The First Encounter

That first summer it happened, We had just got in trouble for something so bad that our parents decided to have a sit down. To Daniel and I, it meant we were getting separated. Not only was he my cousin, but he was my best friend.

His parents walked into my house along with Daniel. My mom said, “Chris, Daniel, go to Chris’s room while the adults talk.”

As I shut the door to my bedroom, Daniel whispers, “get over here!” He was sitting on the bed looking freaked out. I sat down next to him & said “what??”
“They’re gonna not allow us to hangout anymore.”
“I was afraid of that” I said.
Daniel said “Listen, since it is going to happen…I have a confession & a favor to ask.”
“OK and name it!” I shot back.
“…….have you….have you ever thought about me? Not like thought of the fun things we’ve done, but have you ever…thought…of me naked?”

I was in shock. My mouth was hanging open and before I could say anything, Daniel continued,

“I mean…have you ever thought about touching me? Have you ever thought about touching…”
“What?! Daniel!! Seriously man! What the hell?!”

Daniel looked sternly at me, made direct eye contact with me and said “I’ve about you touching it…touching it a lot. My confession: I’ve wanted you for a long time. My favor? My favor is….I want you to touch it. I want you to make it get hard. Don’t saying anything. Blink if you want to see it.”

Still a bit in shock, I looked at Daniel. I looked him in the eyes for a few seconds and then…and then I slowly blinked.
Daniel stood, unzipped his pants and paused…he took off his shirt and then directed his attention back to….pulling it….out.

I just stood there in shock, I didn’t know what to say. I was scared. I was embarrassed. But there was this part of me; tracing my eyes down his chest…waiting to see….it.
I stood there staring at the buldge in his underwear.
Daniel reached inside his underwear, and seemingly in one motion, lifted it up, pulled his underwear down and then let IT hang.

I gasped a little. I’d never really seen one except for my own. It was big. I’d guess 4 or 5 inches soft. “Touch it.” He whispered.

I slowly reached out and held it in my hand. It was fat and very warm. He said “Make it hard.” Softly into my ear.

I slowly adjusted my grip and started stroking IT. He moaned a little and sighed. I kept stroking IT, but it wasn’t getting hard. I stopped and let go. I thought I went to far. I thought I was doing something wrong. I started to step back and Daniel grabbed my shirt and said.

“Maybe if you got down on your knees and jacked me? I want you to look up at me while making my dick hard.”

My heart was pumping hard. He was smiling, but was getting more aggressive.
I dropped to my knees and took ahold of IT. I slowly started pumping it…up…down. I was staring at IT. Desperately wanting to feel IT get hard in my hand.
Daniel whispered, “look up at me.” I kept stroking and looked up at him. “He moaned softly while looking me in the eyes. He smiled a little and said “open your mouth”. My eyes bugged a little and I froze. “I want you to make it hard with your mouth. I want you to open your mouth…open it now.”

Still looking up slowly opened my mouth. He positioned IT right in my face. I saw a clear, thick liquid drop from the tip. The droplet fell as Daniel put his hand on my cheek and moved IT closer to my mouth. I was nearly panting when the head hit my tongue. Daniel pushed IT further into my mouth “oh yeah!” He whispered. He started working IT in and out of my mouth. In about 5 seconds I feel IT flex inside my mouth. Daniel froze “oh this it! Don’t move! I want you to feel my cock get hard in your mouth!” When he said cock my heart jumped, my saliva increased, I breathed heavily in and out my nose. I felt IT start to swell and grow in my mouth.IT felt like it was crawling towards the back of my throat as it enlarged. The head swelling caused me to open my mouth even more. IT transformed in my mouth while he was breathing heavy with his head thrown back.

“I’m going to fuck your mouth Chris”

Upon saying that he started humping my face. Hold my head in the precise position he wanted. IT was huge and commanded respect. Easily 10 inches. Daniel started picking up the pace as he slid his hand to the back of my. He had learned my gag reflex and knew how deep to go before gagging me. Even faster he started pumping. Spit was steady dripping off my chin as Daniel hot in the middle of having sex with my mouth. The thrusts got even faster and aggressive. His breathing was maxed when he quickly withdrew IT from my mouth and said “this is it! This is it! Hold out your hands!” I obediently & quickly held my hands up. He was breathing heavy and stroking IT. Long and fast strokes. “Here it is!”
Daniel aimed IT at my hands “Watch it! Watch it cum for you!!”

As quickly as he said that the first thick rope of cum shot from his dick. His cock was flexing with spasms. The second burst exploded so hard that along with the hot white cum shooting into my hands, a blasting splash of cum came out like a shotgun blast. The cum splashed onto my face while Daniel was finishing IT into my hand.
I sat there in shock while he got dressed. Feeling the cum slowling trickle down my chin.The room seemed hot. We were both sweating when his mom yelled.
“Daniel! Chris!! You boys get down here!”

Daniel was finishing putting shirt on when he looked at me and said “Wipe your face off dude! Use your shirt to clean it up and then trash the shirt.
I did as I was told. I cleaned the cum off my hands and off my face. Got cleaned up, put on another shirt and we proceeded down stairs.

Our parents basically told us that we had this one last chance to hang out and prove we are mature and respectful and responsible!

As Daniel and his parents were walking out the door, Daniel looked back, smiled and said “See ya this weekend!!”

To be continued…

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