Maid from Heaven – Part 10

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Maid from Heaven – Part 9 

She sat quietly without looking at me, I continued driving and we reached home soon. No words were spoken between us, I got fresh and changed into my tracks and sat in the hall watching TV.

Uma went to my room and freshened too and came back wearing a new transparent baby doll nighty without inners. This is the first time I saw her wearing this and I was in awe of her sexiness.

I was surprised she wore this dress without inners, one because it is quite transparent leaving nothing to imagination and second it barely covers her butt. She came to me and asked “can I bring you a beer”?

I looked at her and said “no”. She brought a beer anyway and sat with me. She said “please understand Krishna, a lot happened today with me, I know you took care of it but I also need time to get over it”.

“You cannot keep pushing me to do things while ignoring what I am going thru. Please give me time and I will do anything you expect from me. If public display excites you then I am ready to strip naked in front of everyone right now”.

Her words hit me like a tornado and made me realise what a cold blooded asshole I had become. I switched off the TV and turned to her, I said “I am really sorry, I didn’t realise and blindly went ahead with my asks without thinking about you. I am really sorry darling”.

I took the beer from her hand and asked “where is your beer”? Uma said I will have from yours only” and took a sip from my hand. I felt very relieved that things were getting back to normal between us again.

I looked at her and was dying to smooch her but I was not sure to proceed or not. She looked at me and smooched me and said “when we are alone you don’t need to hesitate or wait for my permission”.

We both smiled, I said “understood darling”. The beer was over soon so I asked for another one, she said “the beer can wait, I cannot” and placed my hands on her boobs.

She came closer and hugged me and kissed my lips, after the kiss she removed my clothes and waited for me to remove hers. This did not strike me at first and I kept staring at her, she asked “you want to do with my clothes on”?

I felt like an idiot and came to my senses, I quickly removed her nighty. From there on I did not need instructions and we had wild sex on the sofa. She made me cum in her mouth and sucked me dry.

Then she brought another beer and we sat together naked sipping it. I asked “did you ever thing about completing your studies”. Uma said “what use are studies for me now”?

I said “I don’t want to see you working as a maid forever. I want you to study and become something in life”. Uma had tears in her eyes and she hugged me burying her face in my chest.

I raised her face and smooched her and asked “what happened darling? Did I say something wrong”? She said “Krishna you are truly god sent for me otherwise who would worry about me like this”.

I said “don’t think all that, see we have so many businesses, if you study then maybe you can help me manage it more effectively”. She said “I am ready to study only on one condition, you will let me continue serving as your maid”.

I said “all conditions accepted, otherwise how will we both survive without each other”. Uma said “please be serious Krishna, how can I study now? I have not even completed my 12th class”?

I said “here in the city everything is possible”. She jokingly said “you expect a grown up like me to go sit with kids in the classroom now”? I said “who is asking you to go to school? You can enrol in distance studies and study from home”.

Her eyes lit up like a 1000watt bulb, she screamed saying “is that even possible”? I said “yes it is possible. Tomorrow after you come back from your date with Rizwan I will help you with this”.

Uma naughtily smiled and said “ok. I will be back very soon because I cannot wait”. I said “no you will not come back till I call you because I want the workers to be gone before you come. I will call you and only then you come back”.

She agreed, we had a few more beers and then went to bed. Today in bed she was wild like a tigress pushing me beyond my limits making love three more times till I was drained out and had to stop her before we finally slept.

Next morning Uma did not let me have sex with her till Mary came saying “save your seeds Krishna, Mary needs them more than I do”. Mary also came much earlier today and we had sex together three times.

Uma ensured I released my seed inside Mary’s womb every time to increase the chances of making Mary pregnant. We three had our first bath together including one more round of intense threesome sex under the shower.

Then Mary got ready and left, Uma served me breakfast which we again ate together. Uma wore jeans with a deep neck top with matching inners and heels without my help looking much more sexy and confident than before.

She asked “can I take 4 condoms today”? I said “are you sure you will need so many”? Uma blushed and said “I know three for sure, but if you don’t call by lunch time then”.

We smooched and I dropped her at Mary’s store and got back home. The same team of workers came in to work along with the supervisor Shiva. They were all looking around and I surely knew why.

Uma was not to be seen, and I ensured they completed all the work today itself. Shiva not being able to contain his curiosity finally asked “why is madam not to be seen today”?

I said “madam has gone out to finish some urgent work”. They finally finished by 3pm and left with their eyes still wandering around looking for Uma. After they left I called Uma, she answered panting hard saying “Rizwan is again working in me. We will be done in 30mins”.

I hung up and understood they were having sex another bout of sex and maybe that extra condom did come handy. I went to the store on time and called her. She came out wearing a light orange semi-transparent salwar kameez suit showing the outline of her inners.

Uma sat in the car still panting heavily saying “thank god you came Krishna because if you had been more late then you might have had to carry me out of Rizwan’s place”.

I asked “why what happened today? Did someone catch you or”? She said “Krishna let’s quickly get home because I badly need a shower, then we will have lunch and I will tell you everything”.

We got home and she went straight for her shower removing her clothes on the way. She called me to join but I refused because I wanted to save my energy for what was coming soon.

Uma finished her bath and wore a similar bright red baby doll nighty like last night this time with inners. She warmed the food and we ate together with her on my lap feeding me.

After lunch I showed her the fully furnished quarters where she was going to live while my parents were around. She excitedly touched and felt everything saying I cannot believe this is my house and I am going to live here”.

I said “now you can arrange all your clothes in these wardrobes”. Just then my phone rang, it was the online delivery guys. I had ordered all the stuff you would need for a functional house including bathroom and kitchen.

I told Uma to wait in my bedroom while I sorted everything. After they left I went to Uma and said “please take everything and arrange my parents room and yours”.

She came back about an hour later saying I have arranged everything just like in your bathroom”. I said “good the appliances and cutlery for your house is also out for delivery and should arrive anytime now”.

She said “why would I need all that when I can cook here in your kitchen”? I said “I want to make your house fully furnished”. The stuff arrived and I made them deliver everything directly to her place.

There were two delivery guys, one middle aged and one in his early 20s, I did not bother to ask their names but both were surely drooling over Uma. They were staring at her as if they had never seen anything like her before.

I let her take charge because this was her house. Uma was coordinating nicely with both of them totally lost in work and ignorant that she was still in her baby doll nighty of course with inners this time but still was lots of eye candy for them.

They took turns working closely (physically closely too) with her frequently touching her assets without any reaction from her. Just then I got a call on my cell and stepped out of the door still looking inside.

Uma was standing on a step stool while both of them stood on either sides of her handing her the items which she wanted to arrange herself. When the elder one was not handing her anything his hands were resting on her waist or butt.

Uma looked at him and he quickly removed his hand but as soon as she turned away he placed it back feeling her butt cheeks. I kept looking from outside from an angle so they could not easily spot me because this was getting interesting.

She turned to him again staring at him but he did remove his hand, instead he rubbed her butt harder and even squeezed her butt cheeks. Now the young lad placed his hand on her legs feeling them up and down till her upper thighs.

She turned to look at him, he smiled and winked at her. Interestingly not a word was spoken. Uma ignored both of them resuming her work, the elder guy got bolder and touched her pussy quickly rubbing it while she jerked.

She looked at him nodding a no to him, instead he felt her pussy a little more and then licked his fingers. I think she must have been wet and he found out and was tasting her juices while she closed her eyes and looked the other way.

The boy came in front of her, his face was at the same level of her boobs, he cupped her boobs over her clothes and buried his face in her cleavage and Uma probably unable to contain herself held his head tight pulling him further into her.

The older guy pulled her thong panty to the side revealing her pussy and tried licking it from behind. Uma looked at the door and felt relieved not finding me there so she smiled turning back and arched her butt backwards.

The older guy seized the chance and spread her butt cheeks licking her pussy and butt hole from behind. The boy now had pushed her nighty and bra to her neck and was squeezing her boobs while also sucking her nipples.

I could see her fully enjoying the foreplay with both these guys while she was uncomfortable with Shiva. I guessed she was feeling very comfortable with them because she was not being threatened at all.

After a few minutes the guy from behind had his mouth firmly against her pussy and she was pushing against him too holding his head with her hand. Her other hand was pulling the boy hard towards her boobs while he sucked on them.

Soon Uma had a strong orgasm and her body trembled, both of them held her tight and lowered her on the floor. The boy continued sucking her nipples while the guy opened her legs and licked all her juices.

She came around within seconds and sat up on the floor with both of them sitting with her with their cocks out. Uma stared at their cocks and nodded no to them. Both of them took her hands and placed them on their cocks.

She pulled back her hands saying “no I cannot do this, whatever happened please forget it”. The old guy again placed her hand on his cock saying “madam we helped you and satisfied you nicely right? Now please do something to help us also”.

Uma tried to remove her hand but he held it firmly stroking his cock now. The boy also followed suit while she kept saying “no please, I cannot do this, let me go”. The old guy put his other hand on her pussy rubbing it again.

Uma kept quiet and closed her eyes taking a deep breath. The boy also slipped closer to her squeezing her boobs with his other hand. Now I really observed their cocks, the oldie had an average dick maybe slightly smaller than mine.

The boy had a big fat cock easily 9” long and almost 2” thick. Both let go of her hand and now she was herself holding their cocks and stroking them. The oldie turned her face to him and tried kissing her, she managed to just touch and go to avoid.

The boy was sitting much closer to her and when she turned her face away from the oldie he was right there and he managed to kiss her lips nicely. Surprisingly she did not remove her face from his and continued for a few minutes even though he was not holding her at all.

After the kiss the oldie said “madam, can you please use your mouth now”? without any second thought she got on all fours and took his cock in her mouth giving him a blowjob.

The boy lay on the floor pushing his head between her legs, he pulled her panty aside bringing his mouth to her pussy. He pushed her knees wider resulting in Uma sitting with her pussy on his mouth.

Sometime later the oldie stiffened releasing his juice in her mouth and she swallowed it all licking it clean till the last drop. Then she sat up still impaled on the boy’s mouth.

Uma turned around and sat in 69 on him and started stroking his big cock with both her hands and also licking it with her tongue. She tried giving him a blowjob too but only managed a few inches while she stroked with her hands.

The oldie got up correcting his clothes and resumed organising everything while both continued eating each other in 69. In a few minutes her body trembled again and she pushed her pussy hard on the boy’s mouth surely having another orgasm.

The boy also got his lucky chance to drink her juice directly from the source now. She quickly resumed sucking him and a few minutes later he too erupted in loads inside her mouth.

Uma again easily swallowed everything and licked him clean. Now she got up and went to her bathroom and cleaned. The boy too got up and got dressed. When she came back both of them had organised everything.

She said “Please don’t tell a word about this to anyone”, the oldie said “madam, you are a very special Devi for me. You have made my dream come true. Don’t worry, I will not tell anyone”.

The boy said “madam today was my first time, you made it very special and memorable for me. You made my dream also come true. I also promise I will not tell anyone”.

All of them walked towards the main door and I too pretended to come in at the same time. I left with the guys after settling the bill while Uma came to the hall where I was working on my laptop.

It was nearing 6pm now, she brought me a beer and sat with me. Now I decided to ask her directly and see what she would say. I asked “So darling I see you really enjoyed a great time with both of them”.

Uma stared at me for a few seconds, she said “yes Krishna, I really enjoyed with them. I was very horny and desperate to enjoy sex with you but other things came in-between. When they touched me the first time and then repeatedly I lost it but I did not fuck them”.

I said “these two are my regular delivery guys, if they come again would you again give in”? She said “I don’t know what to think or say, I will do whatever you tell me because I don’t want to ever cheat or disappoint you”.

I said “you also have the right to live and enjoy your life. Now that you are here with me life is looking up for you. You are free to do what you want with whoever you want. I know you have never cheated me and you will never do it in the future also”.

Uma said “I don’t know what to say, despite you giving me everything in life, I keep making the same mistakes, first with Rizwan and today with these two. And despite this you every time tell me I am not wrong and to continue”.

I said “see Uma, if you remember the first time after you enjoyed with Rizwan, when you told me about it, we enjoyed sex like crazy after that. If you ask me honestly, I am enjoying it as much as you”.

“Today I was lucky to get a chance to peep and watch you enjoying with both of them, I enjoyed it so much that came even without touching my cock, I am sure you have your answer now”.

“you just remember to keep me informed and use protection always for your own safety, rest I will take care”.

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