Living Again After Growing Old – 3

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Please read the previous part here ( Living Again After Growing Old-2 ).

Now let’s continue

I opened all the locks and the door and just then my kids entered and he left after a quick talk with my son. I thanked god for the perfect timing and for giving me the chance to enjoy with him once more today.

I went to my bedroom and changed the bedsheet which was soiled with the outcome of our memorable lovemaking. I folded it and kept it away in my wardrobe because I wanted to preserve this memoir forever.

Then I went back to my routine duties and soon hubby arrived and sat with the kids discussing their daily happenings. My mobile was continuously beeping because of WhatsApp messages.

When I saw it was Putta and the message count was over a hundred so I switched it to silent mode. I kept it away so I could check them peacefully after my hubby slept.

We finished dinner and retired to our rooms. Within minutes of hitting the bed, hubby was snoring in deep sleep. I took out my phone and opened his messages.

The first message was:
Putta – a smooch, thank you my love for helping me lose my virginity.
Me – a smooch, thank you too my lover for helping me lose mine
Putta – Sending you some stuff to keep you busy till we meet again tomorrow evening.

I scrolled and saw hundreds of porn videos he had sent me. At the end of the long list he wrote “how I wish I could be sleeping with you like your husband right now”.

Just to pull his leg I replied “be careful what you wish for, what if it becomes true” followed by lots of kisses. There was no response from him so I guessed he might have slept.

I opened the first video he had sent, it was a young boy cuddling with an elderly lady, both were kissing feeling each other’s bodies like we did today.

One thing led to another and soon they removed their clothes and got busy enjoying sex. I was fully engrossed in the videos and my fingers were going in and out of my pussy same time.

I watched a few videos and saved them in my phone. The one common thing in all was the women had shaved pussies. Now I have a thick forest covering mine so decided to shave it before Putta comes tomorrow.

I got up and quietly went to the bathroom and took my hubby’s shaving kit. I have seen him shave countless times so tried the same way. It took me some effort to get it right and I mowed my dense forest clean.

I washed nicely and came back to my dresser, I looked at hubby and he was in deep sleep with a blanket covering his face. So I switched on the light to take a good look at my pussy in the full length mirror.

My god, I myself felt it so smooth and looking very beautiful. I was so excited to see what Putta’s reaction will be when he sees it. I switched off the light and got back in bed.

I was not able to sleep and was very restless because I was missing my Putta. Now I myself wished that god would one day make him my husband who would be sleeping my my side every night.

I watched more videos while fingering myself, I learnt so many new positions in sex. I got some more ideas about how to suck a dick properly.

I was shocked to discover anal sex and sex with multiple men. I discovered sex in public places and sex with strangers, the strangers part really excited me the most.

In the stranger’s videos women seduced every man they met including the blue collar workers, mailman, mechanic, everyone. After watching many videos and fingering myself to multiple orgasms I slept.

Next morning everything was back to routine, After the kids and maid left I sat to take some rest and resumed watching the videos. Anal sex was the most common thing in most of the videos.

I have a mind block of sorts against anal sex but when I saw women enjoying it like crazy, it planted the curiosity seed in my brain. I saw women using penis shaped objects (called dildos I learnt later) to masturbate.

Some even used veggies and any other thing pointed like a dick and that was really very interesting. Anyway I closed everything and took my bath and got dressed in a saree as usual.

All thru the day I kept remembering our love making yesterday and my pussy never stopped flowing. I no longer changed panties because I was used to them getting wet again all the time.

I rested for sometime because I wanted to be full of energy when my horny young stud arrives. There were a few messages from Putta saying how much he was missing me.

I replied telling him to focus on his classes but inside me I was also dying to be with him for many more love making sessions. Soon it was time for my first batch of kids.

I tutored them half minded because I was constantly thinking about Putta. The wait for this class to end and my Putta’s to begin felt like years.

Anyway I somehow managed to tide over time restless like hell. As soon as the kids left I rushed to my bedroom and opened my wardrobe. There was a bright red nighty that I had bought some time back because I liked the embroidery.

I figured out later that it ended above my knees and was also quite deep neck. So I never wore it because I found it uncomfortable because it revealed too much skin.

I quickly took a bath with sandal soap because I wanted to present myself smelling nice to my new hubby. I wore this new nighty in anticipation that my new hubby might go crazy seeing me in it and might get aroused too (yes I had mentally accepted Putta as my real husband now).

I was anyways inside my house only so there was no risk of anybody seeing me in it. Soon Putta knocked on my door, I opened the door and he jumped on me.

I managed to push him aside and lock the door because I did not want anyone to see us in this compromising position. When I turned Putta hugged me tightly kissing my lips and I too reciprocated with equal passion.

We kissed till we were both breathless. After the kiss I said “you wait here Putta, I have something very important that we need to do first”, I went to my puja room (place of worship inside the house) and came back with a tray and a lamp.

I also brought traditional vermilion powder (typically used by married women on the top of their forehead touching the hair signifying their married status. Often husbands apply this to their wives for the same reason).

Then I lit lamp and I did Aarti (worshipping) to Putta and then bowed in front of him waiting for him to apply the vermillion on my forehead accepting me as his bride.

In the Indian culture this also signifies marriage. Putta stood clueless watching me, I said “please apply the vermillion darling and make me your wife for ever”.

He excitedly applied it and I honestly felt I really got married to him. I placed the tray on the table and we both hugged and kissed again for the first time as formal husband and wife.

After the hug and said “wow Munni darling you are looking very sexy and beautiful in this red nighty”. I shyly replied “thank you my darling husband, I wore this for the first time for you only”.

Hearing the word “husband” Putta went crazy again and hugged me tightly. I felt his hard dick press against my crotch. After the hug I said “does my darling husband want to relieve the pressure in his dick”?

Saying this I pulled him to my bedroom stripping him in seconds. He was butt naked while I still stood in my nighty. Putta was looking at me in awe, I screamed “what are you waiting for”?

He knelt at my feet slowly kissing his way up my legs also raising my nighty along the way. I was crazily horny and in anticipation of this moment with my young lover and just that brought my orgasm to the edge.

Interestingly Putta kissed everywhere except my pussy tracing his way further up with his tongue. Today he did not even touch my navel, only kissed all around it continuing upwards.

My body was already trembling anticipating him to touch and kiss my extra sensitive spots triggering my impending orgasm, but he didn’t. He now reached my boobs kissing them all over and I pulled my nighty off throwing it somewhere.

The moment he took my nipple in his mouth my orgasm crashed thru my body like high voltage electrocution. He hugged me when my tsunami hit or I would have surely fallen on the floor.

Even though I was very heavy he managed to hold me till I came around. When I opened my eyes he looked into them and asked “how was it Munni darling”?

I excitedly screamed saying “it was awesome, thank you my hubby darling”. Listening to the word “Hubby” repeatedly from my mouth had its effect on him.

He said “I am not done with my darling wife yet”. I pushed him on the bed and got on top. We kissed again for a while, then he rolled me over getting on top and went back to my nipples.

He again repeated his kissing actions all around them before sucking and nibbling on them. I was basking in new love making pleasures like never before.

Compared to Putta, what I had experienced with my former hubby was not even the tip of the iceberg. After spending time on my nipples he progressed further stopping at my navel.

My body was already trembling wildly with pleasures his mouth was giving. My next orgasm was already nearing its peak and here I was where my new husband has not even penetrated me yet.

My ex hubby (let’s just call him ex from now on because that is what he means to me now after I met Putta). So my ex would have got on top fucked me his usual hit and run style and still I would not be even close to my orgasm starting to build.

I was just so very happy to have found new real love. Putta licked, sucked and tongue fucked my navel for a while before arriving at my pussy.

The moment his tongue touched my engorged clit I screamed loudly with my next orgasm crashing thru me. I am 100% sure my immediate neighbours who are Putta’s parents would have heard me if they were home.

Not that I wanted them to know that their son was driving me crazy with sexual pleasures. Putta continued eating my pussy till he had lapped up my juices till the last drop.

Then He came back on top and we locked in a kiss again. I tasted my own juices from his lips and it felt wonderful. I knew it was my turn now to please my young lover so I hugged him and rolled over.

After another kiss I went down to his everest dick which was anxiously waiting for my mouth. Having watched many porn videos during the day, it gave me more ideas that I could do better than yesterday.

I kissed the tip of his dick licking all his precum, then I licked his entire length from tip to base also taking his big round sperm factories in my mouth and rolling them with my tongue.

I looked up at him while doing this, Putta had his eyes closed letting out loud moans of pleasure. Then I took his dick in my mouth taking it deeper than I could manage yesterday.

His dick was touching my throat so I had to frequently pull out to avoid coughing. Putta stopped me and got me in 69 over him so he could pleasure my pussy while I pleasured his big dick.

To be continued….

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