Kate and Phil

Kate had not seen Phil in years. One of Tom’s closest friends they had drifted apart and lived about an hour away. She wondered what brought him to the restaurant where Kate was having lunch with Ann on a weekday afternoon. Seeing him from a distance, her mind quickly raced to the times they were more than just friends.

The first was that drunken night Kate, Tom and Phil had enjoyed seeing a band together and then stumbled back to Tom’s place, where Kate had been spending a lot of time, even though they had just started dating. Drunken discourse over who was going to sleep where, who was horny and that it wasn’t fair that Tom got to go to bed with Kate, leaving Phil on the couch downstairs (or so Phil protested), led Kate to declare, “well I am going upstairs and getting naked, whoever wants to come can come.” Kate ascended the stairs and then began throwing her clothes down from above—a blouse, jeans, then a bra and finally panties.

Phil looked at Tom quizzically. “What the hell?”, Phil asked. “Beats me,” Tom replied, “guess she is horny.” “Do you think she really wants me to come too?” Phil asked, now much more coherent and focused than he had been. “I guess,” Tom answered. “You cool with that?”, asked Phil. “I guess,” repeated Tom, “we only just started dating and who knows if this is going anywhere, so why not?” Tom had never had a threesome before and while he liked Kate, the fact that she was pretty sexually bold made him wonder if this relationship would last. Tom was no prude, but the fact that Kate let him fuck her the second time they were together, along with the heavy petting on their first date, conflicted with his generally conservative sensibilities. He certainly would not have bet he would be with Kate 30 plus years later.

Tom and Phil took off their clothes and climbed the stairs. Tom had never seen Phil naked before and couldn’t help but notice how big his dick was. It was long and thick as it hung down over his large balls. Tom felt a tinge of concern about the comparison. But there was no going back. Tom entered his bedroom with Phil close behind. Kate was on the bed, completely naked, face up on the bed with her legs invitingly apart. The light from the street lamps outside shone brightly on her body.

Kate was just 22 and in really good shape. Her breasts were not huge, but were ample and her nipples were long and they stood erect. Below a flat stomach was a gorgeous v-shaped mount of brown pubic hair, surrounding fairly prominent labia. Tom climbed on the bed and between Kate’s legs. He pressed his face into her mound and began licking her. Kate moaned and looked at Phil. He stood at the side of the bed, his large cock had stiffened. He looked like he didn’t know what to do. Kate reached for his hand and pulled him up onto the bed next to her. He somewhat awkwardly began rubbing her right breast. The feel of one man eating her pussy while another rubbed her breast turned her on immensely. She had done an awkward threesome once in college, but she somehow knew this would be much better. As Phil knelt beside her, Kate took his big cock in her hand. It was long and thick and very hard now in her hand. Precum already formed on the head as she began stroking it.

Tom looked up as he licked her pussy to see Kate begin sucking his friend’s big dick. She sucked the head and several inches into her mouth as she pumped the long shaft and cupped his balls with her other hand. Phil moaned as she blew him. He looked into Kate’s blue eyes and cute dimpled face as he watched her lips glide up and down his shaft. He watched Tom eat Kate’s pussy enthusiastically and thought about how much he wanted to bury his dick in there. “I’m about to cum,” warned Phil, but Kate kept sucking him, pumping his shaft fast with her hand. Tom again looked up and saw his friend emptying his balls in Kate’s willing mouth. Big spurts of warm, salty spunk shot across Kate’s tongue and into her throat. She swallowed every drop of Phil’s load. She smiled up at Phil as she let his cock fall out of her mouth, continuing to stroke it. Phil remained hard as he and Tom switched places. Tom leaned down and kissed Kate’s left nipple, then kissed up her neck to her mouth. Kate’s breath still smelled of Phil’s cum as she slid her tongue into Tom’s mouth.

Kate let out a deep moan and Tom looked back to see Phil with the head of his big cock pressing forward into Kate’s wet cunt. Her lips spread wide around his shaft as inch by inch his 9 inch prick disappeared. “Ohhhh,” Kate moaned as Phil penetrated her. Tom, hard as a rock, guided his cock to Kate’s mouth, all the while mesmerized by the sight of his friend splitting his girlfriend’s pussy. Phil fucked Kate with long deep strokes, sliding out until just the head was in and then thrusting his entire length back into her sopping pussy. Tom was surprised how turned on he was watching Phil fuck Kate. He could not hold back any longer and soon was shooting his warm load into her willing mouth. Tom moved next to Kate on the bed and fell back, buzzed and exhausted.

Phil seemed to just be getting started. He turned Kate around onto all fours and thrust himself back inside her. Tom could hear their flesh slapping together as Phil pumped his cock into her, the squishing sound of her wetness receiving him coupled with her moans. Phil looked down to see her inner lips pull out as his cock did, tightly gripping his shaft, then his whole cock disappear as he thrust it back into her. Kate had never been able to cum from penetration, but as Phil grabbed her hips and rhythmically plunged in and out, she felt herself building to orgasm. “Fuck me harder,” escaped from her lips. She stole a glance at Tom, feeling embarrassed at her exclamation. They only had been dating a few months, but she liked him a lot. Now she was fucking his friend, was she jeopardizing everything?

Phil obliged her, his long deep strokes quickening. The deep thrusts brought Kate to new heights. She felt the orgasm building within her. She felt Phil’s length plunge to depths she hadn’t felt since sex with her hung boyfriend in college. And Phil may have been bigger. She suddered and fell forward, her chest on the bed as Phil grabbed her hips and continued to spear her with his hard cock. She rolled to her side and Phil, while staying inside her straddled her leg and continued to slide in and put of her pussy. Kate looked up at Phil, he smiled at her as he continued to fuck her deeply. He showed no signs of slowing down and had to have been going strong for 20 minutes.

Kate was used to Tom (and most guys for that matter) being finished in less than 10, sometimes even quicker. Phil rolled Kate over on her back and continued to plunge between her legs. He looked down to see his shaft disappear into her thick brown bush. He leaned down and kissed her passionately. His pubic bone ground against hers with each deep stroke. She felt herself building to release again, as she enjoyed Phil’s large cock. Kate slid her tongue in his mouth as she began cumming again. As she was finishing, Phil began to groan and soon released his hot load inside her. He rolled over onto his back beside her.

Tom continued to sleep soundly on the other side. “Did you like that?,” Phil asked. “Probably more than I should have,”

Kate responded. “Riki thinks it’s too big,” Phil replied, referring to his long-time girlfriend. “You didn’t seem to mind.” Kate felt herself blushing. She had fucked a lot in college, including a few guys who were pretty big. Size wasn’t everything, but she never complained if a guy was bigger than average. Phil’s was certainly up there with some of the biggest she had had. Long, thick and a big mushroom head. Definitely a nice one and not one she expected to be enjoying that night.

“I’m hungry,” Phil said. “We have some leftover pizza in the fridge,” Kate answered. “Let’s go get some.” Phil responded. They headed downstairs, Kate slipping on a satin camisole, but Phil proudly remained naked. The light of the refrigerator shined into the darkness when Kate opened it, Phil enjoyed seeing her bare ass as she leaned forward to grab the pizza box, and her wet, hair covered slit that he had just enjoyed. He reached forward and his hand find her mound from behind. “Hey, I thought you wanted pizza,” Kate retorted. “I do, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be hungry for more of you too,” he replied. “You’re bad, your best friend is right upstairs,” Kate protested. “Asleep, and besides, he encouraged us before he crashed.”

Phil sat back onto the kitchen table and pulled Kate to the chair in front of him. His large dick was now getting hard again. “I want you to blow me again,” he told her. “Crude, mister,” she replied. “Lick my balls,” he commanded. He leaned back, his cock now rock hard, his large balls hanging down and his taint visible.

“You know you want them,” he urged. Kate leaned forward and licked his large nut sack, taking his cock in her hand and stroking it. She took his testicles in her mouth, one, then the other, then licked down from the base of the shaft to the bottom of his sack, letting her tongue find his taint. He moaned, enthusiastically, “mmm, yes, you’re so bad,” he said, pulling his knees into his chest to expose more of himself. Her tongue found its way to his asshole and she began tonguing it enthusiastically. She couldn’t believe she was doing this, but didn’t want to stop. She stroked his cock, now slick from his precum, as she lickd his asshole. About to cum, Phil rolled forward and slid his erection in Kate’s mouth, grabbing her head and forcing it forward. She nearly choked as spurts of hot cum shot against the back of her throat. Phil groaned as his cock pulsed in her mouth.

“Holy shit, that was awesome,” he exclaimed. Kate grabbed his dick and licked the cum dripping off of it, stroking it to get the last drops, rubbing the big head playfully across her lips and the side of her face. “I need you to fuck me again,” Kate whispered. Phil led her into the living room sat on the couch and pulled her on top of him. He slipped off her camisole and watched her impale herself on his long erection. He buried his face in her chest, sucking on her long, hard nipples as she slid up and down his shaft. “Yesss, fuck me,” she moaned. Phil kissed her neck and cupped the cheeks of her ass in his large hands. “Your big dick feels so good, Phil, I want you to cum in me again.” Phil pulled Kate off or him and led her by the hand to where he could bend her over the couch. Standing behind her, he plunged his hard cock into her willing cunt until his balls slapped against her.

Holding her hips, he fucked her hard and deep. Her tits swayed as Phil pounded her wet hole. As his dick filled her, he grabbed the back of her hair and pulled on it like the reins of a horse. He rose up on his toes, leaning forward so that his whole length found its depth in her. He leaned forward and grabbed both of her shoulders near her neck. He plowed her pussy relentlessly, pulling her back forcefully against him, feeling the head of his cock against her cervix. “I’m going to cum” she exclaimed. “Me too,” said Phil. Her pussy constricted around his shaft as he began shooting his load deep inside her.

Convulsing together, he slumped forward against her back and cradled her onto the couch, moving up until he straddled her chest, he rubbed his cock against her lips. Licking her own juices off of him, she took it into her mouth. He pulled it out and pushed forward until his balls met her lips. She licked them willingly. They also were slick from her juices. “Tom is one lucky bastard,” Phil mused. “Why do you say that,” Kate asked as she looked up at him. “Cause you are one hot fuck.” “Not sure if that’s a compliment,” Kate replied. “Trust me, it is,” said Phil.

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