My Lust life

Hope everyone fine. This is my first story and I used to masturbate daily reading sex stories. I am 35 years old and I am married at the age of 28. My marriage life was going on well and my sex life was good initially and my wife lost interest in sex as the days passed.

As everyone one knows, men will always need sex until they die. Slowly I moved my interest to dating app, reading sex stories and videos and getting satisfied myself. But still I feel something missing and I started searching for ladies who is interested in sex.

As I mentioned I work in dubai , I tried to find a call girl to get satisfied myself and I tried searching in facebook and locanto. I tried massage centre but still not satisfied. As the days passed on my urge for sex increase day by day.

Finally I searched in Facebook and I got a lady number from my friend and I called her. She told she is fat, but I want to try her once . I texted her in watsapp. Also my friend told that she is satisfying nicely and giving good company.

Hearing this my heart start bouching and I waited for the day.Finally she fixed one day and I am waiting for that day. The day arrived and I reached the location which she shared. I knocked the door and she opened and she was in saree . I was stunned seeing here and she take me inside and asked me to sit in sofa.

I forget to tell about her . Her name is priya (name changed for privacy). Her assets are 38/36/34. She introduced herself and I too. She told to come inside bedroom and sit . I was nervous and at the same time happy inside.

She welcomed me by hugging and pressing my dick. I kissed her and she too responded nicely . It went for almost 15 min. She cooperated nicely and also she got mood . Meantime she is pressing my dick and it’s growing .

I sat on her lap and pressed her boobs . It was very soft and big . I removed her paalu and hugged her . She removed my t shirt and kissed my chest and bitting my nipples. I slowly unhooked my blouse and made free. What an asset she have. Pressed her boobs over the bra and removed her saree completely.

I started sucking her boobs and bitting her nipple and she started moaning and create more moody.she removed my and I am in under wear only. She bite my dick over the underwear . Again kissing and pressing the boobs.

I untied her petticoat and she was in panties and bra.she has nice structure . We hugged and teased more each other. Kissed her pressed her boobs and I inserted the finger inside her pussy. She started making sounds . Inserted two fingers and made my action fast.

She enjoyed it and she started to stroke my dick and finally removed my underwear .I am nude now . I removed her bra and panties and made her completely nude.

She told that she want my dick in her mouth . She started giving me blowjob. She is pro in that and I feel like I’m heaven . She made me more moody and started to bite her nipples and i increased my speed.
She got her first orgasm. I enjoyed Nicely with the blow job. She told to insert my penis in her pussy. I teased her more and finally entered my dick and stroked her very fast and she started shouting and finally we both cummed together and relaxed .

Thanks for reading my story and u can contact my mail id/hangout for comments [email protected]

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