Brother drives his teasing sister to the nightclub.

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I pulled up to the kerb and honked the horn. I was deliberately late, because I knew how long it took for her to get ready. I wasn’t in the mood to go in to talk to mom either – I’d never get away. The new car smell still lingering, my warm Audi wasn’t such a bad place to wait. A spur of the moment purchase, it was running my fingers along her smooth, sleek curves that I knew I had to have her.

Julia finally appeared. How, I asked myself, could it take a girl wearing so little to take so long? She was taller in her high heels. Maybe 5’1 or so. She strut down the driveway past mom’s mini cooper. Bending down to check her hair in the mini’s mirror, I tried to unsee the toned ass that squeezed into tight leather pants. I reached over – not to admire sleek curves – but to open the door for Julia.

“Hey you,” she said.

“Hey, sis. Someone’s not worried about the cold I see?”

She dropped her little purse in the footwell and pulled the seatbelt over her black crop cami. Fingers fiddled with my knobs.

“Get this heater blasting and I’ll be fine. Thanks again for the ride. I absolutely LOVE this car.”

I nodded my appreciation. A bit too old to be partying with eighteen year olds, or any other year olds for that matter, it wasn’t like I had anything better to do for the night.

“Suppose I owe you one for all the babysitting.”

“You do pay me, Jay. How else do you think I can afford a cute top like this?”

She pulled the belt out of the way to give me a better view. Boy was she maturing.

“That’s real satin. Feel it.”

I smirked and fired up the Audi. She was sucked back into her seat as I tore down the road.


“I love looking after Tim. He’s such a little cutesy pie.”

“Ah, so you’d do it for free then?”

She pat my arm and moaned her girly whinge. It was the same prolonged touch she’d give me when I’d drop her home. I think she was just playing up to the whole babysitter tease. What did it matter. Aside from the obvious, it’s not like I had a wife to cheat on anyway. My divorce two years ago took care of that. I still got on ok with my ex, Lisa. Mostly for the sake of Tim. Red hair shone as she tossed it over her shoulder.

“So, give me your honest opinion. I look good, right?”

I tried to process her impossible question. Julia fidgeted with something inside her purse.

“It’s just I haven’t gotten any in a while, and well, some male validation would be nice. Me and the girls talk about how you like to rate us.”

“I haven’t been rating anyone. Certainly not your friends.”

“Men, silly. Now take off your big bro glasses. What would you give me out of ten? Be honest.”

What did a while mean? A month? A week? I think one of Julia’s favourite pastimes was fucking with my heads. Was it because I was a good bit older than her?

“There you go again, Julia. Mixing me up with one of your girlfriends to gossip with. Let me smell your breath. You must be on some pretty strong stuff.”

“Don’t give me that! Dry shite! You sound like Colin now.”

She swallowed whatever she’d put on her tongue. I glared at her snarky face as I shifted gear. How could she say that. There was no way I sounded like the asshole that was fucking our mother.

“Yeah, you look good, okay?”

Though most of me prayed her reckless lips wouldn’t ask me to elaborate further – a boyish part of me did.

“Thanks, Jay. I know,” she said, squeezing my arm again.

“Oh, I wasn’t finished, Julia. I’m glad my money has you looking so fine. I mean if you weren’t my sister; well…Oh boy!”

As intended, she quickly took her hand off me and fiddled with the sound system. I did a good job of hiding my self-satisfied smirk. I was expecting some dance, pop, bullshit to fill the car. Julia started to wiggle and shake as classic country played. It was impressive how she updated her gloss covered lips.

“Half-sister!” she shouted over the music.

As hair and boobs bounced, all we needed were some flashing lights to complete the car disco. The redheaded cowgirl whirled and swung her invisible lasso. I couldn’t help but smile. Julia was a lot of things. Fun was certainly one of them. I pulled daring eyes away from swaying flesh. I tried to focus on the road. It must have been her lasso catching that made my cock rise.

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