Mom’s hot evening with my friends

I am just 19 years old as I got the taste of a lady ,her sexual organs ….boobs…..vagina are still in my eye as we both have enjoyed sex twice before a weekly trip to we both mom and son have lost their natural bonds as I have pleased him with my long cock as well as with my oral sexual I want to reveal the truth that my friends Ishant and Lokesh have seen the porn video that I have recorded in Shimla as they watched my mom Nancy as well as sister my friends are looking for physical love with my mom Nancy and I assured them that I will try to convince my mom for group sex.its a weekend as my mom is sitting In balcony with me and Renu with a cup of coffee ,I am waiting for my sister to leave us as she have coffee and walked away now while looking at Nancy ,I asked……..

“mom ,I want to know your opinion
(Nancy)sure you may ask
(Rajiv)but don’t be in anger ,need a reply only
(Mom)ok what’s your problem ?
(Rajeev) I think we should enjoy groupsex together in the evening
(Mom)oh what we have done in Shimla
(Rajeev)let me clarify,my two friends are looking for sex with you .”

And mom walked away in anger as I am feeling I walked to my bedroom as I have my towel and clothes ,moved to washroom for bath.its 09:30 am as we three have breakfast together ,now my mom Nancy came in my room as I am studying a book while lying on bed.looking at me ,she said……”Rajeev ,if I give you my response in a positive manner ,than where we will have group sex?
(Rajeev)you can leave Renu at home as dad is here and we will give them excuse of any party
(Nancy)ok let me think but than where we will enjoy?
(Rajeev)in Ishant’s farmhouse .”

And than we spent a day in our home as we have planned for a hot evening as well as night.I have asked my friends Ishant and Lokesh for arrangement as we both mom and son have clarified about a party in mom’s friends house tonight.Lokesh will pick up as he will come at 07:00 pm and in the evening my mom is busy in preparing dinner for my dad as well as sister.its 06:35 pm as my mom entered her bedroom and I am in my room changing my dress,after some time ,my mom came in dinning hall as I am sitting there ,she is looking gorgeous in her traditional outfit of saree and blouse ,her blouse is deepnecked as I can see her she put a high heel sandle and put purse on her shoulder as we both left for party ,waiting outside our home for 5-7 minutes ,Lokesh came in a red Zen car as we both sits Lokesh is driving car towards the outskirts of town as we three are going to Ishant’s farmhouse.we reached after 20 minutes as Ishant is there to greet us,we three entered his farmhouse and than inside it’s well decorated dinning hall.

My mom Nancy is sitting on sofa as we three guys are in bedroom ,Lokesh……”we will have drink first than we will enjoy together
(Rajeev)ok .”

As we three removed our shirts and jeans /trousers ,looking like a strong guy in our undies and vest only ,we walked to dinning hall as Ishant have hold a bottle of wine and soda ,we both guys have glasses in our we put it on table as my mom Nancy put her palms on her face……

“ooh you ideats ,you have removed your clothes
(Ishant)yes my sexy aunty ,you will be nude also after a while.”

As Ishant is sitting on sofa towards her right ,Lokesh is in her left and I am sitting opposite to my hot mom we four started drinking wine as we are smoking cigarette also and I can see Lokesh rubbing his hand on my mom’s thigh as Ishant have put his hand on my mom’s breast while he is pulling down her saree from her mom like a shameless lady ,have her drink fastly and she stands infront of us as she started removing her saree.looking like a hot women in her blouse as well as peticote ,she put her hand on her waist as she removed peticote’s strings and it fells on her strong thighs are nude as her pelvic zone is covered with a panty ,now I stand in her back as I unhooked my mom’s blouse.she is in her brassiere as well as panty,I started kissing her neck as my hand is pressing her breast both guys stood in front of my mom as Ishant is kissing her face to lips while I can see Lokesh on his knees ,he put his hand on her panty as he pulled it down and we three guys are kissing a hot matured lady.

I am kissing my mom’s back as I can see Ishant kissing my mom’s lips and Lokesh is kissing her vagina ,she is standing with her legs spread as I knelt in her back.nancy round dome shaped ass is getting my lips for love as I can see Lokesh licking my mom’s cunt with his tongue and my tongue is licking her ass hole while Ishant is sucking my mom’s lips as I can see Ishant’s long penis in my mom’s hand.she is the richest lady now as she got three penis for her love and Ishant took my mom’s tongue to suck as he is pressing her boobs hard.while sitting on my mom’s legs ,Lokesh is fucking her vagina with tongue as my tongue is licking her ass hole and I can see Ishant’s penis in Nancy’s hand as she is masturbating it fastly.after a while ,I left my mom’s back as I can see Lokesh fingering my mom’s vagina while Ishant left my mom’s tongue as I am standing near Ishant came to my mom’s back as he is kissing her back and my mom is screaming…….

“oohh uumm Lokesh suck my vagina soon.”

And he took her vagina in his mouth to suck as I am kissing my mom’s face to lips while my hand is pressing her boobs hard and my mom pulled down my undies to legs as he hold my cock in her I took her lips in my mouth to suck as Ishant is sitting on his knees to love her anus hole while Lokesh is sucking her vagina and my mom pushed her tongue in my mouth as I am sucking it hardly while pressing her boobs hard.after a while,Lokesh left her as I left her tongue and now put my face on her boobs as Nancy put her breast in my mouth to suck and she is masturbating my cock Ishant joined me to suck my mom’s boobs as my mom hold two dicks in her hands ,she is giving a slow jerk.after sucking her boobs ,we both left to washroom.we three friends are nude as Nancy is sitting on sofa and we are drinking wine again,now Ishant is sitting on my mom’s legs as my mom spread her legs wide and Ishant is licking her cunt with his long tongue .Lokesh started kissing my mom’s face as he is pressing my mom’s boobs hard and she is screaming in joy…….

“oohh aahh uumm Ishant lick my vagina fast.”

As he is licking it like a dog,now I can see Lokesh sucking my mom’s tongue as I am drinking wine and after a while,I knelt in front of mom’s legs as I started kissing her Lokesh took my mom’s boobs in his mouth as he is sucking it as Ishant is having drink and I am licking my mom’s cunt fastly as she have hold my hairs ……”oohh ahhh my son I will cum soon “and I took her vagina in my mouth to suck ,I sucked it till she pushed my face back.we three have made my mom hot as we four are in drunkun State and now Ishant……..”yaar teri mom to mast maal hai
(Rajiv)sure but I think yours also .” As Lokesh laughed and we four are now on a bed that have been put on floor in dinning hall.nancy is waiting for blowjob as three cocks are hot as well as in full erection ,she is on her knees as I am standing there and Nancy started kissing my penis with her lips as I can see two guys pressing my mom’s boobs as Lokesh have put two fingers in my mom’s cunt ,now Nancy took my penis in her mouth as she is sucking it fastly and I can hear her sexy voice “uumm uuh ” also as my mom is sucking my cock hard ,both guys are sitting near him as they are making him left my penis as she is on her knees with her upper parts down ,like a bitch on bed and Ishant is sitting near her face as he pushed his long cock in my mom’s mouth while sitting on mom’s back ,I pushed my long cock in her wet pussy and started fucking her vagina fastly as she is sucking Ishant’s cock hard as fast .after a while , Ishant’s cock is in her hand as she is licking it with his long tongue and I am fucking my mom’s cunt while holding her boobs tightly.

Nancy is swinging her ass as I am penetrating my long cock in her vagina and Lokesh have put his dick inside my mom’s mouth as she is swinging her face fast to suck it.after a while ,I took out my penis from my mom’s cunt as Ishant is waiting there to fuck her and Lokesh took out his long cock from her mouth as Nancy is rolling tongue on his I can see Ishant ,holding his cock and pushing it in my mom’s vagina as he is holding his waist and he fucked hard as her cunt swallowed his long thick cock ,she shouted…….

“Oohh aahh it’s too hard and hot.”

And Ishant is fucking my mom with speed as well as power ,now Lokesh left my mom’s face as we both are drinking wine and my mom is moving her ass fastly as Ishant is giving her hard fuck ,she is screaming in pleasure…….

“oohh aahh fuck me hard
(Ishant)sure you whore we three will fuck you whole night .”

As we both have drinks and my mom is in short break as she walked to we three have decided for sandwich style of sex with Nancy ,she came back as I slept on bed with my legs straight and nancy is sitting on my penis as she is pushing it in her cunt while I am holding her my mom is pushing her heavy ass down as my penis is going inside a hot vagina and she started jumping on my penis as we both are enjoying Nancy leaned forward on my body as Lokesh is sitting on her back,he hold his penis as he is putting his cock in her ass hole ,he fucked hard as she shouted…….

“oohh no my ass hole is tearing in parts .”

But Lokesh is fucking her ass as I am fucking my mom from below.she is getting two cocks in both holes as her sexy boobs are on my chest and two guys are fucking her wildely ,her vagina is like a hot boiler as she is kissing my lips and she is shouting……..

“oohh my son my vagina is in fire
(Rajeev)I will cum soon you bitch.”

And my penis ejaculated cum in her vagina as I left I am lying on bed as my mom walked to washroom to wash her sexual organs.
Nancy came back as she slept on bed and Lokesh……

“be like a bitch darling we both friends will fuck your cunt as well as ass
(Nancy)I am feeling tired ,so fuck me in missionary position.”

And now Lokesh put a pillow under my mom’s ass and he is sitting in between her thighs as he is pushing his penis in her cunt ,he is fucking her fastly as Ishant sits near my mom’s face and pushed his long cock in her mouth.I can see my mom getting fucked by my friends as her vagina as well as mouth is full of cock ,she is enjoying it and now Nancy took out Ishant’s cock from her mouth as she is licking it and screaming………

“oohh aahh Lokesh fuck me hard ,I will cum soon.”

Not easy to make a 37-38 years old lady cum twice in an hour but three guys are working hard for I am lying on bed ,I can see Lokesh fucking my mom’s vagina fast and her vagina become wet as Ishant started fucking my mom’s mouth and Lokesh is licking her glory hole to taste it’s Lokesh put his cock again in my mom’s cunt and started fucking her wildely as Ishant is fucking my mom’s mouth and my mom’s eyes are closed as her face is reddish ,after a while ,Ishant shouted……

“oohh my whore aunt I will cum in your mouth.”

As I can see Lokesh working hard on my mom’s cunt and now Ishant have poured cum in my.moms mouth as he took it out and jerked it on her face ,my mom face is shining with sperms on it ,she is looking like a prostitute and than Lokesh screamed……….

“oohh aahh my penis will make your cunt wet soon.”

And his dick poured cum in her vagina as he pushed his cock in Nancy’s mouth to give him his sperms in her mouth to taste.we three guys have made my mom Nancy a dirty whore .

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