One night changed everything for a mother and her son

One night changed everything for a mother and her son

April 2003

Evelyn Harper wouldn’t normally drink scotch, but tonight was an exception. The bottle, a single malt, was already set at the wet bar, accompanied by two simple lowball glasses. Ice was at the ready, though not required. It mellowed the experience, and something that she had learned was that even the most peaty spirits were best tackled in small sips. It let your palate adjust, slowly. Eventually it leads to a more pleasurable experience, but always best performed one sip at a time.

Looking around the room, her lips moved, speaking in less than a whisper as she inventoried the scene, taking stock of the cozy den. She would sit in the tufted chaise lounge, while he likely would reside on the armchair beside it. He would keep his drink in his left hand, closer to the coaster, which would keep his attention fixed on her. There was just something special about the way he looked at her that sent her heart fluttering and this should maximize that outcome.

As she walked about, she stopped for a moment at the bar catching her reflection in the wood-framed standing mirror. She smiled, noting the results of the last few days of pampering. Her blonde hair recently trimmed and styled to hang layered and just below her shoulders. The spa treatment had put her so at ease, skin still soft and tight, eyebrows expertly trimmed. She opted for a very light and natural approach to her makeup tonight and was pleased with the results. She looked regal, sophisticated, and dare she say; sexy.

Stepping back, she noted her attire, adjusting her pose to see herself from as many angles as possible. Her top fit perfectly, a white sleeveless button-up blouse, top two buttons undone. As she pushed out her chest, the buttons stressed to hold her bust, just barely hinting at the black bra beneath. As she looked lower, she focused on the black pencil skirt. It hugged her hips, the bottom hem sitting six inches above her knees. Turning around, she smiled seeing how it accentuated her backside. She smoothed out the pleating, picking a strand of lint off her rump before looking down to her feet where she wore two black pumps, or as she called it, her “lucky pair.” Everything was perfect, and according to the grandfather clock in the corner, she still had ten minutes to spare.

Evelyn closed her eyes and took a deep breath, counting to twenty while inhaling and another twenty to let the air back out. Calm. Collected. She opened her eyes, slowly, making eye contact with her reflection in the mirror. The woman before her looked ready. With another deep breath, she nodded her head and relaxed.

A sudden yet soft tap on the window perked her ears. Driven by curiosity, she approached the diamond-grilled windows that overlooked the outside courtyard. The patio lights were still off, so there wasn’t any motion. But what was that-

Another soft tap, this time right in front of her eyes. On the glass, perfectly between the diamond muntin bars was a single spec of water. Then another, and another. Within moments a soft pitter-patter could be heard as drops of rain began to sprinkle across the panes of glass.

What started as a light sprinkle quickly evolved into a downpour. Out in the streets, people ran down the sidewalk, some laughing, some grumbling as they passed the multiple stoops of the crowded brownstone townhouses. The few cars out on the narrow roadways found themselves navigating flooded streets and bike lanes due to the overwhelmed storm drains. Many failed to slow down or neglected it altogether, and sent large waves of water spraying on the bystanders that happened to be near.

“Come on, man!” Aiden yelled as he stood on the sidewalk watching the car continue on its path, seemingly oblivious or non-apologetic to the deluge it sprayed upon him.

It was insult added to injury. Already soaked, Aiden turned, adjusted his backpack on his shoulders, and carried his bicycle up the steps to a dark blue door.

“Mom! Hello!” he called out as he entered, dripping. Immediately he found a pile of towels in the entryway.

“Hi, Baby-Oh!” Evelyn said as she rounded the corner and caught sight of her son. “You’re absolutely soaked! Aiden, the towels! Use them before you drip all over the hardwood.”

“Thanks,” he said as he picked up a rag and wiped his face, dropping his backpack by the door. “I’ll need a few extra for my bike.”

“Use those first. I’ll get more.”

Aiden cleaned off his bike and left it to lean in the entryway while his mother returned with another towel.

“You look like a drowned rat,” she said with a smile. “That bad out there?”

“It’s pretty gnarly. Sorry I’m late.”

“You’re fine,” she said, waving it off with her hand. “I hardly noticed. You know, I would prefer you take a bus or taxi.”

“Just trying to stay fit, Mom. Isn’t a little exercise a good thing?”

“My love, you could miss a month at the gym and still be batting off the girls on campus, I’m sure. At least check the weather next time,” she said. “Did you have dinner?”

“Yeah, I snagged something at the café before I took off.”



“Had some leftovers from lunch with Tina.”

Aiden toweled off his light brown hair leaving it wild and slightly shaggy.

“You ready?” he asked.

“I am, but you are not.”

Aiden’s brow furrowed.

“What? I totally am.”

“Ha! The hell you are!” Evelyn laughed. “You are a mess. I’m not having you sit on my furniture like that. Go upstairs and get cleaned up.”

“I didn’t bring a change of clothes.”

“Just grab something from your father’s closet.”

Aiden paused before responding.

“You still haven’t got rid of them?”

Evelyn shook her head.

“Go,” she said.

Taking a moment to look at his mother, he turned and walked up the stairs.

“Oh, and Aiden?” she called after him. He stopped halfway up. “You’ll have to use my shower.”

“What’s wrong with the guest bath?”

“Plumbing’s been making noises. I have someone coming out Monday to take a look.”

“Okay. Thanks,” he said, then turned and walked up the stairs.

Evelyn poured her first drink while listening to the sounds of the shower above her head. The solitude of the house now warmed by company, and her favorite company at that. Yet, the scene was still not quite right. Something was still missing. A grin spread across her face as her eyes settled on the old record player in the corner. Within moments the room was filled with the lightly crackling sound of a needle locked in the groove of a vinyl record and playing the smooth stylings of Ella Fitzgerald.

Drink in hand, Evelyn laid back on the chaise lounge, propping her head up on the armrest as she looked to the ceiling. Her mind’s eye tracked to the spot where she suspected her son was just one floor up. She sang softly to herself, harmonizing perfectly to an improvised vocal solo.

When she heard the squeak of the shower stop, so did she. It was minutes away from game time.

Aiden’s heavy footsteps announced his arrival as he walked down the stairs. His mother was already standing at the entry to the den, watching as he arrived. Her eyebrow twitched for a moment as this young man strode toward her. She had wondered what he would select from his father’s wardrobe. He had chosen a set of tan slacks and a light blue button-up shirt. She was pleased to see they fit almost perfectly. The shirt was a little big, but he rolled the sleeves to fit his arms better. He had opted for bare feet, no shoes or socks. That part was interesting in its own regard. Perhaps he wasn’t ready to walk in his father’s shoes quite yet.

“Find everything alright?”

“Yeah. Thanks,” he replied.

“Those look good on you. But your collar is not quite right,” she said as she walked up into his space. As she had done a thousand times before, Evelyn reached around his neck and straightened the band and neckline of his shirt.

“You really should get yourself a girl to do this for you, you know.”

“Working on that, Mom,” he said.


She tugged at the collar and flattened the creases across his chest.

“There. Much better.” She beamed up at him with a warm smile, taking a moment to soak in her handsome son. “You really do have a lot of his features.”

“I thought you got rid of his things already. Are we gonna talk about that?”

“Perhaps. Just not tonight.”

“… Okay,” Aiden replied.

“Come on.”

Evelyn walked into the den and picked up her glass, then a second already filled with a generous pour. She reached out and offered the glass to her son as a deep roll of thunder reverberated through the house.

“Thank you,” he said as he let his eyes fall to his mother. “You look great by the way. Absolutely stunning. Did you have already have plans tonight?”

“No,” she said cheerfully. “Just wanted to look nice for you.”

Aiden smiled and felt a slight warming of his cheeks. Evelyn noticed.

“Cheers,” she said as they clinked their glasses. Her eyes never left him as they both sipped.

“Mmm,” Aiden hummed and pulled back to look at the glass. “This one new?”

“No, not really,” his mother replied, basking in the soft burn and notes of vanilla. “It was your father’s favorite. I’ve grown to enjoy it myself.”

She studied him a moment. “Do you not like it? I can get you something-“

“No, no, this is perfect. Thank you.”

He took another sip and let the flavor splash across his pallet. Evelyn smiled.

“So,” she said. “… what game shall it be tonight?”

“Whatever you’d like.”

“You say that every week.”

“So you should be used to it by now.”

“Chess?” she inquired.

“Sure. It’s been a while since you kicked my ass in that, so why not.”

Evelyne smiled and turned to walk away.

“Take a seat. I’ll get the board,” she said looking over her shoulder.

Aiden couldn’t help but notice the sway in her hips when she sauntered away.

He sat in the armchair and watched as his mother returned setting down a finely carved wooden box with a marbled chess board inlay. As Evelyn sat in the chaise lounge, mother and son pulled out two drawers hidden in the siding and began to remove the chess pieces from felt-lined cubbies. Both players set their figurines in their proper places until the board was prepped and ready.

Evelyn reached out and took a single pawn from each side; one black and one white.

“You ready?” she said as she put her hands behind her back and swapped the pieces.

Aiden nodded. She brought out both hands, each hiding a pawn curled up in her fist.

“You pick, my love.”

He looked back and forth between the two, knowing well that a pawn was hidden in each. The only question was which one held which color. He tapped her right hand.

Aiden watched his mother smile as she turned her hand over and opened her fist to reveal… nothing.

“Mom…” Aiden groaned as he rolled his eyes. “We still doing this?”

“What?” Evelyn gasped and then looked at her empty palm. “That’s so odd! I swore it was there a moment ago. Unless… wait. Don’t move.”

Her eyes fixed on something just over his shoulder.

“Mom, don’t.”

“No, wait a second. I think I…”

She reached out to her son, her hand disappearing behind his left ear.

“There it is!” Evelyn exclaimed as she pulled back and held a white pawn in her fingers.

“Ha-Ha, Mom. Very funny,” Aiden said, voice rich with sarcasm.

“You used to love that trick,” she said then set both pieces in their proper places on the board.

“Yeah, when I was like eight. And that was with a quarter which you always gave me,” Aiden said as they both rotated the board; Aiden with the white pieces, while Evelyn had black.

“So? It’s so much harder with chess pieces. Besides, what’s wrong with a little sleight of hand?” she asked as she brought her feet up beneath her, ankles crossed as she leaned into the armrest.

“Nothing. Nothing. It’s fine.” Aiden moved a Pawn.

“Are you sure? I can still give you a quarter.” Evelyn moved a Pawn.

“Yeah. Let’s just play.” Aiden moved another Pawn. “It’s your move, Mom.”

Evelyn moved her Queen.

“Checkmate,” she said.

Aiden stared at the board.


“The Queen has you in-“

“No I see that, but how did you do that so quickly?”

“I took the opportunity.”

Aiden looked up at her as she leaned back, hiding her smile behind her glass.

“Should I have gone easier on you?” Evelyn asked.

“No, No. It’s fine. I’m a little out of it, I guess.”

“Or maybe it’s because I’m that good.” Evelyn rose and finished off her glass. “You up for another drink?”

Aiden downed the rest of his as well.

“Absolutely,” he said smiling and handed her the empty glass, “But only one finger, please. I’m going to head home eventually.”

“Oh, Honey. I don’t think you should be riding your bike out there tonight. Why don’t you spend the night?”

“I don’t want to be a bother.”

“You know very well that it wouldn’t be the case,” said Evelyn and she poured herself another two fingers, then the same for her son. “There are already fresh sheets in the guest room.”

She walked back to Aiden and handed him the glass.

“Please, I insist.”

Aiden sighed, accepting the alcohol.

“Okay, Mother.”

“Mother? You make me sound so old, but thank you.” They reset the pieces. “You want to go again?”

Aiden nodded and made his opening move.

Their game continued like this, void of conversation but still rich in atmosphere. The rain pummeled the world outside only to be muted into constant drumming against the windows and walls. The great clock in the hall continued to slowly tick with a melodic chime every fifteen minutes, all while their pieces clicked and clacked on the board as the players moved them into varying positions of attack and defense. Neither Evelyn nor Aiden was aware the record singing in the corner had long since stopped.

“Were you always good at chess?” Aiden asked.

“Not at first. I played a lot with your grandfather.”

“Really? Grandpa? He was always so serious. I never thought he’d be into games.”

“Everything’s a game,” Evelyn said as she moved a piece.

Aiden took a moment while staring at the board in contemplation.

“I want to ask you a question,” Evelyn began, “But I’m worried it would be too motherly of me to do so.”

Aiden chuckled.

“What’s up?”

“I noticed that for the last few weeks, you haven’t brought up anything about that girl you had been seeing… Jennifer?”


“Right. Jessica. So is everything still…”

“We’re not seeing each other anymore.”

“Oh. You seemed enamored with her. What brought that on?”

“Yeah, I liked her. Of course I did, but we both needed to focus on other things.” Aiden took out her Bishop with a Rook. “Check.”

“You haven’t said anything about that before.” Evelyn moved her King.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” he took a deep breath and advanced his Queen. “It’s just between school and work and… other things, we didn’t get much time together.”

“Other things?” Evelyn moved a Knight.

“… It’s complicated, Mom.” Aiden moved his Queen again. “Check.”

Evelyn moved a Bishop to block the attack.

“Was there another woman?” she asked.

“No, Mom. Not really,” he said as he moved his Queen to take the Bishop. “Check.”

“Not really? That is a loaded response.”

“We don’t have to talk about it.”

“I know, but I want to. I’d like to know a little more about what’s going on with you. It’s the least I can do for you after how much you have been there for me since the accident.”

“Mom, seriously, it was nothing.”

“No, it was everything. You were here anytime and every time I needed you to be. It’s been difficult since he passed and without you, I don’t know how I would have managed…”

Her voice trailed off as she slowly cocked her head to the side in thought.

“… Aiden, was it me?” she asked her son.


“Earlier, you said you couldn’t commit because of work, school, and other things. Was it me? Am I the other things?”



He leaned forward and took a deep breath.

“… In a way, yes.”

Evelyne leaned back, her eyes never leaving his face. He continued.

“She was concerned with how much time I was spending here. Spending with you.”

“She was concerned?”


“Really?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Was she jealous?”

“Maybe,” Aiden shrugged.

“But what do you think?”

“… Probably.”

“Oh,” she said, then tried miserably to hide her smile.


“Nothing, just… It sounds to me like there was another woman.”


“Me.” She held her chin up high, as playfully smug as she could manage.

“Jeez, Mom,” he said while trying his best to hold back his smile. It was a battle he lost. “I don’t know any other mother who would get as much excitement over finding out her son was dumped because of her.”

“I’m sorry. I’ve just never been the other woman before and I want to bask in the moment a little.”

Aiden rolled his eyes and let out an audible laugh. Evelyn giggled.

“Alright, alright. Take all the time you need,” he said. “But at some point, can we get back to the game?”

“Of course,” she replied. “Whose turn is it?”

“Actually, yours. I believe I have you in check.”

This time it was Aiden’s turn to be smug.

Evelyn took his Queen with her Knight. His confidence immediately waned.

“Shit,” Aiden muttered. He leaned back as his eyes darted across the board. “You totally lead me into that, didn’t you?”

“Language, sweetheart,” Evelyn said as she leaned back, crossing her legs and smiling. “And I did indeed.”

He looked at the board. “You… have me locked in.”

“I do.”

“How many moves?”

“I’ll have you mated in six.”

Aiden scanned the board trying to see her plan.


“Baby, it was over once you lost your Queen.”

“Yeah, I see that’s a problem, but…”

“Go ahead. Play it out.”

Aiden squinted, searching her eyes for any sign. Evelyn gave none. He returned his attention to the board, hand hovering over the pieces. He moved his Rook, taking out her Knight.

Evelyn moved a Pawn, opening a direct line of attack for her Queen to his King.

“Check,” she said.

“Fuck,” he mumbled, then quickly cast his eyes up to his mother hoping she hadn’t caught his burst. She wagged her finger at him as she sipped.

He moved his King out of her way.

Evelyn advanced her Queen again, chasing his royal piece.


Aiden reached to move, then hesitated. His King was cornered. The few moves it could make would only place it in check. His only options then were to either block the Queen or take her out and he had no pieces in place for the latter. His rook was the only piece available to block. Yet once that was done, there was nothing to stop her from taking that piece as well and locking him into checkmate. It was inevitable. She had already won.

Suddenly the room filled with a bright flash of light and a deafening boom of thunder, then their world was plunged into darkness.


“Well, there goes the power,” Evelyn’s voice said in the pitch black.

“One second, I got something…”

A moment later there was a spark of light, then another, then finally a small flame shone from Aiden’s small zippo lighter.

“There we go,” he said as the two of them were bathed in a soft orange glow.

“Aiden Joseph Harper, tell me you haven’t been smoking again.”

The tiny flame couldn’t hide his sheepish smile.

“Well, not cigarettes at least.”


“I’m joking, Mom! Joking! Relax. I carry it to be prepared. You know, from Boy Scouts.”

Even in the dim light, Aiden could still see Evelyn’s motherly glare soften.

“Thin ice, Mister,” she said. “Help me get the candles.”

Working together, it wasn’t long until the dark space was illuminated in the soft pulsing light from a dozen tiny wicks throughout the room, accompanied by a small, but brightly burning fire in the fireplace.

Aiden stood at the window watching the rain continue to riddle the panes, hearing the heavy gusts of wind roar outside.

“One hell of a storm,” he said.

“Truly an understatement.” Evelyn was back at the bar pouring another glass. “Though I’d hate to be caught outside in a time like this, I do love being warm and sheltered while a storm rages outside.”


Evelyn approached, carrying both glasses and handing one to her son.

“Do you remember when you were in, what was it, fifth grade? When you, me, and your father were stuck in that dreadful storm on New Year’s Eve that knocked out the power all night.”

Aiden smiled.

“I do! You and Dad had said I could stay up until midnight with you and watch the ball drop in New York. I was devastated when we lost the TV. That was supposed to be my first countdown.”

“That’s right. You were so sad, I could hardly bare it,” Evelyn laughed.

“And then Dad-“

“-He ran around the house and changed any analog clock he could find to midnight-“

“-Yes! And he found that beach ball and filled it, then tied that string around it and lowered it from the ceiling fan.”

“And he was trying to do that horrid impression of Regis Philbin.”

“That’s who that was?” Aiden exclaimed, laughing.

“Impersonations were never a talent of his,” she chuckled.

“No one told him that.”

“Trust me, I did.”

Their laughter diminished as they watched the rain.

Aiden looked over at his mother while she stared into the darkness outside. Her eyes shimmered on the brink of tears.

“I miss him, Mom.”

She pressed her lips together, then squeezed her eyes shut.

“I know,” she said. “Me too.”

Aiden wrapped an arm around her, holding her close as they both stared off into the world. Evelyn leaned her head against his shoulder, then let the weight of her body press into him.

For what could have been seconds or minutes, neither parent nor child noted nor cared as time ticked by. Both stood before the storm outside and found comfort in each other.

Eventually, Evelyn looked up to her son.

“Thank you,” she whispered to him.

He looked into her eyes, seeing how they sparkled and danced in the candlelight.

“For what?” he asked.

“For being here.”

“Mom, I already said I-“

“My love, I know that. I never asked you to, but I needed you to. He was my world and my everything and when he was gone, you were there. I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

She wasn’t asking for him to respond, she just needed to say the words, and Aiden understood. He kissed her cheek.

Evelyn beamed up at him.

“Come now, let’s finish the game,” she said while reaching down and taking his hand, dragging him back to the chairs.

“Mom, you know as well as I that the game is over.”

“Was it?” Her voice was coy and playful.

“Obviously. Your Queen strikes again.”

“She is quite devastating, isn’t she? You up for another round?”

“I think I’m good with chess for a while.”

“Well then, any other games in mind, my dear sweet boy?” Evelyn asked while stretching her body with a groan.

Aiden tried not to watch but couldn’t take his eyes off the femininity of her form stretched and on display. The way the buttons on her blouse strained from her expanding bust. The way her back arched, neck extended gracefully. He never had to wonder why he compared every girlfriend to this woman. She was a goddess, he just hoped that she knew.

As for the goddess herself, for the briefest of moments, she felt his eyes on her form. Her dear, sweet boy. The way he looked at her then, it had been a while since a man looked at her that way. Even before…

“Aiden, what game should we play now?” she asked again.

“Um,” he mumbled, then coughed. “Nothing comes to mind.”

“Mmmmmm,” she purred blissfully as she lay across the chaise. “I suppose it may be too dark to play anything anyway. But I don’t know about you, I’m not quite ready to call it a night.”

“Same,” he replied as he swirled the liquor in his glass.

Her head lay on her arm as she stared at her son, marveling at the man he had become. Her heart swelled with pride.

“This has been nice,” she said.

“Hmm?” Aiden said, looking up.

“This,” she repeated, gesturing to the room. “All this. You, me, spending time together. Especially tonight. I like talking with you.”

“I like talking with you too.”

Aiden smiled and then lowered his eyes to the chessboard. Reaching out, he picked up a single white pawn and tossed it around in his hand.

“You doing okay over there?” Evelyn asked, raising an eyebrow while showing a playful smirk.

“Yeah, I’m just… trying to figure out how you did it.” Aiden closed his fist and opened it to find the pawn still sitting exactly where he left it. “Had to have been a trick pawn or something.”

“Maybe I’m just good with my hands,” Evelyn said with a shrug.

“Jeez, really, Mom?”


“Do you have to go and make everything… sexual?”

Evelyn’s mouth hung open.

“I did no such thing! If anything was made sexual, it was because you took it that way, which says a lot more about you, young man.”

“Me? What?”

“Yes! You. Just because someone says they’re good with their hands doesn’t necessarily imply ‘handjobs’ all the time.”

“Fine, alright! I’m sorry. Can we drop it?”

Evelyn stared at him and took a heavy swig of scotch. She let it swirl in her mouth as she leaned back in the chaise lounge.

“For what it’s worth, I was quite good at that too.”

“Mom!” Aiden’s face flushed red.

Evelyn hid her smile behind her glass. Upon seeing her son’s reaction, she was more pleased with herself than she knew she should be. She took a moment, a breath, and composed herself.

“You know, Aiden, I am looking forward to the day we can talk to each other like adults.

“What are you talking about? We already do.”

“No. I don’t think so. You still get so squeamish around the topic of sex.”

“I wouldn’t say squeamish…”

“Do you not enjoy it?”


“Just answer the question, my love.”

Aiden looked at her, his eyes narrowing.

“Of course I do. Who doesn’t? But discussing it with my mother is…”

“… is what?”

“It’s wrong. Did you ever talk about sex with your mother?”

“Yes, absolutely. She was quite adamant that we-“

“Okay, okay. What about your dad? Grandpa.”

“… That’s different.”

“Ah! You see!”

“No! Noooo, that’s not it!” Evelyn said as she set her drink down. “I didn’t have any qualms about discussing my sex life with my father. I even used to tease him a little. But he was the one to avoid it, just like you young man. He was from a different generation. He had a more conservative mindset in regard to expressions of sexuality.”

“… So what are you trying to say?”

“That you, my son, need to loosen up. There is nothing you can tell me that would make me think less of you.”

Aiden sat in quiet contemplation swirling his glass and watched the circular motion of the amber liquid within. He lifted his glass and downed the contents.

“Fair enough. I will try.”

“Thank you.”

Aiden cleared his throat.

“So… where did you learn that trick?”


“With the pawn.”

“Oh,” she laughed. “Would you believe me if I told you I once dated a magician?”

“Get out,” Aiden said completely flabbergasted.

“Your grandfather was fuming mad. He couldn’t stand the fact that I was with an entertainer. ‘He could never support you!’ he’d said. ‘Not the kind of person you’d want for a family!’ Oh, he was so upset,” Evelyn laughed.

“That sounds like Grandpa.”

“Well, he wasn’t always so grumpy, but yes, that did fire him up.” Evelyn sighed to herself. “In retrospect, perhaps it was a fling just to stick it to him.”

“You dated him to get back at Grandpa?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps. Or maybe just wanted a little fun.” A crooked smile crossed her face. “He was a lot of fun.”

Aiden opened his mouth to reply, then chose silence. Evelyn took note.

“Care for another?” she asked as she stood, crossing the room.

“I really shouldn’t,” Aiden said. “I’ve probably had too much as is.”

He watched her walk away. There was something special about the way her hips swayed with each step. Her dress hung to her form reminding all who saw her that this wasn’t a lady, but a woman. A real woman.

“Oh pish-posh,” she said. She felt his eyes on her and the deep thrill that came with it. “I’m having another. You’re not going to let me drink alone, are you?”

She turned and leaned against the bar, posing while batting her innocent doe eyes.

Aiden sighed as he tried to keep the room level.

“Go ahead,” he said. “But I’ve never known a lady who can handle as much liquor as you.”

Being quite pleased, Evelyn turned and smiled to herself while pouring the drinks.

“Perhaps I’m not as ladylike as you think.”

She leaned forward, bending further against the counter than she knew was necessary, shifting her weight from her right and left foot. She didn’t need to look in the mirror to know where his eyes were looking.

The glasses clinked as the ice floated inside, already cracking in the amber alcohol as Evelyn walked back and handed the drink to her son, then took a seat on her lounge, legs crossed.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to get me drunk,” he said as he loosened his collar.

“Just trying to loosen your tongue.”

“Well, I’m sure it’s plenty loose already.”

“Oh, I doubt that, but we can test it if you’d like…” Evelyn said with a smile as she uncrossed her legs.

Aiden felt his face flush again.

“I… ummm,” he stumbled.

“Would you mind if I asked you a question?” she asked, crossing her legs again as if nothing had happened.

“S-sure,” he said.

“It’s quite personal.”

“That’s fine.” His tongue suddenly felt thick.

She took a sip, smiled while basking in the flavor, then swallowed.

“When was the last time you were with a woman?” Her eyes were locked on him, unblinking, reading the slightest of signs.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding.” He tried to control his beating heart thundering away as if warning him of danger. “Before I answer, may I ask what brought that on?”

She studied him again as she sat there, perfect poise, nearly unreadable.

“I suppose that’s fair.” Aiden watched as she slowly swirled her glass. “I read an article earlier this week and it’s been on my mind ever since.”

“An article?”

She nodded.

“About… sex?”

She nodded again.

“Is that… do you normally read articles on that subject?”

“No,” she said. “But I have found myself being drawn to that subject more and more as of late.”

Aiden fidgeted as he searched for the right words.

“Are you okay, Mom?”

“I’m fine. Perhaps a little lonely, or curious. But you still haven’t answered my question.”

“Sure,” Aiden responded. Sighing, he leaned forward and rested his forearms on his knees, setting his half-empty drink on the coffee table before them. “It’s been almost a year.”

“A year?” Evelyn said, raising an eyebrow. “I would have thought that you and Jennifer-“


“Right, Jessica. Surely the two of you…”

Aiden shook his head.

“We never really made it that far,” he said.

“And before her?”

He shrugged. “Let’s just say it’s been a while.”

“I see.”

“Why are you so interested in my love life anyway?”

“Can’t a mother want what’s best for her son?”

“Of course you can.”

“Then what’s your concern?”

“For one, between the two of us, I’m more concerned about your dating life.”

“What dating life?” she laughed.

“That’s my concern.” Aiden narrowed his eyes. “Have you…”

“Have I what?”

“… been with a man since…”

“No. Not since your father.”

“Oh,” Aiden said.

Evelyn studied her son for a moment while a deep roll of thunder traveled through the air outside.

“I’d like to ask you another question,” she said.

“Along the same subject?”


“Go ahead.”

Aiden’s eyes lifted up to his mother’s as he waited for her to speak.

“What do you miss the most about being with a woman?” she asked.

“Who said I missed anything?”

She raised an eyebrow.

“You’re not fooling anyone with that, Mister.”

He chuckled.

“Am I that easy to read?”

“Honey, you are a man. And, you’re my son. I know a thing or two about you.”

“I guess that’s true.”

She smiled at him.

“So, what is it? What do you miss most?”

“You really want to know?”

She nodded.

Aiden took a deep breath and watched as his mother shifted in her seat. The warm glow of the candlelight bathed the room in a surreal light.

“It’s tough to say. Maybe, the… I don’t know how to word it… The passion, maybe?”

“Passion? Really?”

“Yeah, like you know, how sometimes you can get really in sync with someone and everything becomes so… raw, emotional, you know, all of it.”

“Interesting. That wasn’t the response I was expecting.”


“Not at all. Especially with you being so reserved just five minutes ago.”

“Yeah, sorry,” he said.

“Don’t be. I’m glad you feel comfortable enough to share that with me.” A subtle smile crossed her lips as she took a slow sip.

“As your mother, I feel obliged to bring this up but… I assume you were being safe?”

“Safe? Oh, of course. I mean, I…”

“… Yes?”

He fidgeted again.

“I mean… I can’t believe I’m telling you this but, it’s kind of my thing.”

Evelyn raised an eyebrow.

“They are your thing? Condoms?”

“I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“Oh no, Darling, I’m glad you did but you are going to have to elaborate.”

“I don’t think I should-“


Aiden’s face reddened. He took a deep breath.

“Okay,” he said. “Okay… So, I love the build-up and passion, I told you that.”


“Well, the thing is, unless it is otherwise stated, there is this lingering question of ‘how far will this go?'”

Aiden’s breathing deepened. Evelyn noticed.

“We could be kissing, or using our hands, and everything can be getting incredibly… heavy. But when the girl asks if I have a condom, or goes to put one on me, it basically means one thing…”

“She wants you inside her.”

He looked up at his mother, her eyes reflecting the flicker of the fire in the hearth. Aiden nodded.

“For a moment, there is this raw inevitability, this certainty of what will come next. All intentions are laid bare.”

If Aiden was sitting closer to her, he would have seen the ripple of goosebumps as they traveled up her neck.

“I must be drunk. I can’t believe I just told you that,” he said.

“Are you drunk?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. Probably.” He looked up at her. “Are you?”

Evelyn let her eyes travel the room, not focusing on anything in particular, but sensing things out.

“Perhaps.” Her eyes settling back on her son. “But it seems to me a good thing that you are staying here tonight. I haven’t had a man stay over in some time.”

She grinned at her son who rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, I think you’re drunk,” he chuckled.

She set her glass down, empty, off to the side on the end table. She let her hand linger there, her arm stretched out along the tufted backrest of the chaise lounge.

“No. Not quite, but not far off.”

“Well, you are being awfully-“


“… I was going to say more along the line of sassy.”

“Sassy? Me?” She smiled as she let her finger circle the rim of her empty glass. “I’m just having a bit of fun.”

“I can tell,” her son said.

“I can see the appeal, by the way,” she said.


“To the whole condom thing. How it lays bare all intentions.”

“Oh, yes that.”

“Though I have to admit,” she continued. “If I knew he was healthy, and the timing was right, if I had to choose between a man I was with wearing a condom or going without, I’d rather feel him bare.”

“Jesus, Mom,” Aiden nearly whispered as he shifted in his seat.

Evelyn shrugged.

“It’s like what you said about passion; just a little closer, more personal, and sometimes even a little more wicked. More taboo. It makes things just a little more… provocative.”


“You know, like going against the rules.”

“Wow, Mom. I would have thought you would be ‘safety first’ and ‘by the book’ and all that jazz.”

“I guess there are still things about me you don’t know.”

“I guess so,” Aiden said, “What about the pill?”

“What about it?”

“Have you considered using that?”

“Are you asking if I’m on birth control?”

“I… I um… I’m sorry, you don’t have to tell me.”

“Now that would be quite a personal thing to know.”

“It was just a thought, and I’m sorry, I’m not in my right mind.”

“Aiden, my love, it’s fine,” she said. “But to put your mind at ease, let’s just say there isn’t much need when you practice involuntary celibacy.”

He took a deep breath, then cleared his throat as the color returned to his face.

“Well, as much as it weirds me out to say,” he began, “I hope your drought ends soon.”

Evelyn smiled and leaned back, eyes taking in her son as the sound of crackling fire filled the room.

“May I tell you mine?” she asked.


“What I miss the most about being with a man?”

Aiden swallowed.

“Yeah, go ahead.”

“I miss the seduction.”


Evelyn nodded, her deep, controlled breaths caused her chest to raise then lower in slow movements that dared his eyes look elsewhere. He noticed the buttons on the blouse and her cleavage threatening to burst from the constraints. A third button had come undone.

“It was one of my favorite parts of sex. The foreplay before foreplay. It always made me feel so powerful. Like I was worshipped. A goddess.”

Her eyes never left her son’s face.

“To be able to have this hold, this sexual grasp is exhilarating. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“I… I think so.”

“You don’t sound certain.”

“I’m pretty sure I’ve had too much to drink.”

“Why do you say that?” Her legs parted just a little.

Aiden’s eyes reflexively shot up the newly exposed space between his mother’s bare thighs. He could feel his pulse rapidly beat.

“I’m not thinking very clearly right now.”

“What are you thinking about?” Evelyn asked as she leaned further against the backrest. Her chest seem to rise in the air as her back arched ever so slightly.

“… It’s… I…”

Evelyn smiled.

“I have a question for you, but before I can ask it, I need to do something that may shock you, if you are okay with it?” she asked.

“What’s that?”

“For now, I need you to watch me very carefully.”

Evelyn stood facing her son, her long legs stretching out beneath her black pencil skirt. She let her hands slide down her body on each side until they reached the hem, then ever so slowly began to rise back up, fingertips just beneath the fabric, lifting it higher and higher as her hands slid up her legs.

Aiden sat transfixed, mesmerized as if questioning reality. He was putty in her hands.

She raised the skirt higher until her bare hip was exposed and the fabric pooled in front of her like a small apron. Her fingers hooked into the sides of her panties and pulled them down, down her thighs, past her knees and toned calves until they fell in a puddle on her pumps. Her fingers dropped the skirt and she stepped out of the tiny black unmentionables. Being ever the lady, she bent over and picked them up, then set the garment on the coffee table next to her son’s drink.

With his eyes still locked on her, she sat back in the chaise and crossed her legs.

“Did you really just do that?”

“Do what?” she asked.

“You… Your… Did you just take off your panties in front of me?”


The rain picked up outside, but it did nothing to nullify the intense thundering of his pulse that rang in Aiden’s ears.


“Because I wanted to.”

He sat still, partially fearful she could hear his heartbeat hammering away while he tried to slow it with long, deep breaths.

“Now, Aiden, my question,” she said. “What are you thinking about now?”

His eyes focused on her underwear beside his drink, laid out neatly and barely within arm’s reach.

“I’m… not sure I should say,” he said, voice barely above a whisper.

“I would like you to try.”

His hand moved out toward her underwear as if by instinct. What did they feel like? Were they still warm? Did they have her scent? Her taste? She must want him to know. She had placed them near him for a reason, right? All he had to do was reach out a little further and find out. Yet at the last moment, he hesitated, his hand stopped and hovered over the sheer cloth. Evelyn watched as he picked up his glass instead and drained the rest of its contents.

“Well?” she asked.

Aiden’s eyes studied her as he swished the drink in his mouth before swallowing.

“Many thoughts are running through my mind.”

“Such as?”

He took a deep breath.

“Well, for one, my mother just took off her panties in front of me.”

“I did.”

“And you are now treating this like it’s not a big deal.”

“Is it?”

“How could it not be?”

“Did you see anything?”

“… No?”

Evelyn shrugged.

“Then how is it any different now than a moment ago?”

“Because now I know.”

“You know what?”

“That you’re not wearing any panties under your skirt.”


“So I’m struggling to think of why you did that.”

“Has a woman ever done that in front of you?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Why did they do that?”

“You know why. I still don’t understand why you did.”

“I already told you; I wanted to.”

“Great, you wanted to. So how am I supposed to take that? As long as your panties are sitting on the table, all I can think about is where they are not.”

“Which would be where?”

“Mom, don’t play coy with me.”

“I’m not being coy. I want to know what you are thinking about.”

Face flushed red, Aiden bit his tongue, eyes narrowed on his mother and fighting desperately to ignore the heat that was building in his core.

“You know, this whole evening, you’ve been toying with me; with chess, with the pawn trick, and now whatever this is. So, I think this is another game of yours just to mess with me.”

Evelyn uncrossed her legs, knees now separated a mere inch. Aiden’s eyes instantly darted to the dark space beneath her pencil skirt.

“Are you looking for confirmation?”

“I… You…” He shook his head in disbelief. “This has to be a trick. Another sleight of hand, or something.”

She parted her legs further, just barely, and watched her son’s eyes flick down to catch her subtle movement.

“Yet you still look.”

“It’s a reflex. I’m sorry.”

“I’m not upset.”

“I know, but when a beautiful woman does something like that-“

“You think I’m beautiful?”

“… Of course I do. You’re gorgeous.”

Evelyn’s heart fluttered, cheeks reddened, and her resolve hardened.

Once more, she stood. Aiden watched each and every move that she made as his mother crossed the small space to stand in front of him, her legs slightly parted. Her footing was strong, proud, and sure as she looked down at him with a fiery love in her eyes.

Aiden’s couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She stood so close he could smell the sweetness of her perfume. Her stomach at his eye level, directly in front of his face. Both her long, smooth legs ran down to the floor where she stood proudly in her high heels, feet set shoulder-width apart. Just enough room for the skirt to stretch taut between her legs, leaving a vacuum of unexplored space between her thighs shielded from his view.

“Would you like to know for sure?” she asked him.

“W-what?” Aiden stammered as he looked up at her.

“I believe your heard me.”


“It’s like you said; it could have been a trick. They might still be there.”

“Or…”Aiden’s voice was raspy, barely a whisper.

“Or I might not be wearing anything at all.”

Her hands bunched fabric at the base of the skirt, pulling the hem up ever so slightly.

“It’s your move, Aiden.”

Aiden looked at her, at what was being offered, and his nervousness gave way to laughter.

“This is too much. You’re just playing with me.”

“Everything’s a game,” she said.

His eyes narrowed on hers.

“Would you do it? Would you show me?”

She nodded.

“If you want me to,” she replied. “Or, there are other ways you could find out.”

Both mother and son stared into each other’s eyes. The challenge had been placed.

Aiden felt his heart booming in his chest as his hands raised to her knees.

“Before you do,” she said, only the slightest quiver in her voice. “I want you to consider what will happen either way. What you will find if proven right or wrong, and what that means for us. Do you understand?”

Evelyn watched his face shift from hesitant to purposeful. His hands moved like reflections and closed the distance to her skin, his fingertips brushing her bare knees. The sudden touch was like a jolt for them both, and even though she fought against it, a slight gasp escaped Evelyn’s lips.

Ever so slowly, his hands traveled up, slipping under the edge of the fabric and gliding against her soft, supple thighs.

Now he had a choice, and Evelyn bit her lip in wonder and anticipation. Would his hand travel inside or out? Being the gentlemen, her son chose the latter and moved to the outside of her leg as it drifted higher and higher until his fingers spread against her bare hip finding only the feeling of her skin.

“Holy shit,” he said as Evelyn smiled down at him with a wicked grin.

“Language, my love.”

His fingers spread, feeling the curves of her hips and buttocks in the palm of his hands.

“I can’t believe you did it.”

“Why not? You saw me do it.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t… This is insane.”

His hands shifted, sliding back and forth as he slowly massaged her cheeks.

“You don’t seem to mind,” she said as her eyes locked onto his groin.

Aiden looked down to see a tenting erection threatening to rip out of the fly. His mother was looking at his cock, staring at the impressive bulge it made beneath the pants. Evelyn couldn’t help but wet her lip with her tongue.

“I suspect that is because of me,” she said.

“Fair assumption,” he replied. “It’s been like that since you took off your underwear.”

“Oh, really?”

Aiden nodded as his eyes were drawn to her breasts. Two small bumps pushed out against her white blouse where her nipples fiercely protruded.

“Looks like you are excited too,” he said with a newfound confidence.

“Perhaps I am,” she said. “Or perhaps it’s the cool air.”

“Maybe,” he said with a knowing smile.

“But, there are other ways to know for certain,” she said while looking him in the eyes. “Would you like to check that too?”

Evelyn held her breath as her son’s strong hands held her firmly. He could feel her tremble in anticipation. Slowly, as if lead by a magnet, Aiden’s right hand began to move and her heart went racing. His fingers slid up her inner thigh, across her mound and the tips slipped into the lips of her vagina. Evelyn was soaking wet.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned as he felt her.

“Holy shit, Mom,” he breathed. “You’re…”

“Mmm-hmmm. I am,” she said, watching him as his fingers became acquainted with her sex. “And watch your language, sweetheart.”

Aiden marveled at the feel of her, the silkiness of her flesh, at the way the lips of her labia parted and kissed his probing digits. Her could feel her pelvic muscles squeeze and release while he pushed in deeper. He rotated his hand to cup her and felt the light tickling of hairs atop her mons. All this while staring at the fire flickering in her eyes.

“Aiden, my love. You know this is bad, don’t you?” she asked as she bit the corner of her lip.

“I know,” he said.

“We can’t tell anyone.”

“Not a soul.” His finger found her clitoris. Her mouth opened and her eyes went wide.

“Ah, Fuck!” Her hand grabbed his wrist, holding him against her.

Such a sight he had. His mother sat atop his hand like a bicycle seat as she ground herself against him. Her face contorted in a shocked expression now overloaded with pleasure while she cooed and moaned.

“Yes, Aiden, just like that.”

She grabbed onto his shoulders, steadied herself as she rolled her hips in frustrated thrusts against his hand. He, in turn, applied pressure, pushing up, almost lifting her from her loins.

“Ahhh!” Evelyn screamed and began writhing on her son’s fingers as he pumped them in and out.

“Yes, Baby! Yes!”

“Oh, Mom, you feel so tight!” He marveled at how she grasped him as he wiggled his finger.

“Ai-den!” Her voice was a whimper. “That feels so good, Baby! Jennifer doesn’t know what she was missing.”

“Jessica,” he corrected.

“Whatever! Just keep doing that!”

She rolled up her skirt, flipping it up and over her hips and fully exposing herself to her son, his hand glistening in her wetness. Evelyn barely registered the cool air as it washed over her exposed skin. Her focus remained on the burning heat from inside her loins.

Aiden was mesmerized, seeing his mother’s vagina, parted and wet and grasping at his two fingers. He kept at it, timing his rhythmic pumping with her thrusts. Her womanhood was right before his eyes. Her scent, the natural aroma of his mother, filled his nostrils. It made his blood pump, his cock hard, and his mouth water.

“Mom?” he whispered while he withdrew his fingers, hearing her disappointed moan at the vacancy.

“Oh, Baby. No! Please put them back in me!”

“I want to taste you,” he said as he grabbed her calf.

“Okay-Ah!” she cried out, eyes wide as he lifted a leg over his shoulder and dove his face into his mother’s sweet muff while she stood.

It was like she was struck by lightning, every nerve alive and active. She marveled how he kissed, licked and sucked her lower lips into his mouth. The tip of his tongue would trace her slit, flick and twirl within, then lap up and down her box. His mouth locked on like she was water and he had been lost in the desert. And now, finally, he could drink.

With a rush of adrenaline, Evelyn looked at him, down below her heaving chest, below her rolling stomach, and the triangular patch of hair she kept prim and proper just for her. There he was, her boy, her sweet-sweet Aiden, suckling from the very hole that birthed him. Nursing from her cunt just like he had nursed from her breasts so many years ago. Only this time, he was satiating a different hunger. One that burned in them both.

It was a vision no mother should see. No son should taste what was saturating the tastebuds of his tongue. No son should hear the sounds she made as he nibbled and sucked from her cunt. Every ounce of morality screamed inside her to stop. Stop this madness now before she spiraled further. And just that thought, how wrong it was, how sinful, how shocked and disappointed it likely would have made her dear father; everything compounded into one thought. This was incest, and damn did it make her pussy flood.

“Yes, Aiden,” she heard herself say. “Eat my cunt! Oh, God! Right there! Yes!!”

Being the ever-dutiful son, Aiden was all too happy to oblige.

“Oh my GOD!” she cried out as his tongue circled her clitoris and flicked the tiny bean. She began to quiver in his mouth.

Aiden watched from below as she popped the buttons of her blouse and tossed it off her body, followed quickly by her bra. His mother stood topless before him. Full and natural teardrops held firmly to her chest, capped with pink nipples that begged for attention. This wasn’t a girl’s body. This was a woman.

“Yes-yes-yes!” Evelyn groaned through gritted teeth while she deftly grabbed the swell of her right breast and tweaked her nipple between her finger and thumb. Her other hand grabbed firmly onto her son’s head, fingers tugging at his hair as she ground her mound into his mouth.

Aiden felt her muscles flex and her leg tighten against his shoulder, her thighs squeezed him like she was about to be thrown off a bull. He could feel her tremble, hear it in her voice, her coos, and groans. She was close. So, very close, and he was determined to bring her that climax.

“Oh, Baby!” Her voice nearly squeaked. “Oh, Baby! Aiden! You’re going to make me come!”

With victory in sight, he doubled down. His hands reached around and held her lower back and buttocks, pressing her tightly against him. She needed him and he could feel it, taste it, and hear it in her voice. It filled him with passion and hunger. It made him moan against her lips. The tiny vibrations reverberated through her sopping wet sex, causing her to buck against him.

“Oh God, yes! Yes, Baby! I’m going to come! Oh, God! Oh, God! AH!” Her voice raised an octave as she came hard into his mouth, body convulsing as her eyes rolled back. Aiden felt her legs tremble and held her firm, muscles aching as he supported her weight while her pussy quivered against his tongue.

With deep, long breaths, she calmed, skin flushed and sweaty. Her leg dropped off his shoulder leaving her to stand before him wearing only her skirt rolled up to her hips, and her lucky pair of heels. She grabbed his chin softly, lovingly, and leaned down.

The moment their lips touched, Aiden felt her tongue push into his mouth. It was a brief, but sensual kiss. She purred in his mouth as she tasted the juices from her pussy on her son’s lips and tongue. So wicked and lovely and it filled her with lust.

“That was nice,” she said as she brushed her thumb across his lips, their face inches apart.

“I’m glad you like it,” he said.

“Oh, I did,” she said as she shivered in an orgasmic aftershock.

She stood and let the feeling wash over her as she rode the wave of pleasure gifted to her from her son. Yet he still had needs of his own. Her eyes settled on his crotch to find his cock still painfully tenting his pants.

“I wish there was something I could do for you,” she said as she pushed the skirt over her hips. It fell down her legs where she stepped out of it, leaving her stark naked beside a small pile of forgotten garments.

“You don’t have to do anything.”

“I know. But what kind of mother would I be if…” Her eyes squinted, focusing just over his shoulder.

“What is it?” Aiden asked.

She shook her head.

“I don’t know,” she said, leaning forward. “Just…. Let me….”

She reached behind his head, her breasts swayed gently in front of his face.

“Oh my,” she said as she brought her hand back holding a small foil package, flickering in the dim light.

In any other situation, he would roll his eyes. Yet what she held and the implications this provided, Aiden’s cock nearly burst from his pants as he looked at the condom.

“Do you really want to?”

“Absolutely,” she said. Her tone was determined, serious, and one he knew to never question.

As he tried to hide his smile, Aiden quickly pulled his shirt up and over his head and tossed it out of his sight while his naked mother straddled his thighs. Her hands made quick work with his belt and fly, both of them now desperate and eager to free his package within. As Aiden pushed and Evelyn pulled, they yanked his pants and underwear off completely. Finally free, his pent-up erection sprang up and fell back against his stomach, the head shimmering in seminal liquid that oozed from the tip.

“Oh, Aiden,” his mother whimpered as her eyes locked onto her son’s cock. Hard and throbbing and ready, and all for her. It was thick, just where she liked it. It curved just where she wanted it. And the way it pulsed and throbbed made her tremble in anticipation. Oh, the pleasure it would bring her as it spread her walls, filling her in ways she dared not dream. It was beautiful, perfect, and of course it was, it belonged to her son. Her beautiful baby boy, no, her beautiful man… And what a man he had become.

Without thinking, she reached out and touched it, her fingers sliding along the underside, up the thick muscle until she wrapped them around the top, the ridge of the crown nestling into the web of her palm. She wanted to feel his weight, his girth. It was all new yet familiar and just the thought that this would soon be inside her prepped her pussy even further. She already knew he was going to touch parts of her she had never felt before and she was more than ready for these new, undiscovered sensations.

“Oh, Aiden,” was all she could say before her id won out. She dropped to her knees and engulfed his cock in her mouth, driven by a hungry, primal purpose. His scent filled her nostrils as his taste spilled across her tongue, causing them both to moan as if hit with a shotgun blast of ecstasy.

“Fuck! Mom! Oh God!” Aiden cried out, feeling the mind-shattering sensation of her mouth, tongue, lips, and throat sucking and squeezing on his rock-hard penis.

In the dim room, lit only by candles and the fireplace, mother and son, naked and desperate, surrendered to their carnal desires. On her knees, Evelyn bobbed her head up and down as she sucked, drunk on the taste of her own son’s precum.

She loved it. She loved all of it. The way his cock felt as it lurched and flexed and grew against her tongue. The look of love and lust and surprise on his face as he watched his mother suck his beautiful cock. How her lips would brush against his pubic hair while the head massaged her tonsils.The feel of his scrotum against her chin. All those sounds he made, those were because of her. Those were for her. It was all for her, and she wanted to hear more.

Evelyn pulled off suddenly, paying no mind to the trail of saliva that ran from her lips to his dick before it splashed carelessly against her breast. Aiden opened his mouth to protest, then stopped as his mother tore open the condom wrapper.

Expertly, she rolled the latex glove down his tool, stroking him in the process. He was covered, rigid, and ready. Back into his lap she crawled and lifted one leg. Aiden guided his tool up, and Evelyn grabbed hold, rubbing the head in the groove of her slit.

The reality of the situation suddenly sank in. It was as if they were both dunked in a pool of ice water and suddenly rendered sober.

Her lips trembled.

“I… Haven’t had anyone in a…”

“It’s okay,” Aiden said, gently resting his hands on her thighs. “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

Evelyn looked deep into his eyes. She saw him standing strong, fighting back the same hunger as her pussy kissed his cock.

“Yes I do,” she said, then she dropped her weight, taking her son’s cock deep inside her wet pussy.

It only took a second, one luxurious slide down his pole and she took all of him to the root. Evelyn’s eyes went wide, mouth agape as she wrestled with the waves of pain and pleasure from her suddenly stuffed vagina. She trembled, and Aiden felt it, the pressure of her vaginal walls squeezing him, her warmth, her fire, her heat. Even the thin membrane of the latex did little to dissipate the sensation of feeling her temperature from within.

He was inside his mother.

Her son was inside her.

“Aiden! Fuck, you’re big,” she barely breathed, breath raspy. Her cunt spasmed, squeezing her son and causing them both to moan in pleasure. “One second, let me… just give me a moment.”

Aiden nodded being at a loss for words. His naked mother in his lap with his cock fully embedded in her womb. His hands rubbed her legs, up her sides, then rested on the round curves of her ass. Her skin was silky smooth, and now he was touching her in places and ways he only dared imagine in the darkest recesses of his fantasies. But this was real, and this woman writhing beneath his hands wanted him as much as he desired her.

“Okay. Okay.” Her breath kept catching with each small shudder, but the pain was gone, replaced with an ungodly amount of pleasure. Cautiously, she rolled her hips, letting barely an inch of his cock escape her velvety grasp before she eased him back inside, lubricating his penis with the moist walls of her vagina.

Over and over she repeated these movements, over and over. Each rocking of the hips, each downward thrust elicited a shared moan between mother and son. Her chest rose and fell, mesmerizing her son who stared as if hypnotized by the bounce of her breasts.

“I… Wow. You’re so beautiful,” Aiden said.

Evelyn felt her heart melt and her pussy flood.

“Thank you, Baby,” she said.

Their rhythm increased, shallow breaths turned to pants as he squeezed the cheeks of her ass, gently lifting his hips to meet her movements. Evelyn moaned deeply as she rode his length, every single inch of him now sliding in and out of her with ease.

“God. You feel so good,” he said.

Aiden felt her slow and he changed his tempo to match. She held his head in her hand, fingers entwined in his hair as she looked at him lovingly, lips pursed as she blew in and out in time with her movements. Her eyes darted back and forth between his, searching for something. She bit her lip and sighed.

“Aiden, my love, stop,” she said as she ceased her rocking in his lap. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I can’t do this.”

He watched with confusion, fighting off the feeling of rejection as his mother suddenly pulled off, his wet cock slapping against his stomach completely covered in her juices. Just as he was about to move, she grabbed his dick with both hands and pulled the condom off completely, tossing the spent rubber on the table behind them where it landed with a splat.

“If we are doing this, we are doing this right,” she said.

Before Aiden could question her, Evelyn lifted and sank his freshly naked cock back inside her tight pussy, fully, completely, until her mons pressed against his pelvis.

They moaned in unison, truly feeling each other for the first time. Their arms wrapped around one another, stomachs pressed together as she fell onto him, still straddling his hips and rolling them back and forth, easing his bare cock in and out, in and out.

Evelyn kissed him, hard, teeth nearly mashing against his lips. She forced her tongue into his mouth and their saliva mixed together.

“Aiden… my dear, sweet, Aiden… Your cock. It’s so hard… Ah, yes! Baby… you feel so good!” Evelyn whimpered in between kisses.

Her son only groaned his muffled responses back as his hands grabbed her body, pulling the swelling cheeks of her ass apart as he pumped his hips up into her.

“Just like that! Oh my God!” Evelyn cried as their bodies slid together, stomachs slick with their shared sweat.

She rested her hands on his chest, feeling his aching muscles flex with each thrust. The virility of youth, it’s like he was made for this. Like he was made by her, for her. And in many ways he was.

“Aiden, my love, I can’t believe how good your cock feels.”

“Oh, Mom. I can’t believe how good your pussy feels!

Aiden felt her shiver atop his body as the words left his mouth.

“Please,” she said. “Say it again.”

“About your pussy?”

“No,” she breathed. “Not that.”

“Mom?” he moaned.

“AH! Yes! Oh, God!”

A grin spread across his lips.

“Is that what you want, Mom?”

“Yes, oh please yes!”

“You love your son’s cock deep in your dirty cunt, don’t you!”

“Oh my god yes! I do!”

“This is so wrong, Mom.”

“It is! I know it is! So wrong. It’s so bad. You shouldn’t fuck Mommy’s pussy, Baby!”

“Ah, God Mom. It feels to good. I don’t ever want to stop. Mom, I want this every day!”

“Yes! Oh fuck yes! Then take it, Baby! Make it yours.”

“Oh, Mom!”

They kissed again, completely enraptured and moving as one. Both tried to milk as much pleasure as they could from their forbidden coupling. Later they could blame it on the alcohol, or their sexual droughts, or many other small but incremental moments that built up over time, but at this moment, they were together and feeling sensations reserved not for mothers and sons, but for lovers.

As their kiss turned to pecks on the lips, Evelyn pulled away and leaned her forehead against her son’s. Their breath still passed over each other’s lips while grunting in unison with each thrust.

“Are you going to come soon?” she asked between staggered pants.

“I’m surprised I haven’t already.”

This made her smile. She leaned forward and licked his cheek, taking extra time to drag her tongue against her teeth and making sure he saw her wanton display.

“I want you to show me what kind of man you’ve become,” she said. “I want you on top. I want you to give it to me hard and don’t stop until you pump every single drop of your seed inside me.”

A wide grin spread across her son’s face as he lifted her off his body with renewed energy. Gleefully, she sprung over to the chaise lounge, her son hot on her heels. Evelyn quickly laid down, shoulders against the backrest and positioned her pelvis right at the edge. Her legs spread, pelvis lifted, presenting her dripping wet mound, ripe and ready to be taken. With her free hand, she reached down and spread her lips while her other grabbed onto her son’s dick and pulled him to her heat.

“Wait, Mom,” Aiden said as she rubbed his cockhead against her slit. “Mom, you’re not on birth control.”

“I know,” she said as she flexed her hips, trying desperately to take him inside again.

“But you could get pregnant.”

He felt her shudder at the thought.

“Oh, Baby, I could. It would be so wicked. So damn naughty, wouldn’t it?” She rubbed harder, her movements more frantic. “I want it inside me! I want your cum so bad.”

She locked her legs behind him and pulled her son closer, the head of his cock lodged inside her cunt, slick and wet with her dew. Both moaned in unison and somehow, Evelyn swore she felt his dick grow. Desperately, she tried to pull more inside, lifting her ass off the cushion, but Aiden held firm.

“Oh! More, please! Ugh!” she cried.

“But, Mom-“

“Aiden!” She grabbed his hips and stared up at him. “Be with me. In this moment, here and now. We will deal with tomorrow, tomorrow. But for now, I need you to fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before. Can you do that for me, please?”

The storm still rattled the window outside but neither mother nor son paid it any notice. Evelyn just watched his face as she waited for his response. When he slowly nodded, she felt like she might lift off the earth. She grabbed his hips and with a steady pull, they sunk his cock fully inside his mother once more.

“Ohhhhh, yesssss!” she purred as she held her legs out wide, holding them open with her arms. “Give me everything you got.”

Holding one arm on the back of the backrest for support, Aiden nodded and began to pull his hips back and forth, sawing his cock in and out of her once more.

Evelyn watched in amazement, focusing on her powerful boy, now a man, towering over her. This was her Aiden. Her one and only son making her feel things only his father had done. She could feel the slap of his balls against her ass. She could feel his weight bear into her as he hammered her quim, driving her last crying sense of morality deeper and deeper with each thrust until only her lust remained.

As her eyes dropped lower, they widened in amazement seeing where their bodies coupled together. She could see her pussy grabbed onto his cock, hugging him tight as he withdrew, then yielded as it disappeared back inside. That was her son’s cock. The boy whose knees she bandaged. Whose hair she brushed. She was his chaperone on his first date, and now here he was pushing his sweet, hard muscle into her vagina, the very place of his birth.

“Aiden,” she whimpered. “Harder. Do me harder.”

And he did. The slaps of their sexes echoed down the hall, coupled with their accompanied moans. Her cunt was on fire. His cock was in heaven.

“More! Give me more! I won’t break.”

His hips were a blur, muscles aching as she clamped her vagina canal down on him, milking his erection, yearning for his cum. Her own milky white juices coated his cock.

“Harder! Fuck me harder! Give me everything!”

He tried. He desperately, eagerly tried. He grunted and gasped. The muscles in his abs, shoulders, and groin grew ever sorer as he gave the performance of his life, holding his body above his mother and shoving into her over and over. But it was all worth it. Each moan, each sensual cry of pleasure she would let slip encouraged him. The way her body shook below him, breasts bouncing on each thrust. Her mouth open, eyes rolling back in her head in a sexual delirium. She wanted it. She wanted him. His body, soul, his very seed. She would give him anything, so he must give her everything.

“Mom! Oh fuck! I’m so damn close!”

“You gonna come for me?”

“Ugh, fuck, yes!”

“Yes! Oh, Aiden, yes! Do it! I want you to come in me!”

“Oh my god!”

“Do it, please! Come in Mommy’s pussy, Aiden! Come inside me!”

“Mom! Fuck! I’m coming! I’M COMING!”

He slammed into her one final time, forcing all the way until even the base of his cock could taste her. She felt him flex. He felt her squeeze. And together, they came. Their vision went white as he blasted his fiery seed deep inside her unprotected pussy over and over and over again. Evelyn screamed in ecstasy, writhing as her womb filled with heat. They held on tight, riding wave after wave of pleasure as their climax rocked them both.

Spent, exhausted, Aiden fell forward, cock still deep inside her vagina, corking his semen inside her womb. She kissed him again, this time, like a mother.

“Thank you, Baby,” she said as she pet his hair. “That was perfect.”

Her son only panted, slowly but surely reclaiming his lost breath. Eventually, it returned and he pushed himself up to look at the glowing face of his mother.

“Hey, you.” Her voice was soft, sweet.

“Hi,” was all he managed.

Aiden felt his mother’s hands slide up his wet back, rubbing him in the same reassuring gesture that he had felt his entire life.

“How are you feeling?” Evelyne asked her son.

“Now? Or about all… this?”

“Either one.”

“I’m not sure yet. I got a thousand voices screaming in my head but all I can think about is how I just had the best sex of my life and it was with my own mother.”

Even though it shouldn’t, his words made her smile.

“I know how you feel.”

Somehow this lightened Aiden’s heart.

“I never in a million years thought I would say this, but Aiden, my dear, you have a truly magnificent cock.”

He flinched as she squeezed his diminishing shaft, eliciting a gasp of surprise from her son and a fit of giggles from her.

“Thanks, Mom,” he laughed. “And your pussy is incredible.”

“Language, my love,” she said with a smile. Aiden rolled his eyes, then slowly his smile faded.

“Mom,” he said. “I came inside you.”

“I know.”

“Like… a lot.”

“Honey, trust me. I know.”

“But should we be concerned about-“

She rose up and cut off his words with her lips, kissing him lightly before slowly pulling back.

“We will be okay. This is my safest time of the month.”

“Yeah, but there’s still a chance.”

“There’s always a chance. No matter what you do, there is always a chance. And if anything happens, then… we will address it. Okay?”

Aiden looked deep into her eyes, seeing for the first time a new emotion deep within, much like seeing an undiscovered color. He was seeing his mother looking at him not as her son, but as her lover.

“… Okay,” he said.

“Thank you,” she said. “Now would you mind getting up? My leg is starting to fall asleep.”

“Oh, sorry,” he laughed as he pulled back, dislodging his spent member from her lower lips. They both stretched out lengthwise along the lounger, Evelyn draping her body against his side.

Suddenly, she felt a light trickle and lifted her leg as his seed leaked out of her vagina. As if by instinct, her fingers reached down to scoop up a dollop. With a wink, she licked it clean off her finger.

“I suppose there’s no point in keeping it a secret anymore but I am quite partial to the taste of cum. It made me quite popular in college.”

Aiden watched gobsmacked.

“It’s like I don’t even know who you are,” he laughed.

“Really? You mean to tell me you were never curious if I sucked a good dick?” she asked as she snuggled tightly against him and rested her head on his chest.

“It hadn’t crossed my mind before tonight.”

“Hmmm, I think you’re lying.” Her voice was rich with teasing.

“What? No, I’m not. Why, did you ever wonder if I could-“

“Make a woman’s toes curl? Of course I did.”

Aiden shook his head in disbelief.

“I have no words…”

“It’s quite alright, my love. I’m happy to say you performed well beyond my wildest dreams.”

Once more he opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. So many thoughts and questions spilled into his mind that eventually, he just squeezed his eyes tight and felt the body of the woman beside him. Her deep breaths perfectly in time with his own.

“Mom? I have a question.”

“What is it, Baby?”

“Where did you get the condom?”

Evelyn laughed then sheepishly turned her eyes up to look at her son.

“…From your wallet.”

His brow furrowed.

“You… got it from… when? How?”

She shrugged.

“I learned a bit more from my magician than I let on.”

Aiden shook his head in disbelief.

“I’m beginning to think Grandpa may have been right about him.”

“Oh, he absolutely was, but I could never tell him that,” she laughed as she slowly stood and stretched her body. Aiden watched with pure fascination.

“I can’t get over how incredible you are.”

“Mmmm, thank you, Baby. I feel properly fucked,” she said. “… In the good way.”

“Glad I could help.” Never had he worn a more proud smile. Quickly, his face shifted as he looked around at the well-lit den. “Holy crap. When did the power come back on?”

Evelyn turned, her eyes taking in the bright room.

“I think when I was on my back but, honestly, I couldn’t tell you,” she said while reaching her arms in the air as high as she could. Her back arched and her chest thrust out as she gently rolled her head, hearing the soft pops running up and down her neck. When she opened her eyes, she found her son staring at her with a pleasant warm smile.

“… What?” she asked.

“Nothing at all,” he said. “You’re just so damn beautiful.”

“Mmmm, such a charmer.” She stretched her arms behind her, fingers clasped behind her back. “I’m sure you say that to all the naked girls,” she said with a wink.

“Maybe, but there’s something special about this one.”

“You’re quite the catch yourself, young man.”

“Of course you would say that,” he said. “You’re my mother.”

“That I am. But it doesn’t change the fact that you are an amazing man,” she said as she stepped toward him and rested a finger on the head of his soft penis. “And your little friend here is a spectacular bonus.”

Such gentle touches stirred the beast, and though spent, she felt beneath her fingertip the stirring of life. Aiden, in turn, reached out and cupped her tit as it hung from her chest.

“Mmmm. I don’t think I’m done with you yet,” she said as her finger traced the ridge of the glans. “Are you up for some more?”


She offered her hand which he was quick to take.

“Come with me,” she said with a mischievous smile and helped him to his feet, then walked to the doorway with her son in tow. Her high heels clicked on the hardwood floor in a steady, sultry percussion.

Since the gentleman in him was long gone, Aiden’s eyes remained locked on his mother’s bare backside as he watched his goddess walk. An artist would fail to capture her beauty.

She lead him out of the room and up the stairs, adding an extra sway to her hips with each step knowing just where his eyes were looking. By the time they were at the top step, his cock was as hard as it had ever been.

Down the hall, she continued, past the guest bathroom; all tidy and clean and in perfect operation. Past the guest bedroom where piles of clothes, boxes, and odds and ends sat atop an unmade bed. Aiden was oblivious to all of this as he was willingly led by the hand of his naked mother on the long walk to her bed.

Finally, they stopped, both at the threshold of his mother’s bedroom.

“I hope you don’t plan on sleeping tonight,” she said as she released his hand and let her fingers trace his chest and stomach.

“No, Ma’am.” Aiden smiled like he won the lottery.

“Or tomorrow.”

“No, Ma’am.”

“Or the night after that?”

“All the days and all the nights. I’m going to fuck you, love you, and make you come so hard you forget your name.”

Evelyn shuddered in anticipation as her pussy, now soaked, prepped, and quivering, begged for attention. Her hand dropped down and grabbed his cock, hard and heavy in her palm.

“Show me,” she said, then pulled him into the room while closing the door behind them.

As the tempest continued outside, both Evelyn and her son explored each other’s bodies, minds, and hearts, solely focused on love and pleasure. Their moans of forbidden passion filled every inch of their home, and even could be heard outside where it was carried away by the storm. For those poor few still outside who heard their sounds of their love adrift on the wind, some would snicker and giggle, while others would snort, grumble and continue down the sodden sidewalks. And though they had heard the unmistakable cries of lover’s embraced, not one of these poor, miserable bystanders dared to wonder if the sound they had heard was that of a son making love to his mother.

The End.

* *

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

I hope you enjoyed, and please leave a comment and vote to share your thoughts.

– Scribbleskillz

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