My Drunk Sister

Growing up I moved in with my Sister and Brother in law. I came home to find my Sister drunk and crying. She said my Brother in law said she was calling her ugly. I hugged her and tried to comfort her, she was pregnant at the time and my brother inlaw liked to fuck around with all the slots he could.

She said that she was horny and wanted to get fucked in her ass butt he didn’t want to, I said I would love to give her a good butt fucking. She took me to my room and got undressed and told me to do what I wanted. I laid her down and pushed her legs to her chest and ate her hairy pussy and ass. I used my fingers and tongue on both her hairy holes. I pulled her hairy lips apart and locked and sucked her clit until she came on my face.

I started tonguing her buttons until she was wet enough then I first fucked her plump pussy, man she was hot and tight, I came in 5 minutes, she said she wanted it in her ass now. So she started sucking my cock until I got hard again, she got on her hands and knees and turned her sweet butt towards me and said please fuck my ass hard. I slowly pushed my hard cock in her tight butthole. I started slowly and finally she said harder, I managed to go for a good half hour, I was playing with her big boobs and belly while I fucking her hot ass hole. She screamed loudly as I blew my load in her ass.

I fucked her every chance I could after that. She got me to help her shave her hairy pussy and ass so I wouldn’t chock on her pubes whenever I ate her pussy and ass. She told me to keep them with some of her sweet dirty panties when I moved out. I miss her. She passed away 10 years ago.

I can still sometimes catch a whiffs of her sweet pussy every now and then.

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