Caught Mom while having sex with my Cousin

Mom Got Caught Having Sex With My Cousin

Hi there this is the true event which occurred few weeks back, I and my cousins are we close to each other we share a lot of secrets with each other and trust each other his age is [25 M] and my Moms age is [46 F] she has a medium breast size , big ass and a brown skin tone with few grey hairs on her head.

After 3 years my cousin visited my home I was exited to meet him we made a lot of plans to roam around, while this was happening he handed his phone to me to check the availability of the places once I got the information he received a whatsapp message from my mom and the name was saved in singularly with emoji heart , i didnt care to open it and ignored it thinking it might be his friend.

After a while i came out from the bath my cousin was hugging my mom from behind in the kitchen and moving up and down she was bent and cooking for dinner. I got a doubt and went to my room and checked his mobile as per we were close to eachother we shared our phone passwords with eachother. i opened whatsapp texts it was my mothers number and he had a ton of photos of her and a lot of messages with sexual messages, she has shared him her boobs pics and viginal pics and video of her fingering and uttering my cousin name until she came.

I kept my phone furiously and was very much angry on him I wanted to catch her red handed doing with my cousin I never uttered a word to my cousin. So after few days we visited a lot of beaches , malls and parks around we came back home and was tiered. Next morning we woke up around 8am and my mom asked me : did you complete your project ? , if you didnt go to your friend home and complete it. I asked can i take Bhaiya with me she said no.! I said ok and left the home I knew they would have sex so i went outside and waited for few minutes since my home is duplex he had a stairs from outside which connects to terrace I went up using outer stairs and went inside to my room.

After few minutes I searched where were they I heard voices from the hall and went to sneak there whre i saw my mom was spreading her legs on sofa where my brother was licking her pussy she was continuously screaming his name and asking for more after few time he stood up and gave his cock to my mothers mouth which she was enjoying and gagging a lot , he made her stand and bent her and roughly fucking her she was moaning and asking for more after a while he made her sit on him like reverse cowgirl and banging her I saw her face with full of sweat and her eyes rolled up jumping on him they had sex for about 30mins where I stood and just watched her getting banged from my cousin.

While he was cumming he made her sit on the floor and came all over her face and made her lick his cum which was on the floor.

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