Sex with my best friend

I am a 6 foot 1 inch male working in a corporate and loves to have sex. I am married and enjoy sex with my wife. However, when at work, I suddenly developed a crush on a girl named Poonam. She was short, slim, with a beautiful face, beautiful legs, a curvy little butt and small well rounded breasts.

She was married too and was devoted to her husband. We both developed an instant connection and enjoyed each other’s company. During office parties she’d dressup to please me and I’d dress up stylishly too to win her favor.

I always dreamed of fucking her in my dreams.

One day during an office party, she dressed up very hot and I had an irresistible urge to fuck her. I told her that she looked hot and took her to my car in the parking lot. While we were talking, I slowly picked her cheek and told her that she looked beautiful. Unknown to her, my cock was beginning to buldge in my pants. I slowly begun to kiss her lips and hold her. She slid her hands over my pants and was shocked to see the buldge. I chose to ignore her and continue to kiss her.

Her hands moved onto my zip and she began to unzip me. Her hands slowly sliding into my underwear. While she grabs my cock, I slowly unhook her bra and take her top off. She goes down on me, pulls my hard throbbing cock out and begins to lick it and suck my balls. The urge to fill her mouth with cum is uncontrollable.

I suck her breasts and begin to stare at her tiny ass move while she gobbles up my cock in her mouth. I tell her that we are cheating our partners. She tells me that she always loved me and wanted me to fuck her.

After she’s satisfied with my cock, I’ll place her on my car seat and begin to grab her tiny ass. I slowly pull down her panties and spread her legs giving me that clear view of her wet, moist pussy. I slowly begin to finger her pussy and listen to her moan. She is begging for my cock. I continue to tease her by tapping my thick cock on her pussy but not giving it to her. I am hungry for her pussy.

I spread her legs, grab her breasts with my hands and lick her pussy, kissing it, putting my tongue in her crevasses and making her moan.

She begs me to fuck her. I put on my condom and slowly penetrate her pussy. Slowly moving up and down, one hand on her breast and one squeezing her butt. While I fuck her, I shove her panty in her mouth and ram her pussy hard. She asks me to fuck her deeper. While we are fucking, she removes my condom and begs me to cum in her. We think about how we are cheating our partners, but our desire for each other is greater.

She takes my cock out of her pussy, puts it in her mouth and begs me to impregnate her. I then spread her pussy again, shove my cock in her and ram the pussy hard. I then with one hard thrust shoot my load into her pussy, she wraps her legs around me, not letting me go and wants every drop of my cum in her. Exhausted from all this sex, with my cock still inside her pussy we hug each other and fuck the whole night through. The joy to fuck my best friend was incredible.

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