The Great Sen Family : 15

In the morning, while they all were eating breakfast together, Probhaboti put on a brave face without showing any type of uneasiness about her previous night’s exposure to her stepson. Now she was behaving like a perfect host to her husband and stepson.

Last night, her stepson had taken good care of her DIL in their bedroom while she watched two porno-flicks at the same time and she self-pleasured herself watching two hot shows. However now she was taking care of them in the kitchen like a real caring housewife….. by serving the breakfast.

Despite being envious of her three months pregnant DIL because of which she was getting from her Step-Son’s ten inches massive prick, she really loved her DIL. She was a cute one with a promising career in Bengali film-industry and a real beauty like her mother Supriyadevi.

By nine o’clock all had gone….. Rahim off to his friend’s house, while her husband off to the hotel ‘Sandhyatara’. Now this was her ‘own time’. So while having another coffee, she was going to relax for at least an hour, and after that she was going to do her housework.

It wasn’t long before she was thinking about her stepson and his sexy wife. Another night like that would be too much to bear. At one point, she thought seriously, something had to be done about it, and soon, before she went mad.

She’d already tried masturbating either with a candle or with a fresh brinjal while visualizing her step-son’s fucking with his massive prick. She’d got a lot of pleasure from it, but when it ended, it left her frustrated, even after her climax. She didn’t want the artificial lifeless cock in her pussy, she wanted a real throbbing-cock deep inside her aching pussy.

There was only one substitute of it….. it was her stepson’s ten inches meaty rod. As difficult as it would be, she was going to have it inside her pussy!

In the evening, Probhaboti got an opportunity to reach that goal…. the two of them were alone in the kitchen in that moment. She knew what she was going to say because she’d spent all day rehearsing it. She was nervous, but she managed to compose herself before speaking.

“What you and Bahu ( Daughter-in-law ) are doing together in your bedroom is none of my business…. even I shouldn’t interfere you, but please keep the noise down. Sometimes you’re a bit loud.” She spoke casually….. however never looking at his eyes.

She’d expected it to be awkward, perhaps even embarrassing, but it wasn’t. She’d said it like a friendly talk, without any tension in her voice, in which he’d calmly replied, “OK Maa, I’ll try…… but you must admit you too enjoy it too.”

She wasn’t shocked hearing her stepson’s self-defense because at the last moment she could realize that he was watching her through the mirror. He said calmly, “Yes, I shouldn’t reject that.”

It was as if the topic of conversation was trivial, as if she was asking him to turn the volume down on the television in his room. It felt as if a weight had been taken off from her shoulders. But when, two days later, Soma and Rahim was again making the same, this time she wasn’t worried.

It started with them giggling, and then whatever they were doing must have turned sexual, because Soma was moaning loudly. When it suddenly stopped, Probhaboti smiled.

She thought that her stepson must have told her to keep the noise down. She was pleased that her little talk with him had worked, but why hadn’t she done it sooner? If she had, on the first day it happened, then it would have nipped in the bud.

Probhaboti was drifting off when she heard them again, and now there was no way that she’d be able to sleep. They weren’t just loud, they were the loudest that they’d ever been. She swore under her breath, and then she muttered, “Tomorrow I’m going to teach him a real one.”

Eventually, after a long time, it ended with his wife screaming out, “Ohhhhhh…. dear fuck with your Nigro-cock, I’m in it!”

Probhaboti gave a deep sigh. The last time that her husband had given her a climax as good as that was almost five days ago. Her pussy was now wet, desperate for a hard cock….. like her stepson’s, and it sure wouldn’t be disappointed.

There was a yearning deep inside her that would only go away when she’d been fucked, and she might have to wait a long time before that happened. She looked at her husband, sleeping like a baby. Should she wake him up? No, it would be a waste of time.

It was another hour before she managed to get to sleep, and even then, the fire inside her pussy was still a raging inferno.
——- ——— ——– ——– —-‐– —‐—- ——– ——–
In the morning she was polite and courteous to everyone, but underneath her calm exterior….. there was anger and frustration. She wanted to take her husband by the scruff of the neck and shake him violently.

She’d then scream at him, “You’re my husband, it’s your job to keep me happy in bed.”

As for the other two, it would give her great pleasure to punch her stepson hard on the nose, and then bitch-slap the slut whom he was fucking.

Rahim was about to leave, and because he was the last one, Probhaboti could confront him. She wasn’t going to punch him, even though she wanted to, but she was going to give him a piece of her mind. However, before she attempted to do that, she noticed him staring at her deep cleavage. And it wasn’t the first time he did that…… whenever they were alone in the house, he never missed a opportunity of checking her semi-exposed body.

However she didn’t mind for that…… rather tempted him by wearing more revealing clothes. So now when he suddenly hugged her, she really liked that….. but he hugged so tight that it was difficult to breathe.

“Sorry Maa, it won’t happen again.” Rahim apologized with pleading eyes.

When he released her, he gave her a big smile. His handsome face was close to her. That’s when she realized, to her surprise, that instead of wanting to punch him, she wanted to kiss him, and on the lips.

As Probhaboti watched him leave, her breathing was laboured, and there was that familiar tingling in her pussy again. It was telling her that it wanted a stiff cock, and it was her step-son’s cock!

For the next half an hour that was the only thing that she could think about. It was ridiculous, it was stupid, and worse, it was dangerous. There were lots of reasons why it should not happen, all of them were sensible. But she dismissed all of them. If her husband wasn’t up to it, then his Son could take his place.

She then did the housework with a satisfied smile on her face. It had been a problem, a big one, but she now had a solution to it. She’ll seduce her….. yes, her Step-Son will be going to fuck her. She was confident that he’d want to, but as time went by she started to have doubts. When it got to midday, those doubts were becoming serious.

It was time to think about it again, and this time, in more detail.

She was already forty-eight years old, and without wanting to boast, she could say with confidence that she was still attractive. All those yrs of hard working as a maid at Odisa was helped her to keep her figure in shape.

She was a little busty, but not outrageously so, and she knew from her experiences that she had a bottom that men adore. She had a good body, but what about her face? Her full lips and sparkling brown eyes were it’s best feature. She’d been told by lots of her friends that she was beautiful, so she must be!

That self-analysis had cheered her up. She was a hot MILF, so why would her stepson say ‘No’ to her?

However, was that confidence justified?

Probhaboti could hold her own against any woman of her own age, but it seemed Rahim liked older women more….. women with five or six yrs older than his age. His wife Soma was a typical example of that. She was convinced at last….. feeling her stepson was attracted to her….. he must be attracted to her….. noticing his several attempts of checking her movements

Probhaboti then started picturing her DIL Soma… she has a body type that’s similar to her. But Soma got a prettier face, with a perfect nose….. however her lips were juicier and eyes were more sparkling than her DIL.

She was pleased to examine her body in her bedroom mirror….. she didn’t have many wrinkles, but she sighed when she remembered that her DIL Soma had none of those. And even though her boobs looked good, from the cleavage that was now being displayed, it was obvious that they weren’t as firm as her DIL. And reluctantly, she’d had to admit to a couple of extra pounds around her waist.

Probhaboti didn’t want to cry, and she did her best to hold the tears back, but now they were running down her cheeks. Her DIL whom her stepson liked most was twenty-six years younger than herself, and that would be the decisive factor for her about choosing Soma rather than her.

But she was a born-fighter. As she wiped the tears away with the back of her hand, she was determined to find a way to win him. Then she smiled, there was an ace that she could play as she made her firm decision.

The extra twenty-six years that she had, weren’t necessarily a disadvantage. Yes, she had extra twenty-six years of experiences. In that time she’d learnt how to flirt…. and how to be seductive….. how to use all of her womanly charms to entice a man.

Just few months ago, being a lower-class mature maid, she was able to win a younger and wealthy person like Rahamat…. yes, she had all the tricks in her pocket. So it wouldn’t be a hard task for her…. now Rahim would be another putty in her hands!

They say, ‘Strike while the iron is hot’.
—— ——– ———– ——– —‐—- ——– ——– -‐—-
That’s why she was now going to show her experiences and she was confident to achieve her goal. So, next morning, throughly planning her tricks, Probhaboti came into action. However before that she carefully prepared herself.

She applied a bit more lipstick than she normally used, and it was red, to emphasize her full lips. She’d taken her time choosing what to wear. She wanted her stepson to notice her. The bra that she was wearing was her best one…. it pushed her tits up. Then she covered it with a stylish low-cut sleeveless Maxi-gown that showed off just the right amount of her deep cleavage.

At first she thought that too much would have made her look like a slut. Deciding that, she selected a sober Maxi-gown. However it was a little bit shorter than she normally used….. the hem was above her knees…. perfect for showing off her smooth legs.

Satisfying about her composure, Probhaboti went downstairs and entered the kitchen….. her husband and stepson were already there… while her DIL was in the bathroom. And as disappointing as it was, it didn’t surprise her that only her Step-Son was taking a great interest in her. However she pretended not to notice his glancing while he looked her up and down….. throughly checking her curvaceous body like before.

While they were eating, he kept looking at her, just a quick glance, and then back to his breakfast. She could read his mind. He was trying to understand the motive behind her new seductive outfit, but he didn’t want to ask her about it. His intention was to leave it at that.

Her husband was busy in his breakfast while reading the morning newspaper more attentively. Meanwhile her stepson was eating his breakfast too….. but with a slower motion, that gave her the opportunity to do more.

When he asked for more toast, Probhaboti quickly made some, but handed him slowly….. leaning over him more which showed a greater portion of her heavy tits. And as expected, his eyes were fixed on her exposed cleavage….. that encouraged her to be even bolder next time.
_____ _____ ____ _____ _____ _____ ____ ___ __

Next morning, when Rahim entered the dining room to take his breakfast, he could smell his favorite food….. Omelet and sweet potato fries with a crisp of green salad. His father was sitting at the table with his new wife, while his stepmother was standing behind him wearing a big grin.

Rahamat welcomed his son as he said, “Your stepmother wanted to surprise you with your favorite breakfast….. now sit down and enjoy.”

Rahim sat down….. followed by his stepmother as she sat down next to him….. with his father sitting at the head of the table. That day he was in a jolly mood, and asked his father smilingly, “Abbu, it’s nice to have my favorite dish after a long time. Now I’m really happy to have a caring mother once again. You’re lucky Abbu.”

Probhaboti felt a pride hearing her stepson’s appraise for the first time as his father grinned,”Thanks Rahim, I’m proud of that”

“Abbu, if you don’t mind, how long have you been known each other?”

His response wasn’t surprising, “We met in the hotel ‘Sandhyatars’ six months ago and it was love at first sight. I have been longing for a companionship for quite some time and when I met your stepmother, I was shocked to notice her similarities with your deceased mother. I thought your mother came down from Heaven….. I couldn’t control my emotions.”

Rahim too couldn’t turned down his father’s explanation but he didn’t say anything. His father continued saying, “I love your new mother very much and when you get to know her, I’m sure you too couldn’t avoid her.”

Yes, his father was right, as he looked at his breakfast…. he had to admit, the food looked very appetizing as he began digging in. That’s when he felt a foot touch his own foot….. he realized it was his step mother’s. He was a bit taken aback, but continued to eat acting as if nothing was happening.

That foot began rubbing his lower leg and next was followed by a hand in his lap. He was shocked but couldn’t help it as his cock began to swell quickly. His cock continued to grow as the hand began to rub his cock slowly through the fabrics.

‘Damn! what was happening?’ He looked up and saw his father enjoying his meal with a contented look on his face.

Meanwhile all the while his stepmother continued to rub his leg with her leg and at the same time massaging his hard cock through his Bermuda with her left hand. Suddenly without warning, his cock started erupting in his loosened Bermuda and he shuddered violently….. hoping his father wouldn’t notice.

He looked at his stepmother with a surprised look and she had the most wicked smile on her face as she said to his father, “Dear, I think Rahim and I will be great friends.”

Little did he understood the significance of her remark as he got up quickly and went back to his room. Soon changing his dress he went out for his practice session at the club.

To be continued…….

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