Sex with beautiful cousin

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I am vijay staying in mumbai.
I am 23 and this is about me and my beautiful sister neha.
She is 26 .

Let me tell about her.
She rented a apartment and stays alone here a decent girl
She is little bit busty figure of 35 32 34
But this keeps on seducing me many times.

One day i had to stay at her apartment for 3 days it was in the morning my sister said that she was leaving for some work and she will come late evening.
I was alone at home and no work to do .meanwhile she provided a cupboard to keep my things.
After she went i was keeping my things and i found out a condom in that.i took and thought why it was here then i kept at. Then i had shower and i went to my sister’s room to dress as dressing table was there.
I found her bra there and i got boner and i even saw some of her hot pictures .she had smart tv so i thought to use it.

I went to the tv in her room and connected my phone and started to watch porn. I didn’t knew that the main door was still open . I got naked and i took a pill of viagra as i always keep it and i got huge boner .
I was rubbing my dick and suddenly my sister entered from nowhere .i got shocked and she too and she turned away and i got covered myself and went to ask why she cane early and my explanation. She told her work got cancelled and now she was free.

But there was a problem i told. I had viagra so it wont be down and she said ok and told me to go and masturbate .
I was rubbing and rubbing and still it was hard stiff .
So i asked her if she could help .

She said what she could do in that i told be naked may be i may come . She got naked for me and i could not control myself and i grabbed her . I hugged her tightly and she started pushing me . I could not forget that masemrising scene for giant naked juicy white boobs in front of my eyes then. Then i got more horny i went and took that condom and put on it. Then i went near my sister . First i kissed her and she also got horny so while kisding we went to the main door and closed it then we went to the shower there we started hot water on her body we both got hot, tgen i grabbed those big boobs.

I was sucking them like a small child her tits got stiff then.

Then i put my dick in her pussy and we started fucking. After few minutes she got up from me and i thought it was over so she went to her room and started dressing but i was still hard and so i went behind her. As soon as she won her bra i unhooked it from the back and threw away.
Then i turned her towards me and i started playing and sucking those tits then i pushed her to the bed and gave liplocks , sucked her huge boobs , licked her whole body and at last we had hot sex. After almost 3 hrs from taking viagra i came with hard fucking my sister and i got down.

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