Maid from Heaven – Part 23

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Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 22 ). Now let’s continue

As soon as we got there he himself dropped his pyjamas and undies to his feet. I asked “papa, what about mummy”? He said “don’t worry about her, she is fast asleep. Now you hold it with both hands darling”.

I asked “papa how is that going to help me”? He said “hold me from behind and I will do the hard work so you will not get tired”. I followed his instructions and stood behind him with my hands under his armpits grabbing his stiff boner.

Papa started going to and fro with his waist as if simulating fucking my hands. This position also resulted in my chest being hard pressed against his back. I was getting aroused again and was not sure where this was heading.

After a few minutes he said “Uma this is not helping, I am not getting the nice feeling and stimulation you gave me last time. Can we try something different if you don’t mind”?

I asked “now what do you have in mind papa”? He removed my hands and I came and stood next to him. He said “please don’t get me wrong Uma, but there is one way in which I will get what I want and your hands will also not get tired”.

My curiosity was peaking as to what he had in mind, I asked “so what new idea do you have papa”? He quickly held my waist turning me and made me lean against the wall.

Then he raised my kurta from behind and pushed his bare cock between my triangle. He said “Uma now just stand still with your thighs tightly closed and I will finish my business”.

While I was still dazed by his quick actions, he had already started humping me full speed. I was panicking because I too was already aroused and the pussy massage he was giving me with his cock would surely make me orgasm soon and that would be embarrassment to the power of T for me.

He was holding my hips giving a super pleasurable pussy massage and my orgasm was quickly approaching. His thrusts were full of energy making me bounce on my toes even while standing.

I recollected his last time when he got me really tired with the hand job before he shot his load all over the place. So this being his second time, this would surely be equal to or longer than his first.

While I was lost in my thoughts, his hands crept up and cupped my boobs. While it felt good, I was scared it would accelerate my orgasms greatly. I removed his hands and said “papa I did not agree to this”.

He said “darling you are giving me so much pleasure which even my wife has never given to me till date. I am only trying to return the favor because I know you are also highly aroused by now”.

I said “papa please let us keep this limited to just doing what you need to relieve yourself. Don’t worry about me, I am only doing this to fill in for mummy”. He brought his hands back around my waist and a few more minutes later he raised the front of my kurta shooting his seeds all over your bathroom.

He even landed a few drops high on the walls. I thought to myself, how was I ever going to reach so far high and clean those stains. Papa thanked me profusely again and again and we got back to our work.

Again another half hour later papa came to the kitchen, this time I looked at him and got scared that he might want to do it again. I looked below and did not see a tent, also papa did not touch me so I felt relieved.

He stood leaning against the counter a few feet away from me. He said “Uma, I cannot thank you enough ever for helping me today. Please I have only one request”.

I looked at him and said “yes please tell me papa, what else can I do for you”. He said “I would like you to always dine with us instead of standing and waiting on us like you usually do”.

I said “papa I am just a maid, so I don’t deserve to be seated with you at the table while you all are eating”. He snapped saying “but with Krishna you sit and eat right? So do you consider us aliens or someone who is not worth sitting with”?

I fell at his feet, I said “please don’t ever say that again papa. You gave me the right to call you papa despite my low status. You all have given me so much respect despite my low status. I am forever indebted to your family”.

Papa held my shoulders and pulled me to my feet, he said “so you will eat alongside us at the table from now on”? I said “yes papa, if that makes you happy then I will”.

He smiled and gave me a bear hug before leaving. Besides the love and warmth, I felt something else also during his hug. His hands were firmly cupping my butt cheeks pulling me onto him.

I dismissed the thought thinking I was probably disillusioned by his earlier two sexual encounters. I got back to work and got lunch ready. Then I went and woke up mummy.

She said “I have never slept so peacefully ever before”. I thought to myself that she slept ‘so peacefully’ because I was satisfying papa. She freshened up and sat at the dining table.

Papa also sat and after I had served them, he made me sit next to him. We all had lunch together and mummy and papa appreciated my cooking. But during the lunch Papa’s hand was on my thighs going up and down, crawling closer to my forbidden triangle.

I was feeling very uncomfortable by his actions but I could not react with mummy also sitting there or there would be fireworks. I kept quiet pushing his hand away each time it crawled closer to my pussy.

Somehow I managed to get thru lunch and then got busy with my duties. Mummy left to her room telling me to give her another massage. Papa retired to the sofa watching TV.

After giving mummy the back massage she went to sleep. Then I came out closing the door, I found papa sitting fully naked sporting his erection sitting on the sofa smiling lustfully at me.

I looked the other way and rushed to the kitchen to do the dishes. I already knew he would soon join me and he sure did. This time he was way hornier than he had been earlier.

He hugged me from behind cupping my boobs also pushing his bare cock in my triangle over my clothes. He said “oh Uma, your hotness is driving me crazy, I am unable to get you out of my head. Please allow me to feast on your hidden treasures”.

While fighting him off with half-hearted conviction I said “papa please, this was not our deal. Since you are hard again, we can go to the bathroom to help relieve your tensions”.

Papa said “yes darling, let’s go quickly, I cannot control myself anymore”. We got to your bathroom and papa immediately pushed his cock in-between my triangle and now started humping me hard.

Despite my protests he cupped my boobs slipping his hands under my clothes and had his way with me. I don’t know where and how your old man got so much energy but he was surely giving me a really hard time.

Soon I had my dreaded orgasm hit me and when I came back to my senses, I realised papa was inside me. While my body convulsed to my orgasm, he had lowered my salwar and panties and made himself home.

I tried hard to push him away but he was way stronger and hornier and overpowered me. He continued pounding me relentlessly despite my protests for a very long time till he filled me up with his millions of baby making soldiers.

By this time, he had managed to pull up my kameez and my bra to my neck rendering me fully naked. When he disengaged from me, a big load of his cum flowed out of my pussy as if this was the first time ever that he had cum in decades.

I sat down on the floor tired and ashamed pondering over what had happened between us. Papa on the other hand cleaned up and left without saying a word. I saw the time and it was only 2pm.

Mummy woke up at 5.30pm for her evening tea, that is the only time he let go of me. But till that moment he was like a monster in heat with an erection that never seemed to die down.

To be continued….

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