True story how I fuck my elder sister Priyanka and share with my friends

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hi friends this is Shyam once again I come with my new story it is it true story which take place at the time of corona how I fuck my elder sister Priyanka on my bed 2 months this is true story friends that’s coming to the story in the story the heroine is my elder sister Priyanka.

She had a big boobs and nice assist and very sexy looks and with very nice and her sizes was 36 boobs 28 West 38 assist and before current time my parents where 12 hour negative place and best art in the Kolkata what the covid-19 virus for 2 months that’s why I and my elder sister where in Vizag in my house for 2 months.

I was trying to f*** my elder sister from last 4 years but I never get any chance by god’s grace I get it time of 2 months in this 2 months at any cost I have to f*** my elder sister I decided and after that login starts.

I and my sister at my home and playing Ludo carrom board chess and accept games and after that first first two weeks went normally and after 2 weeks I keep a blue film CD into CD player and I forgot to remove wait after that early morning my sister switch on the TV the blue film was running Shiva shop and stand like that after that she come to my room mask what champ what are you doing your blue films you ask me I told her don’t tell to to your parents about this blue film you did not recognise me and forgive me and she told she will definitely Telugu about parents Sheetal I did not know what to do about this after that she went to kitchen for make a tiffin and I want to help bedroom and second camera in bathroom and come back to my room after cooking a tiffin she went for a bath.

After that after that she come out I don’t take the camera and see only was recorded and after that I factor small clip and I send a message in WhatsApp to have with my personal number she was shocked to see her video and try to call to my number are you know my saying can I chat with hi if you have you have to co-operate with me otherwise I will never forgive you I will upload this video I told she asked me don’t do this I will believe what you want I told..

I will message you tomorrow and after that she come to my dream and tell someone was blackmailing me you take me video how it take I did not understand she told ok

I told I will help you she help me and tell thank you please help me after that I told to her you better to sleep in my room because I don’t know when she will come she told as it is true I will do after that you come to my room and sleep and after that only start moving and on her boobs and start practicing while you are sleeping after 2 days again I was messaging in WhatsApp directly I ask I want to f*** you but she was a friend and show me the message and I told

I will chat with him after 12th I shot it’s my number also and doctor told to my sister she was asking forever and after that she will delete the video she told know your police complaint I told no you should not do this is London time MBA company and after that I told him Shelby find out what we will do and after that I told to my sister you are a virgin still now but you are working very lost with unknown person it’s very sad told I never give a f*** to him please help me brother I told to have

I have only one option she ask me what I will find him and I will make a plan to catch him red handedly you have to do a favour she asked me what is that favour call I have a ISO new from last 4 years just say that asfak please give me one f****** chance to me I will help you otherwise I will not do I told fish route she shout what the hell are you talking you bloody rascal I am your elder sister how could you f*** me it is not right it is a SIM we should not do suggesting simplest things please help me I told him directly give me f*** then I will help you otherwise gone you to him your f*** you f*** you after that she will not delete your videos nude blackmail and she will tell you to come every night on her dad and I think she will blackmail and after that friends also enjoy you and after I don’t know how many will f*** you I kiss you think about it and tell me if you give me one chance I will help you and I will catch him that handedly she was go to room and thinking

After that a few hours later she message me Sholay you will help me I told as my dear sister I will show only help you and after that she told you not even tell to anyone you f*** me ok please give me promise and do not help you out parents are your friends I promise her and OK I will never tell when we will do sweet toll today night is ok I told ok and I go to medical shop condoms and after that I went into my sister room and after the I was very happy to f*** her and excited and set camera in my phone also after that go to her she was very sure from backside and start pressing her boobs backside and slowly I removed her top she was but she was covering her boobs with both hands and after that I surely go to on and leaves and start fishing

I start the blue film video Hindi TV she shocked to see toll please switch off the TV I told it’s not a problem you are you for this that’s why you have to see the video and you have to do like this and in that video the goal was doing a b****** too young man and my sister to another do that I told I never help you she is Holi me down and take my cock in to have mouth and start sleeping after few seconds I keep on her my belt and pant and I keep my call Pintu head fast I slowly full my copy into her pass she was crying like my hand but I never listen sweet morning brother please leave me it is paining it is raining please leave me brother it is raining I am your sister mother please please please please please please please give me give me give me but I am never but I never leave hair and start f****** very hardly hardly and heartly and hardware she was crying amama amama amama and after that I never really here I have seen your eyes was coming eye drops from my house was crying like a small child have boobs what’s waking up and down up and down up and down I was very excited and f*** very hardly till 2 hours I f*** her she was crying and after 2 hours toll please give me now and never listen whole night I f*** her like a help it is made there is no at tomorrow

After that I enjoy a lot and I keep having its type and all style and I f*** and miss you was very excited and after that she was fully corporated with me I was very excited and I f*** her whole night in every morning I was sleeping on the bed we both will sleep after that you my sister was very shocked and not even wear any clothes at 12:15 idiot what will be blast metaphors in my phone what you recorded I ask you know that man was different send me a message in whatsapp told show me and after that she was very nice very niceone more we will do I ask she told I never do that because he was required for time never listen my force and 468 keep my call Pintu have to help pass and I start biting her boobs and f****** like it all and after that she was crying and give me weather please leave me whether we should not do this things but I never listen on the f*** hardly after that I take my coc from here pass and I keep my cock into her mouth and start working but my sister was crying and crying but I never leave you and I f*** on more power

I leave her she was crying and after that see message me what we can do now how should we have to approach that I told don’t worry we have only one can someone reason she asked me what is that you have to give your past to him on want to f*** you she told how can we do this where we can do I see ask wake told to have I will chat with him and I will asking with you come early will go I love you so please make believe that you just and after that I chat with him and I tell I tell to my sister she told he will come to our house ok when he will come I told she will come tomorrow night ok my friend I want to f*** my friend after that I will come and you told I am that my sister wash your hand is your friend only your friend is such that I told you also don’t my sister can make out videos please help me to delete my sister cry please but my friend act like really and first f*** after deleting the radius he told and after my friend my friend and my sister went to went inside why your f****** remaining friends also enter into a WhatsApp message after sometime I am going to the room and I also for my sister my sister to please try sleeping you should not do it your syster like this that time my friend Rahul tell why don’t we do with VR sex with my sister also we have f****** till now her know you are the you want advinow group f*** you take to marriage you have to corporate otherwise he will be your brother and your video understands me what’s keep calm and she was not saying anything 11 all all my friends for and all of them with me in hell Om and when I told you have come to the whole chicken without wearing any dress and she was shocked to see the videos and after that when you leave me I told I told it is all plan by me you have to corporate kill the problem with us when they want to f*** you they will come when they want to f*** you they will come you have to give aways this video’s will lekin YouTube and sex citis I told you as you are a not a brother you are any me I told whatever else you have to corporate till Sherlock Tom OK till then altenew not wearing the process also ok and you will enjoy you and Rahul also bring a sister to Inch to heat is to our house and we all for V6 of you f*** to hot girls too hot girls ok please prepared be prepared f*** you again get down and still out parents comes trident guys and two girls f*** I will show you that story in the next part guys

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