Shared my mom with my friends

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My name is Aryan. i am from Kolkata. my mom is super hot.Her name is Sushmita.She has a figure of 35-36-35.So you can imagine how much hot she is. Quite everyone has eyes on my mom as she is beautiful and has amazing boobs.My dad is a hotelier in Delhi,so most of the times he stays in there.

It was the hottest summer so my mom was wearing short nighty.I never saw my mom in that slutty look before.She was in the kitchen.After seeing her i couldn’t control myself so i went to my mom to jerk off.After 15 minutes mom called me and asked me to massage her thighs as they were paining.So she lied down on bed backwards.I could see her panty and her huge fair ass. So i started massaging her thighs.It was around 5 pm when i was massaging her.Then was after few minutes she said me to go higher . My cock was already hard. So i started massaging the downside of her ass and i could feel it so well.I noticed that mom was in sleep so i slowly took out my large hard cock from my pants and started masturbating.As i was masturbating my mom got up and saw me and my cock.For few seconds she was looking to my cock and didn’t said anything.

mom: WOW your father doesn’t have that big.
mom: show your mommy what you got
She opened her nighty, unplugged her bra and pulled down her panty. She was lying naked in front of me on the bed.
mom:Come on! Don’t you wanna get in me

i quickly became naked and jumped on her.I din’t see her as my mom that time, i saw her as a 36 yer old slut.I stated with missonery position.I slowly inserted my dick in her hairy pussy.

mom: ahhhhh ahhhhh fuck me ahhhh fuck your mommy
me: yeah mom yeah

NOW this is where the whole thing changed.
i even called my three friends ankur, arnab and rajesh to my house to see movie as it was vacations.The door was unlocked because my mom went up so she forgot to lock the door.They three went in.

Rajesh: Where are you aryan?
ankur: I can hearing someone moaning
arnab: me too
they came in in the room in which i was fucking my mom.
me:Rajesh! what…w..what are you guys doing ?
arnab:You called us right.
i quickly wore my pants,took them out of the room and closed the door.
me:listen its nothing which you think okay i was just…..
rajesh:yeah fucking your own mom.
rajesh was my very old friend and i also heard that she loves my mom.
me: guys you need to go, i will talk to you later.
rajesh: no i also want to fuck your mom.I love her a lot.
arnab : yeah your mom is hot i also
ankur: me too
me: what? okay fine.
i brought them in
me: mom they want to have sex with you, so will yo….
mom: yeah boys come on fuck me
they three got charged and went to mom.
rajesh was kising my mom, ankur was licking her boobs amd arnab was licking her pussy.
They three got naked and now my mom was giving blowjob to them.
rajesh:aunty come in position.
rajesh was fucking her ass, ankur was at her pussy and arnab was putting his dick in her mouth.

I was there looking to them fucking my mom.Then as ankur was tired he got up so i went to her pussy.After an hour of having sex with my mom we cummed on her face and ended it.
rajesh: bro it was so much fun to fuck your sexy mom
ankur: yeah it was a whole other level experience
arnab yeah man i like your mom’s busty figure and big boobs.
rajesh:bro i will again come to fuck your mom.
me:nikal laure nikal salee.

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