Maid from Heaven – Part 9

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Now the workers had already left for lunch break and would be back in another hour, Uma was looking simple yet very desirable in this new salwar kameez that Rizwan had stitched for her.

Listening to Uma’s experience made me so hard that the moment she took out my cock from my trousers and held it, I shot jets of cum in her hand and a few drops landed on her face and clothes.

She said “Krishna looks like listening to my experience made you cum even before we started”, I said “yes darling, listening to your experience along with a sexy hot lady like you sitting on my lap made me cum”.

Surprisingly this time my cock remained hard even after cumming. Uma opened her front zip giving me full access to her beautiful boobs while she licked all my cum fallen everywhere.

Uma said “Krishna I hope you don’t think wrong about me especially after what I did with Rizwan”? I said “not at all darling, I am very happy that you enjoyed. Do you think if I would have felt bad then would I have cum like this”?

I held her face and kissed her lips and Uma too kissed me with burning passion. I cupped her boobs over her bra while she held my cock stroking it with her hand. Soon within minutes we were fucking like rabbits as if this was our first time.

This time I impressed myself again by lasting much longer than my usual and Uma also had two strong orgasms. We both went to my bathroom and took a bath together where we ended up fucking once more like mad.

Now Uma was constantly aroused and horny like I have never seen her before. We got dressed and quickly finished lunch just in time for the workers returning from lunch.

Uma continued to wear the new suit which Rizwan had given her today. I noticed all the men including the supervisor were constantly stealing glances at her body. Uma also stared back without reacting.

The supervisor said he wanted one team to work on the 2nd floor while one team worked here because lots of work was still remaining. I found it very logical and took them to the second floor.

Now I was frequently shuttling between the two places keeping a tab on the work and quickly got tired. I went to Uma who was working in the kitchen, she gave me a glass of water while wiping my sweat with a towel.

I asked “have you finished your work”? She said “yes, most of it. Why”? I said “I am tired of shuttling between both floors to keep a watch on these people. Can watch over the people here while I am on the second floor”?

She said “yes I will do, just tell me what to look out for”? I said “nothing just make sure they don’t mess with the stuff in the house and also they don’t waste time”. She said “ok”.

I remained on the 2nd floor for some time and noticed the supervisor who was also shuttling between the two floors had not come here since a long time. I decided to go downstairs and check on him.

When I reached there I saw Uma was standing at the door and Shiva was standing right behind her with his one hand around her waist. I could not see where his other hand was because I only had a diagonal side view.

I was suspecting he was up to something with her because he was whispering in her ears, so I went back knowing very well that I would get a full download from Uma later anyway.

An hour later I was thirsty so went down making some noise on purpose. I saw Uma coming out of the kitchen looking tired with her clothes little crumpled. I went to her asking for a glass of water, she went to the kitchen and I followed.

While she poured me a glass I asked “did something happen Uma”? She silently nodded yes, I asked “what”? She said “I will tell you later. Now please go back quickly”.

I decided to keep my curiosity pending till she tells me herself. I went back to the top floor focussing on the work to be done. At 5.30pm the supervisor came to me and said “sir our shift is over for today, we will come back tomorrow to continue”.

I remembered Uma will be gone for the first half leaving me single handed so I said “come after lunch to continue”. All the workers left with their stuff. I sat on the sofa and asked Uma to bring me a beer.

She brought me one and sat with me, I saw her clothes were even more crumpled now. She looked upset and was very quiet. I tried talking to her a few times but no use.

Then I hugged her tightly and after a few minutes she softly said “they found me, my life is going to be ruined”. In a comforting tone I said “don’t worry, I am with you so trust me, nothing will happen. First tell me what is troubling you”?

In Uma’s words from here on:

After you left me to watch over the workers, that supervisor Shiva came and stood behind me saying “I know who you are and where you came from, I will tell everyone including the cops where to find you and ruin your life”.

I was shocked at what he said and looked at him trying to recollect where I had seen him before. I remembered he is Kamala’s husband’s friend. You remember Kamala had given me shelter in her house and her husband was always after me.

Her husband used to come home drunk every night along with Shiva and once both of them found me alone in the house and pounced on me. They had quickly removed my clothes and had their dicks out.

Thank god Kamala came back and beat both with a stick throwing them out of her house. Had Kamala been even a few minutes late then I would have been fucked.

After that incident I always was with Kamala and then she found about you and brought me here. Today when I realised it was the same Shiva, a shudder ran thru my body.

He stepped close behind me holding me firmly, he cupped my left boob with his hand from behind while his other hand was around my waist. He rubbed his hard cock against my butt while talking to me right in front of his workers.

Out of fear I stayed still and daringly asked him “what do you want to keep your mouth shut”? He placed his right hand on my crotch rubbing it over my clothes and said “today I will take what I want, you just keep quiet and cooperate otherwise I will ruin your life”.

I was too terrified to stop him while he openly played with my body. I closed my eyes in shame because his workers were watching the whole thing. He held my kameez and started raising it, I held his hands and said “please don’t do this, I am ready to pay you money”.

He said “I want to enjoy you today and no money can replace that”. He continued pulling up my kameez while I resisted. He shouted “bitch you forgot I removed your clothes and made you naked that day, if only Kamala had not interrupted us I would have fucked you. Today I am going to do exactly that”.

I said “please not here, my Saab is around, he should not see all this”. He stopped and dragged me inside the kitchen, he said “now remove your clothes quickly”.

I pleaded and begged but he did not listen and continued threatening me. I finally gave in and removed my kameez. He shouted again and I removed my salwar also standing in front of him in only underwear.

He said “looks like you struck a lottery joining this place wearing such expensive underwear”. He came behind me and slapped my ass hard a few times saying “when are you going to remove everything, I don’t have much time”.

He opened his trousers taking out his cock while I removed the rest of my clothes. He said “looks like I am going to enjoy fucking you today finally”. Knowing well that he was going to do it anyway I asked “do you have condoms”?

He said “no, why do I need condoms to fuck you bitch”? I said “I don’t want to get pregnant so please wait”. I quickly wore my salwar kameez only to go to your room when he held my hand and said “where do you think you are going”?

I said “I know where my Saab hides his condoms, I want to get one”. He let go of my hand and I went to your bedroom and put a few in my pocket. I came back and gave him a condom.

I asked “today if I let you, do we have a deal you will keep your mouth shut and leave me alone”? He said “yes we have a deal”. I asked “what about your workers outside who leered at me when you humiliated me and started all this”?

He said “well I cannot do anything about them”. I said “you got to take care of them because you started this or this deal is off”. He said “ok ok, I will manage them”.

He took the condom while I only lowered my salwar and raised my kameez to my waist. He shouted “I said fully naked or…”. I reluctantly removed all my clothes, then he pushed me against the kitchen counter and mauled my boobs.

I said “you are hurting me”. He said “so what, you expect me to give you a massage”? I kept quiet while he continued for some time. Then he bent me over the counter like a horse pushing his cock in my pussy in one shot.

It hurt because I was not at all wet this time but the lubrication on the condom helped. I clenched my teeth hard while he pulled my hair and continued pounding me with his cock.

After only a few minutes he released and that was such a big relief. He said very triumphantly “finally I was able to fuck you bitch. Your pussy is really super enjoyable”.

My sole focus was to get over with this torture so I quickly wore my clothes while he wore his. I said “I have kept my part of the deal, now you promise me to keep yours”.

He said “technically yes, but I will be here tomorrow again to complete the work, I will fuck you once again”. I said “no way that is going to happen, you said only once and I agreed. This is it”.

He calmly said “don’t worry bitch, we will see tomorrow”. I asked him to get out and he left. After I corrected my hair and came out is when you met me. I served you water when you asked what happened and I asked you to go back quickly.

After that I went back to watching over the workers. They were all staring at me shamelessly and that was very embarrassing. One of them Syed said “madam we are also waiting for our turn”.

He said that openly showing the bulge in his pants in front of everyone. I looked at Shiva expecting him to keep his word but instead he kept quiet. I was fuming at his silence.

Shiva said the most shocking thing “boys you can try your luck tomorrow, but I am sure madam can give you all a little hand job today to make you happy”. Syed came to me and tried hugging me but I stepped back and avoided him.

To make things worse for me Shiva stood behind trapping me, Syed now placed his hands on my boobs pressing them while I struggled to free myself. The other two workers also joined pulling me inside the room.

I was standing between 4 men getting groped and squeezed all over my body. Unable to fight them all I gave up, soon my kameez and bra was around my neck.

Syed and another guy were sucking my boobs taking one each in their mouths. They took out their cocks and placed my hand on them. I started stroking both while I could not avoid getting aroused because of their squeezing and sucking my boobs.

The third guy pulled down my salwar and panty to my feet. He opened my legs and sat between them eating my pussy. He added to my embarrassment when he said “madam is very wet and leaking very tasty juices from her pussy”.

Shiva continued standing behind me holding my waist and dry humping my butt with his naked cock. I was at the peak of my arousal and bit my lips to silence my moans because I did not want to show to these men.

They all continued frequently switching places doing this for about 20mins till each one had tasted my boobs and pussy and dry humped my butt. I too had an orgasm making me very weak that I collapsed on the floor.

All of them were still stroking their cocks near my face. I held two in my hands stroking them when Shiva came closer and held my face trying to push his cock in my mouth.

I said “no I will not do this” and tightly shut my lips but he held my nose making me open my mouth to breathe and pushed his cock inside. He was fucking my mouth while other two placed my hands again on their cocks.

Like before he did not last more than a few minutes and came in my mouth holding my face hard impaled on his cock forcing me to drink his cum. He released me after draining his balls and Syed quickly took his place.

Thankfully he was not rough like Shiva but was stinking. I knew if I resisted again then he would not think twice before using force so I reluctantly sucked him. A few minutes later the two in my hands released their cum.

Most of it fell on the floor but a few drops fell on my body. I wiped my hands on their clothes leaving only Syed who was showing no signs of cumming. A few minutes later he too held my face and released his cum in my mouth.

This time I was able to spit it out because he quickly pulled out. I got dressed and went to your bathroom and cleaned up. Despite the arousal I felt like shit getting used like a whore by those filthy men.

I went back mustering lots of courage hoping they don’t do anything more to me. I reached there and Shiva said “thank you for making us all happy, remember tomorrow all of us will fuck your pussy”.

A shudder ran thru my body listening to this but I remained quiet. Sometime later their shift was over and Shiva went to meet you. You know the rest after that.

Uma was sobbing with her face buried in my chest while saying all this. I said “I am very sorry you had to endure all this. Don’t worry I will ensure this will not repeat, leave it to me”.

She said “thank you Krishna but you know they will be back tomorrow”. I remembered I had told them to come to work after Uma is back so I called their office.

I told them to send the workers in the morning because I had change of plans. I was fine to get tired shuttling between two floors but not at the cost of letting them torment Uma.

I said “I have taken care of the problem and they should all be gone by the time you come back after meeting Rizwan”. For the first time there was a twinkle in her eyes and she smiled.

I said “now that everything is taken care of can we go to the pub”? Uma said “no I don’t want to go there because I don’t like your friends. You know what they did last time”.

I said “don’t worry, we will go somewhere else where only the two of us can enjoy. Remember next week my parents are going to be here so we will not be able enjoy like this”.

She agreed, I took her to my bathroom where we showered together enjoying one round of intense sex. After the bath I told her what to wear and both got dressed.

We went to a different pub today hoping none of my friends would be there. I asked for a corner table with a candle. I wanted to make it special for her so she forgets everything that happened today.

I ordered some tasty chicken and beers and for sure we had a great time. I asked “since you are enjoying the music, can we go to the dance floor”? Uma shrieked saying “no way, I don’t know how to dance, I will never go. You go if you want to”.

I said “look at everyone, they are just moving their body to the music. Come with me, you can do at least that”. I pulled her to the dance floor despite her resistance and held her waist moving with the music.

She kept saying “please don’t embarrass me more Krishna, everyone is staring at me”. I said “everyone is staring at you because you are looking really hot and beautiful, just enjoy the attention”.

I didn’t let her go and kept shaking our bodies with the music for sometime. Uma kept blushing all the while, after some time we sat at our table again. She said “Krishna I will never come out with you again”.

I said “can I kiss you to make you feel better”? She said “no, not here in front of everyone, please don’t embarrass me even more”. Even before she completed her sentence I kissed her lips.

She stared at me with her face turning red. I could see in her eyes that if I did anything more she would surely be in tears. I said “I am sorry Uma, I could not resist your beauty”.

Uma stared back at me without saying anything. I understood she was at her breaking point because I had surely pushed her too much. She emptied her glass and said “I want to go home now”.

I settled the bill and we left from there. In the car she said “I am never ever going to come out with you again. You seem to get some sort of a thrill in embarrassing me in front of everyone”.

I pulled over to the side of the road and said “Uma you have understood it all wrong, I have only been pushing you to bring you out of your shyness for your own good”.

“I want you to come out of your shell and mingle with people, get comfortable with them, that’s all. Now that you have said such a big thing, I will no longer try anything. I am sorry”.

She sat quietly without looking at me, I continued driving and we reached home soon.

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