. The stage ran across the room about 15 feet from one side to another and was about three feet wide and the T-part jutted up from the middle another 6 feet towards where Stella and Phillip were standing.

On the stage was a stripper’s pole running from floor to ceiling. It had the capability to light up. Along the top of the ceiling were 4 spotlights pointed towards different directions of the stage and the back wall of the stage were mirrors.

Also, on the back of the stage behind where the T shaped intersection was, was a curtained off area that went behind the stage to a dressing room area where Stella could change into her outfits.

Also, behind the stage was another room where Stella had a video control center. She could turn on hidden video cameras that were attached to the wall in all 4 corners of the room plus six located in the ceiling. These cameras looked like security cameras you saw in a department store.

Each camera gave an 180 degree view of what was being filmed and between all of them you got complete coverage and then some.

Stella led Phillip over to the right side of the stage as you faced the stage all the way to the end where there was a brown leather overstuffed loveseat. She sat Phillip down and told him to wait there while she went to change into her outfit.

As she went into the dressing room Stella said, “Make yourself comfy hon. I’ll be right back.” Stella then paused and handed him an envelope. “Here sweetie, I thought you might want this. It’ll make the show more fun.”

Phillip opened the envelope and saw there was a wad of cash, at least a few hundred dollars worth in various denominations, mostly ones and fives along with some tens and twenties.

Phillip made himself comfortable on the loveseat as he waited for Stella to come out in her surprise outfit. Phillip had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

Stella was gone for about ten minutes and then she peeked out behind the stage and said “Okay sweetie, close your eyes and don’t open them until I say so.”

“Okay,” Phillip replied

“Put this on hon,” Stella said as handed Phillip a blindfold. “Here let mommy take care of it.”

Stella leaned down and put the blindfold over Phillip’s eyes, the kind you wore when sleeping. Stella then walked over and turned on the video camera then cued the music she was going to dance to.

It was a special sensual erotic dance mix she had made up. The first song was entitled “The Principles of Lust” by Enigma and this particular mix was mixed so it was twenty minutes long.

“Okay hon, you can take your blindfold off now,” Stella said with a smile.

Phillip removed the blindfold and nearly creamed his pants when he saw Stella. Stella was dressed in a naughty schoolgirl outfit.

The top was a white top that was tied at the midriff in a knot just under her breasts and was left open so Phillip got a full on glimpse of Stella’s sumptuous cleavage. The skirt was a red and black checkered plaid that just barely covered her ass.

On her legs, Stella was wearing a pair of white knee high socks and on her feet she had a pair of black saddle shoes with straps that came around her ankles.

To cap off the look Stella had her long honey golden blonde hair done up in pigtails on both sides. Picture a grown up version of the Cindy Brady look from the 1970’s television show “The Brady Bunch” and you would have Stella.

“So by your expression I take it you approve,” Stella said with a smile.

“OH HELL YEAH,” Phillip exclaimed.

“Well I figured a handsome school boy like yourself needs a sexy schoolgirl to play with,” Stella purred.

“Well cum here baby girl and play with me,” Phillip said with a naughty grin.

“Mmmmmmm I like when you talk dirty,” Stella purred. “It makes me feel like the trashy little whore that I am.”

Stella started the music and with a smile said “Well just lean back hon and let your naughty little schoolgirl give you an education you will always remember.”

The music instantly set the mood and Stella began to dance for Phillip. She wriggled her sweet little hot body for Phillip as she walked towards the pole. Stella then wrapped her legs around the pole and spun her body around as she leaned back.

It was here when Phillip noticed Stella wasn’t wearing any panties as her skirt came up, partially exposing her sweet newly shaven pussy.

Stella then put her back to the pole and slid her body all the way down to the floor and then slid back up then took two more spins around the pole then did a split on the floor with her legs wide out, bumping her body up and down.

Stella then got on her hands and knees like a dog and slowly and seductively crawled over to where Phillip was and leaned over and put her head in his lap and breathed on cock, then stood back up, but before she walked away she added “Don’t forget you can tip me any time.”

As Stella walked away she hiked her skirt and wriggled her sexy little ass then slid around the pole two more times like she did before.

Phillip took the hint and stood up at the end of the stage and took out some ones and fives. Stella then playfully danced her way over to Phillip and sat on the stage facing him with her legs spread and her skirt hiked up around her waist.

“Slide it in my garter hon,” Stella lovingly said and with that laid on her back and raised her legs over her head and did a rolling back flip landing back in a split.

Stella crawled back over to where Phillip was again untied the knot in her shirt, exposing her breasts and put her breasts against Phillip’s face and rubbed her tits against it.

This time Phillip had a five dollar bill in his mouth and Stella placed her breasts together and took the bill.

“Now your getting the hang of it hon,” Stella smiled. “Get as naughty and creative as you want,” she added, then Phillip had an idea.

He unfastened his pants and removed them and put a twenty dollar bill in the top of the waistband of his briefs so it was standing straight up. He looked in Stella’s direction and playfully wiggled the bill like he was wiggling his cock.

Stella’s face lit up and she licked her lips and playfully leaned back against the pole lifted her legs and spread them as she playfully rubbed her pussy. She then crawled back on her hands and knees to where Phillip was now sitting back down on the loveseat.

Stella leaned back over and put her mouth on the twenty dollar bill and with her teeth, pulled it out. She turned her head to the side and let it fall from her lips to the stage floor and then sat back down.

In one fell swoop, she slipped off the stage landing in Phillip’s lap facing him and embraced him as she planted a long deep sensual tongue probing kiss on Phillip. As she kissed him, she dry humped him, grinding her sweet pussy against the bulge in his briefs.

Stella decided it was time to take it to the next level She didn’t worry about trying to remove Phillip’s briefs. She stood up, leaned over put her hands on either side of the crotch hole in Phillip’s briefs and in one quick motion, ripped the briefs apart, fully exposing Phillips rigid pulsating 9-inch cock.

Stella stood up turned around so that her back was turned to him. She got back on the stage and spread her legs and rubbed her pussy with her fingers and slid them inside until she came.

She then motioned to Phillip to approach the stage as she carefully crawled back towards him. Stella leaned down on her elbows and stuck her ass in the air as Phillip put his tongue on the back side of her pussy and began eating her out.

Stella rubbed her ass up and down, side to side and backwards and forwards as Phillip used his tongue like a little cock and ate her pussy. He then took the initiative and put his hands around Stella’s waist and pulled her toward him and buried his face in her snatch.

“OH God baby eat mommy’s pussy good and make her cum,” Stella purred and continued to wriggle her sweet bum against Phillip’s face.

Stella then turned over and laid on her back and spread her legs and motioned with her finger for Phillip to put his head between her legs. Phillip dove into Stella’s pussy and ate her out.

Stella took Phillip’s head in her hands and it against her pussy as she bucked her hips up and down fucking his face.

Deep inside, Stella’s pleasure was building and her juices began trickling out her pussy and Phillip got a preview of her sweet honey dew nectar. She gasped as wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her body, each one stronger than before until the final wave with the strength of the most powerful Tsunami exploded through her body.

The force was so strong that Stella’s body began to convulse and shudder then she went rigid as she came in his mouth, flooding his face with her sweet sticky cream. Stella did something she had only heard of happening but had never experienced. Her cream was forcefully expelled with the force of a full ejaculation.

Once Stella had been given sweet release, she passed out and laid still for a few minutes so, as her body struggled to recover from the intensity of the pleasure she felt inside her. Her body was drenched with sweat her, hair wet and her body still trembled.

Finally she stirred and sat back up on the stage. She slid forward off the stage and sat in Phillip’s lap facing him. She lifted her body up, took her hand and grabbed Phillip’s hard tool and lowered herself back down as she guided his hard tool into her pussy.

“Don’t stop now baby,” Stella moaned with a lustful purr. “Mommy’s still so fucking horny. Her sweet little kitty needs a good scratching and she’s gonna your scratching post to scratch her itch.”

Stella wasted no time in getting a good rhythm going and soon she was bouncing up and down on Phillip’s cock like one of those bouncy balls with a handle on top you see a child riding at PE/recess time.

Stella was riding Phillip so good, he was afraid he was going to be ground down to a nub but he didn’t care. Even though it felt like Stella was stripping off several layers of his cock the, pleasure was well worth the pain.

Stella and Phillip embraced as their bodies pressed tightly together while they fucked. Stella’s tits bounced up and down as she did and she and Phillip passionately kissed as they continued to fuck.

Deep inside each of our lovers, their individual passions were rising. Stella was feeling the same pleasure as she had felt when having Phillip eat her out and Phillip was doing his best to stem the tide of his raging volcano ready to erupt forth from his cock spewing its hot flow of lava.

Soon, neither one of them could hold back, and they gave into their passions. Stella climaxed first, releasing her sweet nectar over Phillip’s cock. Phillip, in return, spewed forth his hot lava flow of jism, deep into Stella’s waiting pussy, seeding her precious womb with his hot manhood.

Just as Phillip was cumming, to his shock and horror, he suddenly realized something he should have earlier when he had first had sex with Stella but failed to. In the throes of all his passions, he had been throwing caution to the wind and hadn’t bothered to put on a condom. He normally didn’t panic but the fear was real this time, but it was too late.

“Oh God,” Phillip panted in a half frightened tone. “Protection, what about protection!”

“What about protection honey,” Stella said in sweet loving, yet nonchalant tone like there was not care in the world and she wasn’t worried.

“We’re not wearing any,” Phillip added in his same worried pant.

“I know sweetie,” Stella said with a loving smile in the same “Que-sa-ra-sa-ra” tone, like it was no problem at all. “Mommy’s got it all figured out. Trust mommy.”

With those words, something in Phillip’s mind said “Just let go. What ever happens, happens.” Then, a strange calm fell over him, and he soon forgot about his fears.

Phillip and Stella embraced each other for about 5 more minutes kissing and caressing as their orgasms slowly subsided. Stella then whispered seductively into Phillip’s ear, “Let us go finish this in ‘Our bed.'”

With that, Stella led Phillip out of the “private room” to her room which was now going to be their room into their “marriage bed” for the joining ceremony she was going to perform to seal their union.

Stella sat Phillip down on the side of the bed and with a smile said “Wait here my beloved,” then walked into her large walk-in closet. She was gone maybe for three minutes and returned wearing a lavender hooded cloak left mostly open except for the area just below the neck which was fastened by a clip.

Stella was carrying a small 3 foot by 18 inch trunk in one arm and a bottle of something in the other hand. Over the bottle was a dark purple robe similar to what she was wearing.

Stella sat the robe on a chair and sat the chest down on the floor. She then went to the wardrobe and pulled out a quilt, candles and a leather bound book about 4 inches thick. The quilt was thick and was more than large enough to fit a king sized bed and was purple and had a yellow Wiccan star in the middle and runes which he didn’t understand on each four corner.

Stella then placed the candles around the blanket in a circle then explained to Phillip what was going on. She told him that since he was the man of the house, they were on equal footing but she wanted it to be something more special.

She explained the “Joining Ceremony” and that they would be bound together physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually, and from now on they would live essentially as man and wife.

She did point out, however, that in the eyes of the law, they would not be recognized as married because of what she explained was society’s outdated and unenlightened taboo on incest. Yet in their hearts, minds, souls, and spirits, it didn’t matter, because they were bound by a higher mystical power, truly one with the universe, a bond which transcended normal boundaries.

After explaining everything that was involved and what it meant, she asked Phillip if he wanted to proceed with the ceremony and be united together as husband and wife in the mystical and spiritual sense. Phillip gladly and delightfully agreed and consented.

“Arise my beloved,” Stella said in a matronly tone to which Phillip stood up. She then led Phillip over to the quilt and told him where to stand. She then unclasped her cloak from the top and allowed it to fall to the floor and began the ceremony.

“Do you Phillip, willingly pledge your body, mind, soul, and spirit with mine as I, Stella, do to you, to be one with me as I shall be one with you, and together we shall be bound together with the Holy Mother Eden and live together as for all eternity?”

“I do my beloved Stella,” Phillip replied with a smile.

“Then my beloved,” Stella added, “at the close of this ceremony may we forever be bound together with each other and the Most Holy Mother Eden. Now kneel before the me and the Most Blessed Mother to receive the emblem of unity and complete the ritual of joining.”

Stella then removed the necklace which she was wearing and placed it around Phillip’s neck, It was a two inch golden Ankh on a golden chain with a small diamond shaped amethyst stone in the middle. The stone was brilliant and looked like it had a starburst inside.

Stella opened the leather bound book and began reciting her oath to Phillip. “With this blessed and sacred amulet, I pledge my sacred eternal love to thee, I give thee my mind body soul and spirit, to live with thee as my eternal partner for all eternity.”

Without having to be told Phillip instinctively knew what to say. It was like he was being led by some unseen mystical force that seemed to be permeating the room and guiding the ceremony.

“I Phillip, accept thy eternal gift of thy sacred love for me, and pledge my love to thee in return.”

“Arise and stand my beloved,” Stella said and then she walked over and opened the trunk She then removed an identical Ankh but instead of being gold this one was silver with a silver chain.

Stella then knelt in front of Phillip and bowed her head once then looked up. Phillip knowing what to do, placed the Ankh around Stella’s neck and recited the same pledge Stella had to him when she placed the golden Ankh on Phillip’s neck. In returned she recited the acceptance pledge.

Stella then stood and placed her hands in Phillip’s and said “The first part of the Ceremony is complete.” She then said with a smile, “Now we do like they do in traditional weddings, the bride and groom kiss.

Stella and Phillip embraced and kissed as their lips met and their bodies touched, their necklaces also touched in the stone areas. Instantly, their was a sudden jolt like a jolt of electricity which coursed through their bodies, sending a sensation though both of them that words could never explain.

At the same time, their minds mystically joined, and they saw through each other’s eyes and they knew each other’s thoughts, hopes dreams and deepest darkest fantasies.

Once the kiss was broken, they returned to their own minds but knew they were eternally joined.

“Now the spiritual joining,” Stella said. “We must don our ceremonial unity robes,” she added as she took Phillip’s robe and placed it on him and Phillip placed Stella’s on her.

Stella then took out a chalice from the trunk and a ceremonial dagger. The chalice was silver with raised Egyptian glyphs carved onto the metal. The width of the opening was four inches across the top and its depth was the same yet it the width narrowed to two inches on the bottom as it met the stem which was 2 inches wide and 2 inches high.

The dagger had a silver handle with intricate ruins carved into it and a five inch, double edged, silver blade with runes etched onto the flat of the blade, and as Phillip would soon find out, as sharp as the Klingon blades he had seen depicted on the Sci-Fi show “Star Trek.”

Stella then closed her eyes, concentrated and then softly said in a calm confident voice “Haree!” which is ancient Egyptian for fire. With that, the candles instantly and mysteriously lit as some unseen mystical force had lit them.

Stella took the bottle of liquid, lifting it into the air recited an arcane chant from the book. She then opened the bottle and poured some of the contents into the chalice.

“Extend your hand my beloved but do no flinch,” Stella said then added with a soft sweet smile. “The pain may be intense and only short lived, but the pleasure will be worth it.”

Stella then took Phillip’s hand and quickly ran the blade over it and his palm began bleeding but Phillip was stoic calling on the strength of his martial arts training. She then turned his, palm down over the chalice so his blood ran into the cup, mixing with the liquid.

Stella then took the blade and cut her hand allowing her blood to flow into the cup. She then raised the cup and recited the following chant: “Oh most Holy Mother Eden, bless our union. May our life forces join with each other and you and may we be united with thee in eternal bliss and harmony.”

Stella took a drink then passed the chalice to Phillip who took a drink as well then Stella sat the chalice aside.

“Disrobe my sweet,” Stella said as she removed her robe. Stella did the same. Stella then took the blade and made a shallow three inch incision between her breasts and did the same on the same area of Phillip’s chest.

“My heart to your heart, my soul to your soul, may we forever be joined together never to be departed. Lets us now seal our union.”

With that, Stella and Phillip embraced and fucked in the missionary position. Stella’s long luscious legs wrapped around Phillip’s body locked her ankles and pulled her in.

Stella then recited a chant in ancient Latin. As she did a mystical presence filled the room and consumed them. Time and space became suspended and lost all meaning for Stella and Phillip. They were in their own little universe Stella and Phillip instantly knew and felt the other’s pleasure.

During their encounter, they felt each other’s orgasms and could feel each other’s pleasure. Their passions slowly rose together and soon they were on the verge of cumming. Stella’s orgasm peaked as did Phillip’s and they both came in unison, Stella flooding Phillip’s cock with her sweet sticky cream and Phillip seeding Stella’s womb with his hot manhood.

Stella and Phillip slowly came down from their orgasmic high as the world slowly came back into focus. They were now united completely and never would be separated again.

“Mmmmmmmm that was so good my husband,” Stella said with a smile Stella then snickered and added “You know it sounds odd calling you my husband but I know in my very soul it so right.”

“I couldn’t ask for a better wife,” Phillip said with a smile. “I feel whole now, like a part of me is no longer missing knowing my soul is complete, and strangely my hand no longer hurts,” and as he said that he looked at it and was surprised to see the cut had completely closed and the skin was smooth.

He then looked at his chest and the wound was completely closed like it had never been cut.

“How,” Phillip replied.

“I guess as we were joined, our flesh truly became one and somehow we were mystically restored,” Stella said.

“Now for one more thing,” Stella said as she took two rings. They were matching sliver rings but one was male and one female with Nordic Runes carved on the surface. Stella placed Phillip’s his ring finger then Phillip placed Stella’s on her finger.

“So what do you think sweetie,” Stella purred lustfully. “Was this a good birthday or what.”

“Best birthday I ever had,” Phillip said and the entertainment was better than anything I could have gotten from some movie. Plus, I have a great woman to share my life with and I couldn’t ask for a better marriage(and Phillip used air quotes with the term “marriage”) partner. I know we’re not really legally married, but there is no one I rather share my life with than you.”

“Oh sweetie, I want to put your mind at rest from a problem you had earlier,” Stella then said with a loving smile changing the subject.

“What problem is that,” Phillip asked.

“Well your concern about protection,” Stella replied. “You were concerned about us not using birth control and I told you to trust me, mommy had it handled. Well I wanna tell you you don’t have to worry.”

“When I met Robert, we both knew we didn’t want any more children, Stella added. “Robert had already had a vasectomy but I wanted to make sure, so I had my tubes tied and my uterus removed. So it doesn’t matter how many times you cum inside me. I can’t ever get pregnant and have a baby, unless fate intervenes and chooses to bless us with a child.”

“Well that does make me feel better,” Phillip replied “but strangely enough I wasn’t worried. Something told me not to worry so I didn’t.”

Stella then felt her stomach grumble then she looked at the clock and it was almost nine.

“I know it’s late but you up for Mexican,” Stella said with a smile. “Chico’s over on Dexter doesn’t close until 11:00. If we hurry and shower, I think we can make it.”

They showered dressed and made it to the restaurant by a quarter after ten. After they ate, they returned home and made love all night long and at sunrise, watched the sun come up. Afterwards they went to breakfast at Denny’s.

After graduation Stella invited Phillip to work with her at her oil company as her Personal Executive Assistant. He began attending college in the fall majoring in Accounting and Computer Information Systems so he could one day be an executive in the company, maybe Vice President.

On the weekends, he went to work with Stella at her club. She trained him how to be a manager and he did well very well. He became very popular with the girls and Stella made good on her promise to Dixie to allow her and Phillip to become intimately acquainted.

Soon, Dixie became part of Stella and Phillip’s little inner circle becoming a “sister wife.” Stella surprisingly didn’t mind sharing Dixie with Phillip. They were all united together as one yet that is another story for another time.

Who would have ever imagined that what all began as a knucklehead’s attempt to torment Phillip as part of a horrible way of inflicting pain at his expense would actually turn out to be the best thing that ever happen.

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