Expect the Unexpected-7

Please read the previous part here ( Expect the Unexpected-6 ). Now let’s continue

Soon he groaned thrusting more harder before slowing down. Nina could feel his warm cum gush inside her filling her so much that she thought it would spill out from her mouth.

She looked over her shoulder, her stallion had come to a halt panting heavily. She said “thank you for the most incredible sex ever son”. He said “mom it was all because of you, yes it was very intense and I enjoyed it too”.

Bunty teasingly asked “are you tired mom”? Nina shot back saying “what do you expect Bunty especially after fucking me like that? Remember I am not young anymore, even if I was, I don’t think I could handle this”.

Bunty teasingly asked “so you mean you are not up for the next round”? Nina screamed “have mercy on me son, I definitely need time to recuperate. Now if you will spare me, can I finish my morning duties”?

Bunty grinned saying “anything for you mom, just remember to not wear anything till I tell you” saying this he walked out leaving the door open. Nina also did not bother to close it anymore.

She was so much in love with this new dominating side of Bunty. Nina smiled to herself knowing well that a lot more was yet to come since the day had only begun.

She freshened up and following her new hubby’s orders, she walked to the hall naked. Bunty was sitting there naked on the sofa with fresh hot coffee waiting for her.

She sat with him and took her mug, she asked “so what has my hubby got in mind for the weekend”? Bunty put his arm around her pulling her close to him, he said “mom your clothes are very old fashioned. Did you ever consider wearing modern clothes”?

His question took her by surprise and took her back in time when she was a growing teenager. Nina recollected how she loved watching western movies and dreamt wearing those clothes like the actresses.

Whenever she asked her parents, they would scold her saying she had to wear only traditional clothes otherwise she would not find a good groom. So bulldozing her dreams Nina accepted the life she was forced to live totally forgetting her dreams.

Even Bunty’s dad was very traditional and never bothered to even find out what she liked or wanted. Given the circumstances she had resigned to her fate and focused her energies on being a good wife and mother.

Her friends wore beautiful modern dresses and flaunted it while all she could do was to visualize and shut up. Now that Bunty brought up the topic it reignited her dreams.

Now she had to decide if she was going to still resent his offer or grab it with both hands and relive her life the way she always dreamt. While she was lost in her thoughts, Bunty brought his lips to hers and gave her a passionate kiss.

His kiss brought her back to the present where she was sitting naked sipping coffee with her new hubby. He asked “what is there to think so much mom?

I asked a simple question because I strongly feel you will look beautiful and ravishingly sexy in modern clothes”. Nina looked at him with tears forming in her eyes.

Bunty grew concerned and asked “what happened mom? Did I offend you? I am really sorry if I did”. He kissed her tears even before the first one rolled down her cheeks.

Nina said “it’s not your fault Bunty, I always yearned to wear modern dresses but your grandpa and your dad did not like it. I have always been discouraged from even thinking about it because of fear of society”.

Bunty roared “fuck society mom, hell with all of them. I don’t care about anyone. Now that I know you like it, I am going to do everything to make you realize your dreams”.

Nina asked “what about Rupa? What will she think seeing me in those clothes”? Bunty shot back with the same aggression, he said “she better like it mom. Because if she doesn’t then it will be my way or the highway”.

Nina asked “you are ready to ditch her for my sake”? Bunty said “yes mom, no second thoughts. You mean the world to me, I will do whatever it takes to make you happy. If anyone has a problem, then either they deal with me or fall in line. I am not going to negotiate”.

Nina was scared seeing her stallion roar like this, at the same time she was also very proud and happy that he was very daring to face anyone who stood in the way of her dreams.

A very big and important quality which his dad did not have an ounce off. She put her mug on the table and hugged Bunty tightly burying her face in his chest.

She softly said “thank you son…”. Bunty cut her off asking “son???”. She corrected herself saying “thank you my darling husband, you are everything I was missing in my life all these years. You are going to call me Nina only from now on”.

Bunty while caressing her back said “Nina when I am there, you don’t need to care”. This naked embrace made her sensitive tits and puffy nipples press against his chest triggering her arousal.

His supportive and encouraging words pushing her to relive her life the way she wanted worked as a catalyst to her sexual triggers. Nina raised her face and saw Bunty looking right into her eyes.

Her gaze was a mix of love and lust for him and Bunty sensed it too. Nina had woken up to an intense love making session which was tiring but now she was again longing for more.

Without her gaze leaving his she felt around and held his magnificently huge manhood which had already read her mind and was ready and waiting for her.

She raised her face to meet Bunty’s lips, he held her in his arms raising her slightly off the sofa and across his lap. Nina was now sitting face to face with him with his manhood throbbing between her thighs close to her mound.

She closed her eyes pushing her face towards his, Bunty sealed her lips with his in a very sensual and long kiss. This kiss sent pleasure waves crashing thru her body making her wriggle in his lap.

Subconsciously Nina was stroking his manhood also grinding her crotch against it. Bunty whispered in her ears “Nina he is waiting for your mouth”.

Nina blushed hearing this, she whispered back saying “we are in a very uncomfortable position to do that right now”. Bunty put her hands around his neck and grabbed her buttocks hard against him.

He got up carrying her with him to his bed. Nina was amazed at his strength and felt very proud of her latest acquisition. He lowered her on his bed slowly seating her on the edge, he asked “is this more comfortable Nina”?

Nina smiled nodding a yes, she made him lie down and got between his legs. She lovingly held his monstrous manhood throbbing in her hands and brought her mouth to it.

Nina recollected how he had fucked her mouth last night pushing his meaty cock down her throat. Now determined to perform as good as last night she licked the length of his shaft a few times before she brought her mouth engulfing it.

The moment she took him in her mouth Bunty let out a loud aah. This told her she was on the right track. She tried taking more of him inside her mouth but that made her choke and breathless.

She figured she would have to force herself hard despite choking herself and take him all inside. She went for it prioritizing his satisfaction over hers and took his meat down her throat.

She did it every few strokes making Bunty moan louder. Sometime later Bunty stopped her saying “now it’s my turn to eat you Nina”. He laid her down getting on top.

He started with kissing her lips then face continuing down. Nina was ecstatic, feeling the electrifying sensations flowing thru her. She wondered why life made her wait for so many years to sexually unite her with her son.

He was her Greek god of sex which she only read about in adult novels and wondered if it was ever real. Bunty had reached her pussy now and was lapping up her nectar that was freely flowing from it.

Bunty’s dad surely gave her pleasures in bed with some orgasms too but Bunty was simply next level. Nina had experienced more orgasms with Bunty in one day than his dad gave her in a whole year.

Bunty was a super star with his tongue on her pussy and soon a thundering orgasm hit her like lightning shaking her body like an earthquake.

A few moments later she opened her eyes to see if she was really alive while Bunty continued drinking her nectar. He came over her and kissed her lips even more sensuously this time.

Nina again tasted her own juices and for the first time relished it. She felt tired but didn’t want to deprive him from experiencing the ultimate sexual bliss of invading her pussy.

She opened her legs wide and guided his meaty missile to his destination. Bunty teasingly asked “do you think you can take it without passing out Nina”?

She said “why don’t you launch your missile and find out for yourself”. He gave a strong push and entered fully inside her letting out a growl. He kissed her lips while massaging her tits, at the same time thrusting into her.

Nina was instantly transported to heaven now enjoying the feeling of his enormous manhood throbbing inside her. She was basking in the pleasures he was showering on her.

Bunty was unbelievably good pounding her strong even though this was his second time. Nina lost count of her orgasms which continued to crash on her shores like tidal waves while her stallion continued ramming her like a sex machine.

God only knows how long later he filled her womb with his cum slowly grinding to a halt while another orgasm ripped thru her. He kissed her lips once more before lying on her side.

Bunty had the audacity to ask “how was it Nina? Did you enjoy it”? Still gasping for breathing she lovingly slapped him and said “how do you think it was, if you had not stopped now then I would have surely passed out”.

He laughed and said “I don’t think so Nina, you have far more sex still buried in you to give up so soon”. Nina yelled smilingly “your every session is equal to how much your dad did me in half a year. And you expect me to survive it”?

Bunty said “relax Nina. I am only getting started”. She screamed saying “please call Rupa back immediately to share my workload otherwise I am sure you will kill me”.

To be Continued….

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