Living Again After Growing Old-4

Please read the previous part here ( Living Again After Growing Old – 3 ). Now let’s continue…

His dick was touching my throat so I had to frequently pull out to avoid coughing. Putta stopped me and got me in 69 over him so he could pleasure my pussy while I pleasured his big dick.

After some time, he lay me down and came on top. We kissed again while I held his dick to my entrance and he slowly inserted it inside. Putta asked “is it hurting Munni darling”?

I said “no hubby dear, now it is only giving lots of pleasure”. He began pumping me slowly at first while continuing to shower his love on my boobs, face and every place in-between.

With Putta I was feeling really alive again and no longer felt like an old woman. Yesterday he deflowered me and I took his virginity in exchange. Today after the ritual I wholly became his wife even though I still have my ex and two grownups to look after.

In my mind this is really my new life with my new husband and I was going to live it like there is no tomorrow. Putta’s pumping became gradually faster while my orgasms kept crashing on my shores one after the other like tidal waves on a beach.

He said “Munni I am getting close”. I said “please give it to me in my mouth hubby darling”. He knelt near my face bringing his dick to my lips and I eagerly took it in my mouth.

I held his dick with both my hands and recollected in one of the movies the man fucks the woman’s mouth with his dick. I said “come closer darling and pump my mouth with your big dick”.

Putta looked perplexed thinking what had come over me to say this. Not waiting for his reaction I slid closer till more than half his dick was in my mouth.

I put my hand around his butt pulling him closer and then releasing making him fuck my mouth. Soon Putta started feeling great pleasures so he himself held my face and started pumping his dick in my mouth.

He was pumping my mouth with the same vigour with which he was pumping my pussy earlier. This was proving difficult for me because his dick was now going deep down my throat making me frequently gasp for air.

At the same time, I wanted to give the ultimate pleasures to my young lover and new hubby no matter what I had to endure. He saw my eyes getting wet and pulled out.

He came closer to my face and asked “did I hurt you Munni darling”? I said “no my love, just that this is my first time and I was finding it hard to breathe. You please continue and every few strokes give me a second to breathe”.

He said “no way darling, I will not do it if it is difficult for you, selfishly deriving my own pleasure. I said “please I beg you Putta, please do it for my sake”. My hand was still behind his butt so without waiting I put my mouth back on his dick same time pulling him to me.

This time he resumed pumping my mouth with frequent pauses. Now we were both enjoying this (blowjob as I learnt later), within minutes I sensed him going to erupt, he instinctively held my face harder pushing his dick all the way in my throat and erupted.

Despite the discomfort I let him continue. He gave a few more hard strokes spilling his seeds directly down my throat. Soon he was done and released his grip on me.

He lay by my side catching his breath, I held his face and rested on my bosom. I asked “my hubby darling, how did you like the blowjob”. He excitedly said “it was truly awesome wifey darling”.

He was quick to hold my boobs and start playing with them while talking to me. I asked “is my darling hubby still hungry”? He said “yes my darling, forever hungry to eat you darling”.

I said “let’s finish your tuitions first, I promise you we will do it again before you leave”. He said “I can afford to miss one day of tuitions to enjoy the first night with my newlywed wife”.

I said “my darling hubby, aren’t you missing your classes too often”? He kissed my lips and said “I know how to manage my priorities and right now you Munni are my only priority”.

By now I could already feel his erect dick throbbing against my thigh, I too thought today is actually my first night after our marriage. So a little time off studies won’t hurt.

I gave him a long kiss on his lips and made him lie down. I knelt with my pussy on his mouth while I got busy stroking and sucking his big dick. After the last throat fuck I understood what he liked and how much pleasure he derived from it.

So after licking his entire big dick a few times, I started taking him deep in my mouth touching my throat. Putta also paused when I did this saying “wifey darling, you are simply outstanding” and resumed eating my pussy.

After a few minutes Putta patted my butt signalling me. I got off and lay down under him, now he did not need my help to find my grand entrance. In one smooth slow push he entered all the way inside.

He started pumping me in a steady rhythm while kissing and licking my face, neck, ears, neck, boobs, everywhere his mouth could reach in this position. I was really enjoying this to the hilt because I have never been loved like this.

He paused and opened my legs wider wrapping them around his back entering me deeper in this positon. After a while I asked “my darling hubby, would you like to try a new position”?

He stopped looking quizzically in my eyes, I naughtily smiled and said “I learnt some from the videos you sent me. You want to try it”? He pulled out and sat on his heels wondering what I had in mind.

I got on my knees looking over my shoulders at him, he got the message and entered my pussy from behind holding my extra wide hips for grip. For sure this positon was much better because I felt Putta’s big dick enter me much deeper than before.

I felt like he was in my womb already. We had just started when my body convulsed as another earthquake like orgasm passed thru me. With my Putta darling I had experienced more orgasms in three days which I did not in my entire lifetime before him.

I also knew this was just the beginning, his every incoming stroke was making his thighs hit against mine making loud clapping sounds. Sounds I have never heard before but now these were music to my ears.

Putta continued pumping me for god knows how long giving me many more orgasms, each more intense than the previous one. I was now growing tired but my young stud husband was still pumping me strong.

Soon Putta hugged me from behind pulling me up and kissing me wildly. I too reciprocated placing his palms on my boobs and pressing them. He gave a few very hard thrusts and I could feel his warm seeds spill inside my womb.

This feeling was so heavenly and satisfying that I wished I could freeze it for the rest of my life. We were both very tired after this intense love making for the second time since we got married.

I straightened and lay on the bed on my chest and my darling Putta lay over me. I was enjoying the feeling of his soft dick that was still stuck inside my pussy.

I thought this was it but was taken by surprise soon when Putta again started kissing my back and licking my sweaty body. I asked “my darling husband, are you not tired”?

He continued kissing and licking my body between words saying “My hot Munni darling, even if I am tired I cannot have enough of your hotness which keeps growing more and more driving me insane”.

I said “darling I am your wife now and only yours, my body my soul is only for you. You can have me anytime you want”. He said “Munni I know. I am planning to take you on a real honeymoon very soon”.

I was startled hearing this, while it was very nice to hear I knew it was next to impossible with my ex and kids around. I said “hubby darling I would also love to go with you but you know the challenges in my house”.

He still continuing his kissing and licking while he said “don’t worry Munni darling, despite everything I will still take you that too with their permission”. I was even more startled seeing his confidence.

I said “forget the honeymoon, tomorrow is a Sunday and everyone will be around. How do you think we will enjoy with each other”? Now I could feel Putta’s dick beginning to grow inside me.

All this while I was enjoying the feeling of his semi erect dick wedged in my pussy which even when soft was feeling bigger than my ex whenever he did it that is.

Putta said “darling don’t worry, tomorrow we will enjoy at my place”. I asked “what excuse will I tell my family to come to your place”? He said “very simple, they know you are tutoring me. So you say you are going to my place so that there is no disturbance to anyone”.

Putta slowly rubbed his body against mine pushing his cock a little in and out of my pussy. I had already experienced his stamina for sex yesterday when he pumped me the third time just before my kids arrived.

I thought to myself this idea is surely good but what excuse would I tell Putta’s mom. I asked “darling ok I will do as you say, but what will I tell your mom”?

He calmly said “don’t worry Munni darling, tell her the same thing. She will be happy that you are working hard with me. You just make sure you come by 2.30pm so that we can enjoy nicely till 6.30-7pm at least”.

I knew that today he was surely going to tire me like anything because I saw the time and we still had 1.5hrs to go. I was in love with him and his sex like mad that my body reacted otherwise ready to go again.

Putta whispered in my ears asking “is my darling wife ready to do it again”? I turned my face sideways meeting his lips, I kissed him nodding my head in consent.

Maybe god wanted to fill my void of two decades of lack of real sex as quickly as possible. Putta now picked up pace pumping his big dick in my pussy lying on top of me.

In this position he was not only clapping my thighs with his but also my big bums making my whole body shake. This was also new for me because I did not see this in any of the videos yet but I was really enjoying it.

To be continued….

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