Living Again After Growing Old-10

Please read the previous part here (Living Again After Growing Old-9 ). Now let’s continue

To make him happy I got between his legs and gave him a blowjob after which he was off snoring. I watched a few more porn videos fingering myself to another more intense orgasm and then went to bed.

Next morning again after my usual routine I rested on the sofa and messaged Putta that I had convinced my Ex for our weekend trip. I wasn’t expecting him to reply because he would be in college but within seconds he replied.

Putta – what are you doing Munni darling?
Me – I just finished my household work, so taking rest now hubby darling.
Putta – only rest really (with a wink) Munni darling?
Me – yes and also chatting with you hubby darling
Putta – only chatting darling? Are you not watching the videos? (Again wink)
Me – yes, I will watch after chatting with you my love
Putta – why watch videos when you can do the real thing Munni darling?
Me – Oh my love, you are making me wet already. Please stop teasing me, how can I do the real thing without you?
Putta – Ok, what are you wearing right now Munni darling?
Me – my usual nighty my love, why?
Putta – what about inners Munni?
Me – yes I am wearing that too, why Putta?
Putta – Munni, change into that sexy red nighty without inners right now
Me – I will change before you come in the evening hubby darling
Putta – change right now Munni, I am coming in 5mins
I was shocked that he had not gone to college today because that is the only way he could be coming home so quickly. I quickly went to my room and changed into the red nighty.

Soon there was a knock on the door, I opened and Putta was standing there. He came inside and locked the door with the additional locks. Then he turned to me and gave me a bear hug with passionate kisses till we were out of breath.

Even before I could say a word, he pulled me to my bedroom and we had a wild and long love making session. After that we remained lying on the bed with me resting my head on his shoulder.

He said “so what did you want to talk about Munni darling”? I asked “why is my hubby darling bunking college today”? He said “today was a day off for finishing some field assignments Munni”.

I asked “so did you complete them”? He said “yes Munni , I got up early and went to my dad’s factory and finished it. I just got back when you messaged”. I asked “so don’t you have other important work to do”?

He said “nothing more important than enjoying with you Munni darling”. I blushed shyly and said “hubby darling your Munni is still very hungry”. Listening to this he smooched me again followed by an even longer round of wild love making.

While resting he said “Munni darling, can you cancel your tuitions with the other children for today”? I asked in a surprised tone “why do I need to cancel”?

He said “because I want to take you shopping preparing for our first real honeymoon”. I said “why do we need to shop? I already have so many sarees”.

He said “forget those old fashioned clothes, on our honeymoon you will only wear what I like”. I asked “and what does my hubby darling have in mind for me”?

He said “modern clothes and dresses only, starting from your lingerie to every other cloth you wear”. I laughed and said “so you want an old woman like me to dress up fashionably like a youngster”.

He got really irritated, he held my face with his hands and very angrily shouted “promise me Munni, you will never again use the word ‘old woman’. Even my mom is elder than you for that matter. You are my wife now, do you Understand”?

I saw how much I had unintentionally pissed him, I said “I am sorry hubby darling, I am really very sorry. Since as long as I can remember no one has taken care of me like you. I promise will never say it again”.

He calmed down and said “Munni darling, you will need to make your hubby happy first for me to accept your apologies”. I felt his dick stirring resting against my thigh.

I made a calculated guess that one more round of love making should make him very happy and maybe that is what he also wants. I got on my knees and started giving him a blowjob.

Putta moaned and said “Munni you sure know what makes your husband happy”. I was happy to hear that I got it right, after all I too was dying for it now.

After a few minutes he got me on top so he could shower my pussy with love while I pleased his big dick. In my mind it was all celebration fireworks because I always envied women wearing modern clothes even while watching TV.

But I never was allowed or had the nerve to ask my parents or my Ex because they were all strictly traditional. Even then my children wear modern clothes and my Ex does not object, because for me the rules are obviously different.

Just imagining myself in those clothes and Putta’s magical tongue doing wonders in my pussy made me orgasm like the ground had disappeared from under my feet.

Then Putta got on top pushing his big dick inside my thirsty pussy which was craving for his big dick. Now at regular intervals he himself made me switch into all the positions one after the other that I had tried with him in the last few days.

The last one was with me on top so that when he is ready to erupt I will get off and easily take him in my mouth because I had made my intention of drinking his juice directly from the source known to him.

After we were done and again resting I asked “what does my hubby darling want to have for lunch”? He naughtily said “you Munni darling, I want to have you served on a platter”.

I naughtily laughed and asked “and where is my darling husband going to find a platter my size”? He said “wait till you get to our honeymoon, you might be surprised”.

I surely was surprised to hear but still very happy to listen to his crazy ideas that he had in mind for me. We went to the bathroom and showered together where he got hard again and we had one more passionate love making session.

I was in awe of my young stud’s stamina and thought how I was ever going to match his appetite. Putta was going from one session to the next just like that and tiring me like crazy.

After the sex filled bath we came to the room, this time Putta opened my wardrobe and selected a dark blue saree from the very back of the pile and asked me to wear it.

I remember this was the saree I had worn on my second night with my Ex on the way to our honeymoon. I asked “darling what made you select this particular saree”?

He said “out of your pile of boring clothes this is the only one which I found slightly better”. I said “did you know darling, this is the same saree I wore when travelling with my ex to our honeymoon”.

Putta laughed and said “I am sure you did not go to bed with him wearing this Munni”. I recollected and Putta was right, I had worn this during the journey and changed into a fresh one before getting into bed with him.

I asked “how do you know this darling”? He said “I had a gut feel, so I chose this”. I hugged him and kissed wildly, then I draped the saree around myself while he wore his clothes.

I asked “what can I prepare for lunch on a serious note Putta”? He said “don’t waste time cooking Munni, we will have outside”. I sat him on the sofa while I called all the parents telling them about no tuitions today.

We left from there and Putta took me to lunch at Leela palace followed by shopping at expensive places like lifestyle, Orion, Mantri, Garuda and others. Everything he bought me clearly had the honeymoon under tone.

I felt very shy trying out the fancy lingerie, jeans, tops, dresses and other stuffs. Since he was commanding and adamant so I gave up and quietly went with it.

In my entire life I had never even worn my saree high enough to show my calves to anyone and here Putta was making me try out dresses which barely reached my knees.

The nightwear was far worse with a few of them as good as wearing nothing. I understood one thing for sure, he was going to take me on a roller coaster ride from being a conservative woman to a modern woman leaving no stone unturned.

This honeymoon was for sure going to be a ride of a lifetime for me and I was mentally preparing myself for it. In a way I was very excited that I was going to live my dreams now finally, because a week ago I was living my normal boring uneventful life with zero expectations.

After all the shopping when we were driving back, I said “darling I cannot take all this home, I am sure you understand why”. Putta calmly said “I understand, leave everything except the inners at my place. I will keep it packed ready for our honeymoon”.

To be continued….

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