Brother drives his teasing sister to the nightclub.

I pulled up to the kerb and honked the horn. I was deliberately late, because I knew how long it took for her to get ready. I wasn’t in the mood to go in to talk to mom either – I’d never get away. The new car smell still lingering, my warm Audi wasn’t such a bad place to wait. A spur of the moment purchase, it was running my fingers along her smooth, sleek curves that I knew I had to have her.

Julia finally appeared. How, I asked myself, could it take a girl wearing so little to take so long? She was taller in her high heels. Maybe 5’1 or so. She strut down the driveway past mom’s mini cooper. Bending down to check her hair in the mini’s mirror, I tried to unsee the toned ass that squeezed into tight leather pants. I reached over – not to admire sleek curves – but to open the door for Julia.

“Hey you,” she said.

“Hey, sis. Someone’s not worried about the cold I see?”

She dropped her little purse in the footwell and pulled the seatbelt over her black crop cami. Fingers fiddled with my knobs.

“Get this heater blasting and I’ll be fine. Thanks again for the ride. I absolutely LOVE this car.”

I nodded my appreciation. A bit too old to be partying with eighteen year olds, or any other year olds for that matter, it wasn’t like I had anything better to do for the night.

“Suppose I owe you one for all the babysitting.”

“You do pay me, Jay. How else do you think I can afford a cute top like this?”

She pulled the belt out of the way to give me a better view. Boy was she maturing.

“That’s real satin. Feel it.”

I smirked and fired up the Audi. She was sucked back into her seat as I tore down the road.


“I love looking after Tim. He’s such a little cutesy pie.”

“Ah, so you’d do it for free then?”

She pat my arm and moaned her girly whinge. It was the same prolonged touch she’d give me when I’d drop her home. I think she was just playing up to the whole babysitter tease. What did it matter. Aside from the obvious, it’s not like I had a wife to cheat on anyway. My divorce two years ago took care of that. I still got on ok with my ex, Lisa. Mostly for the sake of Tim. Red hair shone as she tossed it over her shoulder.

“So, give me your honest opinion. I look good, right?”

I tried to process her impossible question. Julia fidgeted with something inside her purse.

“It’s just I haven’t gotten any in a while, and well, some male validation would be nice. Me and the girls talk about how you like to rate us.”

“I haven’t been rating anyone. Certainly not your friends.”

“Men, silly. Now take off your big bro glasses. What would you give me out of ten? Be honest.”

What did a while mean? A month? A week? I think one of Julia’s favourite pastimes was fucking with my heads. Was it because I was a good bit older than her?

“There you go again, Julia. Mixing me up with one of your girlfriends to gossip with. Let me smell your breath. You must be on some pretty strong stuff.”

“Don’t give me that! Dry shite! You sound like Colin now.”

She swallowed whatever she’d put on her tongue. I glared at her snarky face as I shifted gear. How could she say that. There was no way I sounded like the asshole that was fucking our mother.

“Yeah, you look good, okay?”

Though most of me prayed her reckless lips wouldn’t ask me to elaborate further – a boyish part of me did.

“Thanks, Jay. I know,” she said, squeezing my arm again.

“Oh, I wasn’t finished, Julia. I’m glad my money has you looking so fine. I mean if you weren’t my sister; well…Oh boy!”

As intended, she quickly took her hand off me and fiddled with the sound system. I did a good job of hiding my self-satisfied smirk. I was expecting some dance, pop, bullshit to fill the car. Julia started to wiggle and shake as classic country played. It was impressive how she updated her gloss covered lips.

“Half-sister!” she shouted over the music.

As hair and boobs bounced, all we needed were some flashing lights to complete the car disco. The redheaded cowgirl whirled and swung her invisible lasso. I couldn’t help but smile. Julia was a lot of things. Fun was certainly one of them. I pulled daring eyes away from swaying flesh. I tried to focus on the road. It must have been her lasso catching that made my cock rise.

She turned down the volume when the cowboy’s lover left him.

“Don’t suppose you have any booze in here?”

“Not yet I don’t.”

“Ah, so is that your plan for the evening? Get drunk?”

“Got milk?”


“An old TV ad. Never mind. A bottle of wine, Julia. Not exactly wasted territory. Old man drinking.”

Her lasso still firmly attached, jerking off was now part of my evening schedule. I probably wouldn’t think of her. I tore my gaze from her wobbling chest. Impossible to avoid; it was right fucking there.

“You’re not that old, bro. You should be out enjoying yourself too!”

“Lisa said she wanted to talk to me about something. I might head over to her later.”

Julia smiled as she stretched. I wasn’t sure if she was showing off her washboard stomach, or her naval piercing. I had to get the idea out of my head that she was showing me anything at all.

“Ah, good, ole dependable Lisa. Seems there are still some things she likes about you, bro. You can do so much better though. I’ve always said that.”

I took her hand off my thigh.

“Only about five minutes to the club now.”

“Meh. That place is kinda shit. Same music. Same guys.”

She’d only turned eighteen. How many of them could she possibly have had?

Passing streetlights shimmered off her chest. Committing the irredeemable crime of not being made of stone, I realised I had to get this female out of my car asap.

“Need any money? For drinks or food etcetera?”

“Nah, I’m fine,” she said. “Colin gave me some cash when mom wasn’t looking.”

“I guess step-dads are good for something, eh?”

We weren’t close enough to the club yet for her to be unclipping her seatbelt. I looked out for cops as the tame warning light announced our crime. I watched as her hand worked its way up and down the smooth, manual gear stick.

“I think he was just feeling guilty about looking at my tits all day.”

There was a lean tightness to her crossed legs that guys at the club might find sexy. Moving closer to me, I blushed as she trapped my fingers between gear stick and cami. Her mischievous grin met my discomfort.

“So, you still hitting the gym, Jay? Hope you’re not neglecting your health in your old age.”

“Knock it off,” I said as she rubbed my chest. “What were you saying about Colin?”

She smiled and succeeded in loosening a button on my shirt. Fingers burrowed inside and glanced lightly haired skin. A deep sigh was my only pathetic response.

“Nice and hard. A strong, steady heartbeat. Very good.”

Eventually, I caught hold of myself before things could turn too weird. Knuckles glanced breast as I changed gear. I gently took hold of her wrist.

“Thank you, nurse, for the impromptu check-up. Could you put your seatbelt back on now, please?”

Julia switched off the radio. She gazed at me the way a little sister might look up to a wise, older brother.

“Do you want a blowjob?”

I narrowly avoided clipping the kerb.

“Jesus, Julia!”

So nonchalant, as if she were offering me a piece of gum. It was probably the sort of thing she’d do out of fucking boredom. Or just to see my reaction. She didn’t let on as I squeezed the stubborn wrist still on my chest.

“I’m guessing your chest isn’t the only thing that’s hard right about now. I don’t need to guess because I can see. And I know it’s not for Lisa.”

Her tongue was soft and wet. Steadying the car, our eyes locked as she took my fingers in her mouth. Uncomfortable seconds went by before I laughed in fake relief.

“Ok. Very good. You got me. My heart is really going now. Congratulations on almost destroying my alloys you crazy bitch!”

Her wrist broke free of my grasp. The hand resting on my belly slid slowly south.

“It’s a simple yes or no, Jay. No strings attached. I’d say it’s a one-time offer, but we both know that’d be a lie.”

She dragged wet fingers from her neckline into her cleavage while keeping other ones between my legs. Though she’d called my bluff, I knew the second she’d offered that she was serious. That she wasn’t toying with me anymore. It really was up to me. That was the scariest notion. One word and I’d get my dick sucked. Hold out for an hour and there’s a chance I’d get some from Lisa — a woman whom I shared no direct blood with.

I gasped as she caressed my crotch. It’d been such a long time since I’d gotten road head. It had been a very long time since I’d had a hot young thing like her. So here I was deciding. My sister or my ex? Was I really that bad for having such thoughts? Would other men struggle if they’d been given such a proposition? Would their minds toil like mine, as they rationalised the prospect of oral sex from their pretty sister. I peeked moist lips as her hand worked my bulge.

“We can’t, Julia…We just can’t.”

“Just relax. Keep your eyes on the road. I want to do this for you.”

“But you’re my sis-“

Reading my weak utterances, she went down between steering wheel and belly. I could feel her teeth on my fly. The seatbelt warning light blinked as she pulled on my zipper. Light fingers and leathered ass distracted me from my moral self-lecture. I looked out for cops as air met skin. Foreskin. I didn’t want to think about how many laws I was breaking. Of course Julia was right. I was as hard as a rock. I moaned as she held me in her manicured hand. Her breath warmed the tip as she once again corrected me.

“Half-sister. And this has been long overdue.”

The reality hitting me felt warm and wonderful. Thick lips contracted and soft tongue swirled. It was hard to keep my eyes open, never mind keep the car in control. I moaned as lips travelled up and down my shaft. Nice and slow; it was better to be safe than sorry. I caught myself a few times resting a hand on her head. I had to stop that. I couldn’t admit to enjoying it.

“So wrong. So fucking wrong!”

I apologised as I worked the gear stick against her body. Music momentarily blasted from a dark building’s doorway. Tinted Audi windows blocked our crass indecency. I swung around the empty car lot to face the nightclub. Back hand glanced breast as I pulled the handbrake. At last, I could throw my head back and revel. My groans only encouraged her to work me harder. The dead engine tinked in the crisp weather. Soft squelches and faint club music were all that could be heard. I switched on the radio and watched a sexy redhead bop in my lap.

“Oh, Sis!”

Over the road a steady line of patrons began to form a queue. Skinny girls in miniskirts surrounded by young horny guys. It brought me back to my own desperate youth. Ironed shirts and gelled hair. Testosterone fuelled desperation; all in the hope of —- she gagged as I grunted;

“Oh, Julia!”

“What’s wrong, Jay? Aren’t you gonna cum for me?”

I forced her head back down. This time, I left my hand on her.

“You just keep sucking that cock.”

She moaned as I ran a palm over her leather clad ass. It was soft, yet firm in my grasp. Julia’s cock IQ was rapidly increasing. She was learning a rapid tongue over the tip got the most groans. It wasn’t long until my balls tingled. I shut my eyes and scrunched her hair. She alternated between taking me fully and lashing the tongue. Most of the wetness was from her saliva. It slid down my shaft to coat hidden, but very much alive testicles. Delirious, I stuffed fingers down the back of her pants and into whatever hole came first.

Not that I had any of this planned, but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it. All those times I dropped her home; her low cut tops; her short dresses. I reminisced about how much self-restraint I’d shown; the countless opportunities I had but didn’t take; just how good of a big brother I really was.

“I hope you have an empty stomach!”

Ropes of hot cum jumped into her mouth. I thrust my groin upwards whilst keeping her pinned. Practically jerking her down onto each creamy pulse. I was stolen by orgasm. Unsurprisingly, I sensed no serious struggle. I wonder what I would have done if I had. Crimson locks poured through my fingers. I grunted as she gagged. I held her in place until I was completely finished.

Releasing her neck, she slowly lifted off me. She opened her mouth to show me her spoils. Tilting her head back, semen slushed the back of her throat before disappearing with a gulp. The ring on her thumb sparkled as she tugged my wet, shrinking cock.

“Oh my! Jay! I never knew! You have quite the mouth on you. So fucking hot!”

Long nails fed the specs at the corner of her mouth onto her tongue. Her eyes stayed on me as I attempted to fasten my jeans. I’d almost drowned the bitch in cum, yet she never let on. I loved it.

“And the way you forced me down like that! Getting me so fucking wet!”

Julia fished through her purse for a few refreshing essentials. She tossed gum in her mouth and dragged a brush through her hair.

“I guess I’ll be off then. And…no big deal, ok? Honestly, like, half my friends play with their brothers.”

Freezing air claimed her as she got out of the car. She waved at me and headed for the club. I still couldn’t take my eyes off the ass that strained leather pants. Rolling down the window I slowed beside her.

“Any problems give me a call.”

“Thanks, Jay. You’re the best.”

I pulled my fly up the last inch.

“What are brothers for.”


It’s as if her saliva was still pleasuring me. Scrolling through my contacts, I paused on Lisa. She was the other side of the city, but I needed her immediate attention. Instead of calming my sexual urges, Julia had awoken a lustful wildness in me. Tapping Dial, I wasn’t quite ready to come to terms with what had just happened. All I knew was that I needed sex because my sister had literally blown a sexual life force into me. I rubbed away the strands of crimson hair on my lap. Had I really been that rough with the girl? Lisa picked up.

“Hey. Have you got much on tonight?”

My phone went funny.


A hospital room — Almost nineteen years ago.

“Ah, look who decided to show up,” Mom said to the little bundle she held in her arms. “Where the hell were you?”

I wasn’t about to admit that I’d been in my friend’s house playing video games. I wasn’t about to tell her that I’d still be there if not for my stupid friend blabbering to his parents.

“Sorry, mom. Lost track of time. How is it?”

“It? She, Jay! How is she!” Mom said, infuriated. “For a girl that came into the world with no one but her mother to hold her, she’s doing pretty well.”

Mom raised her eyebrow. She switched between me and her baby. I let out a silent sigh of relief when she finally smiled.

“You want to hold her?”

I’d promised myself I wouldn’t. I didn’t even want to be here. To me she was just some kid that didn’t have the same daddy as me. Just some kid who wasn’t even my real sister. How could we ever be a normal family now. I looked at her. She was so small. And she was smiling, I think.

“Ugh, I guess…”

“Here you go. Just make sure to support her head.”

I took the little bundle. I was careful to hold her over the bed for fear of letting her fall.

“Awe! Look, she’s smiling. That’s your big brother, Julia.”

It’s said that nothing in the universe is absolute. As green eyes locked with mine, I knew that simply wasn’t true. As I peered down into her perfect face, I knew of one certainty. That I’d do everything in my power to protect the being that was my little sister.

“Welcome to the world, Julia,” I said. “You ever need anything, you just holler. I’ll always be there.”

“That’s so sweet, Jay. She’s lucky to have you. I better take her back. She’s a very hungry girl.”

Handing Julia back, a tiny foot came free and struck my nose. Mom laughed. I laughed. The nurse later said that it was just a sporadic reflex. That newborn babies didn’t have the wherewithal to strike out at someone. Let alone giggle about it. I’m sure the nurse was very good at her job. She, however, didn’t know my sister Julia. I ran out of the room in disgust as mom began feeding.


“Shit! One sec, Lisa. I’ve got another call.”




“Hi Lisa, sorry, scratch that. That was Julia. She isn’t feeling well. I’ve gotta go get her.”

Tyres screeched as I swung the car around. The engine burning, I raced towards the lone figure. She was standing on the pavement and shivering hard. I reached over to open the door.

“Hey you,” she said, getting in.

She fiddled with my knobs.

“I hope your place is warm.”

She pulled my arm around her. It made it quite difficult to drive.

“It is, sis. I just want to stop at the shop first. Remember. My old man evening plan.”

She moved her hand from the heater to my crotch. She probably felt some of our stains. Her lips curled into a suspicious smile.

“I know it takes older guys like you a while to recover. Good thing we have the whole night then.”


I covered my mouth to stifle my laugh. Arms crossed and shivering intensely, Julia did her high-heeled shuffle towards the store entrance. I tore my eyes from hypnotic ass cheeks and threw a warm arm around her. She leaned into me as we hurried across the forecourt.

“Hey! I’m still freezing cold!” she said, holding my arm hostage.

I glanced around the brightly lit store.

“Yeah, but someone we know might spot us in here.”

“They know you, Jay. Not me,” she said, lowering her voice. “And unless they have x-ray vision, they can’t see your cum in my stomach.”

Christ! I ushered her towards the alcohol aisle. The wine selection was wide and varied.

“It’s kind of exciting, isn’t it?” she said. “Almost feels like I’m losing my virginity all over again.”

“Red or white,” I said, motioning to the bottles.

“How about vodka?” she teased. “Oh, excuse me!” she called to the guy stocking the cooler. “Do you have any recommendations for my boyfriend and I?”

“Oh…uhh…Not really, mam…uh sir,” he said, realising he’d been caught checking out Julia. “Wine isn’t really my thing.”

“Don’t worry about it, kid.”

I grabbed a Chilean merlot and brought the giggling troublemaker with me.

“Here you go,” she managed between sneers. “Colin is paying.”

I looked at the twenty in her hand and felt a sudden surge of anger. An irritating voice inside me asked if I was really any better. He had to live with her 24/7. She broke me during a twenty minute car ride. My big hands covered her snowy shoulders.

“Julia…Colin hasn’t done anything with you…to you, has he?”

She gazed blankly at the note and then at me. A smile returned to her lips.

“No, no. Nothing like that.”

She pulled at me in vain to move. I was too preoccupied studying the little boxes on the shelf.

“We should probably pick some up. At least I’ll make one mature decision tonight.”

“Why? Afraid you’ll catch something?” she said much too loudly.

“Hello there!” a raspy, yet energetic voice called. “It’s you isn’t it? Jay? Now how come you haven’t been round to cut my lawns? They get so untidy!”

“Hi, Mrs Kurch,” Julia said.

“That was a long time ago, Mrs Kurch. Must be fifteen years since I cut your lawn.”

“Jodie?” She said feeling my sister’s hair. “My, look at how you’ve grown. Such a beautiful young woman. I barely recognised you!”

“It’s Julia,” she giggled.

“Where’s your coat. Your gonna freeze to death, poor thing.”

“Nah, I’ll be ok. Got Jay to keep me warm, don’t I?”

They laughed while I blushed. I turned a brighter shade of red when Mrs Kurch looked at the packet of condoms in my hand.

“What’s that there? Candy? I can’t see shit without my glasses.”

“Yeah. Jay wants to buy me candy, but I’ve been trying to tell him it’s not good for my body. Or his.”

Julia beamed at me. She was going to get such a spanking for this.

“Well, he’s a sweet boy, ain’t he? Buying his sister candy. Cuts my lawn and everything.”

The old woman moseyed on down the aisle. She must have been half deaf as well to not react to Julia’s howling laughter.

“Wait up!” Julia said, following me to the checkout.

I gave her serious evil eyes when she told the cashier to discard the condoms. Not because sex was off the table. She practically said it herself. She tugged my hand before heading outside. Resting her chin on my chest, wide eyes beamed up at me. I looked around, praying no one recognised us. As much as she wound me up, how could I stay mad at that face? Besides, I probably had some rubbers lying around at home. It’d be fine.

“We haven’t kissed yet.”

“You’re doing this now, Julia? Here?”

Her persistent stare boring through me, I grabbed her hand and headed outside. We swung away from the entrance, down the side alley of the store. Heater steam flowed out past a dumpster. I pinned Julia against the wall and watched foggy breaths mix in the icy air. She squeezed my shirt sleeves as mouths touched. Soft lips parted and connected. I had to stoop so she could get her arms around my neck. Her tongue tasted of fruity alcopops. What the hell was I doing with this girl? This girl who was way too young. My bloody sister. Her forehead rested against my chest.

“Your heart is pounding,” she whispered.

I groaned as she squeezed my hardness.

“Jay, I’m so wet for you.”

Sheet metal clanged as I pinned her back. Her smile widened.

“Well I’m not going to fuck you against the dumpster. No matter how much you’d like it. Now let’s go.”

We held hands and giggled like fools as we ran towards the car. Julia pulled at me again. She nodded over at Mrs Kurch pushing a wonky trolly towards a bus stop.

“Jay, we can’t just leave her.”

Mrs Kurch was delighted with our offer of a lift. We drove her home and helped carry her shopping inside. I politely refused her few dollars payment. I fed her a white lie about coming around to cut grass when the weather improved. She smiled, knowing full well we wanted to get on with our evening. She warned us about the bad areas of the neighbourhood. She reminded Julia to take those amazing little pills that stop young girls like her from falling pregnant.


We were still laughing as we stumbled into my apartment. My place was large, but a studio nonetheless. Laughing and falling turned into kissing and rolling. I ran my hand over leather pants — above her knees; over her thighs; most unbrotherly-like between her spread legs. Buttons flew as she tore open my shirt. Lips glided all over my hairy chest. She kissed me from neck to belly button. Plenty of time for her mischievous fingers to unbuckle my belt. I rested a hand on fiery hair, and groaned. For the second time that night, the second time ever, I poked the back of my sister’s throat.

“Oh, Julia!”

She moved tantalisingly slow ensuring my maximum hardness. Tongue licked the balls she’d neglected in the car. As she took a testicle in her mouth, a soft hand jerked me.

“Are you gonna shoot it in my mouth again?”

She smiled as she crawled up my body to kiss me. She spoke in hypnotic whispers.

“No…you’re going to do what you’ve wanted to do for a very long time, aren’t you?”

I pulled her loosened pants. They cleared scanty underwear and smooth skin.

“Fuck the babysitter! Fuck your little sister!”

“Yes!” I moaned — nothing but a slave to her body.

She helped peel my pants away as I dragged her onto the bed.

“No. Not yet,” I said as she tried to lift her cami. “Leave it on for now.”

I brought fingers to her laced panties and revealed the hairless skin beneath. Leaving them to stretch around her thighs, she moaned as I rubbed her moist pussy. She moaned and sighed as I caressed the little nub near the top of her soaked opening. I rubbed without pause, twisting her around to ogle her magnificent ass. She giggled as I fondled and kissed each fleshy cheek. It was the kind of ass leather pants were made for.



“Use me like the whore you think I am.”

I threw her onto the bed. Rising behind her, I guided my throbbing cock to her cunny. A rubber would have totally ruined the touch of her slimy seduction. I refused to give myself a chance to think. With a growl, I pushed inside. I took firm hold of her hips and watched red hair sway to my rams. Looking back at me, Julia groaned through a bit lip.

“You like that raw cock inside you?”

“Hmmm, yes, daddy!”

Thrusting without hesitation, I grabbed her hair. The sweaty meat of our bodies clapped it’s incestuous song. The thump of my thighs rang louder. A dream finally realised, the most perfect ass rattled to my rams.

“I hope you weren’t expecting me to be gentle?” I said as I pulled more hair. “Poor girl. All those boys, but you’ve never truly been fucked, have you?”


I woke neighbours no doubt with my roars. My tingling balls were too fired up to care. Julia rose back into me. My hand on her belly was the only thing keeping her up. Squelching from our juices, my glistening cock continued to pound.

“Let me…Let me see your face, Jay!”

I dragged my tongue along her cheek before pushing her down on all fours again. Hands tightened around her trim, swivelling waist. It was unfortunate, because I really did have every intention. Every intention of fucking her in whatever position she wanted. And, perhaps eventually, I would. I swear her pussy had a suction effect on my cock. No way was I going to disrupt that. The simple truth, however, was that my balls had waited long enough. Creaming Julia was long overdue.

“What’s wrong, sis? Is this not how all the boys fuck you? Or do they ask permission before each stroke?”

“Oh, God! Jay!”

“But kudos to you for not getting knocked up. Or were they too scared to cum!”

“You’re wrong! You’re wrong about everything!”

I didn’t know what she was raving about. Glancing her clit seemed to quieten her down some. I was too lost in a frenzy of pussy care. It had gone beyond the point of no return. I drank in the fat ass curving into a narrow waist. My hands snuck under her cami. Utter perfection.

“Please tell me you’re on the pill?”

“Cum for me!”

I pinned her tight. Buried deep, I felt the tube in my cock fill. All I could do was whisper my sister’s name.

She didn’t see my face as I came. I couldn’t bring myself to meet hers. She’d have only felt my thick load gushing freely inside. Only felt my squeezing fingers as I sent semen down her meaty passage. I thrust into her a few more times. Mating biology had fully taken over.

Collapsing on top of her, my body pinned her to the bed. Mascara blotted her eyes as my spurts ceased. I finally released her by rolling onto my back. Sucking in much needed oxygen, I rested a claiming hand on her battered bum. We stayed there for a while until Julia sat up. Retrieving her purse, she scampered away to the bathroom in silence.


I peeled my sweat drenched, buttonless shirt off and tossed it away. I switched on the tv in search of something light. Eventually, she emerged from the bathroom. Julia barely looked at me on her way to the kitchenette. I heard a cork pop and a wine glass fill. Then slight relief as she filled another. Having drawn a blank on some of the things I’d said in passion, I hope I wasn’t about to receive the Chilean red in my face. Coming closer, she looked quite remarkable butt naked.

“What are you watching?” she asked, climbing in beside me.

“I think Friends is on in a minute.”

“Oh cool! I really like those old shows.”

I rolled my eyes and swallowed some wine. Julia snuggled in beside me. Throwing my arm around her, a juicy breast sat snug against me. I tilted her chin and planted a long, apologetic kiss. Her pure, carefree face gave me a tinge of guilt. Maybe it was the mascara. Seeming content to relax together, I kept my mouth shut. Just stewed in the wonderful aftermath.

Heavy eyes from our exertions soon plagued me. Putting my glass to one side, I held my girl in preparation for sleep. She was wide awake and still giggling at Joey. Losing control over my eyelids was nothing unusual for me. Guys like me weren’t as young and energetic as girls like Julia.

“Sometimes he jerks off in the living room when he thinks no one is home.”

My fatigue vanished.

“Or wanders into my room without knocking.”

“Julia, no…”

She turned to me with pleading eyes. They made the fire in my chest rage hotter.

“I’ll fucking kill him! I’ll KILL the bast-“

“I shouldn’t have said anything. Please, Jay! Don’t tell mom! I don’t want to wreck her relationship over nothing.”

“It’s not nothing though, is it?”

“It’s not that bad, Jay. He’s never actually touched me.”

“Not yet, he hasn’t.”

She squeezed my hand.

“Promise you won’t tell mom?”

I pretended to watch tv. In reality, I was thinking. Thinking about the logistics. The day to day reality. It wouldn’t always be smooth, I knew that. The sheer age difference, not to mention her ‘unique’ personality. There’d be good and bad. But what choice did I have? I had to protect her. I had to keep my promise.

“Move in here,” I said.

Her eyes bulged. She couldn’t hide her smile.

“For a while anyway. I mean it makes sense. You’d be away from that creep, and you can help look after Tim from here.”

“Oh Jay! I’d really like that! And you wouldn’t have to pay me for babysitting or anything!”

She planted a sloppy kiss on my cheek before I could reply. We watched more TV as the first shades of dawn crept under the curtains. Too pent up to sleep, I could see the crease sneaking under the sheets. Teen fingers curled around my swelling cock.

“Tell Lisa you can’t to see her anymore. Tell her you found someone else.”

“Barley in the door and you’re already making demands,” I jested.

Her soft strokes quietened me.

“Tell her your little sister said so.”

“Half-sister,” I moaned.

Sheets flapping to her hand, I told her she didn’t have to — that I didn’t expect sex as payment. Daggers for eyes cut through my well intentioned lie. The naked girl threw her arms around my neck as she straddled me. I got lost in fleshy breasts as her womanhood enveloped me. Her breath marked my neck as her butt touched my balls. Dragging hair away from her nipples allowed supple tits to grind my pecs. She pressed her lips to mine as fresh precum forced sperm from my cockhead. Julia’s slow, sensual ride morphed into angry, ball tingling bounces.

I growled as her nails dug into my chest. Her hips a storm, she swivelled and swirled in an attempt to lure my incestuous seed. Wine that I mistook for blood, flowed down my chest to where bodies combined. With wild eyes, she licked her luscious lips.

“You really would do it, wouldn’t you?”

My moans were stolen by her kisses. Throwing her head back, I seized on her neck like a ravenous vampire.

“Kill for me!”

Pink juice from between her thighs was once more smeared across my chest. Her tongue ran over my nipples as she drank down her sexual brew. An intense surge pulsed through my groin as she quickened her swivelling ride. Lips over my ear made her whisper perfectly clear. The state she had me in, I would have said yes to anything. Luckily it wasn’t a command to take a man’s life.

“This time, brother, I want to see your face when you cum.”

I willingly obeyed as the television blared.

‘So no one told you life was gonna be this way’

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