Living Again After Growing Old-13

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Please read the previous part here ( Living Again After Growing Old-12 ). Now let’s continue

I held his face and kissed his lips, I said “Putta darling, you know I am still very hungry and so are you. So please let’s do it again. I am game even if you want to break your previous records today”.

He naughtily laughed and said “good that I brought the energy drinks along on this trip”. I said “yes very good because you are going to need lots of it”. He teasingly asked “only me? Are you sure Munni”?

I said “yes I am sure I can handle it now darling. I am feeling like a free spirit with nothing to worry or think about. Take me darling, I am all yours for whatever you want to do with me. Please, I cannot control anymore”.

While talking I was already flexing my pussy muscles around his soft dick which was still inside me. I felt his big dick also beginning to stir now inside me, I could feel it rapidly growing bigger inside me.

I placed his hands on my tits and he understood what I wanted. We both kissed while my hands were around his back pulling him more into me. Putta too started pumping me slowly increasing his pace.

This was all that I wanted now, this session lasted much longer than the previous one. By the time we got close to the finish line I was on my knees and Putta was pumping me with full vigour from behind.

Soon we climaxed together on the bed of roses. I was conscious this time that now my honey pot was full and overflowing with two big loads of his juices. Right after I collected as much as I could and swallowed it.

Then I sucked his cock clean of the remainder of our juices. Then I cuddled up with him, I knew my young stud hubby will need some time to recharge his batteries before we do it again.

So while resting I said “Putta darling, I want to discuss a few things with you”. Running his fingers thru my hair, he said “yes Munni darling go ahead”. I said “you know my children are grown up now right”.

He said “yes I know”. I said “my Ex is already scouting for a good groom for my daughter to get her married within the next two months”. He said “this is news”.

I said “wait there is more, so that leaves my son who will also be completing his studies around the same time. My Ex wants him to join his business and within the next year get him married too”.

Putta said “wow that is a lot going on in your house”. I said “yes, so I have decided that after my son’s marriage I will divorce my hubby and move in with you. Are you fine with that”?

Putta pulled me further up and smooched me, he said “Munni darling, I am fine even if you move in with me right after this honeymoon”. I said “stop joking darling, you know I cannot do that”.

He asked “why what is stopping you now”? I said “see my children have no role to play in our relationship, but I am morally obligated to complete my motherly duties towards them and see them settled”.

Putta said “ok so”? I said “so after they both are married, I want to leave my Ex for good because since we got involved he anyway ceased to exist in my life”.

Putta said “I see your point Munni, go ahead. It is only a matter of one year. I was already prepared to wait for you for my lifetime”. I exclaimed “do you know how long this one year is going to be for me? I will not be able to live even a single day without you”.

He naughtily smiled and said “you know one year is 52weeks right, so 52 Sundays you will be at my place, rest we will enjoy as usual at your place”. I smiled at him saying “I already know that, you will surely drive me insane all that time”.

He said “correct without doubt”. I said “in this next one year you will also complete your masters, so I feel the timing is right for both of us”. He said “yes that’s true. I can also use this time to convince my parents, especially my mom”.

I asked “have you thought how you will tell her about us? Will she even agree”? Putta said “well to be honest she has already seen a change in me since we got intimate. She has been constantly nagging me with questions about if I have found a girlfriend”.

I asked “what did you say”? Putta said “Munni can we please discuss this another time. See someone is desperately waiting for you”. Only now I looked below and his big dick was standing in full attention.

I held it stroking it with my hand, I said “so what are you waiting for hubby darling”. He rolled over me getting on top, he kissed my lips and said I want to try something new this time”.

I excitedly asked “what does my darling husband have in mind now”? He said “Munni I want to take the virginity of your butt hole”. I was shocked to hear this because I have a mental block around anal sex even though I watched it many times in the porn videos.

I said “I don’t like it because I feel it is very dirty”. Putta shot back “have we not done other equally dirty things already, let’s try once and I can assure you that you will enjoy it”.

I knew he was not asking and would do it anyway so I hesitatingly asked “is it going to hurt”? He said “maybe a little just like when we did it the first time, but don’t worry I will try my best to make it a pleasant experience for you”.

I nodded in affirmative giving him my consent. Putta got off the bed and took out his laptop and wired it to the super big flat screen TV. He played some porn movie on it.

I remembered he had sent this to me and that was the first time I learnt about anal sex. Then he took a bottle of lubricant from his bag and joined me in bed.

We did not need a trigger to begin and soon after his foreplay rituals he was lying on top driving me mad with his hard pumping. Then he got me on my knees and put his mouth to my pussy from behind driving me even more crazy.

While I was lost swimming in heavens of sexual bliss not sure when he put his mouth to my rear hole darting his tongue inside. My next orgasm crashed thru me at the same time giving me no time to register his latest invasion of my rear.

When I came to my senses Putta had three fingers sliding in and out of my rear. While his fingers were busy in my ass, his mouth was busy lapping my nectar from my pussy.

I realised I was feeling no pain as I had dreaded earlier, instead his fingers were giving me new pleasurable sensations. I remained quiet enjoying his actions on my body.

Then Putta asked “Munni how was it”? I said “it was far better than I had imagined”. He asked “can I serve the main course now”?

I said “yes please be gentle”, he said “you already know Munni darling that I will never hurt you for deriving my own pleasure. I will be gentle, if you feel pain then tap your hand on the bed and I will stop, ok”?

Putta got in position and applied lots of lube to his big dick and to my rear hole. He said “relax your muscles darling, fully relax them and it will not hurt”. I did and he slowly pushed his big dick inside.

I felt my hole getting stretched beyond my limits as his tip entered. I felt pain but I was far more determined to sacrifice myself to ensure he derived the pleasures he was seeking.

He constantly kept asking me about the pain but instead I gave him a green signal to continue. Soon I felt his thighs touch mine and his big dick felt like my ass was stuffed with something.

The pain had subsided now, guess his fingering before penetration had made all the difference. I looked over my shoulder and said “go for it darling, I am really enjoying this”.

My positive words gave him the necessary motivation, he started pumping my ass slowly at first and picking up pace soon after. Oh my God this felt so good, even better than when he was pumping my pussy all these days.

My next orgasm was rapidly growing and it felt wonderful. I already knew Putta’s stamina very well and for sure he was going to pump many more orgasms out of me now.

Over the next half hour, he drove me over the edge multiple times before he filled me with his millions of baby making soldiers, only this time it was in my butt.

He finally pulled out and lay on the bed pulling me in his arms. He naughtily asked “so Munni darling, did you enjoy losing your anal virginity”? I had to admit it was an out of the world experience, something I could would never have come to terms with.

I said “yes my darling husband, you showed me heaven again this time”. Putta was quick to ask “so can we add this to our regular main course”? I naughtily smiled and said “yes darling, I would love it”.

I saw the time, it was 1pm. I asked “can we go for lunch now or….”? He said “yes Munni darling, but we need to shower before that” and winked at me. I understood he was going to pump my daylights out again under the shower and that is exactly what I also wanted.

I said “I too cannot wait for the shower sex round, but before that you will need to relieve me first”. He looked at me quizzically, he asked “have I not done everything already”?

I winked and said “darling, are you not thirsty? Should I use the commode”? He understood and pulled me to my feet rushing to the bathroom. I no longer felt shame or reluctance in asking him to drink my piss because I too derived equal pleasure from it.

So after he would be done I was preparing a surprise for him, a surprise which I myself was not sure if I could deliver to his satisfaction. I placed my hands on the ultra-luxurious wash counter opening my legs wide so Putta could sit between them and drink my juices comfortably.

He quickly took position and I let go slowly. After we were done and Putta had eaten me out enough to arouse me again, we stepped under the shower. Under the running water we fondled each other for some time followed by me giving him a blowjob to make him hard again.

Then I stood up turning around and bending resting my hands on the wall while Putta guided his big missile in my pussy. Then he hugged me and resumed pumping me in a nice slow rhythm.

He whispered over my shoulder “how is this feeling Munni darling”? I ran my fingers in his hair and said “Yes, my love. You know how much I have begun to enjoy this love making under the shower”.

Our lips met and we smooched once more, after we had been at it for a while and he had given me an orgasm just now, I said “darling I want to feel your big dick pumping my second hole also”.

Putta was quick to pull out and fill my newly deflowered hole with his big missile. Oh god this felt so amazing doing it standing and thanks to my young studs awesome stamina he made me cum many more times before he reached his peak.

He groaned “Munni I am close, where do you want it”? I quickly turned around getting on my knees and despite knowing where his missile had been doing duties, I took him in my mouth.

Putta placed his hands behind my head pushing his big manhood deep down my throat depositing his full load straight to my stomach. I too enjoyed this and was past all my premonitions about anal sex followed by a blowjob now.

To be continued….

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