Step Mom – She was not at all what she appeared to be

Some times the things that people do just don’t make any sense.

Like my Dad getting remarried. For example. Mom had passed away years ago in a traffic accident. Dad took it hard. He became sort of a recluse. And when I left to go to college we sort of lost touch. He wasn’t on the internet and so we only exchanged letters from time to time.

So when he wrote that he had gotten married I was, well, I was stunned!

I went home as soon as I could. I wanted to talk to Dad in person and meet the new woman in his life.

I don’t know what I was expecting. But if I had been challenged to guess I wouldn’t have guessed Mandy.

I had feared that Mandy would be a gold digger. Dad owned a successful accounting business. He had money. But I was reassured as soon as I met her in person. Mandy was not a bleach bottle blonde. She didn’t rock a set of bolt-ons or wear skanky clothes.

In fact, Mandy wasn’t particularly attractive. She was younger than Dad. In her mid thirties I suppose. She had a long face. Horse-like was my first impression. Blue eyes, strong cheek bones and puffy lips that always seemed to be pursed as if in disapproval or as if she was about to kiss something if I was being charitable. Which I wasn’t. Being charitable I mean.

Mandy dressed like a frump. Layers. Mom jeans. Loose sweaters over layers of clothing. Frumpy. No fashion sense. No apparent care for the way she looked.

She treated Dad okay. I didn’t understand their relationship. But they seemed happy enough. They had separated bedrooms which confused me. And Dad still went into work at his accounting firm every day. When they were home at the same time they seemed to keep a distance between themselves. And they were not publicly affectionate. From some chance remarks I overheard I gathered that Dad had taken Mandy out of a nasty situation. He was her knight in shining armor and she appreciated being rescued if that is what had happened

Anyway, this story starts one late Saturday afternoon. Dad had gone golfing with a buddy. It was a new hobby for him. Mandy had gone to a yoga class at the local Y and I was watching Temple University getting their ass kicked and drinking beer.

I was half sloshed when Mandy got home. She walked thru the living room carrying her gym bag. She was wearing yoga pants and a bulky hoodie as she went into the laundry room.

It was the first time I’d ever seen her in anything other than mom jeans or oversized skirts. Her legs looked toned and fit. I guess yoga does have some benefits!

Anyway, I struggled up and stood in the door watching as she loaded a bunch of stuff into the washer. She was paying no attention to me. Bending and flexing as she emptied her gym bag into the front load washer her ass really looked good in those yoga pants!

If I’d been sober I never would have stepped up behind her and rubbed myself against her butt! I had half a chubby and I was pressing it against her hip and ass. My hands were resting on her shoulders while my hips were rocking back and forth.

“Get away from me you animal!” Mandy snarled as she tried to escape my clutches.

“Aw, doesn’t it feel good?” I asked her and kept on pressing my self against her. It sure felt good to me! She smelled good, too!

“You pig! Stop that! Don’t…” her voice trailed off. I realized that in her thrashing about her hand had landed on my cock. Almost reflexively she had grasped my semi-hard.

I yanked my sweatpants down to my knees and stood there as she held my cock in her hand. I reached down and enclosed her hand in mine. I directed her as we stroked me from root to dick head. It was a trip of at least a foot! We made that trip together again and again! My weight was forcing her pelvis against the washing machine which was going thru the steps of washing her clothes. Those vibrations were exciting her clit while she was gripping and releasing my hard-on!

It didn’t take long. Smelling her fresh womanly aroma, feeling her body moving against mine and the way her hand was stroking my cock; it all had me on the verge of an ejaculation!

I was nibbling on her neck as I grunted and the first of many spurts of cum jetted out and landed all over the washing machine and the wall behind it!

Some of it dribbled out over Mandy’s fingers. I kissed her neck and gave her ear a lick.

“That was great,” I told her as I turned and left her standing there. I saw that she was wiping her hand off with a handy towel and she started to wipe up the rest as I walked out the door.

A little later in the day I passed behind Mandy as she was preparing dinner. I made it a point to rub against her ass again. She was still in her yoga pants and I knew that she could feel my dick on her butt.

“Pig!” she snarled and half turned to slap me on the chest. Her hand lingered for a quick moment as she felt my chest muscles under her finger tips. I heard her take a sharp breath as her fingers trailed over my abs. I just smirked at her and grabbed a beer out of the fridge for me and one for Dad.

As I passed her on the way out I made a production of rubbing my hard-on against her butt again. And this time her one hand brushed against me as well. She made no attempt to avoid the contact. In fact, I thought that she made sure that her hand was stroked by my erection as I went by! She didn’t say anything this time.

Mandy pretty much tried to avoid me for the rest of the day. But I did see that when we were in the same room she kept glancing at my groin. And I think I saw her lick her lips a few times when I was rocking a chubby!

The next day Mandy wore a skirt that ended just north of her knees. Nothing too outrageous but not the sort of thing that she had worn before. Her legs looked great even in the flats that she had on.

I made it a point to look at her legs while I complimented her on her appearance. She just frowned at me and turned away.

Later I pushed myself up against her as she was washing the dishes after lunch. I held her by her hips and swiped her ass with my hard-on.

“Stop doing that,” she protested. But she didn’t pull away from me, either. So I kept on doing what I was doing.

“You are such a pig!” she exclaimed. But she stayed where she was as I pumped myself against her.

I pulled her hand behind her to where she could feel my dick as I moved against her. She made only a token effort to avoid my cock.

I kissed and licked her neck. I drove my tongue into her ear. At the same time I was pushing my dick into her hand.

“I think you’re a hypocrite. Mandy.” I murmured. “You complain but you are pushing your ass back against me right now! And you seem to have a grasp on my dick with your hand, too, Mandy.” I chuckled as I watched her blush. But she didn’t let go of my dick either!

“I think you like my big cock. I think you like the way it feels in your hand. That’s what I think, Mandy!” I pushed my sweat pants down to my knees and now she was grasping my naked dick!

“Pig!” was her only response but her hand was moving quicker now than it had before.

“I’m going to cum if you don’t stop, Mandy. But you don’t want to stop, do you? You want to see how far I can shoot and how much you can get me to shoot, don’t you?”

“No! Pig! I don’t want to see you erupt! I don’t want to see how far you can blow your load! I don’t care how much you can cum!” She was practically sobbing. But she was still stroking me faster and faster. And she was looking down at my cock while she spoke!

“I don’t care how long or how thick your dick is! It doesn’t impress me that I can’t close my hand around your hard on! Ugh, Ugh, Um!” she reacted as my dick started to spurt! I shot out at least seven or eight times before I was done.

Without a word I pulled my pants up, tuned and left. I stopped at the door and looked back. Mandy was looking at her hand where my cum was dripping from her fingers. As I watched she raised her hand to her face and took a deep breath. Tentatively her tongue came out and she lightly licked her fingers. Then she slowly inserted her fingers into her mouth one at a time and slurped up all my sperm. Her eyes were closed as she worked. It sure looked as if she liked it!

From then on I took every chance to press myself against her pert butt. I would slot my dick between her cheeks and rub myself up and down, back and forth. She would call me a pig. She would tell me to stop. But she didn’t try to move away. And she seemed to respond by not only handling my cock but also by arching her back to increase the pressure against her ass!

That became out routine. I would press myself against her butt a couple of times a day. She would protest but she never made a real attempt to escape when I would pump my big dick between her butt cheeks. In fact, she would grip my dick as I moved and she forced her self against me! Her back would arch and she would wiggle herself against me.

And she would jack me off! She did it every time! If my cock wasn’t out in the open she would pull it out. Then she would grab hold and stroke and stroke until I blew my load! She would direct my output onto her butt or she would watch as I painted what ever was in front of us. She was having to constantly wipe off the kitchen counter and cabinets. Or the washer and dryer. And most of the time she would lick off her hands to clean off what ever I had deposited on them. Which was a lot!

After a few days I noticed that Mandy was sticking her ass out whenever I was around. She would be sure to bend over and rock her ass left and right to tease me! When I passed by her she would be sure to push her rump out to make contact. She was constantly searching the lower shelf in the laundry or the base cabinet in the kitchen. She would be on her hands and knees searching under the bed or the sofa for something that she had “just dropped”. I would catch her glancing over her shoulder to see if I had taken notice of the display she was putting on!

If I didn’t take the hint immediately she would get more and more brazen! Making her butt twitch left and right. Rubbing her butt against my hard-on! Making sure that I could feel her as she pushed herself against my rock hard dick!

And then she began to take the initiative! I was getting a drink of water at the kitchen sink when Mandy appeared at my side. Without saying a word she snuggled up to me. With one hand she cupped my butt cheek. With the other she caressed my groin. She began to cup and caress my dick! Needless to say I sprang a hard-on. She purred in pleasure as she encouraged me to grow larger and larger!

“You have such an exciting cock, Lance! I have to admit that at first I was reluctant but you are so large and you seem to have a really strong sex drive! So many of the men I’ve been involved with were disappointing. But you seem to recover quickly and be eager to go again a lot faster than any of the men I’ve known!

“But you need to know that my needs are very strong! I want, I need sex more often than most women! I like sex! A lot! It’s how I got into trouble. It’s the reason your Dad is so good for me!

“But I think it’s going to be more fun with you, Lance. But you have to understand how this is going to work!” She paused and looked me in the eyes.

“I’m going to drain your balls! I’m going to take every last drop of sperm you have to offer! I’m going to drink your cum, slather it all over my big titties and make sure that you have nothing left in the tank for any of the skanks you are seeing on the side! This huge cock and balls are mine, all mine!”

“Big talk for a little…wait, big titties?” I asked.

“Oh, you have no idea. I’m really good at hiding myself now. I didn’t use to disguise my body, but I’ve learned how to cover up so I’m not showing off the way I used to! And when I show off you’ll really know it!” she bragged. Her eyes dropped to her chest and then to my groin before she looked me in the eyes again. As I watched she reached behind her back and pulled her oversized sweater tight around her. Suddenly a big pair of tits were on display as was her minuscule waist line. The difference between her boobs and her midsection was amazing! I had no idea how I had not noticed it before.

“I wear a 32-Double J cup bra. When I wear one,” she bragged. “And my waist measures just a little less than 24 inches.” The pride in her voice was obvious.

As I gaped at her she pulled the bottom of the sweater up until it was just under her tits. Without a word she began to raise and lower her sweater bouncing her big tits in front of me. Slowly she allowed more and more of her bra to be seen. When she finally pulled it up and off her boobs were rocking and shaking, trying to escape her commodious bra.

“Holy Smokes!” I exclaimed. “You have huge tits! I had no idea! Wow!”

“Do you like big tits?” she asked as if she didn’t already know my response.

“Damn right, I do!” I reached out and buried my hands in her massive bra. “These feel so good! Let’s set them free, shall we?”

“If you insist,” she was reaching behind her as she spoke. Moments later her bra seemed to spring off her chest to bounce against me and then fall to the floor.

“Oh my God! They look even bigger when you don’t have the bra on!” I told her.

“I know! I used to love to surprise my dates when we started making out! You should have seen the look on your face just now! Priceless! Just priceless. I’ve been hiding myself for so long! But I want you to know the real me! The man-hungry cum-drinking fuck toy that is the real me!

Now grab hold of my huge hooters and make me feel good, Lance!

Which is exactly what I did for the next five or ten minutes. I’d never seen or felt tits like these! So firm, so wonderful to the touch! They stuck almost straight out from her chest. They sagged just enough to prove that they were real! I had no idea how I had not noticed them before. I had thought that her ass and legs were her best parts. I was wrong! Her boobs and waist put the rest of her to shame!

As I kept on playing with her massive hooters her nipples sprang to life. They got harder and stood out at attention as I worked. She enjoyed my pinching them and pulling on them.

She let out a little cry when I latched onto her nipples with my lips. And when I started to lick and suck she used both hands to pull me to her even harder! She was moaning and gasping as I worked.

Finally she pushed me away. She drifted to her knees and pulled my cock out of my pants.

“I just love dick,” she told me. “I like to make them hard and make them shoot out all their wonderful juice and drink it all down before I get them hard again so I can do it all over!”

Her lips closed over the tip of my rock hard shaft and she began to cat-lick it and nurse gently on my dick head. In a few moments she had me quivering with excitement.

“I give great head, I’m told,” she announced. “Please let me know!”

She pushed her self forward. She took in the head of my dick and spent a few moments licking and sucking. Then she pushed herself further and further down my hard-on. It took just a few trips back and forth before she was taking almost half of my length! She was humming and mewling in happiness as she worked!

“So thick, so long! I love this big fat hard-on!”

“You do a great job,” I told her. “One of the best blow jobs I’ve ever had!”

“Just wait,” she said. “I’m only starting!” She was smirking up into my eyes as she went back to work.

To my amazement she was soon taking my entire dick into her mouth and throat! She would drive herself down until her lips were smashed against my gonads and then she would retreat until only the tip of my dick was held between her lips. Then she would do it again. Some times the trip was slow and leisurely. Other time the trip was fast and urgent. Either way it was by far the best blowjob I had ever had. I was gasping for breath, breathing as if I was running a marathon as she kept up her assault.

“You’re the best! The very best! Come on Mandy, I’m about ready to blow my load down your throat! Get ready for a big load of cum!”

“I’m ready Lance! I’m ready! Give it all to me! I want it, I need it! Ive earned it, honey!”

Moments later I was grunting and groaning as I shot spurt after spurt into her eager suctioning mouth. She didn’t miss a drop! Most of it she savored and swallowed. The last of it she spit out into her hand and smoothed it over my still hard shaft.

Her handy work was a treasure! She didn’t let me get soft! She kept me hard while she used her long tongue to swipe up all the juice on her lips and then she stuck my cock back into her mouth to clean it all up!

As I was catching my breath I watched Mandy cup her tits to herself and drool into her cleavage.

“I like tit-fucking almost as much as I do fucking and sucking! How do you like this?” She straightened up enough to be able to fold her tits around my dick. She squeezed with both hands and enclosed me within her cleavage.

She varied the pressure and speed with which she handled my stiffie. She was as good at tit-fucking as she was at cock sucking! Great!

Every once in a while she would bend her neck enough that she could suck on my dick head when it popped out from between her Double-J boobs! So much fun! For both of us!

“I’m going to cum,” I told her. “You are the best! You’re going to pull another load from my balls! Take it, you slut! Where do you want it?”

“On my boobs you horny man! I want you to jack yourself off all over my huge titties while I hold them out for you to spurt all over!” She pulled back and as promised she held her tits up and out for me to shoot all over.

There was no way I was going to miss. Her tits were so big, such a wonderful target as she shook them and bounced them up and down for me.

Oh, here it cums you horny slut! Here I cum!” I was stroking myself at a furious rate. The first of more than half a dozen ropes of cum rocketed out to splatter all over her tits. By the time I was done there was a cum glaze all over her boobs and nipples.

I collapsed back on the sofa and watched as Mandy used her amazing tongue to lick it all off her. Then she slid up onto my lap. She leaned over and gave me scorching hot kiss.

“That was great,” she moaned. “I haven’t had an experience like that in forever. Now for the main event!”

“Main event?” I wondered.

“Oh, we’re just getting started lover. Just getting started!”

Mandy reached between her legs and pulled my cock to her nether lips. With a groan of excitement she pushed herself onto my dick head. It was slow going! Even though I had had two ejaculations my dick was still fairly hard. And having Mandy lean over and bounce her tits off my head only made it better. So big! Her tits were amazing! I wasn’t sure how much more I had in the tank but I wanted to see how good Mandy was. I had an idea she would be phenomenal!

Mandy soon proved that I was right. While I lay there catching my breath she was rising and falling on my cock. Soon enough I was back at full strength. Mandy wasn’t taking it all yet but she was trying hard!

“More, you stud, I want more! I want it all! I want every inch of you as far into me as we can make it go!” She was bouncing up and down, going fast and then slowing and then faster again. She was taking about nine inches and still had several more to go.

She kept my interest by bouncing her breasts off of my face and pressing her tits to my lips so I could lick and suck on them. Which I did with alacrity!

Her pussy was clasping my dick and it wasn’t that long until she groaned deeply and snapped upright as she had a big orgasm. That was only the start!

Mandy rode me for at least forty-five minutes and had at least four massive orgasms! Toward the end she was taking everything I had to offer and was quivering with delight as she clung to me and pounded herself on my as hard as she could manage!

I managed to rouse myself enough to grab her hips and slam myself up into her as fast as I could. It didn’t take long until I emptied myself into her. We both collapsed and she lay on top of me for a couple of minutes before we managed to untangle ourselves and get dressed.

It was the start. Every day I would press myself up against her butt and she would flip up her skirt to show that she had on no panties.Then I would reach around and grab hold of her massive tits. I would squeeze them and fondle them while pressing my self against her butt cheeks. And we would fuck each other standing in the laundry or kitchen.

Or she would press herself against me, fondle my dick until it was stiff and then she would sink to her knees and suck me off! Many times she would prance up to me, her massive bosom shaking and bouncing under her top, completely unrestrained by a bra. Her nipples would be on proud display and she would pull my hands to her tits forcing me to squeeze and play with them. I loved it!

And then she would pull my dick between her hooters and give me a wonderful titty fuck which I really enjoyed.

And so did she! She would spread my seed across her chest, rub it into her nipples and then wipe it up and suck herself clean with her tongue. It was amazing!

She would sit next to me at the table and play with my cock until I was right on the edge! As I quivered with excitement she would pretend she had dropped her napkin to fork or whatever and then she would make me spurt into her mouth!

When I was watching TV she would sink herself onto my hard cock and ride me until I came and she would pull her tits out for me to play with! Sucking on her nipples always sped up her rise to orgasm and she often would pull me to her bosom and motorboat me. I really liked that!

So I’m having all kinds of sex with a stone cold fox! I wonder how long I’ll be able to last?


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