Maid from Heaven – Part 8

Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous part here Maid From Heaven Part-7 so you can enjoy this better…

From now on read Uma’s experience in her own words.

I went with Mary to Rizwan’s counter. He was waiting because Mary had told him I am coming for the trials. Mary said “come to me when you are done so I will drop you home”.

I said “yes I have your number and will call you when I am done”. Mary left us and carried on with her work. I looked at Rizwan, he said “Madam you are looking very hot and sexy today”, I thanked him for the compliments.

He asked “Madam where is sir”? I said “you only asked me to come alone, so here I am”. He took out the salwar kameez he had stitched for me and asked me to follow him.

Today he took me to another room annexed to his trial room. There was a big table and two sewing machines, I guessed this was his workshop. He took out a comforter from a wardrobe and spread it double layer on the floor and turned to me.

I asked “what do you have in mind”? He stepped behind me and hugged like last time saying “Looks like you have come prepared to finish what we started yesterday”.

He started kissing behind my neck and ears while his hands were feeling my waist. I felt his hard cock dig into my backside but not in the right place. He must have felt it too and crouched lower pushing it into my butt.

I was also very turned on now, I held his hands which were on my waist and placed them on my boobs while I pushed my bottom against his cock. I asked “do you want me to remove my clothes”?

He said “yes madam, if you do it I will be able to work more effectively”. He stood while I opened my top and he removed it, he unhooked my bra and removed it. I unzipped my skirt and he removed it along with my panty making me fully naked.

I was about to remove my sandals when he said “madam keep them on, these make you look very sexy”. He opened his trouser letting it fall to his feet and his big hard cock sprang out.

I got on my knees stroking his cock with my hands and licking with my tongue while he removed his pants completely. I tried to take his cock deeper in my mouth but only managed a few inches because he was so big.

He kept saying “madam, this is feeling so good”. I sucked him for about five minutes after which he made me stand up. He came behind me and like last time pushed his cock in my crotch rubbing past my pussy lips and sticking out from front.

He joined my thighs tightly holding my hips began dry humping me like before. I placed his hands on my boobs again while I held the tip of his cock from front. I had assumed that today also this is all to expect even though I came prepared for much more.

Like before he held me firmly and stood up further straight lifting me on his cock. Even though his cock did not penetrate me, it was still giving me loads of pleasure and I had a powerful orgasm.

He held me tightly and continued humping till I recovered. Then he lowered me making me lie on his makeshift bed. He opened my legs and started eating my pussy licking all my juices oozing from my orgasm.

He said “madam you are very tasty, I wish I could eat you every day like this”. He continued for a long while getting me aroused again. He went further south and licked and tongue fucked my ass driving me more crazy.

He added saliva and pushed a finger inside making me jerk with pleasure. In a few minutes his finger was freely moving in and out of my ass. He put two and then three till they were freely sliding in and out of my ass.

I was dying for him to do the same to my pussy but he didn’t. He came on top and kissed me on my lips then neck and continued downwards. He kissed and licked every inch of my body.

Then he rolled me over and continued kissing from behind. After he was done he stopped at my ass and resumed licking and fingering it. He said “madam you have the most beautiful and tastiest ass I have ever had”.

He got on top and touched the tip of his cock at my ass slowly pushing it inside. I was dreading his big cock will tear my ass but instead it entered smoothly without hurting much.

This is when I remembered the condoms you gave me and asked him to stop. He asked “why madam, are you in pain”? I said “no Rizwan, it is feeling good but please take it out”.

He slowly pulled out completely, I said “here please use a condom”. He said “don’t worry madam I won’t cum inside you”, I said “Please understand and gave him the condoms”.

He took one and after licking my ass again nicely slowly inserted his cock again. His cock reached newer depths in my ass making me squirm with pleasure. Rizwan sealed my mouth with his hand and started pumping my ass with his big cock.

He was maintaining the same pace in which he was dry humping me earlier, not too fast, not too slow. I was swimming in oceans of heavenly pleasures already and could feel another orgasm building.

A few minutes later my body shuddered like an earthquake with my orgasm. Rizwan was quick to pull out and got me on my knees and began licking my juices oozing from my pussy.

After he was done, in the same position he inserted his cock again and resumed fucking. Now his cock was going even more deeper in my butt. I wanted him more and more now.

I took his hands from my hips and placed them on my oscillating boobs, he cupped them and began squeezing them gently. It was proving difficult in this position so he pulled me up hugging me from behind.

Because of our height difference my knees were off the ground and I was now sitting impaled on his big cock which was throbbing deep inside my butt. He was deep inside me holding my thighs and waist bouncing me on his cock for what felt like eternity.

Now he was able to cup my boobs and squeeze them to his heart’s desire with my nipples between his fingers driving me crazy. In-between he also kept fingering my clit driving me towards my next orgasm.

The pleasures his cock was giving inside my butt was out of this world. I was impressed that after fucking me for so long he did not cum yet whereas I was already at the onset of my next orgasm.

In a few minutes my body shuddered crazily while he held me tight continuing to fuck me. The contractions of my muscles around his cock due to my orgasm was enough to drive him over the edge making him cum inside me.

He continued fucking with few slower and harder strokes and was panting heavily. I held his hands around my waist and pulled both of us to lie down on the quilt.

He was about to get up when I said “don’t pull out Rizwan, I want to enjoy feeling your cock inside me for some more time”. Though he was very heavy I was not feeling his weight on my body.

He kept busy licking and sucking my back and neck while he remained on me. He said “madam you are really out of this world. I cannot put in words how much I enjoyed you today”.

I said “Rizwan I also enjoyed like never before in my life”. While we were talking, I felt his cock twitching inside my ass. I asked “are you getting hard again”? He said “yes madam, it is all because of the great feeling inside your ass”.

I said “please get up, I want to suck you first”. Rizwan pulled out slowly and the condom popped out from my butt with a huge bulge full of his cum. He removed the condom and was about to discard it when I took it and emptied it in my mouth swallowing his cum.

He looked bewildered at what I did, I said “I love the taste of your cum, why waste it”. I gave him the spent condom which he discarded, I made him lie on his back and got between his knees sucking his limp cock.

His flaccid cock was still as big as your fully erect cock. I wanted his love on my pussy now so I turned around bringing my pussy to his mouth while I sucked his cock.

He lapped up my pussy and ass with his tongue like an expert and a few times even pushed his fat tongue inside. It felt like a cock entering my pussy making my body squirm with unknown pleasures.

We both had been eating each other for a long time now when he signalled me to stop. I got off and lay down on my back ready for him to penetrate my pussy. He wore a condom and came between my legs lifting and resting them on his chest.

I closed my eyes in anticipation of his cock entering my pussy. I was surprised when he positioned his cock instead at my rear entrance and pushed it fully inside in one stroke.

He resumed fucking me with his usual rhythm and restarted fingering my clit as he did earlier. Pleasurable feelings were invading my body again cutting my mind out of the equation.

Now all that mattered was the incredible pleasures his cock was giving me. If there was anything more than cloud nine, then I was surely sailing above that right now.

He held my thighs pulling me more onto his cock, this raised my butt and I was resting on just my shoulders. His thrusts were getting much more powerful now rocking my entire body making clapping sounds every time our crotches met.

I cupped and squeezed my boobs myself because my next orgasm was nearing and I could not avoid moaning. Soon another earthquake sent shockwaves thru my body nearly blanking me out.

Rizwan was still steadily ploughing my ass with his big cock while my pussy kept spurting juices like a leaking tap. He lowered me on the bed and got between my thighs relishing my juices again.

He said “madam I have never seen a woman cum so much and so many times”, I said “Rizwan I too have never before cum like this, it is all because of your awesome cock. Now please continue fucking me crazy before I die waiting”.

As if god sent Rizwan a telegram in his head, he positioned the tip of his cock at my love canal and slowly started inserting it. This was very painful and I was patting him hard to stop also controlling myself from not screaming.

He stopped inserting and lay on top of me, I said “Rizwan your cock is tearing my pussy, please take it out”, he said “just bear with me once and you will love it”. I said “please understand, did I not cooperate with you all this while”.

He slowly pulled out and began eating and tongue fucking my pussy, his tongue gave me lots of relief soon turning pain to pleasure. After a few minutes I patted him to try again.

He again got on top positioning his cock and inserted very slowly. This time his cockhead entered causing bearable pain. He sealed my lips with his while he continued invading my pussy deeper little at a time.

It was hurting but now I was determined to allow him because everyone knows first time always hurts even if you insert a pencil. He very patiently continued his invasion while squeezing my boobs and kissing me and pausing frequently.

I put my hand below and realised he was only half way in, he did not push any further, instead he started going to and fro with his cock. After a few minutes all the pain was replaced by blissful pleasure in my pussy.

Now I gave him the nod to complete his invasion, he looked at me and smiled while he continued fucking me slowly also sucking my nipples at the same time. I was wanting him to go deeper so I started raising my butt meeting his incoming thrusts.

It hurt again but now I was ready to bear it for the pleasure which will surely follow. Within no time his pubes touched my pussy lips and I let out a loud aah because of the victory stroke home.

I held his face and smooched him hard while he started thrusting his full length into me. His cock was driving me crazy with pleasure and it was far more than I imagined.

Rizwan said “madam, you are so tight like a virgin. I have never felt so much pleasure before”, I smiled at him enjoying his meaty cock throbbing in my pussy. My next orgasm was upcoming, I said “Rizwan fuck me like you fucked my butt”.

He smiled and increased the force of his thrusts rocking my body. He continued fucking me like an engine with pedal to the metal. I was on the edge of my next orgasm.

I nearly shouted loud in ecstasy “yes fuck me like this aah. Don’t stop aah aah. Fuck my brains out. Aah aah”. I had another earth shattering orgasm while he continued pistoning in my pussy full speed.

Something happened to me when my orgasm hit me because when I came to my senses I saw Rizwan with his lips locked with mine holding me tightly without moving.

He said “madam you screamed so loud when you orgasmed that I got scared and had to silence you before someone came running and discovered us”. Even though this store was air-conditioned we both were sweating like we were under the shower.

I smiled at Rizwan, he pulled out and got me on my knees. He pushed his cock fully inside my pussy in one powerful stroke making me scream aah loudly because of the pleasure.

His strong thrust shifted my whole body six inches on the bed. He was deeper in me than ever, I felt him at the entrance of my womb. He continued thrusting like this making me feel sexual bliss I never knew existed.

I don’t know how long since we had been fucking but it surely felt like infinite time. While he continued like a machine while my orgasms kept coming like straight out of a manufacturing facility.

I had so many that I lost count. Soon Rizwan said “madam I am going to cum”, I said “cum in my mouth Rizwan”. He pulled out and removed the condom, I took his cock in my mouth while he held my head fucking my mouth with his big cock.

He was going much deeper than before giving me little time to breathe. Even though I was choking with his cock, I did not want to stop him and ruin this moment for him.

He continued a few more minutes and flooded my mouth with his cum. I could not contain his huge discharge in my mouth and a lot overflowed on to my body. After I got a hold on it and sucked him dry.

I collected his cum from my body and licked it all. He said “madam you are the best, your every hole is oozing pleasure waiting to be discovered and indulged in”.

I said “your rock star cock is also unbelievably good, I have never had so many orgasms ever before”. We both lay on the quilt dripping sweat and panting. He picked up my clothes and his and took me to the adjoining bathroom.

This was just a basic toilet so taking a bath was impossible. He brought a cotton towel and wet it in the washbasin and gave me a sponge bath. After me, he did himself and we got dressed.

He stopped me after I had worn my inners saying “lets try out the suit I stitched for you now”. I waited while he brought it and tried it on. He had surely done a perfect job which till date no tailor was able to do because of my figure.

I said “I think this is very good”. He said “wait madam, let me complete my checks first”. He cupped my boobs giving them a gentle squeeze and bounce. His touch on my boobs again sent waves of pleasure thru my body triggering my arousal.

I held his hand and said “please stop, you are getting me aroused again. You know what will happen after that”. He naughtily smiled and said “madam let me do my job, I will take care of you again after that”.

I looked below and surely his cock was making a big tent in his pants. Just the thought of what is going to follow got me breathing heavily and my pussy very wet again.

He used his tailoring chalk and made some markings on the kameez. He knelt raising my kameez asking me to hold it and put his hand on my salwar between my thighs directly touching my pussy.

This was too much for me and a loud aah left my lips. He made a few more markings on the salwar and got up lowering my dress. Just as he turned and said “madam you change, I need to make some corrections”, Mary walked in.

She stared at both of us and said “what took you so long”? Rizwan said “madam we are on the third trial because madam’s figure is full of surprises, we have done a lot of work till now. Please excuse us I need to make a few more corrections, so we will need more time”.

Mary shouted at him saying “its been 3hrs already and you need more time”. He angrily stared at her saying “you know why I am called the best, now get out of here and let me do my job”.

I pitched in saying “yes Mary, it has taken a lot of hard work and he is taking very good care of me. Don’t worry I will call you as soon as we are done”. Mary left in a huff while I removed the dress and gave it to Rizwan.

He winked and left saying “madam you wait here, I will fix this dress and be back in ten minutes. Don’t bother to wear your clothes, no one will come here now”. I sat on the stool in my inners thinking what he has in store for me next.

I was also thankful to God that Mary’s timing was right, I cannot imagine what would have happened if she walked in catching us mating. Ten minutes seemed to pass like years now.

Rizwan came back with the dress and kept it on the table. He locked the door and hugged me, we again kissed passionately for a long time. He said “madam if I have your permission I want to worship your body one last time”.

I placed his palms on my boobs and said “I am also eagerly waiting for you” and kissed his lips. We got undressed in seconds, his magnificent cock was rock hard saluting me.

I got on my knees and took it in my mouth sucking it like my life was depending on it. He placed his hands behind my head and I was ready for it. Before he could push my head down, I myself took more than half his length inside my mouth.

He now eased the pressure on my head letting me continue. I sucked him like there was no tomorrow and soon he was letting out Aah. I understood I was doing good and continued.

After some time, he interrupted me. I understood and went and lay on the make shift bed opening my legs for him. He came on top and we kissed passionately in heat while his hands massaged my boobs.

After the kiss he continued kissing my entire body again. He said “madam after today I will really miss you”. I said you have six more dresses to stitch, make one every day and I will come for trials”.

He was so thrilled that he kissed me hard again. He sucked my nipples for a long while bringing me close to another orgasm. He sucked my clit and licked my pussy as if it was his last day on this planet giving me another incredible orgasm.

He continued licking and tongue fucking my butt making me moan again. He wore the last condom and positioned his cock at my tunnel of love. I raised my butt welcoming it in.

He pushed his entire length into me in one stroke fucking me slowly. I was in heat and horny as hell and wanted him to fuck the living daylights out of me. I almost screamed saying “fuck me harder Rizwan like there is no tomorrow”.

We kissed again while he increased his speed fucking me and rocking my entire body like I was on a swing. Within seconds I orgasmed again while he continued nonstop.

He was surely fucking me as ordered and went on nonstop for god know how long. He pulled out and got me on my knees and pushed his cock in my butt. This sent me beyond cloud 9 again.

He pulled me up from behind again lifting my knees off the floor and suspending me on his cock only. I could not resist moaning while he was bouncing me on his cock giving me wild sensations shooting thru my body.

My body kept shuddering and convulsing due to many orgasms triggered by his magnificent cock. Right after my last orgasm, I heard him groan and understood he was going to cum.

I patted his head and he stopped and lowered me on the bed. I got on my knees and started deep throating his cock. In a few minutes he began flooding my mouth with his tasty cum.

This time I quickly gulped without letting a single drop escape my lips. Then he made me lie down and got between my legs licking my flowing juices from my pussy and ass.

Then Rizwan got up and got the wet towel and sponged me clean again. I said “Rizwan I am tired”, he said “no problem madam, you rest here and I will lock the door so no one disturbs you. When you are ready just knock on the door and I will come and dress you up”.

I nodded ok and lay on the quilt drifting to sleep. I woke up and realised I had slept for half an hour but even that little rest made me fresh as a daisy. I went and knocked on the door and Rizwan came inside locking the door again.

Rizwan gave me my undergarments, I said “you told me you would dress me up”. He smiled and put my bra on and hooked it, next came my panty. While pulling up my panty his face was so close to my pussy that I could feel his hot breath on it.

I also noticed a big tent again in his trousers confirming that he was hard too. After putting my panty in place he got up to get the dress, I turned to him and kissed him on his lips while I rubbed his hard cock over his trousers.

Not a word was spoken and all our clothes landed on the floor in seconds. We hugged and smooched very passionately while his cock was poking my tummy. He lifted me so his cock went between my thighs and I was resting on my pussy on his cock.

He said “madam, you read my mind. I so much wanted you once more today”. I said “what are you waiting for then Rizwan” and kissed him much easily now because I was at the right height pegged on his cock.

He was holding my waist and dry humping sliding my pussy on his cock. My leaking wetness provided the needed lubrication making it even more pleasurable for both of us.

In-between kissing, he said “madam we are out of condoms”, I was too horny to care now, I wrapped my hands around his neck raising myself higher helping his cock naturally find my entrance.

I lowered myself welcoming his manhood inside my tunnel of love and said “now stop worrying and fuck me crazy like before”, I was rocking my bottom on his cock signalling him.

He held my butt firmly bouncing me on his cock like a doll. Fucking in this position suspended in the air in his arms with his cock digging the depths of my womb triggered tidal waves of pleasure.

Our constant smooching ensured my ecstatic screams and moans remained silenced. We continued for some time with our sweaty bodies sliding against each other in pure bliss giving me another earth shattering orgasm.

I hugged him tightly while my body trembled still impaled on his cock sending it the deepest ever inside kissing my womb. I kissed Rizwan and said “how am I going to live without you”?

He said “madam we have six more days to enjoy, we will worry after that”. I got down from his cock and started sucking his cock deep throating him. He was no longer holding my head or fucking my mouth now.

After some time, he patted my shoulder and I got up. He pushed everything away clearing the table and lifted me and sat me on it. He opened my legs and started eating my pussy and ass alternating with his tongue and fingers.

This was far too much tidal waves pleasure for me to handle making me come again within minutes. Rizwan did not miss any opportunity and lapped up all my juices.

He stood up and positioned his cock at my honey pot and pushed it inside in one hard stroke making me scream Aah loudly. Thank fully the door was locked hiding my blissful screams from others outside.

I was enjoying the hard fucking he was giving me without getting tired. Our bodies were making music clapping together each time our crotches met. I was swimming in the oceans of pure sexual ecstasy loosing myself in the volcanic orgasms erupting in my body one after another.

After almost 20minutes Rizwan pushed his cock in my butt continuing to fuck me with the same vigour driving me crazy again. Now he was bending forward and sucking my nipples alternately while squeezing my boobs multiplying the pleasure.

A while later he slowed down and pulled out and I got on my knees sucking his cock hungrily waiting to drink his tasty hot cum. Within seconds his volcanic cock erupted with his biggest load of cum in my mouth so far.

I quickly swallowed everything he released but he kept erupting more and more. I felt like I had a glass of banana milk shake giving me a similar feeling in my stomach.

I sucked his cock clean till the last drop. Rizwan sure was tired now. He still brought the wet and dry towels and sponged my full body and himself. I quickly got dressed myself and he too.

I stood in front of the mirror admiring his perfect fitting creation. He came behind me cupping my boobs and gently squeezing them, I turned my face to him and said “not again please”.

He said “no I want to show you something”. Under a well-hidden pleat of cloth on my chest he lowered a zipper down till my upper tummy revealing my boobs in full glory.

He said “madam I have made this dress such that you can wear it even without a bra. If sir gets horny you can use this to make him suck your boobs without removing your dress”.

He raised my kameez from behind and lowered my salwar which was elastic instead of strings saying “this is to help you have a quickie without undressing”. He pulled back my dress and I zipped it up.

I turned to him smooching one last time today before stepping out in the open. The cool air from the air-conditioning in the open area was such a relief on my body.

Rizwan asked “madam can you change so I can pack this new dress”, I said “I will continue wearing this only, you put my other clothes in a bag”. I called Mary on her cell telling her that I was done.

She came and saw me in this hot pink salwar kameez and said “Uma you are sure looking very nice in this dress”. Rizwan came giving me a carry bag with my other clothes neatly folded inside.

She looked at Rizwan and said “I know you are good but today you took really long time to finish”. He said “you have no idea how hard I had to rework to make madam fully satisfied with my perfection. Madam has given me a target to make one dress for her every day and she will come to do trials so I can make everything perfect”.

Mary looked at me but did not say anything, I have a feeling she might have suspected something fishy was happening between Rizwan and me. Anyhow we left from there and Mary dropped me home by 2pm and I met you.

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