Secrets of Chowdhury Family : 1

Smt. Supriya Chowdhury alias Supriyadevi was highly pleased. Puja Vacation had officially begun and things seemed right with the universe. Her son Goutam had just been promoted to a higher post in Calcutta Electronics while her son-in-law Rahim got a chance in national level cricket and just three months ago she became a proud Grandmother … Read more

One night changed everything for a mother and her son

One night changed everything for a mother and her son April 2003 Evelyn Harper wouldn’t normally drink scotch, but tonight was an exception. The bottle, a single malt, was already set at the wet bar, accompanied by two simple lowball glasses. Ice was at the ready, though not required. It mellowed the experience, and something … Read more

Brother drives his teasing sister to the nightclub.

I pulled up to the kerb and honked the horn. I was deliberately late, because I knew how long it took for her to get ready. I wasn’t in the mood to go in to talk to mom either – I’d never get away. The new car smell still lingering, my warm Audi wasn’t such … Read more

Unsuspecting mother says “goodnight” to her frustrated son

Mom and son,¬†Unsuspecting mother says “goodnight” to her frustrated son,¬†The boy was a typical teenager. Though in his last year of school, instead of worrying about what he would be doing next year in term of going to college or going out to work; ever since his hormones took over, most of the time, all … Read more