Mom gives son a private show to remember

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This is a beautiful story of a love between a mother and son blossoming and culminating in a deep mystical spiritual union. ALL sexual situations depicted in this story occur between two or more legally consenting adults, 18 years of age and older.

Stella had a deep dark secret she had been keeping from her son Phillip for a long, long time, that is until Phillip found out shortly after he turned 16. It was a secret that Stella had been hoping to keep from Phillip until after he became an adult, but as most secrets go sometimes, it was eventually discovered, and the truth came out.

Stella was hoping that she would be the one to tell Phillip, but fate had other plans. The secret was revealed in a way meant to embarrass Phillip and told by a group of his fellow high school students, those who thought they were better than him and wanted to see him suffer, however much to their chagrin and dislike, Phillip had figured out the secret on his own.

As far as Stella was concerned, Phillip only knew that she was business owner, an owner/manager of a nightclub. Stella told Phillip that it was an investment and she enjoyed running it. She left out the part that she was a stripper, seeing that Phillip was young, and she had planned to tell him when he became an adult.

Stella, however underestimated Phillip’s curiosity and tenacity to figure things out. He loved a mystery and enjoyed solving it even more and upon doing a little digging, Phillip found out that the club was not just a night club but a strip joint.

He also had figured out what the room over the garage was being used for. Ever since Phillip was 11, his mother had kept that area private but by the time he was 16, he knew.

Phillip kept the info to himself figuring that when Stella was ready, she would tell him. This knowledge didn’t lessen his opinion of her at all. In fact he secretly thought it was pretty awesome having a hot sexy mom who was or at least used to be a stripper.

The day the fellows who were planning to spill the beans about Phillip’s mom occurred on a day at school when Phillip was with a girl who he was interested in named Cindy. They started talking in the halls about hearing about a certain woman who was a stripper much to the delight of their little circle of minions.

Then they revealed it was Phillip’s mom and even went so far as to make up stories about how she fucked guys on stage, doing their best to goad him. When that didn’t work, they kept at it until one of the Assistant Principals came by and broke up the little get together.

The Principal asked Phillip was he okay and to which Phillip simply smiled and replied, “No problem Coach, I got this.” The taunting kept on getting meaner and meaner and it was all Phillip could do to keep from hauling off and decking the whole lot of them which would have been easy for him to do.

The boys who were doing this to Phillip saw him as an easy target. Even though Phillip stood 6’4″ tall with and slender but quite muscular build with well-toned and well-defined muscles on his upper and lower body and on would the outside seemed like a person you would think twice about messing with, Phillip was quiet, soft-spoken, reserved, and a little awkward around people, especially girls.

He got the derogatory nickname “Pooh Bear,” mainly meant to be an insult because of his soft spoken tone and quiet demeanor. Also, Phillip was the “new kid” in a fairly snobby and very cliquish high school where most of the students were spoiled rich kids who in their parents eyes could do no wrong.

However, Phillip had his own secret that not too many people knew seeing it was his first semester there. Phillip was skilled at the Martial Arts, mainly Muay Thai and Thai Chi and was a seventh-degree black belt and had won numerous awards in sparring competitions. If he wanted to, he could easily kick ass and take name, but that wasn’t his style.

He fully embraced the discipline which consisted of the body, mind and heart all being in sync and harmony. He also acted with self-respect and respect for others. He never fought out of anger because that clouded judgment and could cause him to lose concentration, leaving him open to counter attacks.

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