Maid From Heaven Part-6

Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better…

I said “go change into a nighty while I also change”. I changed into my tracks and t-shirt and she wore a semi-transparent black baby doll nighty without underwear. I kissed her and said “Darling you are looking very hot and sexy”.

She held my cock over my tracks saying “I don’t think you are telling the truth Krishna because he is still sleeping”. It was past midnight, I said “let’s go to my bedroom”. We entered my bedroom and switched off all the lights leaving only the bedside lamp on.

Uma was already lying on my bed smiling at me. I switched on the AC closing the door and got in the bed with her, Uma removed her clothes and got on top. She pushed my t-shirt to my neck and removed it.

She held my face and smooched again and kissed all over my face going down to my neck and then my nipples. All the while she kept grinding her crotch against my cock trying to make it hard.

It was exciting to see her taking the lead during sex. I made her get in 69 so I could eat her pussy and ass while she sucked my cock. I pushed two fingers in her pussy and ass while I licked her clit.

Her body trembled while I did this and her pussy started leaking juices. I licked all her juices while I continued fingering both her holes. Uma started moaning while sucking my cock, after some time she stopped me and got on top riding my cock in her pussy.

She was rocking her butt fast on my cock and after a few minutes I was getting close to my release. I stopped her and made her lie down and got on top resuming fucking her while also sucking her boobs.

Uma was flipping her head from side to side saying “Krishna fuck me harder”. I knew she was getting close to her orgasm, I continued at a slow pace because I wanted to last longer. In the next few minutes her body wriggled with her orgasm.

I paused waiting for her to come around and while she held my face and smooched. I got off and flipped her on her chest and pushed my cock in her ass. Fucking her butt was giving me crazy pleasure making me cum in the next few minutes.

I remained on her for some time while we caught our breath. I rolled over to her side and she turned to face me. Uma looked at me smiling and said “thank you Krishna” and kissed me. We smooched for a few minutes and fell asleep.

Next morning, I woke up as usual at 7am and saw she was not there. I went to the hall naked sporting morning wood and wanted to fuck. Uma was working in the kitchen and I hugged her from behind pushing my cock in-between her butt cheeks.

She let me enjoy for some time and turned around and smooched while stroking my cock. She said “let’s go to the bedroom”, I said “I want to have you right here” and she blushed. I held her waist and seated her on the kitchen platform.

I removed her baby doll nighty and we kissed again. I started sucking her nipples while she opened her legs holding my cock and stroking it. I was getting ready to penetrate her when she stopped me saying “Krishna wait, I need to use the bathroom”.

I asked “for what”? She said “I want to piss”. I pushed her making her lay on the platform and put my mouth on her pussy, I said “do it now, I want to drink it”. Uma got up and pushed me back saying “Krishna chichi, it is very dirty, please don’t do it”.

I said “I will do anything for you, now stop wasting time and do it slowly because I want to enjoy every drop”. I made her lay again and put my mouth back at her pussy and she let out a slow stream which I happily drank.

It took a long while for her to finish pissing slowly. After she finished I continued eating her pussy making her wet again. I stood up and pushed my cock in her pussy fucking her while sucking her nipples.

Uma held my face and smooched saying “Krishna you did the most unimaginable thing for me, I never knew I meant so much to you. If ever the situation comes, I will die before any harm comes to you”.

I kissed her saying “I am happy you understand. Can we do this everyday morning”? Uma blushed while I held her butt increasing my pace fucking her. Soon she wriggled to another orgasm while I continued fucking and sucking her nipples.

A few minutes later I also came inside her. I looked at her and she had a satisfied look on her face. I smooched her and went to my bathroom to freshen up. I put on my clothes and came to the hall.

Uma came running and hugged and kissed me. She made me sit on the sofa and gave me the newspaper. Then she served me tea and sat with me. I asked “are you not having tea”? She said “I will have after you Krishna”.

I gave her a stern stare and she went to the kitchen and came back with her tea. While we were having tea my phone rang, Uma brought it to me. It was Mary, she asked “when and where can we meet today to enjoy again”?

I said “come to my house”, she asked “what about Uma”, I said “she knows everything and is fine with it”. She was surprised to hear and said “ok, I will come in 30minutes”. I hung the call and told Uma “Mary is coming now”.

Uma was very happy and quickly finished her tea and went to my bedroom. She made my bed and took out fresh clothes for me. She came back saying “Krishna you please go and get ready quickly. I have kept your clothes ready on the bed “.

I looked at her, she was genuinely looking happy instead of feeling jealous. I went to get ready and when I came to the hall Mary was sitting there sipping tea talking to Uma. I sat next to Mary and now Mary was the one blushing.

I raised her face and smooched her in front of Uma and she was shocked. While I was kissing Mary, Uma went to my bedroom and came back a few minutes later saying “you room is ready Saab”.

I looked at Uma and said “Saab”? Uma blushed and said “Sorry, Krishna”. Mary was staring at me trying to make sense of everything. I got up with Mary and she was shyly looking at Uma, Uma winked at her and went to the kitchen.

I did not close the bedroom door and Mary stared at me. I said “she knows, last time I forgot to close the door properly and she saw everything”. Mary blushed saying “I am not comfortable, please close the door”.

I pretended to close the door but actually left it slightly open and came to her. We had wild sex twice and came back to the hall after getting dressed. We sat on the sofa and my dad called.

I spoke to him, dad asked me to get the second bedroom ready because he and mom are coming next week for a family function at one of our relatives. I said ok and hung up. I recollected I did not buy any normal house clothes for Uma.

I told Mary “I need you to help me urgently get some normal nighties and salwar kameez suits for Uma because my parents are coming next week”. Mary said “no problem, come to the store with Uma, I will sort you out”.

I smooched Mary again while Uma was looking at us. Now Mary’s shyness was gone and she kissed me back passionately. Mary left and Uma locked the door and came to me looking sad.

I understood and said “don’t worry darling, my parents are coming only for a week and we will get enough chances to enjoy even while they are around. I told Uma to get dressed, she asked “Krishna what do you want me to wear today”?

I said “nothing if you ask me”, she blushed and said “please stop joking Krishna”. I said “wear shirt and jeans”. I took her to my bathroom and we had a bath together with one more round of sex.

We got dressed and I took Uma to the terrace where we have 3 servant quarters, one 2bhk and 2 1bhk. I showed Uma the 2bhk and said “this is where you will stay while my parents or anyone of my family are visiting”.

She was happy and checked every room. There was no furniture because this was freshly built and no one had stayed here till now. I made a note so I don’t forget to furnish this along with my parent’s room downstairs.

We locked the house and left in my car to Mary’s store. Today Uma was no longer shy to step out in these clothes. We reached the place and Mary showed us some nighties and dress material for the suits.

Then she took us to the in-house head tailor and gave him the instructions. The head tailor’s name was Rizwan and he was a tall heavily built middle aged man. He looked at Uma checking her out and she was getting uncomfortable with his stares.

He asked Uma to follow him inside so he could take her measurements. Uma asked me to come along. He cleverly said “Sir you please wait here while I take madam’s measurements and come back”.

I said “don’t worry Uma, go with him and let him do his job”. Both of them went inside his trial room. I followed and peeped inside, he took some measurements from over her clothes touching her everywhere.

I saw Uma was uncomfortable with his actions but she was also breathing heavily now. Then he said “madam please remove your clothes because I am not able to take proper measurements”.

She looked at the door probably hoping to see me but I was not there. Uma looked back at him, he said “don’t worry madam, this is my job and I do this with all ladies. She removed her top keeping it aside.

He signalled at her jeans, she reluctantly removed it keeping it next to the top. She was wearing a black push up bra and lace panty, she covered her cleavage with one hand and her crotch with the other. He told her in a sweet tone to remove her hands.

Rizwan went all out feeling her body under the excuse of taking her measurements. Uma was very aroused and breathing even more heavily. He complimented her many times saying “madam you have a beautiful figure. I am honoured to stitch your clothes”.

Compliments always work and for the first time since she was with him, she smiled and relaxed saying “thank you”. He took a risky chance and came up behind her rubbing his crotch against her butt.

Uma seemed to enjoy it as she was smiling with her eyes closed letting out soft Aahs showing she was aroused by his actions. It was clear she had a weakness for sex and could easily fall for it.

Rizwan got bolder and unhooked her bra and she removed it completely. He knelt behind her and lowered her panty and she raised her legs one by one helping him remove it completely.

Rizwan hugged her from behind bending his knees to match her height and began dry humping her. He said “madam you have a very sexy figure” while Uma continued letting out feeble Aahs.

She held his hand which was around her waist and placed it on her boob giving him the signal. Rizwan cupped her other boob also and continued squeezing her boobs for some time.

He started kissing her neck and sucking her earlobes making her moan even more. After a few minutes her body trembled with an intense orgasm, he covered her mouth to silence her moans.

Rizwan hugged her more tightly from behind while he squeezed her boobs with one hand and began rubbing her pussy with the other. He kept licking his fingers multiple times tasting her juices while continuing to hump her butt.

While she recovered Rizwan unzipped his trouser and pushed his big bare manhood in her crotch and resumed. He asked “do you like what my cock is doing in-between your legs”? She breathlessly said “yes”.

Uma started rocking her bottom over his cock matching his thrusts while he collected her juices from her pussy with his hand and licked it. Now Rizwan holding her firmly stood up straight causing Uma to lift off with only her toes barely touching the ground.

She was resting only on his cock now, he placed her hand below on his cock which was peeping from between her crotch. He sure was very big because with every thrust a few inches of his cock jutted out from her front.

He continued fingering her clit and squeezing her boobs while she was holding his cock harder against her pussy. A few more minutes later Uma trembled with another powerful orgasm while he gave hard thrusts releasing his cum in her palm.

He continued giving a few more strokes till he emptied his balls in her hand. While he lowered her on her feet panting hard, Uma brought her palm full of his cum to her mouth and licked it clean.

Rizwan leaning against the wall catching his breath asked “madam did you like it”? She nodded yes smiling and kneeled between his legs. She held his flaccid cock and licked the few drops of cum still oozing from it.

She stood up after sucking him clean and Rizwan made her sit on the stool and opened her legs. He licked her pussy including her cum which had trickled down her thighs. Uma’s hand was pressing his head against her pussy.

I knew she wanted more and wondered why she did not allow him to fuck her. I thought maybe in her next meeting that might happen. Rizwan said “madam when you come next time for your trials please come alone. I want to worship your sexy body”.

She smiled at him and nodded yes, Rizwan smiled and held her face giving her a long smooch leaving her breathless. Interestingly after him, she also held his face and kissed him back with equal passion.

Rizwan took a towel from the shelf and gave it to her saying “please wear your clothes madam and come to my desk” and left. I too got back to his counter while he came there. He said “sir I have got everything. For the salwar, I will make it elastic because it is easier to wear and remove”.

I said “yes do it”. Uma also joined looking flustered, I looked at her and she smiled back. He showed us a catalogue with various designs and told us to choose. I selected a random design due to my inexperience.

Rizwan said “sir, not many women are lucky to have a beautiful figure like madam, this design does not do justice to her”. I said “see we need daily house wear clothes, nothing fancy”.

He flipped a few pages and said “sir please choose from these, this is the modern trend”. Everything looked ok to me so I told Uma to select. She pointed at the plunging necklines and back which showed everything covering just the bra.

She said “Krishna, I don’t know if I can wear these in front of your parents”. I said “it does not matter, if you like it then wear it”. She flipped back a few pages and selected something with little less chest exposure with front buttons.

I imagined if I had to suck her boobs while she was wearing this kurta then the front buttons would be very handy. So it was final and we left from there. I went to my regular furniture store and met the manager.

I explained my requirements and gave him my selection from his catalogue. He promised to have it done next day. I selected identical furniture for my parent’s room and Uma’s bedroom down to the dresser because she was very special to me.

My mother only likes a full length dresser and I selected the same for Uma. Even the bathroom furnishings were identical. On the way back home I stopped and bought a basic phone with a sim card and gave it to Uma.

I was wondering if she was going to mention what happened with the tailor but she didn’t. I asked about lunch, she said “we need to shop for groceries so I can start preparing at home”.

I took her to the supermarket and we bought groceries, I remembered to buy toiletries for both my parents and her bathroom. On the way I bought some nonveg food. Once we reached home I asked Uma to wear the new nighties and show me.

She stripped fully naked right there and wore the nighty. She was looking simple but still very irresistible. Uma sat with tears in her eyes saying “Krishna, I have committed a big sin today”.

I asked “what happened”? She said “when the tailor was taking measurements I got very aroused because of his touches on my body”. I said “so”? She said “while he was doing it, I felt his hard cock touching my butt and pussy many times and I got carried away”.

I said “and”? She said “This continued for some time and I had an intense orgasm. He even hugged me tightly till I recovered. I was still very aroused, he asked me to suck his cock and I did”.

I said “and”? She said “After that he fondled my body bringing me to another orgasm. He even licked my pussy”. I said “and”? She said “he asked me to come without you when I come back for trials”.

I asked “did you enjoy”? She said “yes, but I am guilty for enjoying with another man”. I said “its ok Uma, everyone has their needs and weakness, you are also a human being at the end of the day”.

She relaxed hearing me talk like this, I went to my bedroom and brought the condoms I had bought on day1 and gave it to her. I said “you will need these for your own safety”. Uma stared at me in disbelief.

To change the topic, I said “even this nighty is making you look very sexy”. She blushed and placed her hand on my cock which was erect. She pushed me back on the sofa saying “Krishna I need you to fuck me now” and removed my trousers and started sucking my cock.

I guessed she was still aroused by Rizwan’s actions. I signalled her after a few minutes, she removed her nighty and got on top riding my cock in her pussy. She was moaning crazily all the time.

After five minutes I signalled her to stop. She said “no Krishna, let me do till the end” and continued riding my cock and moaning, I came in a few minutes and she too had a strong orgasm.

She got off and collected my cum flowing from her pussy and licked it all. She sucked my cock clean and sat down with a satisfied look on her face. She said “I am sorry Krishna”. I said “why sorry, I really enjoyed it too”.

She smiled and went to the kitchen and served lunch. We had lunch naked with her on my lap feeding me. She asked “when your parents are here we cannot do all this”. I said “we cannot do all this here, but we can do in your house”.

She said “yes, but it will be different, I will not be able to bathe or sleep with you and so many other things we do”. I said “don’t worry, we will find enough chances to enjoy”. I showed Uma how to use the phone and saved my number in it on speed dial.

The guy from the furniture store called saying his team finished early from another site. They wanted to come now and finish the two bathrooms. I saw we had enough time so I told him to send them.

They arrived after 45mins and unloaded everything. I showed them my parents bathroom and Uma’s bathroom. I overlooked work in my parent’s bathroom and Uma stood guard in hers till they completed and left.

Let me know how you liked this and I will post more parts, you can reach me on [email protected] with your suggestions and feedback.

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