Gf banging fantasy part-4

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Hello for those who haven’t read the Gf banging fantasy part first, second and third part, I suggest you read the same first before continuing reading this.

Suddenly, dinesh came towards her started touching her. “pooja smiling,”  slightly getting excited with dinesh’s touch.

He started touching her more and pressed her boobs. We couldn’t control ourselves seeing this. We all came close to pooja and started feeling her up. Dinesh and his friend sid were pressing her boobs. I started kissing her. Shan and mike were feeling up her ass and pulled down her shorts.

Now pooja looked like she was enjoying all the attention. “She’s wet, guys, she is liking it,” dinesh said who had moved down to her navel. We pulled her up from the pool and We made her kneel and gathered around in a circle. We unzipped our pants and gave her our dicks. She started to suck each of our dicks.

Now she was really turned on and was enjoying it. She was sucking one dick and was stroking two more dicks using her hand. Her tongue was soft and nice that it felt great when she sucked my dick. I made her suck my balls as well as dinesh.

After a few minutes, we made her stand up and removed her panty.

Now she was standing nude in front of 6 boys.

I asked dinesh and his friends to come to our room.

Mike immediately, He lifts pooja and walking towards the room, while i slapped her ass so did everyone. He puts pooja on the bed. Soon he starts kissing pooja while groping her boobs! She have huge boobs and he enjoys them fully. He sucks her nipples softly while his body is totally over her!  I can see his dick is as hard as a baton and a big one!!

He puts her upside down and over he is dry humping!! His dick is hitting against her ass and cunt!! Meanwhile he is over her and kissing her neck!! The other guys are all watching with most of them having their dicks in their hands!! But nobody interferes!! Soon Mike starts licking her cunt and ass hole! He is good at it as he rotates his tongue inside her cunt!!  Can’t withstand the pleasure! She started to moan “anhhhhh !!!! yeahhh..” When his tongue licks her shithole I feel as it would open up!! It was hard for her to keep it closed! Tongue emoticon He then asks her to suck his dick. He is on knees on bed while she was bend like doggy and starts to suck it!! It is hard and hot! I can feel everyone r enjoying!!

Soon he jumps on back of her and lifts her ass to position! He inserts his hot rod inside her vagina!! His pelvis hitting hard against her ass!! He is holding her tight with his big hands!!  He unloads a big load on her ass and back!! Next is shan..And I guess his style was not doggy. He was already ready with no clothes and his dick in hand!! He immediately puts her on her back and sleeps over her! His pelvis is gyrating and his dick is feeling her pussy triangle! He is all over pooja, kissing her lips, cheeks, neck and tongue.

With his chest he is trying to feel her warm bare boobs. She can feel that his nipples are very hard!! His licking is so hard and sensual that he is leaving lot of saliva over her!! Soon he spreads her legs and enters her!! He likes missionary and his warm unit enters pooja!! He starts slow but soon fucks her really hard!! He is holding her one legs against his chest while she wrap the other over him! His movements are very sensuous!! He is kissing pooja and her boobs!! She respond by shaking her pelvis to match his thrusts! She start lightly moaning and his dick gets harder by seeing it! He is now hitting even harder!! I can feel the pleasure of his fucking!! Its so relieving!

Soon he also throws up on her belly!! And before leaving he sleeps over her and rubs the cum with his bare body!! Now hari comes over. He comes and sleeps next to her and start kissing pooja!! His hands are over her…feeling pooja’s body!! He is rubbing her boobies, pinching nipples and feeling the shaved pussy!! Meanwhile his leg is wrapped over her!! He his kissing her, biting her lips, sucking her tongue and occasionally puts his tongue inside pooja ears!! Its tickles her and makes her even more wet!!.

Now he turns her over and enters her from the back like doggy!! He is holding her boob with his right hand while his left hand is holding her hair!! She liked the feeling and she was moaning very loud!! His dick is small but he is the one who had aroused her the most!! He fucks her for some 6-7 minutes in the position and then sleeps on his back and ask her to ride him!! She ride him and place his dick inside her. She am drenching wet inside and his dick is covered in her wet juice! His dick smoothly slides inside!! She ride him hard by pressing her vagina very hard against his dick!! Its small but she feel more satisfied!! Soon he is about to throw..she jump away and bring her mouth close to it!! He throws his load on pooja’s mouth and hair!!

I could see that now all the men were getting turner on and could see their dicks expand , I was shocked to see their dicks each one had nothing less than 8 to 9 inched long and the dinesh that the biggest it was about 11 inches long and solid black in color.

Now all came near pooja and started folding my gf for the first few minutes she felt uncomfortable but then she started enjoying it after some time all the 6 men including me were folding and licking pooja all over her body ,

They made pooja lie on the bed and were all over her naked body it looked hungry loins feeding on their pray. Pooja took two dicks and started shaking it and then she was sucking them, the men were surprised by this action of hers, may be Some of them never experienced a blow job before.

Their was one guy licking her pussy and the others were licking her thighs and feet and sucking her boobs, I could see pooja was turning red due to the hard sucking and could see many love bites all over her body.

Seeing all this I got a hard on and started shagging, then the dinesh got up and ordered the rest of them to leave her alone as now he wanted to mount her, he took his big dick and keep it on my gf’s wet pussy and slowly started pushing it in her hole it looked like a black anaconda was trying to get into pooja’s pussy.

Then he gave one mighty push and his full 11 inches disappeared into her pussy, pooja’s eyes popped out and she let out a wild and loud scream it was too big for her and without any emotion dinesh started ramming her pussy with all his power, poor pooja was screaming like hell.

I could see the happiness and satisfaction on these savages faces as dinesh fucked my gf. He gave her long and fast strokes and he put his hands under her ass and buried his head in her boobs and fucked her like an animal, slowly pooja started enjoying his strokes.

She started moaning loudly with her eyes closed and her hands over his back with her finger nails dug into his shoulder. He fucked her for about 20mins in the same position and pooja cum 2 times in that, he had an amazing stamina and power and he always kept increasing the speed of his rhythm and he never stopped to catch his breath, this type of sex.

I have never seen not even in porn movies, he was like a machine fucking my gf. Pooja was totally in trance and was hypnotized by the pleasure she got by fucking him, he then started moaning loudly and I could see this balls contract.

He was coming wildly in my gf’s pussy, he lay still for some time and then got up and as he pulled out this dick for her pussy and I could see a river of cum flow out of pooja’s pussy.

Pooja could barely open her eyes and after some time she fainted, dinesh saw me and laughed.

After she finished riding everyone, she was very tired. So we gave her a break and swam in the pool for some time.

I was having a smoke and walking. I saw our resort security holding pooja bra and panty and smelling. Suddenly he saw me and got shocked. Saying I’m sorry sir and all.

I asked him to relax and after 5 minutes of talking with him I came to know he saw pooja naked and all the stuff we did near the pool.

He was very happy but not satisfied.
He was saying, his wife was died in the age of 24. At the time he was 26. Now he’s 52.

he haven’t had sex since then, hearing this by balls came into my mouth.

So I promised him that I’ll share pooja to him and he can do whatever he wants.

He was extremely happy and gave me a hug.

And I could see they resumed the session with pooja.

I asked the security to wait and I told him that will bring pooja here.

So I went to the room I could see was they decided to double penetrate her so that two people could get a chance at a once.

In three rounds, all 6 of us had finished fucking her ass and pussy. Now it was time for the grand showdown. We made her sleep and made her suck our dicks. She helped us to come one by one. Dinesh looked like he was too excited seeing all his friends fucks my gf

He was the first one to cum. He splashed a thick white cum shot on her boobs. I had always admired her face and wanted to cum on her face. I told pooja to suck my balls while I stroked my dick on her face. After a minute, I cummed on her pretty face.

Sid and mike also followed me. Shan and hari made her open her mouth and came inside her mouth.

everyone was so much exhausted that even not possible to speak a single word. Tired we slept in the same bed.

After 2 hours I got woke up it was around 2:30

I saw all are sleeping but pooja was cleaning her body with some clothes.

So Suddenly I thought of making her fuck the security.

I got up from the bed and I asked her what she was doing. She said , was cleaning our cum. So I asked her lets clean them by pool, and asked her to come to the pool.

So she was walking towards pool by covering her body with bath towel.

While I was saying the story to pooja of the security that he haven’t had sex for past 26 years.

So I asked her. Will you help him?.
She got shocked! You want me to get fucked by security that old man.

I said it’s one of my dream to watch you get fucked by old man and gave her kiss on her lips..saying will go to him and have fun.

We went to his room it was made up of Cadjan and very small room.

He security got very happy and I can see his excitement from his face.

So I told him that this is my gift for you and you can do whatever you want from her.

Saying this i suddenly pulled her towel drown. And asked him to enjoy.

She was completely standing nude in front of him.

To be continued…

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